Game of the Rules

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Drawing a father and small son shooting baskets in the driveway represents one of those problems cartoonists run into frequently, especially with the small space given to comics in newspapers, even back in 1992 when this old Sunday appeared. Pat Brady, creator of Rose is Rose, was particularly adept at innovative angles of perspective to address these problems. A more prosaic solution would be to draw the entire scene very small, but as already mentioned space is increasingly tight, and newspaper readers probably will be reaching for their magnifying glasses—or more likely they will simply pass over comics too small to see. I take the middle ground, as in the first panel. Arlo shoots, and the basket is suggested by the net in the upper right corner. Even little Gene is not much more than a suggestion himself, but it seems to work. I notice in my early work the characters often bleed well off the edge of a panel, and they still do, but I’ve gotten a little more adept at cramming it all in.