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(Posted Sunday afternoon) As you know, Gallery Arlo and Janis will throw open its doors Monday morning for another art sale. Several have asked to see what originals will be available, and I think that’s reasonable. Below are links to the twelve cartoons that will be sold in two batches of six, one batch to be available at 10 a.m. ET, August 16, and the other at 9 p.m. ET the same day. (For more details, scroll down to the prior August 13 post.) The links will take you to the United Media Web site, where several of the cartoons may be colorized. Remember, though, all the originals are black and white.

The Morning Auction:  We’re going to break something!     The ATM gave us some money!    Somebody needs to shave!    No water! No water!    Cold soup, an elegant summertime classic!    What other old bathing suits have you been hiding?!

The Evening Auction:  It’s the highlight of my day!    I told you they could see our deck from their kitchen window!     Mmm, sardines and crackers!    Gene!   You eat that!   You’ve seen me like this thousands of times.