From Our Family to Yours…

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Today’s old A&J is from 1994, the first year the strip was digitalized, almost 20 years ago. In the winter of that year, I purchased my first computer from a locally owned computer store in Memphis. I had arrived in town the evening before, just ahead of a truly monumental ice storm that would disrupt life in central and north Mississippi for weeks to come. I had driven 80 miles to Memphis to deliver my cartoons to FedEx. That’s what cartoonists who pushed their deadlines did before digitalization. I stayed in a suburban motel specifically to go computer shopping the next day, and it was a good thing: the ice storm hit in short order, and it would have been difficult if not impossible to get home. My luck held. The next morning, I awoke to electricity and hot water, although much of the city and suburbs were without power. In addition, thousands of people all over the area suddenly were looking to get into a cozy motel room somewhere, just like mine. Actually, Memphis escaped the worst of the storm. Much of north Mississippi was socked in, but in the city the streets were clear. I ventured out, stopping at the first computer store I saw. You might remember, there were a lot of them back then. Inexplicably it was open, for there was no power. Within an hour, in a store with no electricity, I had bought my first computer.

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