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The Lollapalooza Art Sale at Galerie Arlo & Janis
is going so well, I think I’ll just leave things in place for one more day. There aren’t many cartoons left, but there are some good ones. Thanks to all who’ve visited Galerie Arlo & Janis, and a special thanks to purchasers, of course. It’s gone so quickly! I thought this would drag on all week. I’m considering adding a few more to flesh out the offerings, but I don’t want to appear mercenary. I know, I know: I am mercenary, I just don’t want to appear mercenary.

We haven’t had a cartoon auction in well over a year, but I’m about to change that with The Lollapaloosa Art Sale at Galerie Arlo & Janis . It’s going to be a bit different this time around, so listen up. (Can you hear me in the back?)

As gratified as I have been in the past by the prices fetched in the A&J auctions, whether for charity or for profit, I’ve always felt a little bad pitting you against one another. It was always fun, but the winning bids often were beyond the comfort level of many. This time, there will be 30 cartoons available for seven days, any one of which can be purchased at any time for $165. There will be no bidding. That price, by the way, includes priority shipping to anywhere in the United States. Any cartoons purchased will be inscribed and autographed by the artist. That’d be me. Now, I know $165 isn’t exactly chump change, but if you’ve followed the auctions in the past, you will recognize that it’s well below the average winning bid on those occasions. See a cartoon you like? Own it! However, don’t dawdle if you’re serious; anyone can snap up a cartoon with a key stroke! This is not a charity sale; this is crass commercialism.

There is no retro cartoon on the home page today, but there are plenty of old cartoons available for viewing at The Lollapaloosa Art Sale at Galerie Arlo & Janis. It doesn’t cost anything to look!