Goin’ to Carolina

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Super Bowl L is upon us, except the NFL is abandoning the Roman numerology for this particularly edition. They say the “L” was too difficult to incorporate into a graphic logo, but I think they just wanted unfettered emphasis on the game’s golden anniversary. I did not watch the first Super Bowl. I was wandering in pecan orchards down by the Chattahoochee River with my buddy Marcus, but I do remember the game between Green Bay and Kansas City was being played that day. I have not followed professional football that closely for years, but I will be watching Sunday night. I have heard that a certain fellow graduate of Auburn University will be playing. As for the above classic A&J, it originally appeared in 2013, the very day of the famous “kick six” game. As you love to remind me, a lot of you aren’t sports fans, so if you don’t know what that means, it has its own Wikipedia page. The screaming and ranting that day actually went viral.

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  1. From today’s A.Word.A.Day:

    The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning. Adlai Stevenson, governor, ambassador (5 Feb 1900-1965).

    Peace, emb

  2. My late father attended the first “Superbowl”. Last year, we sold the ticket stub and program on Ebay… and financed a trip to Europe for my mother. Go figure.

    I subscribe to these updates via RSS feed to my (apple) mail program. Recently I’ve been getting the notices, but without any content included – just a blank page with a link. Can anyone advise on the change, and how to get the content back?

  3. re: comments about Bob Elliott passing yesterday – my favorite Bob and Ray was about how “there’s a right way and a wrong way to get on a bus with a Christmas Tree” if you ever stumble upon it, look at the book he co-wrote with son Chris “Daddy’s Boy”

  4. The extent to which those here in the Boston area are patently ignoring the Super Bowl (R) is a revelation. If the Patriots aren’t playing, there is no game. To which I say, has there really been a game apart from the first half dozen scrappy affairs?

  5. This is especially for JJ:
    WAR EAGLE !!!
    GO BIG BLUE !!!
    GO CAM!!!

    For EMB: Thanks for remembering my favorite board game which is never boring!


  6. I was sitting at a Pizzeria with my family when the play occurred. I think I yelled and many patrons looked at me until others in the restaurant started yelling. I thought that was one of the craziest plays ever, until this fall when I was at a wedding reception up North (Michigan) and the Mich St- Mich game was on. Crowd was split in half, but you could tell by who was yelling what was happening on the field. We all assumed Michigan had won until I heard screaming and cursing like I had never heard before. MSU ran back a punt on a ball that the punter dropped. The kid scoring broke his pelvis and was laying in the endzone screaming as much as the guests at the reception. There was too big of a crowd around the TV so I think I saw the play on my phone.

    The groom was rooting for Mich St and I told him. Gee, you will get lucky twice tonight.

    Sorry if i have repeated both stories.

  7. Mark
    Yes he is the Odd Traveler

    c e-p
    Drank Genesee way back when – and liked it.
    There were a lot of regional beers back then – taken over and
    pushed out by the Giants. Now we are back to the good old days
    with Micro Brews – there is even a Micro Distillery in the next town.

    My parent’s head stone is full both sides – Grandparents on one side.

    MBH grandmother & grandfather’s stone was filled in less last date.
    The gravedigger(he did it all by hand – even in winter) was wondering if
    Grandmother was buried with new husband because of age on stone –
    nope – she lived to 104.

    So it is not unusual to have the stone prepared ahead – but will be rare
    is both of you dancing together – go for it. Be romantic do it on the 14th.

  8. Jimmy J., reading the Wikipedia recap is stirring for a fan of the game, even if I can’t name an Auburn player. Nick Saban can be too persuasive for his own good.

  9. Knowing the comic was published earlier, and that there was likely lead time involved, makes it funnier in hindsight. Do your window peaking skills involve crystal balls?

  10. Rule at our house was always you cheered for the team that was from furthered south or had the southern quarterback unless a Manning was playing in which case that superceded all others.

    I doubt I will watch but I am afraid the Manning will get all my good karma and good wishes.

  11. A Missouri couple that had been on a kidnap/robbery/car theft spree in the Southern states was captured after an unsuccessful shootout with Florida sheriff’s deputies early this morning. The media had apparently attempted to glamorize them as a modern day “Bonnie & Clyde” (and if you know anything, you know Bonnie and Clyde were actually about the least glamorous persons you could imagine). The female was wounded, and the male was DRT.

    The local sheriff was quoted as saying the male had used the female as a shield while attempting to shoot deputies. And so ended the “saga” of that pair of outlaw lovebirds. Stupid media.

  12. Yeah, their Southern spree started here in Tuscaloosa when they kidnapped/carjacked the manager of a motel about 2 miles from my house. They then drove to Birmingham and tried to pull the same stunt on a McDonald’s manager just coming in for the opening day shift. When she threw her keys at him and started screaming, yo-yo spooked and jumped back in the car he came in. They then drove to another suburb and he forced his way into the house through a basement garage. Surprised a mom/dad and kids having breakfast before church. He was armed, they weren’t, and he kidnapped the mom and forced her to drive them away from there, leaving the kidnapped motel employee in his own car. They forced the mom out down the road and took off in her car.

    And that, was the beginning of the story. (apologies to Paul Harvey)

  13. OB: We have already done what was supposed to pass for dancing on our gravesite, so it is not a future plan. I phrase it that way because I have approximately zero talent on a dance floor.

    eMb: Regarding the TIP you brought up: in chess, the knight’s move can, indeed, include “jumping” a piece. However, it does not result in the taking of said jumpee….

  14. Having been both carjacking and kidnapped, I find everyone who glamorides criminals stupid and stupider.

    Don’t start me on Bonnie and Clyde. I am from North Louis where the legends continue. Stup I’d and stupider.

  15. ‘approximately zero talent on a dance floor.’ Another thing we two have in common. Elaine loved me anyway. She and daughter danced for decades at Diane’s Dance Studio, based in ‘The Old Schoolhouse’ s. of town, which also has a boutique. Daughter’s ‘professional’ photo is on the studio wall.

    Peace, emb

  16. emb: ref: TIP The ladies family at play is a beautiful work. I was struck by the distant landscape and how it appears the group is on a raised level, similar to Mona Lisa’s balcony. Is there a relation beyond a generic Italianess?

  17. For those of you who don’t know, the short meaning of “DRT” is “Dead Right There”. The longer meaning is “There is now a zero chance a combination of a soft-headed judge and a soft-hearted parole board will put him back on the streets again in three to five years to continue his life of criminality and terrorizing innocent citizens until he finally kills someone.”

  18. Ghost Rider 6: but it is _very_ clear communication. Yes?

    Also, your full meaning of DRT reminds that sometimes judge-jury-executioner can be efficient.

  19. I had just woke up and my heat was still not working and I was cold and irritable.

    I can tolerate and even admire Cousin Huey and Unca Earl but sometimes things people from my home state wax nostalgia for are downright stupid. Bobbie and Clyde are two.

    My dear mother always claimed Clyde was a witness at her parent’s wedding, despite me proving he was nine years old and not in Louisiana. She claimed Bonnie as a cousin with no more coincidence than last name.

    I can be grouchy and Bonnie and Clyde Days are about as stupid a festival as my area ever came up with.

  20. They actually have a Bonnie and Clyde celebration? Geez, what’s next, a Teddy Bundy Appreciation Day?

    Not that I would condone extralegal activities of any kind, of course, Morphy.

    Ever noticed how in these cases the families of the ventilated malefactor usually weighs in with something like, “He didn’t deserve to be killed. Yes, he was troubled, but he was a good boy. And he was in the process of turning his life around after making some bad decisions.”? Well, I guess if your family won’t stick up for you, no one will.

    You hear that so often, in fact, that someone recently observed on the InterWebNet, “You know, turning your life around seems to often be fatal.”

  21. Ghost, do not tell me turning my life around is going to be fatal. I thought the opposite, that I could really live a few more years.
    What am I supposed to do with these beautiful perfect teeth, a beautiful neck and this sexy black underwear? A life of crime wasn’t even considered.

    Yes, there is a festival devoted to them, I will look it up, plus at least one museum with bullet riddled things. I have never gone.

    We are NOT related to Bonnie Parker, I proved that one conclusively to my mom who also claimed Chief Quanah Parker.
    My mom was an opportunistic genealogist, meaning she’d say anyone that she encountered like Billy the Kid, despite fact Billy’s prostitute mother didn’t arrive until later in 1800s long after my ancestors arrived from Ireland and fought in Revolutionary War in the Carolinas. And if I remember right, she lived in a slum in Queens?

    Facts and history never stopped my mom. She was able to ignore dates, time and geography. And could not read a map or a geanology chart.

  22. I know zilch re Sofonisba Anguissola. He is not big in the art repro. mkt. Found only 6-7 of his works illustr., but one site referred to this work, ‘The chess game.’ emb

  23. They have an “authentic” Bonnie and Clyde Festival according to their Web page in Gibbsland, La, a Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum in another town and Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days, a 130 acre outdoor Wonderland of vendors and flea market finds, an RE park named Bonnie and Clyde RE and Campground, and more.

    My favorite Mama Story is how Bonnie and Clyde and their gang came tearing down the dirt road in front of our house after robbing a bank and hijacked the ferry across to other side while her mama hid them all inside. I have proven conclusively this did not happen, yet my relatives all tell this story at every opportunity or family gathering.

    There was one bank robbery in a town about 50 miles away during my mom’s youth and the robbers hid in the woods a mile out of town where they were found next day and arrested. And no Bonnie and Clyde anywhere near. We are 13 miles from Mississippi River and the famous Ambush is almost in Texas.

  24. They have an “authentic” Bonnie and Clyde Festival according to their Web page in Gibbsland, La, a Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum in another town and Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days, a 130 acre outdoor Wonderland of vendors and flea market finds, an RE park named Bonnie and Clyde RE and Campground, and more.

    My favorite Mama Story is how Bonnie and Clyde and their gang came tearing down the dirt road in front of our house after robbing a bank and hijacked the ferry across to other side while her mama hid them all inside. I have proven conclusively this did not happen, yet my relatives all tell this story at every opportunity or family gathering.

    There was one bank robbery in a town about 50 miles away during my mom’s youth and the robbers hid in the woods a mile out of town where they were found next day and arrested. And no Bonnie and Clyde anywhere near. We are 13 miles from Mississippi River and the famous Ambush is almost in Texas.

  25. They have an “authentic” Bonnie and Clyde Festival according to their Web page in Gibbsland, La, a Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum in another town and Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days, a 130 acre outdoor Wonderland of vendors and flea market finds, an RE park named Bonnie and Clyde RE and Campground, and more.

    My favorite Mama Story is how Bonnie and Clyde and their gang came tearing down the dirt road in front of our house after robbing a bank and hijacked the ferry across to other side while her mama hid them all inside. I have proven conclusively this did not happen, yet my relatives all tell this story at every opportunity or family gathering.

    There was one bank robbery in a town about 50 miles away during my mom’s youth and the robbers hid in the woods a mile out of town where they were found next day and arrested. And no Bonnie and Clyde anywhere near. We are 13 miles from Mississippi River and the famous Ambush is almost in Texas.

  26. My only Bonnie and Clyde story would be going to the FSU library with my roommate to look at contemporary newspaper articles about them on microfilm after the movie came out. Closest family brush with crime was my dad being pushed off the sidewalk in Jacksonville, Florida, by Al Capone’s bodyguards.

  27. Jackie, we seem to have an invasion of clones now, at least as far as your posts go. It’s Groundhog Day in the Village! A couple of my childhood friends had the last name of Methvin. Their mom was from somewhere in Louisiana and they eventually moved back there in the 1970’s. Now, that’s an unusual name around here, don’t know about down there. I have read that someone connected with giving up Bonnie and Clyde to the law had that name as well. Now I wonder if my friends were related?

  28. No, Jackie, as long as “turning my life around” is not simply smoke you are blowing up the skirt of your Parole Officer, you’ll be fine. And as far as what to do with that sexy black underwear, I’d suggest wearing it.

    All those claims to a close historical connection to B&C somehow reminds me of an American tourist in Egypt many years ago, seeing a vendor in a bazaar displaying two skulls for sale, a large one and a small one. “Whose skull is that?” he asked, pointing to the larger one.

    “Effendi, that is the actual skull of Queen Cleopatra,” the vendor replied. “I can make you a good price for it.”

    “And the smaller one?” the tourist inquired.

    “That is the skull of Cleopatra as a child, effendi,” the vendor said. “I can make you a good price for it, also.”

  29. Mark the only people I ever heard of with that name in Louisiana was the family who were part of the Barrow gang. That was the family who local lore says turned the gang in as they came to their farm. You have to remember I am from a poverty stricken and moribund part of the south. These criminals became folk heroes to the depression Era poor who were largely uneducated and had little.

    The movie “oh Brother where art Thou” nails it as accurately as anything I have seen. I genuinely am related to Earl and Huey Long but so is everyone else in Winn Parish because we started marrying each other in 1700s, came in a wagon train in 1800 and no one married anyone except their cousins until Huey Long built paved or gravel roads in 1930s.

    How is this connected? Very much connected, as Huey would likely have been elected President had he not been assassinated in what may have been a case similar to the Barrow ambush. All in same time, locale, folk heroes put there by poverty and lack of education.

    Oh, are we having an election this year?

  30. ‘Huey would likely have been elected President . . ..’ Most Northerners [and maybe others] don’t know enough about Huey Long. I’ve seen the bullet holes in the LA capitol, summer 1943 or ’45, courtesy of a knowledgeable friend of my maternal family. His work for the state required travel, and he took me along some times. Walking around when he was inspecting a creosote plant was rough on shoe soles, my nose, and maybe my lungs. That stuff has to be carcinogenic.

    Peace, emb

  31. Huey Long was a genuine populist, a brilliant politician whose Share the Wealth programs appealed to both Southern and Northern voters, not unlike Trump does now. Huey Long was a steam roller who simply rolled over anything standing in his way, like laws. I am not a Long supporter but many in Louisiana did right up until very recent times.

    Trump isn’t offering Longs programs but I suspect he studied how Long manipulated and hypnotized his audiences.

  32. emb, the movie Blaze, was about Earl Long and his relationship with a stripper. Paul Newman had the lead in that and it was a funny movie. Don’t know how accurate, but good entertainment.

    Jackie, from what I’ve read Huey was more likely shot by his own bodyguards than the man who took the blame. But it likely won’t ever have a real resolution since the original investigation seems to have been more for the purpose of covering up what happened than finding out the truth.

    Alabama has had its share of characters in office too. Like Big Jim Folsom.

  33. Looking for additional storage space, I pulled out from the back of a closet a storage box which I discovered contained forgotten miscellanea I had hurriedly salvaged and packed when leaving the debris of my house post-Katrina. In it, among some of life’s usual junk and the normal detritus, I found…oh, my…Cub Scout and Boy Scout memorabilia, including projects my dad had helped me with; my dad’s pocket knife*; my high school class ring; every piece of official paper ever issued to me by the USAF, all the way back to a list of the 50 members of my Training Flight; much other AF memorabilia; many photos of my mom, my dad, my sister and myself; photos of many of my deceased relatives; photos of friends and long-lost friends; and, yes, love letters and cards from college, the Air Force, and the years up to 2005. Oh, my. I have a pretty good memory, but a quick perusal of some of these items brought back many memories, not just of another time but of a different world. This may take some time to process.

    *Ironically, two days ago I ran across an article on The Art of Manliness about how to restore an antique/vintage pocket knife. (OK, who is surprised that I follow a website named “The Art of Manliness”?)

    *Update* I just pulled out a birthday card at random and found it was from my “first true love” in high school, sent to me when we were attending (separate) universities. It was covered, inside and back, with a very long hand-written note, telling me among other things how much she was looking forward to seeing me the upcoming Thanksgiving. I can see the love in her words. A few days before my next birthday, she sent me, without comment, an invitation to her wedding. She’s the one I should never have let get away. Oh, man, I can tell already there are going to be a lot of emotions in that collection of cards and letters.

  34. The Chinese laundry is open and running again. Great new cabinets, new walls, new counter and deep sink, new plumbing. Ready for wallpapering and painting trim and ceiling, cabinets painted. I am happy, at least laundry works and looking good, unfortunately I knocked this huge chunk of heavy counter onto my leg which isn’t .oozing good.

    Oh well, off to remove load of black clothes and lingerie,

  35. GR6


    Yes I know I was shouting – just came across a box of pictures –
    some my grandmother’s others my parents. I recognize very few people.
    And then there are places in the old country – I could send to cousins
    but which cousins?

    On the other hand I don’t think my brother wants the photos of his second
    wedding. Nor does she I think.

  36. Last note, I will have to go out to laundry and turn off dryer. It doesn’t work. I figure I will buy a new one again soon, it is cheaper than trying to repair. Works fine, just won’t stop. I hate looking at ancestors photos and wondering about them, no names.

    Of course witchy great aunt burned giant trunk of my great grandmother’s I would have loved to wade through. She made my cousin responsible for her things when she died, auctioneer sold everything but photos, personal items. He wanted ancestors, he said there were thousands, all just her in recent years and no one else. I could have saved hidm that trip.

    Ghost, you have confounded me. I didn’t imagine you were a sentimental saver. I have no cards, no love letters, nothing like that. Then I will end up finding some and make a liar of myself.

  37. Good morning Villagers….

    What a great way to wake up to…the sound of the seventies. All good songs I remember…at drive-in theaters, parking at the river…wow.

    I have lots of pics, from my paternal Grandmother, and she was very good at putting names and dates on them. Dad want us girls to come by and start going through pictures, we did the same with Mom. That one will be hard too.

    We’re letting into the hen house one of the teens….believe it or not, I’ve missed ‘Skittles’ who happens to be Jonathan’s younger brother.

    Gotta go….slept over again

    and, well you know…Happy Caterday

    TR…saw that pic, but couldn’t figure out what the cat way laying on and what were those ‘thingies’ hanging….can you?

  38. Jennifer Higdon is a 50ish composer: “When asked if it wasn’t intimidating writing a violin concerto in the 21st century, considering the incredible legacy of great violin concertos already written, Higdon said a little intimidation is a good thing: “There’s nothing like fear to get the imagination running. Starting a piece is the worst,” says Higdon, “and that can stretch from one day to three weeks of agony. The cats run and hide.”

    Maybe that last sentence is a commonplace, but I’d not heard it before. Neat.

    “Higdon’s Violin Concerto for Hilary Hahn won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Music, and the composer said she found out in a very 21st century fashion, when she noticed her cell phone was suddenly flooded with dozens and dozens of messages.”

    Peace, emb

  39. Good morning Debbe, although it’ll be evening by the time you read this. Thanks for the song. I like that one too.

    As for TR’s cat pic, I think that is a small steam radiator the cat has crawled into, with hind legs and tail dangling out.

  40. I suppose those radiators aren’t common in many places. We only had them in our school when I grew up in Louisiana, homes didn’t have them. My daughter’s home in Illinois has the original ones from late 1800s original to house. She has a butler’s warmer on one and a cook’s or servant’s holding oven on another. She was shocked to find out on Antiques Road Show each were worth about $5000.

    But we had these all over the school I went to in north, at least the plain ones. The help may have had the others?

  41. Ghost Sweetie, I agree with Trucker-by any and all means get names for the people in the photos! My sister and I have several boxes of old photos that my Mom and grandmother never labeled because of course they knew who the people were. We don’t, and they’re just old pictures.

  42. This is the current state of our society: “A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”
    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

  43. Yep, real time is funny, as good as my “team that’s from the furthered south, has a southern quarterback but a Manning trumps all others.” So, in that logic I am taking Bronchos.

    Yes, Mark, general kindness and politeness has almost vanished.
    I think I am just typically southern courtesy and politeness but I know that isn’t true. I stand out now for what I am because I am a dying breed, a sweet southern lady who calls people darling, thanks everyone for everything, smiles at total strangers and greets everyone.

    If you are from the south, remember how it was to walk through town or your neighborhood? To drive down the street? Perhaps the Midwest or the north were the same. I just never see it any more.

  44. Down South I think we can blame the lack of neighborliness on central air conditioning. There is no reason for anyone to sit on the porch anymore in warm weather. You only see your neighbors drive by, or walking in or out of the house now, unless they or you have something to complain about. Now your outdoor living space is the backyard, instead of out front.

  45. The current version of Bonnie and Clyde were found in Pensacola and chased into the next county east where he was killed. As Ghost noted he was DRT. Many years ago I saw a car on tour which was supposed to be the B & C ambush car and I assumed at the time that it was a fake but now I understand that it was the real thing. I don’t follow pro football, but I believe that Carolina is undefeated this season. If they beat Denver they would join the 17-0 Dolphins as the only 17-0 teams in history. Am I correct? Cam, from Auburn, reminds me that it is good for a change to see a hot college quarterback live up to the hype.

  46. I’m afraid “Dyslexics of the wrold, untie!” is intrinsically humorous, but distinctly non-PC, and perhaps cruel. I’m related to at least one person on the dyslexic spectrum.* There are more around than you might think [profs are more likely to encounter moderate dyslexics than most people are].

    *It is a spectrum, and maybe more complex than that. It often involves difficulty forming visual images in the brain. Elaine told me she’d read of a woman who could look at a hand, close her eyes, and not visualize the full, five-fingered image.

    Most of us, one way or another, are luckier than we think, and perhaps also more handicapped than is apparent most of the time. For instance, c x-p’s and emb’s dancing skills.

    Peace, emb

  47. My husband Mike and my youngest daughter were both severe dyslexic and I still laughed. When I met Mike he was struggling so badly and could spell cat six different ways in one sentence. He was brilliant but could barely read. His mother was a school teacher. Mike read constantly until his death, got two university degrees with my help. Our daughter dropped out of school in 9th grade because schools failed her. She has an MBA now, truly earned.

    I don’t care about PC, that was funny and Mike would have laughed too. His favorite Andrew Jackson quote was “It’s a dull man who can find but one way to spell a word.”

    Right now I have a young man working for me who reads voraciously, despite being dsylexic. He tells me he taught himself to read opposite to how schools do and I believe him. I bet he’d laugh, as would my engineer friend also dsylexic. They have a sense of humor about it.

  48. One lovely Southern custom is still alive and well, at least on back roads…many drivers and pedestrians who are total strangers will still give you a friendly wave when you meet them. Not done on the major and Interstate highways, of course, where the closing speeds are much too great and where such an action would likely trigger a road rage incident among some idiots.

    Unfortunately, Florida is also in the news again, for a two o’clock shooting at a strip club this morning that left one dead and several injured. Capt. Obvious of the Tampa PD stated it was apparently the result of “a disagreement”. Wow, who could have seen that coming? Me, perhaps, due to the previously quoted axiom, “Very little that is good happens away from home after 10:00 PM.”

  49. I miss sitting out on porch waving at the cars making the curve around our front porch. Highway department straightened out road and moved it behind house and mama never used porch, enclosed one and practically nailed the other one shut. I loved that deep, shady porch. I still wave at the lake visitors passing my property.

    Or maybe the burglarsame casing my yard?

  50. Sideburns:

    Unless the kids are likely to wander in, my wife would never wear a swimsuit to a hot spa in a private cave.


    Our SIL is dyslexic and laughs about it, even though it caused him and my daughter to miss a flight to London for their honeymoon and cost over a thousand to rebook everything they had prepaid. He’s learned to let her read everything before he signs it and for her to put things into her calendar as well as his.

    FWIW, she’s the only daughter (we have 4) who’s not on the autism spectrum.

    It may not be PC, but our way of coping with life’s problems is to laugh at them.

  51. Ghost Rider 6, on the DRT-bag, I guess I was clumsy in saying that a timely application of justice probably kept him from adding to his list of offenses. I get that we don’t know what miracle could have changed his ways. It wasn’t likely that waiting to find out would be healthy for those in the area.

    On your discovered treasure, I remember pulling out Supertramp’s _Breakfast_in_America_ one time at college. Inside was a one-page, call me sometime style note from the earlier of two high school girlfriends (unrelated, separated by a summer and a clique). It floored me. I had been convinced she pursued another matter, happily. She didn’t actually say anything out loud when she had ‘returned my stuff’, so I didn’t find it for three years.

  52. Question at large: My laptop, Win7, had a hardware problem, now resolved, that put me in mind of replacement. I had postponed the Windows 10 upgrade until this year to watch the bugs shake out. I think they have, though I hear a lot of Big Brother style talk. My concern is with my metered connection, 4G LTE. My secrets are not so critical that I need constant cloud services to maintain them; and it seems that saving and reloading the same audio files could drive up my data usage. Any opinions on Linux Mint compared to Windows 10?

    To color the question further: a few years back I abandoned MS Office Suite for OpenOffice.org. Stronger, more adaptable, not as smooth. But when the development group fell apart, I had to restart the shopping process between LibreOffice and Google. Left me frustrated.

  53. I have a cousin from Central Michigan who was President-Vice of his local dyslexia organization. He thought not getting bogged down in the print left him free to see how people explain things. To him, reading people became much more advantageous.

    I don’t exercise as I should, it’s true. I’m more likely to be the driver than pedestrian. But when I wave to the person I changed lanes for, I often see confusion if recognized at all. It may seem rude, but I think it is they are only self-absorbed in their free time away from a world that demands way too much the rest of the time.

  54. Depending on your tastes, Mourphy, I’d suggest either Mint or one of the Ubuntu flavors. The only real difference between them is the Desktop Environment; “under the hood,” they’re all the same. You can easily experiment by creating a LiveUSB and seeing if you like how it works; if not, try a different one because nothing gets changed or installed unless you want it to.

  55. Sideburns: Thanks, yeah they seem slick and streamlined. Of course, the short trial isn’t loaded down by the weight of application suites, libraries, and months of fragmented files; you know, real life.

    You’re last line, “unless you want it to” suggests a frustration I share. But what of my data use concerns? I’d like to avoid a two month trial, and the grief of changing back, if my initial reasoning is not even valid.

  56. To clarify: I foresee the cloud function of save-retrieve-resave-rereretrieve etc. as a burden on traffic limits. I hope to avoid my perceived difficulty by using a different OS. Is my concern valid or unfounded?

  57. Ghost Rider 6: heard a similar story of an Italian merchant willing to part with his last authentic sample of ancient coin, at a very good price. You knew it was authentic because below Julius Caesar’s impressive visage is the date stamped 45 BC.

  58. emb: You have the Italian ladies full and rightful name, if you’ve reviewed several of her famous works you noticed a theme of self-portraiture of a lady. That you so blatantly want me to correct you is confusing.

    Side note: 100 years later in her home town Antoni Stradivari opened a shop.

  59. Just dragged in a little while ago. I live too far from a viable town.
    Went to deal with having some of my art work reframed. As I find things I love I am hauling it down and giving a lot of stuff fresh mats and frames. The frame lady at Hobby Lobby and I have bonded, she loves my art and she loves I am easy to work with, simply because I understand framing. It is fun working with someone like that. I love copper plate etchings and she had never seen any, now she appreciates them for the richness of the coloration achieved with scratching into the plate, inking and pressing. Well, that’s a simplistic explanation.

    Want to come view my etchings? I am hoping to find my gift from Jack Daniel’s distillery which was one of their New Yorker ads, Mrs. Bobo’s Boarding House. Or my beautiful Hawaiian NeNes which are the state bird, a goose unique to the islands.

  60. “Fragmented files?” What are those? Linux doesn’t come with a defrag program because it doesn’t need it. Files rarely get fragmented under Linux, and when they do, the system corrects it as soon as space is available without human intervention.

  61. Good morning Villagers….

    Looked at the next few days’ forecast, and it looks like it’s back to Carharts…aaauuuggghhhh!! Carharts and hazmat suits are wearing me out even before I start work.

    Mark, by the time I get home, shower, eat, hit the recliner, nap, wake up and go to bed, I don’t read the posts until morning. It’s a great way to start my day.

    Jackie, the local Ben Franklin does framing, and they are really good and busy. The owner (I went to high school with her) has done a few things for me and I love matting, especially when it’s overlayed with two.

    Speaking of fragmented files, I tried to defrag old Dell here the other morning, when I came home from work that afternoon, it was stuck 3/4 done…..I hit escape. I know, get a laptop.

    The last couple of time I have been to $ General, a couple of women have offered to help me load my ‘stuff’ into my Izuzu…..I thought to myself, do I look that haggard? I thanked them politely, and said I think I have it under control. So there is still some kindness out there for haggard old women 🙂

    Thanks TR and Mark…we had those steam heaters in my grade school….I can still hear the hissing sound, and also the beating of the chalk board erasers 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  62. Emb, when we got our last flock in at the hen house (two different hatch dates) the sexer let a few roosters get by. I have this beautiful rooster, named Mick, who is colored. His back feathers and face have a reddish gold color. And his tail feathers are different from the other roosters, they are not straight and long, they are a puffy, curl type.

    Now if these are genetically engineered bio egg laying machines as Ian (my son) say they are…..how in the world did I get one that is multicolored? Could a gene slip in somewhere? And what breed would that be? A reddish gold rooster that is.

    He is so big now at 24 weeks, I don’t even know how we will get him out of the cage door.



  63. I searched for “Sofonisba Anguissola paintings,” not for the artist, and got the usual but skimpy run of reproductions for sale. In response to a post, I just searched ” Sofonisba Anguissola” only, and there she was. Glad to have the info.

    Made the usual assumptions / repression of women in past centuries; never occurred to me that the artist was a women. Oxford American D. in my desk defines blatant as “attracting attention in a very obvious way.” Apparently, I qualify. Maybe we all do, now.

    Peace, emb

  64. I had a great time delivering cupcakes on trays to a lot of businesses I go to where the employees are so nice. I used to bake and decorate baked goodies, now I seem lucky to not drop them all upside down when putting them on trays. I got heart shaped trays and filled them with lots of festive Valentine’s cupcakes and surprised people. Tomorrow I go do the same with Cookies to some more people like the bank, send a big tray with Glenn down to the police officers for county, drop off some with city police.

    I know, I’m weird, giving gifts makes me happier than getting them.

  65. emb: I apologize for my assumption that any search-able database would give descriptive attribution. I may have been sensitive.

    Sideburns: I get your dig at Redmond, but do I need to find a new way to restate my data usage concerns?

  66. OK
    scenario: I pay a vendor for a music file, and receive the product by download, save to my hard drive, and enjoy. verizon meters one download [v=1]. Later that day, the ever helpful cloud, knowing I am a danger to myself, saves the new file to my cloud [v=2]. The music is good, I enjoy it frequently. Each time I do, the saved file is changed slightly, reflecting data of most recently accessed time or possibly what I like to pair it with. The cloud, being a good little cloud, and protecting my data up to the minute from imminent destruction, re-saves several times over the course of a month [v=3, v=… v=11?] Depending on the size of the file this becomes significant quickly. No state secrets or tin hats involved, just good commerce. But an expense I would like to avoid if I can. Am I seeing a problem that does not exist?

  67. Unfortunately PCWorld is a site that feels auto-launching videos are helpful when you’re trying to read a print article. Burning through the very data limits I’m discussing. Since they are resident content, my adblock does not stop it. I’ve long since dumped everything Adobe for similar reasons, knowing reputable sources will use HTML5 anyway. I’ll continue to search for more informative sources, had hoped the village could help.

  68. Do a search for disabling autosave to the cloud in Windows 10 using whatever search engine you are most comfortable with. I saw more than one response on Google, use AdBlock and did not get any autolaunch video with it. Your choice. Good luck.

  69. It is useful to learn how to stop the Redmond minions when they are unruly. But Microsoft has demonstrated a long chain of ‘our business model is more important than your machine’. Linux, and flavors of, appear to have a different culture that offers improvements without Hobson’s take it or leave it attitude. But as someone who has not tried a full on trial period, I find it very difficult to get past the windows bashing to a direct answer. Just voicing a frustration, not demanding a solution.

  70. Small technical correction: I formally liked to watch TWC, prior to them becoming part of NBC’s propaganda, ah, news operation and all but getting out of the weather reporting business. They seem to be at least making an attempt to get back to their roots, so I may give them another trial.

    Jimmy once did a cartoon about Janis giving Arlo the forecast she’d just heard on TWC prior to bedtime, including doing the “weather dance” the female on-air meteorologists perform in front of the weather map, while wearing her flannel gown. Arlo asks if she would do it again, but wearing her little black nightie.

    And yes, I’ve had the same thought as to how TWC could rev up its ratings. 😉

  71. Jimmy’s art refined and minimized over the years. Also, separately, it reflected changes of style in reality. But something about young Janice’s long hairstyle and upturned nose causes fond memories. Thanks for digging that up.

  72. The “old” arloandjanis.com is hopelessly “dated” (of course, one could probably say the same of the “new” arloandjanis.com, if one wished to be petty), but I always looked forward to visiting it. I note that Jimmy often referenced loyal readers that would “write” with comments or questions. I assume at least some of that was by snail mail back in the day. Thinking of the number of comments I have made here, I can only imagine what the cost of stamps would have been for that.

    And now if you will excuse me, the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders have begun to shake their pompoms.

  73. Just do a search for arlo and janis archives and some of these old pages will come up in the results. That’s how I got them.

    Have fun pompom watching, Ghost. Even that is not enough to get me to watch pro ball. Or college or high school ball either.

  74. Mark where are the cartoons when Arlo and Janis went to Cuba? I didn’t dream that up did I?

    How about nude weather casters? Can tore and Spider aren’t bad looking guys.

    You’re asking for it Ghost. Want to go on a nude Caribbean cruise with a ship load of naked women? I could escort you, they actually frown on single male applicants I am told. You’d need a cover.

    I know, don’t quit my day job, my puns aren’t too good.

  75. It’s a nude cruise, but I’d need cover. Make up your mind, Jackie. 🙂 And does the “ones you want to see, etc.” rule apply on nude cruises, too.

    Some years ago, a Canadian company started a InterWebNet news show featuring female news anchors that started out more or less dressed and, during the course of their segment, removed their garments until they had nothing else to remove. I understand they or an imitator did the same thing with male anchors but was spectacularly unsuccessful. The one with the au naturale females is still in business as far as I know. Since Mark is not watching the Super Bowl, perhaps he can research that for us.

    The reason I’m not watching the SB is that it is halftime, the segment where four grossly overpaid commentators explain what happened in the, you know, first half of the fame I just watched. Brilliant.

  76. And no, I didn’t subscribe to the nudie news show. I saw a PG (no nudity) documentary about it several years ago.

    Anyone who *pays* to see naked women on the InterWebNet has some serious cognition issues.

  77. Jackie, scroll down the page till you see the comic of an old fort. The series starts in the link on that part. Then weeks 2 and 3 are above it. The old blog has the oldest sections at the bottom and works up.

  78. Mark, subscription service, no sponsors. So no on-screen logos to cover up anything, I suppose.

    So far, the SB commercials have been much like the game…dull and uninspired. The only two I’ve liked…the ketchup commercial with the dachshunds (because I like dachshunds), and the car commercial with Christopher Walken doing a dead-on impression…of Christopher Walken.

  79. Right now, it seems that Janis is going to defy the odds makers and the prognosticators who selected the kitty-cats.

    Her horsies look as if they are about to cover the spread.

    Four minutes left, though. Much can still happen.

  80. **Spoiler Alert (if you taped the game to watch later)**

    Final score was Denver’s My Little Ponies 14, Carolina’s Pussy Cats 10. If you did not watch the game and/or are not a football fan, that information has given you about as much excitement as I garnered from watching it. (I am happy for Peyton Manning, though.)

    Oh, yeah, I did get to see commercials lecturing me about not drinking and driving (I don’t) and not wasting water (I don’t), so there is that.

  81. Interesting factoid: Denver wins “Best Football Team” one year, and their t-shirts cost $34. A&J is the “Best Cartoon” every year, and its t-shirts are only $30.

    However, you can get a Broncos cap. I wonder if Jimmy has A&J caps in the idea pipeline for future sales. You know you have arrived when over-the-road truckers and farmers wear your ball caps.

  82. Ghost,

    I’d respectfully disagree about the game. The Denver defense pounded Carolina and Cam. As a former ads rusher, I found the game to be delightful. Not insipid by any means. The commercials weren’t particularly historic, imho.

  83. David, I certainly wasn’t denigrating Denver’s defensive performance. It was outstanding. But my experience is that great defenses don’t usually make for “exciting” football games (lead changes, sudden long gains, etc.). Unless perhaps one is a former defensive player, which I and most people are not. But which apparently you are.

  84. My husband and I just finished watching the game (and the ads, which I only do at SB–otherwise I ignore and/or mute them). Game better than many. Ads so-so. Was there a Clydesdale one I missed? That’s the only one I really look forward to.

    emb, I have been going to tell you about this for a couple of weeks, hadn’t gotten to it, and was delighted to read your post about Cantus! Symply asked a week or two ago what live music the Villagers had gone to recently. I’m afraid my report won’t be of interest to him; I’m pretty much classical or country (or Broadway). Jim and I have season tickets for Broadway in Tucson and to True Concord Voices and Orchestra–which has two Grammy nominations for their new Stephen Paulus CD! Their last concert was a joint one with Cantus, and the Cantus guest at the pre-concert talk their director always gives was Matt Goinz–who mentioned his degree from BSU. I thought you’d be interested, so imagine how tickled I was to have you mention him first, and especially to get that video. The Biebl “Ave Maria” is one of my two favorite Chanticleer or Cantus pieces (other one Chanticleer’s “Mary Had a Baby” medley). “Chanticleer and Cantus walked into a bar” is just stunningly beautiful, and I am so glad to now have it available on my computer. Thank you! Family, friends, and music are three huge blessings in my life. Thank you, friend, for that particular blessing of music.

  85. Ghost, never having been on a nude cruise with more than two people aboard, I’ve no idea what a ship full would look like..probably like any other cruise ship full of 2000 people, just less clothing?

    The ads for the smaller windjammer cruises show good looking women of course but they’d need to recruit fewer models.

    The cover joke was you could go hang out with any you found as a single guy because they are pretty strict about single men. I meant I’d be your cover. The idea of running around on a Carnival ship full of naked typical Carnival cruisers is a little daunting.

  86. Just punning on the word “cover”, Jackie. Apparently I need to keep my day job, too. 🙂

    Now I need to get rid of the mental picture of 2000 randomly average naked people on a cruise ship. 😀

    Oh, a question: Does the crew run around starkers, too? That could be interesting.

  87. Good morning Villagers…..

    No futball for me last night. Glad Peyton got his win though. I’m like Nancy, did they who the Clydesdales? Pulled up the Walken commercial though, he is starting to be a regular on Bowl commercials, isn’t he? I think he was the devil last year.

    Emb, thanks. I clicked on Mark’s link though, they are beautiful birds though.

    Jonathan came in yesterday and said I sounded tired, I immediately got up and sang “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends” and then I asked him if he knew that one…he grinned and said yes. Then I proceeded with “see the gypsy queen in a sheath of hazmat sheets”….oh, well, guess you had to be there. Anything to jump start the day.

    Speaking of jump starting, gotta go.

  88. Good morning Villagers…..

    No futball for me last night. Glad Peyton got his win though. I’m like Nancy, did they who the Clydesdales? Pulled up the Walken commercial though, he is starting to be a regular on Bowl commercials, isn’t he? I think he was the devil last year.

    Emb, thanks. I clicked on Mark’s link though, they are beautiful birds though.

    Jonathan came in yesterday and said I sounded tired, I immediately got up and sang “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends” and then I asked him if he knew that one…he grinned and said yes. Then I proceeded with “see the gypsy queen in a sheath of hazmat sheets”….oh, well, guess you had to be there. Anything to jump start the day.

    Speaking of jump starting, gotta go.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

  89. Ruskin, John. ‘Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.’

    There’s also ‘too much of a good thing.’ Gonna be a cold week. emb

  90. Debbe 😉 Glad you seem to be feeling better, hon. I assume you are if you can burst into song at work, just like in an old-time musical comedy. 🙂

    Ref today’s (Monday’s) cartoon, Janis seems rather upset about Arlo simply wanting to learn how to hand toss pizza dough. At least he didn’t say, “I am determined to learn how to do foreign exchange arbitrage at home and invest our life savings in it.”

    Or, “I am determined to learn how to be a Formula One race car driver and travel the European circuit.”

    Or, “I am determined to learn how to arrange a ménage à trois.”

  91. Apologizing for the visual virus of 2000 Carnival cruisers with no clothes on. I do not like cruises in truth so that was me being wickedly perverse in suggesting that. I will notify you should anyone offer a nude singles cruise, that might have younger demographics. But the best looking nude men usually don’t like women either.

  92. Apologizing for the visual virus of 2000 Carnival cruisers with no clothes on. I do not like cruises in truth so that was me being wickedly perverse in suggesting that. I will notify you should anyone offer a nude singles cruise, that might have younger demographics. But the best looking nude men usually don’t like women either.

  93. Some vehicles were parked on frozen Geneva Bay in Wisconsin by visitors to a winter carnival. The ice began to thaw and 15 or so of them (the vehicles, not the visitors) fell through into the bay. WTH? Tourists? I’d expect the natives to be more ice savvy than that.

    Reminds me of the story of the Good Ol’ Boy™ who had never been ice fishing and decided to go to Wisconsin one winter to try it. When he got back home, a friend asked if he had enjoyed it. “Not really,” he said. “It took forever to cut a big enough hole in the ice for my bass boat.”

    I see by the AccuGuesser forecast that temps are going to be 10-15 degrees below average for the next three days in this NOTW (Neck of the Woods). I honestly don’t remember if our outlook for the winter was supposed to be milder or harsher than average, but it’s been pretty mild so far. I’ve only been able to wear my two new pre-Christmas-sale-priced fleece vests about three times each, and it was as much to serve as a gun burka as for warmth. And I’ve been seeing mosquitoes, mostly bumbling around in the grass, for the past week here. Perhaps some lows in the 20s will freeze their little skinny butts off.

  94. Uh huh, I thought I was the flakey one, like pie crust.

    When I was young and beautiful two equally gorgeous male friends went to a nude black tie party hosted by a local socialite. I asked same question about servants, they said of course servants were dressed. Good help was harder to get than good looking male interior decorators.

    At least we have always laughed at ourselves.

  95. Ghost, the Thames used to freeze over solid enough for the citizens of London to hold Frost Fairs, starting in the mid-17th Century, and ending in the early 19th. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_Thames_frost_fairs) Generally speaking, it happened about once each decade on the average, but there were a few exceptions. I learned about this because I recently read a steampunk novella, Ice Demon, that used artistic license to create one in late 1880 as a very appropriate location for part of the action. Alas, it doesn’t happen any longer, and probably won’t for the foreseeable future, but that’s because the Embankments have narrowed the river making the current faster so that it doesn’t have the chance to freeze solid. (I think it froze over in the 1960s, but not thick enough for a fair.)

  96. “Did I hear somebody say ‘Fig Newton”?-Wayne Newton
    Concerts we’ve been to recently-Barry Manilow and Englebert Humperdink. (3rd time for him).

  97. GR6, at risk of self incrimination, I will offer this tidbit. Crew on those adult cruises do wear clothes, though some are not adverse to attending private cabin parties.

  98. When I was in Holland at florists school the sea froze in brackish parts and people were driving cars and walking on sea. They were skating on canals of course.

    We have two anonymous here I see. Hmmn. Wonder who second is? Did you enjoy the cruise and were there any decent looking people, male or female? It might improve general.cruising anyway.

  99. GR6: The vehicles falling through the ice on/near Lake Geneva, WI, is not too unusual, apparently. Today’s noon news mentioned a towing service there which has a SPECIALTY of retrieving such wet conveyances! To have that as a specialty certainly implies a not-exactly-rare need, methinks.

  100. Debbe, please do not read this post.

    Vascular surgeon going to do angioplasty on mom’s left leg Wednesday of this week. Better news than expected.

  101. Mark, best wishes, hope the news continues to brighten.

    SB50 was surprisingly gripping for me. I didn’t have a team, so thought I would be bored. So many unusual plays became near miracles, only to be squandered. The whole ‘Fair Catch? I didn’t signal fair catch’ was painfully funny to see. It looked like three players who know better fell for it.

    Favorite commercial: Mr. Tyler making fun of himself for Skittles. Loser: Prius, small humour points for irreverence. But massive failure in timing. Leaving me wondering if there is ever a ‘good’ time to mock police-work. The Clydesdales were there, but squeezed into AB’s latest attempt to show ‘we’re not for hipsters’

    After the house cleared out, I settled in to watch _It’s_Always_Fair_Weather_ from earlier on TCM. I found myself identifying strongly with Michael Kidd’s character Angie Valentine. We don’t appear at all similar, but the situation felt familiar. It was strongest in the restaurant scene with ‘The Blue Danube’.

  102. emb: looking for common ground, here.

    My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.
    ~ Adlai Stevenson ~ Speech in Detroit, Michigan (7 October 1952)

  103. I am unable to find a text of the speech but, in searching, I found that Stevenson had one of the sharpest minds since Mark Twain. I wish that he was running for president today. “A politician is a man who approaches every problem with an open mouth.”

  104. A nude black tie dinner? NTTAWWT, of course, if that rings your bell. But I suspect one would have to be considerably more narcissistic than I am for that to be a thing.

  105. Amen. The two quotes of his that I have in my “quotes.poli” file are:

    Stevenson, Adlai. (5 Feb 1900-1965). A free society is a place where it’s safe to be unpopular. A.020506
    Stevenson, Adlai. The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning. A.160205

    Both are from A.Word.A.Day, which generally does quotes on birthdays.

    Eighteen year olds couldn’t vote in ’48. In ’52, I could vote. It won’t reveal anything most of you don’t know already; I voted for him in ’52 and ’56. I voted for a Republican MN gov. once, maybe twice. We were in Turkey when Ventura won; pictures in color of him in his wrestler’s robes were on the front page of a Turkish paper. We were from “the U.S.” Not sure I want to be overseas Nov. ’16.

    Peace, emb

  106. Hey, I heard a funny classic rock song this afternoon, “My angel is a centrrfold”, title of song was Centerfold. Lyrics were about a guy finding out an angelic girl he was in love with had posed for nude photos. Seems sort of ironic, he was reading the magazine, so…..?

    In the case of my interior designer friends, yes probably narcissism, they knew they were gorgeous. You are not the least, right, Ghost? You make us believe you are attractive, sophisticated, well traveled, we know you are smart but you are not the least bit aware of any of this? And no narcism?

    Heck I will admit to that sin in a flash because were I not I would not have lost all this weight and wouldn’t be trying so hard to do the right thing. I can say all day long it was to regain my health but as we say in south, that dog don’t hunt.

  107. Jackie, that is the J. Geils Band. Song’s about a guy who had a crush on a girl in high school but was too shy to talk to her. Then he’s thrown for a loop when he sees her in the magazine now they are both adults. I remember the song because it always struck me as both funny and possible. After all, somebody knew these women before their 15 minutes of fame.

  108. Sorry, I’ve been in and out, so haven’t given a long look at comments. Jerry, just by coincidence, that was the cover page for Wikiquotes, a section of Wikipedia, the same day emb posted another Adlai quote. Sometimes coincidences work in my favor, and I look good for a change. emb, I’ll do better with more time. Back soon. ~A A Milne?

  109. Mark you will be delighted to know as I have said before, my photos were never published, I never signed a release, I quit and went back to college avoiding being banned on morals clauses at university and I guess the FBI decided I wasn’t a threat to our government or they didn’t find out. So, while I got 15 minutes of fame now and again, there were others that took more brains or talent.

    Funny, the only other one I’ve ever run into was my office manager married to the bird colonel. Two of us still in closet.

  110. Apologies for the rude jump. When ‘Back soon’ popped into my head, I thought I remembered Pooh Bear wondering who a Mister Backsoon could be. But I’m foggy on it being original illustration or a Disney addition.

    Jerry, I went back to look [en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Adlai_Stevenson], a medium length page compared to more quoted orators. It did not give further context for the quote, but given the date, it is likely part of campaigning in the last month.

    If you are a fan of words said best by great people, this is a great resource. You may find yourself looking up names, literary, or motion picture titles you haven’t considered in years. Details and context varies widely due to the crowdsource nature of Wiki products. Accuracy is only assured with footnoted attribution that you find independently reliable. And now that I look again, this one is not. But it sounds like him.

  111. emb, I’m made glad by finding an item of common interest. Hope you are too. Maybe more will come. I’ll not make it a pepper game (baseball reference?). Please, don’t retreat when I ask for more on an item you brought up. If I seem oblivious to something you find obvious, I’m not faking. I really can be wrong.

  112. Jackie, you’ll note my comment included the phrase “more narcissistic than I am”. I’m not without ego (who is, unless they are a blob?), but I’m not conceited or self-centered. As I’ve mentioned, I was shy teen and an introverted 20-year-old…but I got over it at about age 21. Boy, did I get over it.

    And let me know when your personal-improvement project reaches the point when you can do the “Bunny Dip” again. Or perhaps you already can? 🙂

  113. Ghost Rider 6, I had cut an earlier post for length, so forgot to add from last night’s musical: Cyd Charisse has moves that are both more modest, yet more … appealing than what I saw from Beyonce.

    I’m on the fence about saying Beyonce should keep those moves private where they belong. I recognize the service she provides for young women who may not be as creative. It just feels wrong outside of a private home, or a business that cards for 21 year olds. But the twenty year old inside me is yelling, “prudish, uptight old man!” Gosh, I even rant like a geezer.

  114. Maybe this is better: Cyd’s hips are attached in so loose a way, hula dancers are jealous. She wields a bump strong enough to drive nails without a hammer.

  115. Can’t wear heels any more, losing the knee cartilage ended that. I am getting back to the gym tomorrow, I can at least go back to walking and stretching and my water walking, water aerobics. I didn’t stop exercising but I have let up too much.

    You know, I miss heels a lot, but your leg muscles get used to them and your walk adjusts. I walked miles in them in past, stayed on my feet in high, high ones for up to 14 hours. I know my record, one Dallas market I never got a break. Being short I wore really tall ones.

    Making friends with the new restaurant in town in effort to get something healthy to eat, I found out female chef is a leggings freak. Well, my waitress told her I had on awesome legging aND to come see them. So, tomorrow guess who is taking a lovely brand new with tags on it leggings as a gift from the company she was admiring on my legs? I hope she doesn’t think I want a date, just some grilled fish. With veggies.

  116. Morphy, I believe the technical term for those mixed emotions about Beyonce is “guilty pleasure”. Much like my feelings about women who can successfully wear yoga pants. 🙂

  117. Leggings and fish…now there’s dichotomy for you. Because, like, you know, fish have no legs.

    The second time I go to a restaurant the staff always remembers me. But in a good way.

  118. I tip VERY well but a beautiful pair of leggings will get me customized food not on menu. It is hard to eat healthy in this town. I butter people up with small gifts and thank yous.

    Tomorrow Lowe’s comes to measure for gutters, metal roof on half of house not reroofed and some plantation shutters. My minion gets to wallpaper the laundry sink area and we are close to getting it back together, at least that corner The washer dryer area needs paint and the doors put back on the opening mainly.

    Me, I’m still rehanging clothes on good hangers and making sure I have taken out stuff that doesn’t fit, trying to get organized. I am worse than Janis.

  119. Mark
    This is the current state of our society: “A dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than is a riot.”
    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Friday

    Saturday was waiting for an elevator at a crowed skyway – last person off was oblivious
    to people trying to get on – so of course doors closed before anyone got on. empty car
    went down. It would have been so easy to hold the door for the dad with a stroller
    that was first in line – Disney did a thing in the 50s about inconsiderate drivers and road rage.
    Just using turn signals is a common courtesy (and the law) but many people think it is too much trouble.
    Don’t tell me computers have no sense of humor – supposedly random product numbers
    on like products will have #s that are reversed or similar like 910 360 next to 910 630
    or such like – I find my self mixing #s but that may be eyesight. But the least bit of
    Dyslexia would make those difficult #s

  120. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, Mark, Mark…..you knew I’d read it. That’s exactly what I was praying for, for your Mother. She’ll be fine and I’ll say a little prayer for the surgeon too……..Amen. And you beat me to the J Geils band. Do you remember who he once had a fling with?

    Cold out there…..egads, got to drag out the Carharts.

    GR 😉 when I get tired, I get goofy. Yesterday I was singing your “roll ’em, roll ’em pack those eggs and roll’ em”…..Jonathan thinks I’ve lost it. But when you’re packing 48 cases of eggs in an hour you head ’em up and move ’em out. Packed 192 cases…8 skids, thank you very much!!

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..

  121. emb, thanks for the Herman strip. That has been one of my favorite comic strips for years. Before I had to sell my book collection I had all Mr. Unger’s Herman reprint books, including one full-color one that was all Sunday strips.

  122. As the Janis Joplin lore goes, the singer spent her final hours locked in a Hollywood hotel room alone, stood up by her on-again, off-again lover Peggy Caserta and 21-year-old fiancee Seth Morgan before being found dead of a heroin overdose at 27. Three years later, Caserta and ghostwriter Dan Knapp released a memoir titled

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