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Another cat cartoon from September, 2001. General thoughts on the art sale that you all might appreciate: as Jay in Maryland pointed out early, “Once again, sex sells!” That certainly held true at sale’s end. Who am I to cast a stone?  I drew the cartoons! Cats sell, also. Several of the cat cartoons were big-ticket items, right up there with the sexy cartoons. A bidder in California made what I thought was the most interesting purchase. He bought two: “Late Late Night Conversation” and “In Her Sanctum,” a Sunday. Those were two of my personal favorites among the offerings. I think each cartoon is an excellent example of Arlo & Janis at its extremes, the former a voyeuristic depiction of life unexaggerated and the latter a whimsical absurdity, perhaps my favorite approach. (What can I say?) I can’t think of another strip that goes to quite these extremes, but I’m not saying that’s a good thing. It guarantees that at any given moment a sizeable portion of my readership will be dissatisfied.