Girlz II Women II

Has it been almost a week? Wow! Well, the door’s been unlocked and the shutters thrown open. Come on in. I’m a little tardy with it, but here’s the continuation of the “Sondra” strips I promised. Preparing this double-comic post, it occurred to me—not for the first time—that sometimes several consecutive days of Arlo and Janis involve an extended conversation or situation which, strung together, resembles something like a comic book.

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  1. No, Arlo things have not changed. If anything, the kids do a lot more than just “hang out”. I was and am fairly friendly but I had a real issue with going from “hanging out” to dating. As I have stated many times before, that is not a bad quality to have when you’ve been married 35 years!

  2. Young ‘uns do seem to grow up faster today, not mature, just grow up faster. I am watching my grandkids grow up and the process seems to be to throw on as much adult content as you can, as fast as you can. “Hanging out”? What does that really mean anymore? Now you kids get off my lawn.

  3. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

    I never really subscribed to that axiom, although I did once have to warn one complaining employee who quoted it to me that, “Yeah, and sometimes the squeaky wheel gets replaced”. However, I was just complaining about the lack of females in Oklahoma displaying pokies. So of course today, while leaving a…wait for it, wait for it…Good Will store* with Jackie, I encountered incoming traffic…a perky young lady wearing a t-shirt over a t-shirt; no supporting undergarment; and a pair of proudly displayed, Grade-A pokies.

    Perhaps I should begin complaining more about the dearth of sundresses here.

    *We were at the GW store so Jackie could get more shorts, miniskirts, and tops for Terrie the Terrific Housekeeper. I agreed to take Jackie there only on condition I could pick out a totally inappropriate outfit for Terrie. I think I succeeded…black satin shorts with silver lace embroidery and a strapless tank top with rows of sequins shaded from black to fifty shades of gray. (Did I just say “fifty shades of gray”?) She plays guitar and sings at a local social club, and we will try to talk her into wearing that at her next performance.

  4. Terrie invited us to hear her sing. If she is any good I may see if any of the local bands needs a cute girl singer?

    Ghost forgot (?) to mention we were in Tulsa for my physical therapy evaluation and I scored high marks. I am apparently a miracle for anyone 30 days post op and for my age doubly so. I have skipped one entire stage and moved beyond..

    Today my knee was at 122 degrees going to 125 optimum. I get four weeks of therapy with twice a week sessions.

    So Ghost can see women in yoga pants there, plus I have been released to go back to my wellness center and resume water exercises and recumbent biking and stair stepping. Hopefully will return tomorrow, plus at least half a mile or more walking.

  5. Mark, 2nding Jackie on props to you, melted cat gave second best laugh for week. You’ve got top two so far.

    Ghost, I ‘flashed’ back 15+yrs(?) to a Friends episode, Monica (Courtney Cox) wearing a cool comfortable top to the local karaoke night displayed more than intended under the strong stage lighting the local hotspot provided. She thought everyone liked her singing so much.

    I think I’ve seen a mention here before, so thought to mention _This_is_Spiñal_Tap_ will air tonight on Turner Classic Movies. Yup, mid 80’s has been TCM domain for a few years now. They are following with FREAKS!, not sure if that is commentary. Freaks was an old movie when deformities were still matters for entertainment in pre-code Hollywood. A legitimate, if unfortunate, way for disabled individuals to earn a living during difficult times. There were able-bodied folk without that opportunity. Turn it up to eleven, but tune in or turn on the DVR by 9p CDT to catch the starting comments. [imagine the tilde above is an umlaut, totally fictional use, mocking Heavy Metal bands of the time]

    Noted earlier, now realizing I’m already late. Hope the DVR kicked in.

  6. Ian, what a surprise. Glad to see your system up, well done. Hope all else is well there too.

    Interesting development. We are all familiar with the standard joke of older folks embarrassing their children at nearly any age. How will Debbe take to Ian looking in?

    Teasing. At one time I knew pretty well how these machines *used* to work. Then I had the fun of learning a lot of new features, that I had never bothered to pay attention to, from my kids. When they got to the stage where helping Dad wasn’t cool anymore, that’s when I knew I had entered a new stage in life too.

    Shocking how it goes by so fast. Good to read you, Ian.

  7. Unbelievable, how does synchronicity happen? Ian says hi. A few hours later, I stop by on my way to see comics, and feel like greeting him. Share half a thought about how my children started to, well not openly mock so much as strain their eyes by rolling so loudly.

    Then I move on to read today’s new offering from Jimmy. If that is a flip phone in Arlo’s hand, then I am seriously feeling a Twilight Zone level of long delayed déjà vu. Cue theme music. Where’s my coffee?

  8. Good morning Villages…

    What a surprise to see Ian’s post….that’s my boy. Glad he was still up and wide wake as I heard Dad call me….he had slid out of bed. Legs could not strengthen to push himself up. We did get him back in bed. Reason #5 to do those leg exercises. We have had dr. appts. everyday this week. Finally nothing today….but a few exercises 🙂

    Sure good to be back here…missed one and all.

    Miss Charlotte, I was very saddened to have read about your Grandson. My most heartfelt sympathy to you and yours….you have many memories to cherish I know. keep them close to your heart…and why don’t you write them down to help you remember them.

    Ian and I bought a Windows 10 from a privately owned business to reinstall. Seems Windows has a monoply on that soft ware and you can’t buy just the cd. Windows came already installed on this lap top. Glad it worked.

    Thanks for call me Jackie….sorry I never got around to calling you back..been busy cruising since gas here was $1.75 …but last Friday they jacked it back up to $2.17!

    Did ya miss my lolcats? Well I won’t play catch up….cats are at back door readly to be fed. A friend dropped off a couple of live traps…now to move on to plan B….gain their confidence with canned food 🙂

  9. From a zoologist who should have known better: If you really want and are willing to take care of a harmless constrictor, stick to one who is not going to get much bigger than this: e.g., this lucky corn snake.

    Burmese pythons and red-tailed boas are going to grow big enough to be dangerous, and irresponsible owners simply release them into S. Florida, or to some northern woods where they will freeze to death. Believe me, even a corn, bull [pine], or king snake makes a fine ego trip.

    B. pythons are now resident in FL, will be hard to eradicate, and we are likely to someday read a tragic headline. Fortunately, we were able to get ours housed in zoos, but zoos are overloaded now. Also, check your state laws [and perhaps municipal ordinances]. Local snakes may be endangered [cannot think of anyone who would possibly change their status by fiat], and towns may outlaw exotic wildlife [or domestic livestock w/in city limits; ours does, but domestic rabbits don’t crow].


  10. Debbe, glad to see you now, too. And new upgrade as well! Not sure if I read you as a new-to-you laptop altogether and have two now, or new install on usual hardware.

    Either way, my friendly advice is to let Windows 10 do the updates when it suggests them. It is sometimes inconvenient, sometimes doesn’t make sense, and is sometimes broken. But if Microsoft knows it is their fault, they will very likely send a new fix soon. Most of the problems I read is when a user (usually with their own very good reasons) delays, blocks, or makes changes to how Win10 wants to do things.

    Maybe do not go looking and asking for the very latest updates that haven’t been tested yet. But when the operating system tells you it is ready, do those. This frees you up to be mad at Microsoft, when you should be, instead of believing it might be something you did.

    This is separate from Microsoft Store advertising for your dollars, put up with that best you can as cost of having a good machine, like commercials on TV. Only get what you want. I know very little about Edge, because I don’t read much about it. Posted comments are almost entirely divided between Firefox and Chrome, with a few Pale Moon enthusiasts.

    Hope I struck a helpful tone, and do not read as pushy. Enjoy your new machine.

  11. Thanks cxp, I think you’re part of a silent segment, not sure if it makes a majority. I would think that usual consumer level would see fast use in the integrated browser. The pages I read have a lot of people who left Internet Explorer way back at ver8 or 9, and have no interest in even opening a Microsoft browser. Tell them it is exactly the same engine the machine uses all day to stay in touch with Redmond only returns crickets.

    I can’t have an opinion, because I’ve only used it on someone else’s machine. Like you, no complaint. And it would again have the benefit of being a Known and therefore Supported part of the Win10 experience. I’ve stayed with Win7 with the intent of eventually full shift to GNU/Linux; but am coming back to the idea MS may work this out yet and get it right. Hard to predict.

  12. People often don’t like my analogies, but I don’t understand owning a Ford and putting a Chevrolet driver’s seat and steering wheel in it. But I don’t walk around a Vintiques festival and tell the proud owners how they messed up the original design either.

  13. Morphy, I not only won’t open a Microsoft browser, I won’t run their OS. This household has been proudly running Linux only for almost ten years now. And one of the nicest things about it is that we don’t have to worry about anti-virus software or getting infected. Of course, if you’re happy with Windows, there’s no reason to change, just keep on truckin!

  14. JJ–If the strips hold up, and they tell a story “like a comic book,” maybe you should use them as the basis to write a comic book or graphic novel. Short-story writers often expand a good story into a novel, so why not you?

  15. Sideburns, and that’s great…for your house.

    Debbe has just rejoined us with a new installation, and had had no supporting word for many hours. I wanted to be cordial, with as much encouragement as I could muster. We very recently had a discussion on what might be the best way to get Debbe back in touch. That conversation did not include Win10. Debbe’s household made a different decision and I want them to feel good about it. I do not think they are ready for the Torvalds way of doing things yet. Maybe one day. For now they have gone a different, more comfortable direction.

  16. Wanted to pass on the wikiword of the day,

    I had known it before, but only thought of it in terms of a baker’s dozen. Following links from Ghost’s favorite recipe blog led me to another I had shared here before. Which had caused me to relearn the broader, friendlier use of ‘lagniappe’. Have a great day.

  17. Sides, you are very knowledgeable so probably already know, and I am only giving useless information.

    But for any other Unix-like installations out there, please research. The application software you use also has vulnerabilities in common with Microsoft products. These are variations on the recent WannaCrypt and other Vault 7 exploits. Get patched. And even if your pristine unit is secure, you may be the Typhoid Mary of your group. Hosting and distributing bad code hidden in documents to all your Windows friends. These are not walled gardens we are discussing. ‘It’s all connected’

  18. Staircase thought of reassurance:

    The Text only, with very restricted markup use allowed here at Arlo&Janis blog makes it very unlikely to transmit anything bad. Your only vulnerability from here is following a bad link. That is why I like to introduce any link I share, so that a reader has a clue that what I have written matches what they find. No surprises.

  19. Gosh, this is teadious.

    Thought I should return to relate, and make very clear:

    I am not dictating rules

    I am not suggesting anyone has to act like I do

    I try to explain my reasons for doing things my way

    And hope to help another person from time to time

    Love to hear how others do [ tjx cxp, Ruth Anne & Bob ]

    often balk at a superior tone, something I have to deal with


  20. tjx was meant to be thx

    usually recognized as a short form of ‘thank you very graciously for your efforts, I really truly appreciate it.’

  21. Hello, Ian, and welcome to the Village!

    I’ve missed you and the cats, Debbe. I’m looking forward to a successful Plan B.

    Jackie, congratulations on your great evaluation! Hard work and good nursing is paying off.

  22. Morphy, this laptop is the same one I’ve been using for several months. Updates are and were always free to come in. Ian ran a scan and ‘bam’…nothing just couldn’t resurrect it. No virus, just something to do with hard drive. At first we thought it was hard drive. But Ian had a gut feel that if we reinstalled Windows 10 we could get it running again….and it worked. It came with Windows already installed. I’m just glad to be back among the living!!!

    Ian has Adguard, Kaspersky antivirus installed and I use Chrome. Ian likes Edge.

    Been busy here with Dad and making him move it, move it, move it.

    Husband coming in town tomorrow to look at why gas tank is rattling on Jeep. The tank actually is not level. Crisis #1 for Jeep. …and you know what? It’ll be ok.

    Not had much time to be on here today. Been checking on Sister #3 as she has had some major surgery on her sinuses and is still full of packing. Just took out some of my green beans, ham, and red taters for her husband to have for supper…plus all beds were stripped and washed and made.

    Ian got a job today…Dairy Queen…starts Monday at 5:00 AM…this should be interesting 🙂 He has to were dress black pants and black shoes. Going to St. Vinnies to look for pants…shoes, well we’ll get those new.

    Thanks for the grin Mark.

    a good night for now

  23. My little red tractor seat gardening cart came. It was “some assembly required” in a box. Ghost put it together for me and I tried it out. Really stable and safe. Thank you David for suggesting it.

    Went out this morning and pulled a couple bales of weeds and grass. Ghost is afraid for me to garden outside alone, for fear I will fall. He went and bought metal fence posts to hold up over grown tomatoes, along with leather gloves.

    He says jeans, boots and a cowboy hat are next.

  24. Debbe, I had missed that it was Win10 before, and again now. I wanted to be helpful with a new experience that I now know you are already familiar with. Thanks for the detail.

    It is not as easy as the Chromebook ‘powerwash’ feature, and Ian had to be a little more careful. But it did the same thing. And it is so good he was able to get you back here.

    In my circle an ‘atta-boy is not dismissive or sexist in nature. Yes it comes from something your Dutch Uncle (look it up, if not familiar) might have told a twelve year old boy. But we use it anytime higher ups don’t acknowledge an above and beyond effort. Maybe it was outside your duties, showed creativity, or was handled expeditiously. Somehow you exceeded expectation, but all we have to offer is a slap on the back, and a very hearty, ‘Atta-boy, Ian.

  25. Jackie, add a tight white tanktop with a modest flannel shirt, rolled sleeves and tied off for cooling. I think I’ve seen that pic before. Iconic.

  26. Ghost
    > This guy can tell stories with pictures and paint pictures with words. This is worth a look, as are > his other blog entries. And his photos.


    Been there – done that. Not much further South and a little further East but yes, Been there Done that.

    As a youth we put up hay loose not baled – that came later.
    Here in MN, town WAS a mile away – now it is 1 chain (66 feet) from the farm.

  27. Debbe or Ian, thought about it, wrote way too much about it, threw it away. Still bothered, did it all again. Now trying a much shorter approach. What follows is totally not requested advice, so it’s not worth much. You already have reasons for your decisions. Two ideas jump out at me though.

    Microsoft wants total control of their flagship Operating System, and are willing to make outside software work poorly; and there is such a thing as being overprotected to the point of conflict. [1 of 3, the meat]

  28. [2 of 3, the dressing] Don’t really want to cause doubt, but many trusted voices have written that the best protection for Windows10 is the included protection [Defender] that has to be shut off for other things to work in its place. Microsoft built the OS, so they know how it works, and don’t really want to tell anyone else much about it. I don’t want to turn this into a tech blog, so will just say I raise this idea from things I’ve picked up at

    Caution, I reference that as a source of learning. Woody Leonhard is pretty much a real guru. But the water at that site is very deep. There are whales, smart people willing to guide to sunken treasure of information. Not really any sharks, but a few guppies that think they may be swordfish. A couple of venerable tortoise that shouldn’t be bothered, a few playful dolphins. And there aren’t many ‘No Wake’ signs to slow anyone down.

  29. [3 of 3, the wrap] If you are happy, then enjoy the world. If you are concerned, or if the setup fails again, maybe next clean install don’t add outside protections. Just check all settings for how you want to do Defender, the firewall, updates, and any privacy issues you find important.

    Open for trusted Windows10 users to say what they use for protections, or offer advice.

    Antivirus uninstalls create their own problems. If you decide to change now, then do a clean install instead, you already know how.

  30. Good morning Villagers….

    Gonna be a rainy one at that. Hope they can fix my gas tank on my Jeep, hope I can get my tomato plants straightened up….

    and most of all I hope Dad gets a little stronger today. He was walking with more steady steps yesterday evening. He ate the green beans, but played with his potatoes. I got to thinking…scary ain’t it….we took a substantial amount of sugar out of his ‘diet’…that I feel has led to his fatigue. So I got him just a half a gallon of chocolate milk, and Devils food, chocolate covvered cookies…no fat. He’s 85, you just can’t complete jerk everything away from him. Moderation is the key.

    Rehab today


  31. Rick, I tried squash on Dad the other day…didn’t like it, I steamed it. Think I fry it next time. Along with fried zucchini….love the farmer’s market and all it’s fresh produce. Dad does like tomatoes…in small quantities and peeled.

  32. Good lord! From tech to cats and back again.

    Hear birds chirping outside. Today is see my Surgeon day for final visit for knee replacement.

    Or maybe not. Hope for tentative date to do second one.

    Going back to sleep. Ghost has alarm for official wake up call.

  33. There was a discussion here about the weather a couple of days ago. I see this morning that Alabama had at least one tornado yesterday. It did major property damage and a few injuries, but none were life-threatening. Here in Tulsa, it was just overcast and a little cooler.

  34. Realized there is another relevant verse. Above was N.T., Acts. Hebrew Bible, second [older] Genesis story: ‘Your desire will be for your husband.’ Vive la difference!


  35. Sorry, I don’t read the villagers’ comments anymore. But did anyone from New England comment that Jimmy and his A&J strip made it into the Boston Globe Sunday crossword puzzle? There happened to be 2 puzzles this week and it’s in the puzzle designated as “harder”. item 29 Across. That’s a cool little bit of infamy. I wonder if JJ even knows?

  36. Morphy, both my sister and I make sure our boxen are updated regularly and make sure that we’re running a version that’s currently supported. And, as I wrote before, I’m not saying that you, Debbie or anybody else here needs to switch to Linux, unless they really, really want to. All of you out there who like running Windows and like it should keep on running it because if you’re not comfortable with your OS, there’s no reason to change.

  37. Debbe, the cats were terrific…thank you! And on squirrels: I don’t dare go out of the house without a few nuts in my pocket. There’s usually a squirrel waiting for a munchie on the shed outside the side door…I think they take turns. One of our neighbors had a gray cat that the squirrels would tease mercilessly. They’d let him get close then dash out of harm’s way.

    emb, I thought of you when I read today’s Luann.

  38. Debbe

    I do Zucchini in the oven, thin sliced with thin sliced onion
    and sliced Almonds or walnut pieces. When I do Walnuts I
    drizzle on Walnut oil. About 350* 20 min. Done on a cookie pan

  39. The Word of the Day is “cacoepy”.

    noun [kuh-koh’-uh-pee]

    1. incorrect pronunciation or an instance of this; mispronunciation (opposed to orthoepy). Also, Older Spelling,word for In cacoëpy.

    Who’d have thought the word meaning “mispronunciation” would be so easy to mispronounce?

  40. This isn’t Arlo’s recipe, but I made it recently and it is delicious. Of course, there are a few substitutions. For milk, I used half & half and rather than steaming I sauteed squash & onions lightly in bacon fat. I also upped crackers & cheese by 50% (1 1/2 rolls Ritz & 1 1/2 cups grated cheddar.) My wife loved it and she doesn’t normally like vegetable casseroles. It is good reheated in the oven, too.

    Here’s the recipe:

  41. Smigz,

    Thanks. That strip is an example of less is more, and reassurance that I still have hormones. Provocative! Don’t think that would’ve been printed in the ’30s-’40s.


  42. Sideburns, I appreciate that, and would not ask you to give up your system for mine either. Maybe I am the only one who sees a difference in tone between your two recent posts. If so, I apologize.

    It was good to read Debbe again. And I hope more people will be helpful with the installation she has to work with in her home. If memory serves there are at least four villagers who use Win10 and I hoped the would venture an opinion on what I read as a heavily encumbered laptop, and whether they have a comfort level like mine, or closer to Debbe’s description. But it is her comfort that matters there. Because none of us are available for support when needed.

    If I had simply written: Off topic, Sideburns. I would have been brazen bordering on dictatorial. I tried to say the same, more politely, without writing a novel. If I failed, that is on me. If you had ingested my first sentence, you would have read where I said you were fully up to date, I assumed based on your long experience, and my comment was for others. Thanks for setting me right, again.

  43. Y’all realize that those of you who understand what ever if is you are talking about are in the miniscule minority and the rest of us like Debbie and I don’t have a clue. Like how many blondes does it take to screw in light bulb?

    Debbie listens to music, looks at cat photos and surfs the net. She has no idea how to do any of the things you are talking about. I surely don’t.

    Ghost is trying to activate an unused laptop I bought over two years ago. It has Windows 10. Wait until he tackles the unused new Apple I bought at same time!

  44. Yep, sure do. That’s why I thought Ian had made the choices, and dropped the 3parter where he might run into it first. Have no desire to be excluding others. That’s why I’ve requested input.

  45. Steve, excellent recipe. Lord help anyone who thought more than 2 plants are needed in any home garden. Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

  46. Lately, FX has been presenting “Interstellar,” one of my favorite movies along with “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

    “Interstellar” blows away the dull, tepid, and predictable “Gravity.”

    Speaking of “2001,” I once read that watching it was like watching a space movie while on LSD.

    I think that watching “Interstellar” must be like watching “2001” while on LSD.

  47. Ian plays computer games and does podcasts apparently. They have very limited internet accessibility it seems. Ghost and I think a tablet is all Debbie needs to achieve her needs. I have every tech toy you could want but never use them. We thought of buying her a tablet and having Ghost set it up.

    Ghost is still finding my still in their wrappers toys. We are looking for charger for watch phone but if don’t find it we will buy another..

  48. Talk of squash casserole has stimulated desire to make one. That and two huge squash that are incredibly still tender and need to be cooked.

    I am leaning toward sour cream, cottage cheese and shredded cheddar along with eggs, cornbread mix, red and green chopped peppers and onions. I will let you know how it turns out and what Ghost thought.

  49. I think you’re right that Debbie and Ian need separate internet toys. And if Debbie gets a tablet that will let her get to her sites and leave Ian free to use the laptop for his games.

  50. I meant to post this days ago, but forgot. Having since “bounced” it off my MBH – who sees herself therein – and having received her approval, here is one of the most well-thought out cartoons I’ve seen lately: Find the cartoon “Close to Home” for June 20, 2017.

  51. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, not only do I do all that, I also monitor all my $$$$!!!!! 🙂

    Morphy, I’m going to have Ian read your 3 parter.

    Did I mention Ian got a job? He starts Monday at 5 am and it’s only about a 10 minute WALK to work….by the time he gets there, he’ll be awake.

    Woke up at 1ish to the smell of that juvenile skunk. It must have scared the kittehs so much, two of them ran into the cat trap….have a black and white one and (yes) the calico. Hope the vet takes them in this morning. Ian wore gloves to get them out and into a cat carrier. I have them here on the closed in porch. Hope I can tame the calico, Dad wants her real bad.

    Mark 🙂

    GR 😉

    GM Old Bear B’ugs

  52. Glad you caught cats. Fixing is what it takes or you end up with hopeless cycle of kittens.

    Humans work the same way unfortunately.

    Wish everyone spayed and neutered responsibly. Thank you to those who do. Like Ludwig.

  53. Doing leg and knee exercises before Ghost wakes up. The bed is that big.

    I don’t know how Dickens was able to shove him out of queen sized one. He only weighed 12 pounds at vets yesterday.

  54. joke of the day 🙂

    Two cowboys come upon an Indian lying on his stomach with his ear to the ground. One of the cowboys stops and says to the other, “You see that Indian?” “Yeah,” says the other cowboy. “Look,” says the first one, “he’s listening to the ground. He can hear things for miles in any direction.” Just then the Indian looks up. “Covered wagon,” he says, “about two miles away. Have two horses, one brown, one white. Man, woman, child, household effects in wagon.” “Incredible!” says the cowboy to his friend. “This Indian knows how far away they are, how many horses, what colour they are, who is in the wagon, and what is in the wagon. Amazing!” The Indian looks up and says, “Ran over me about a half hour ago.”

  55. Ghost and I went out for brunch at I Smell Bacon. Next door is her gas station, I Smell Gas.

    Now we are at Tru Value Hardware buying hand spray nozzles for hose in yard because all the dozens I bought are missing or broken.

    Gone to post office and Dollar General next for dog food for Dickens. Home by noon to garden.

    I love small town America.

  56. skipped down to write

    Debbe, you did share Ian’s great news before. And that will do more for him in the near future than fixing one laptop. My interest was so much on keeping your voice here in the village that I skipped over congratulations for that. A very good way to get going again, and saving on transportation for a while is a definite bonus. Exciting times.

  57. Tried to make a Pepé Le Pew joke about mistaking a black-and-white cat for skunk, or other way ’round. Couldn’t do it right. Sharing concept instead.

    Never had a Calico to cuddle, so don’t know temperament. But I think they look the most fun to be around. Like a Dazzle paint scheme on a ship, it just looks festive standing still.

  58. reread above

    Transportation savings on Ian walking, was my meaning. I am sure any Jeep troubles are temporary. Best wishes to your house, Debbe.

  59. I almost petted a skunk once, mistaking it for one of my cats out at Endless Kitty Buffet. I realized my mistake before I did though.

  60. Lazy afternoon of browsing. Looked in on some addresses not visited in a while. Found LawDog had resurfaced:
    so come to acknowledge again Ghost’s reference that had led me to other interesting writers as well. The LawDog is humble, claiming only 2 faithful readers. When I visited 48 had posted desperate requests for ways to throw money at the budding Author. LD has also teased a second volume later this year.

  61. TruckerRon, while coastal residents are dealing with too much water, my evening news added Utah to the list of new or ongoing wildfire regions. Hope all is well near you. And that the sky stays clear.

  62. Got most of kitchen patio replanted with some shrubs and perennials, annual plants and ferns, begonias, Canadians, rose Moss. Replanted part of the hanging baskets and took down the remaining dead ones to replant.

    Ghost helped significantly and he and Terrie fin I she’d cleaning it and arranged furniture so we can use to sit out or eat out there. Tremendous improvement.

    I am wiped out. He said he was going to hose me off like Janis and wrap me in sheet. I have already taken two showers today and in night gown at 7.20. Skipping dinner except iced tea and medications.

  63. Picked out what I hope to cook tomorrow for brunch, goat cheese grits with fried green tomatoes, bacon crumbles and either basil sauce or something similar. Heavily influenced by the restaurant Tupelo Honey Cafe in Ashville, N.C. which is absolutely amazing place.

    Mary Lou and Gene would love it.

  64. If one has fresh produce one wishes to sell, load it into the back of pickup truck; give your teenage daughter a pair of shorts, a t-shirt with no bra to go under it; and the keys to the pickup. Send her out to park along main street in a small Oklahoma town, and she will sell out in no time. (Even though I only bought a dozen ears from her.)

    According to Terrie, this is a common occurrence around here. The local eye-candy index may be on the rise.

  65. Rick, I’ll admit I nearly posted a comment referencing the word teenager, and a humorous intention at the need to wait for things to ripen. I withheld for fear it was worded poorly. I’m saying I recognize your shock for what it is.

    But you may want to consider that if this is the voice saying you over-reacted, you may want to think about it. I have frequented many small town diners whose ownership does exactly as Ghost describes. It may be a barely innocent quest for men’s money. But when I learned that my High School Girlfriend, who I’ve spoken kindly of here, and her friend worked for a man who spent their entire shift camped at a King’s Table of his own with only a beer and an ashtray in reach [these items required tending by the staff, while he remained planted], I found another job for her to apply to. Her friend had to drive a little further, but also found a new job. I identify with where you come from. I also have a daughter whom I believe others find attractive, so I get that too.

    Ghost is a virile, but very sensible man. It may be dangerous to vouch for someone unseen, but I read him to be an upright guy, who made a joke. The same joke made several times an hour on any over the air broadcast station. Beauty sells.

  66. Morphy and TruckerRon, the skimpy clothing may also just be a concession to the local weather. Would you want to sit outdoors for hours in hot, humid weather while wearing heavy clothes?

  67. Apropos of nothing earlier: I just came across an expression totally new to me & thought I’d share it: “hapax legomenon” or, written in Greek characters, “???? ?????????”. It means any word which appears exactly once in given literary work.

    This occurred in a not-so-easy crossword puzzle….

  68. Yeah, cxp, ASCII doesn’t do those. Except lower MU for ‘micro-‘ ALT+0181 µ The rest need more code. I’ve wanted an upper DELTA many times.

    And I agree Mark, it was a fanciful imagined reasoning.

    Here is an alternate scenario, had Farmer Bob, the dad, been available for interogation: “Yeah, thanks for noticing. Ya see Bobby, he’s the strong one in the family. He’s at it 14 or more hours a day when school’s out. Billy tries real hard, but he don’t have what it takes. I’m hoping school goes well for ‘im. With his wanky eye and gap tooth most folks wouldn’t walk up to him to buy anything. But Sally, she is cute i’n’t she. Her Ma through and through. I worried about making her too coarse, hoping she grows into an easier life. Thanks for being so kind to her. Say, what was your question?”

    Hope none think I am sneering, I may just resemble Billy a little. I know that was is less entertaining. Side note: how not yet old enough was Jodi Foster in Taxi Driver? I think that movie got a few awards didn’t it?

  69. Cxp, also realized I’m referring to classic Greek. I know even less about current language use. I thought I was told there are a couple differences from Frat House Greek or Astronomical use.

  70. Ghost was of course joking but I too have bought locally grown corn from cute farm girls on Main Street here in town for years. I was the one who had told him to watch for the corn trucks as it was corn time.

    Either the corn farmers have cute kids or they hire them. The other truck had hairy men.

    Ghost is very upright man. Dickens and I were along for the corn purchase. I am planting a small patch of corn tomorrow for a fall garden.

    Yesterday we planted okra, cucumbers, cantaloupe, butternut squash mini sized.

    Ghost helped me. Farmer Ghost.

  71. Our helper Terrie asked if it wasn’t too late to plant anything in garden? I told her no, it was just on time for planting a fall garden.

    No one plants fall gardens here but mine usually do well if I can get stuff planted in time. Right now we are focused on cleaning up my front yard beds, one by one, including me beginning to pull out stuff that should never have been planted where it has been put and relocating stuff.

    Back to Walmart tomorrow to look for shrub or perennial markdowns to fill holes where the stuff kid help planted and died.

    There is a rose bed of Knock Out roses that came from same markdowns last year. They all lived and bloomed but Tony planted, not kids. I will clean it out in morning I think first.

  72. Morphy:

    I was not talking about Ghost. He did not say that he would do that. He was describing what other fathers have done (unless Ghost was joking).

    If any real father has actually done that, he deserves to go to jail.

    I stand by my original response.

  73. In all honesty the family values in this community are so low that the child welfare department just turns their head at the kind of real human trafficking and child abuse and neglect that goes on around here.

    Terrie and Ray that are working for us seem to run an unofficial rescue shelter for kids like that, the way I take in cats. Someone has to do it.

    Let’s just say I have heard and seen things here in Oklahoma on a regular basis in my 20 plus years here that were totally outside my experiences or fund of knowledge. Things that appalled my moral fiber and curled my toes.

    This is not a state nor a population for the easily shocked. It may be the Bible Belt but not the chasity belt nor is it the moral majority. They may subscribe to the right of every child to be born but their concerns on that child’s welfare and care seems to end there.

    Thus endeth today’s sermon. It is Sunday. Last night I suggested Ghost and I attend church. He said we’d be fashionably late.

  74. These days it seems the two things a teenage girl needs are the keys to the car and long-term birth control. Best thing a parent could do is to take the birth control out of the hands of the kid and use a method the kid can’t sabotage or conveniently “forget” to take.

  75. “The past is not just another time, it’s another world.”

    This is no longer my parents’ world. Hell, it’s not even my world anymore.

  76. FWIW, I am not upset by the choices young women make in choosing their clothing. I’m just disappointed that they appear to think so little of themselves that they are willing to dress like prostitutes. My wife taught our girls to show respect for themselves.

    The same goes double for any males that choose to dress like pimps or gangsters.

    Which makes me think of this moment…

    AKA “Pants on the Ground.”

  77. Rick, if I’ve caused you distress I apologize. What I intended to make more clear with my made up story was that Farmer Bob had not been available to inform our good man Ghost of his intentions. They could be conniving, they could be a good use of resources available to pull income to a struggling home, they could just be oblivious to the thoughts of others. What Ghost offered was a joke as old as staged comedies. It is that old because despite ourselves we still recognize the humorous observation contained in it.

    I think we’ve reached the point of you over defending yourself. And I again remind you of whose voice is telling you this. The Irony is deep here.

    You did not reach the father with your threat of jail, so I thought it was out of place to put in front of Ghost, as if he should defend a fictional criminal; instead of just having told a joke you found less than tasteful.

  78. On the submerged forests: At Vantage, WA, where the Columbia is again backed up by a smaller dam and forms a slow-flow reservoir at the foot of Ryegrass Ridge, there is a two fold story.

    The first happened in geological time, where a Ginko Forest similar to those of Asian origin was preserved under the weight of glaciers, sediment, then vast inland freshwater sea before the mountains gave way. Resulting in an out of the way example of petrified wood.

    The second is more recent, when the original town was abandoned for the continuing effort to tame the Columbia River. The existing road into town still serves as an excellent boat ramp. It has been decades since I looked, but at one time you could still see the not very tall steeple of a frontier town’s church approaching the waterline from below. I’ve been told freshwater preserves more than saltwater.

  79. Under Ghost’s scrutiny and supervision parts of my house may become habitable. We are ready to set up breezeway mudroom entry of house after 22 years of in completion.

    Yesterday we got the privacy patio room off kitchen revamped, just picked up a replacement patio umbrella as we can’t find one that was out there last summer nor the weights to hold them steady.

  80. Both Ghost and I agree we detest all the tattoos on women and young girls. Neither of us find it attractive at any age. In fact it detracts.

    Skimpy clothes with big black blobs sticking out?

    And don’t get me started on fat older women covered in them!

  81. Mark, I really like the “Who’s a good boy?” strip!

    Debbe, Ian will be in my thoughts on Monday, and that’s great news about the kitties, too!

  82. Started my version of Jackie’s Chinese laundry in the apartment laundry room. Went back to change out to the dryer, and guess what? The power had gone off with no way to turn it back on. So I now have two loads of wet laundry sitting in the bathtub. I will have to start from scratch tomorrow as I don’t know whether it had even gone through the rinse cycles or not.

  83. Ghost helped me clean out and cultivate another of my raised garden beds. To our surprise it was full of garlic cloves and really large potatoes, despite there being no evidence of any plants.
    We ended up with about five pounds of lovely fresh golden white potatoes.

    Ghost is making fresh potato salad with some of them tomorrow. The garlic is bare cloves, no skins, strange? We are going to put in olive oil.

  84. Jackquline:

    I can’t say anything at all about Oklahoma, but I can speak authoritatively about this section of Ohio.

    I taught high school children for thirty years, and what I learned about many of their home lives changed me forever. Incest, rape, beatings, mental abuse, neglect, deliberate starvation, child prostitution, flat-out torture – all here.

    In addition to child abuse and exploitation, we also had two recent cases of human trafficking (or, as I prefer to call it, slavery) in this small town, both involving females who were forced into prostitution.

    I also think about the sheer Hell that many women face every day in some workplaces and homes.

    It’s sickening.

  85. Ooooh, My…! [hat-tip George Takei (childhood assimilation name, born Takei Hosato)]

    My filters? The ones that let me recognize a joke. The ones that allow me to see I am not the only one who has experienced horrible things in life. The ones that allow me to not demand people have liberty stripped without due process.

    THOSE filters?

    Rick, I like you. But that is too much.

  86. Jackie: ‘Both Ghost & I agree we detest all the tattoos on women & young girls.’ What about piercings? Diamonds or faux gems on most of them. Fortunately, they don’t seem as common on ‘fat older women’. Peace,

  87. And, by the way, while human trafficking of individuals is a continuing modern horror show; it is not helped by the false equivalency of the slavery label applied to the subjugation of entire populations based only on some distinguishing feature.

    Your righteousness, is rising. Of these stories you became familiar with, how many went by without intercession on your part? Is that the grief you are dealing with?

    yep, gonna post this anyway.

  88. Ghost, took a few minutes to go look at something else, and found my note on your reference to

    I have never thought the display on my laptop was something special. I now wish I could see everything as well as Jake captures and presents what he sees. Quite astonishing, thanks for sharing.

  89. Ghost and I seem to agree on piercings although Ghost has known more women with them than I. He knew one who had four body piercings not counting her ears. He mistakenly hired one with a pierced tongue that he thought was a speech impediment and he got a lot of grief from human resources but he never thought to ask her to stick out her tongue. He said he’d have been up on sexual harassment charges.

    I for one found it appalling that two of the young girls who worked for me briefly had diamond studs through their cheeks, yet could not afford to feed or clothe the children they had out of wedlock. I don’t care who anyone sleeps with but I find those who give birth to multiple children, one right after another with no employment or child support, depending on child welfare , we’ll I think they can forgo jewels in navels, jewels in cheeks, tongues, nipples and other personal parts Ghost tells me about.

    If you can support yourself and buy your own jewels go ahead I guess but I can’t say I like ten earrings in one ear or things in your nose, eyebrows or upper lip. And don’t start me on pierced men!

  90. I have seen claims on FB that certain tats are actually “brands” put on enslaved girls and women by their masters. Is that true?

    And I’m not one who’s been impressed by tattoos in general. As the recipient ages the bright colors fade and blur… they end up with purple blotches. I don’t want to think about the effort it would take to keep them “pretty.”

  91. Believe me, I have two pierced ears, one each ear! They were pierced when I was six or seven.

    I even quit wearing earrings for a long time. I had decided they were tacky I think.

    Actually dated a man with pierced nipples and Ghost had to explain it wasn’t an ethnic ritual as I had thought.

    Ghost said yes on airport security for piercings. Of course lots of people have trouble with airport security even without piercings.

  92. And piercings can lead to nasty infections, sometimes involving the whole body in massive sepsis. No thanks. Some parts of the body are prone to infections anyway, and you want to put a piercing there? Are you nuts?

  93. Speaking of airport security, when I got my heart bypass last year one of the nurses joked that now I would have to tell TSA I had metal implants now. When I looked at her funny, she told me about the wires they use to fasten your sternum so the bone will heal.

  94. Good morning. I keep saying I need to sort my drawer full of leggings and jeggings every time I open it to put a pair on. Ghost and Dickens are still asleep and I don’t want to wake them.

    Seems like an appropriate time to do so. They are appropriate attire for my knee and physical therapy. Well, as much as anything bought in the teenaged junior department at Wal-Mart can be when you are seventy three years old.

    Never made any claims to be politically correct or age appropriate!

  95. Gypsy and Tramp are doing fine. We are taking them to Docs this week for more shots and have him check them. They are living out in dog yard with Charlie and Voodoo.

    I am calling vet and groomer this morning for those ywo.

  96. Must be that d–n wagon train went through a while ago. Need a hand up, Scout?

    Cheers Jackie/Debbe for the set-up to the call back. Thought I’d toss a third reference into the mixed metaphor. Shaken not stirred. OK, four.

  97. Morphy, that’s as bad as Harryhausen’s 5-armed octopus in “It Came From Beneath the Sea”. That was budget-driven, the same as old animation. Wonder what Jantze’s reason is?

  98. Mark, respect for the Harryhausen reference. When stopmotion was state-of-art he was king. But Gosh, we’re pampered now aren’t we. I actually had to look him up to remember how long, far, and wide his influence went. And such a fun name to say. I’ve gotten so that most CGI is not perceptible anymore. But I wonder what my grandkids might think of it.

    On Jantze, he’s more an idea guy than a realist in art. And fingers, hands, and ears are just haaaaaaaard, ya know? When you say it like that though, I’m not always the most astute. He really did go out of his way to showcase it didn’t he? Same thought didn’t really need to be drawn on the hand. Wait a minute, if Jantze is Italian, strong hand gestures while speaking would be a very normal thing. Hope that’s not Nationalist/Linguist prejudices sprouting out. Sounds Nordic though. There I go again, profiling.

  99. Afterthought on read through, I may not know CGI when I see it. But the other way around, when a director decides to get a shot ‘live’ instead, those are starting to stand out. Kind of like that Jake Mosher website. How do those pictures look so more real than other pictures that are also real? And that is one kind of good art.

    Please directors, keep using humans in your films.

  100. Morphy:

    Stop it! You’re killing me here!

    You are doing the best imitation I’ve ever seen of Leonard’s mother.


    Don’t stop.

    I’m enjoying your comments and laughing like mad.

  101. Cohen? Help please. Mad, I get.

    But I still don’t understand why, when my very first lines in response to you agreed with you. Before I offered that Ghost was in fact, joking. You may have noticed, the rest of us moved on. But I will continue. As long as you have a will for it.

  102. Sorry, recognise my comment lacks frame as much as Rick’s does to me. I had just read a short article on Bono giving tribute to Leonard Cohen in concert last night. That is the frame I found Rick’s comment in.

    It has been guessed at, that The Big Bang Theory is meant. In that case I’d say Rick began the internet based psychology session with the insult on filters. But leave to others to judge.

    How’m I doinit now, Rick? Still good for ya?

  103. Morphy, why would you get upset at a reference to your filters? We all have them. Some are learned as we grow and some are self-determined based on our experiences.

    Being born during the early years of the tv age, I had the privilege to watch old horror movies on the tube as I was growing up. So at the top of my list of favorites are King Kong (Willis O’Brien version) and Ray Harryhausen’s works. I’m also heavily into Buster Keaton.

  104. Mark, yes, I had a similar point on everyone not only having, but requiring filters in the original response yesterday. So glad I did not include it. Fearful of whom I would be compared to then. I am not defensive on having filters, as I listed I feel mine are operating well. But they also work well enough to acknowledge the intention was insulting, from one who’s filters are temporarily not functioning as well.

    Real modeling gives images that CGI does not yet calculate well enough. Full scale, or ‘live’, even better. And Harryhausen was the go to guy. I find my senses are capable of being dazzled. That is the crutch of a few directors today. Story, scene, dialog are less important if you can mesmerize the eyes and blow their hair back with sound. And silicon works below scale.

    What I mean is, I now rarely notice the memorex, until I hear Ella herself belt it out. If you catch the old ad slogan for a dead format.

  105. Missed adding the Keaton comment. I was disapp, wait needs groundwork first. I was and try still to be a huge fan of so many styles of comedy from long before I was around. I have a strong feeling some of these greats may not have invented their styles, as much as been fortunate enough to be the first to have them immortalized on celluloid. For ever after all new comics had to invent a lesser form, or be labeled derivative. Unless you were good enough to be called a tribute.

    For years I felt the us v. them of who ‘gets’ it and who thinks we’re all really weird for geeking on The Stooges. But I was disappointed some time ago when I would catch these offerings on a rare occasion at Turner Classic Movies. And it felt … tedious. I was ashamed. How could I be such a turncoat? I try to recapture from time to time, with various levels of success. But I feel like I dropped something, cannot find it, and now have a hard time describing it.

    But you still gotta work real hard to beat an original copy of ‘Who’s on first…’

  106. To my eyes the biggest problem with CGI is the lighting. They tend to simplify things down to a single light source (simplifies the calculations), while in stop motion they have multiple lights and reflectors on their miniature sets.

  107. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, Ian survived his first day of work…he actually likes it and enjoys working with the other employees.

    The only kitteh I’ve been able to keep in cat carrier since yesterday morning is going in at 8ish. The two I ‘caught’ escaped on Sat evening. I’m glad, as Vet only does surgeries on Tuesdays, no good to keep kittens ‘caged’ up like that. But, rats, the Calico kitteh was one that got away, but I will perservere…she is so cute.

    Dad’s stirring…gottta go

  108. Good morning, world! I’m in a silly, happy mood this morning, mostly because I finally got to see a production of “The Fantasticks” last night. It was done by a local, small theater group in a city park. They persevered through the winds spawned by a passing storm cell; we received only a few drops of rain from it where we were.

    Which of you have seen that show?

  109. Harryhausen fan here, too…especially his skeletons.

    TruckerRon, I’ve never seen it but you make me want to!

    Debbe, wonderful news about Ian’s first day! That’s a shame about the calico. I hope she’s a repeat catch.

  110. If anyone wants to see it but can’t find “The Fantasticks” locally, there is the 1995 Hollywood version of it. It’s probably well worth renting/purchasing given the cast (includes Joel Grey, Barnard Hughes, and Jean Louisa Kelly).

  111. If you like humor, “Noises Off” had me laughing all the way through when I saw it done live by a local theater group. There is a movie version that is good too. Murphy’s Law visits small theater production, shown getting ready for opening night.

  112. I saw a production of “The Fantasticks” when I was in college. I vaguely remember seeing the movie once. I’d like to see the movie again.

  113. Just finished my second physical therapy session. I began with 128 degrees range of motion in left replaced knee. At six weeks post op this is amazing. I am blowing out expectations. This is amazing.

    Ghost got photos and I will put on Facebook tonight.

    We are on way to eat seafood at White River Seafood new location .

  114. Back to A&J 🙂 I was really hoping that @Jimmy Johnson might have something to say about today’s newspaper cartoon. It seems to me like a joke for cartoonists. Not an inside joke–more like self-mockery. (The caricature nose does not fit a real-sized mask).

  115. My wife and I first saw Noises Off at our college. Since then we watched the movie and also drove to another college production 220 miles south of our home. So, yeah, we like that one!

    Have any of you seen a production of See How They Run? We saw it about 35 years ago in college and still break up laughing when we remind each other of it. The stage production was very well choreographed with actors colliding and jumping over/under each other.

  116. Burns, Jimmy seldom discusses his work and I don’t remember him discussing a current strip, only the retro ones. In fact, I suspect Jimmy prefers to not discuss his art and work. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  117. TruckerRon, thanks for the connection I hadn’t made. Refreshed myself with the summary on Wikipedia. Familiar, but I’ll have to read story to place if I’ve done it before I guess. Had a laugh that at the bottom of the article; they discuss the pocket universe idea, and give reference to Rick and Morty.

    I don’t know why I like that show so much. So many reasons to just turn it off. But I think I’ve stumbled across the same three episodes on several different occasions. And I watch to the end each time.

    I remember a novel length Prey, by Crichton, that used the idea of rapid evolution in nanobots that created their own AI. It also felt derivative when I read it. Now I might know why.

  118. Ghost and I seem to spend a lot of time awake. I was looking at a drink cooler fridge intended for bars today at Lowe’s and he walked up behind me and asked “Bedroom? To avoid long walks to kitchen for iced tea?”

    He was right of course. We can already finish each others sentences.

  119. Knew a woman, wonderful otherwise, who was very generous about that, finishing sentences for anyone conversing with her, or even nearby. Even with no further specs, some might recognize her. Hope none of them browse the Village.


  120. Only planning 12 hours ahead, Janis? I foresee lots of trips with short shopping lists in Arlo’s future. The same lack of foresight resulted in the strip where she hands him a bag of trash and asks him to take it out. Then as soon as he returns to the house, she is waiting with another.

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