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It must say something about me that every time I take a few days off to recharge, I wind up someplace with no Internet accessibility or even a cell-phone signal. Whatever it says, I just returned from such a place, and it was great. Sorry about the interruption, though. I haven’t talked much football this year. I decided to wait until it matters (Well, as much as it ever matters.), and that time is coming. Sorry, non-sports fans! I know this Sunday Arlo & Janis from 1994 has appeared here before, probably a couple of times, but I’ve always liked it, and I thought it might be appropriate. To get us in the mood.

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  1. Frank Deford had a wonderful, curmudgeonly commentary on NPR this morning on the SEC taking over from the Big Ten as the premier college football league. Sad but true, I’m afraid. Nonetheless, Go Blue!

  2. From earlier this morning, before JJ took away those gorgeous gams:

    “Partial solar eclipse tomorrow (4:15 to 4:40 pm) should be visible here… except the forecast is for cloudy skies.:-( ”

    Remember, it will be a PARTIAL eclipse. Part of Sol’s disk w/b visible throughout. Do NOT look directly at it unless your are wearing a welder’s eye shield. Best way to see it is to find a TV channel that is doing live coverage. If local trees are still in leaf [most around here are not], look at the shadows on a sun-facing outer wall. The usual circular dapples w/b crescents or circles with a bite missing from one side. That’s what we saw after ‘the big one’ in Hawai’i, as we walked back to the luxury hotel after the total eclipse had been clouded out. Peace, emb

  3. Jimmy, we both enjoyed this mornings funny. Having a great time in New Orleans. Walked about the French Quarter yesterday; saw the sights. Even two topless young things strolling around. Have to run, museums today.

  4. Good morning, Villagers,a great morning, a great run, and a great couple of hours in the surgical suite.
    Mark, I do enjoy the New Yorker cartoons generally, allowing for their maddening bias. I get them in my fb feed, so I don’t consider that “reading the New Yorker.” Actually, I have found some very interesting essays in The New Yorker, (I first read Anthony Bourdain there) but what I object to is that they always go on for far too long. You think you are almost through and there are still five pages left to go, none of which adds much to the essay. It is humiliating because I feel like I would be “Shallow Susie” if I quit reading before the end, but at the end, I feel duped into wasting my time.

    Emb, the tree thing is how I saw the last partial. Weird feeling, since I was not expecting it

  5. Jackie is caught up on condition of her pets, sitter has taken everyone to vets for me except two cats, Ashes and Meow Meow, who hopefully just need shots. We have one with bladder infection and one with terrible throat infection, one dog with ear infections, three with skin allergies needing regular shots. I owe vet enough to buy a new cow or make a couple of truck payments.

    Wilma our dog sitter loves my pets and they love her more than me. When her car goes down the road (she lives in next block from me) they set up baying and howling, begging her to stop.
    Please stop! Please!

    I loved today’s new A and J. I knew what Janis meant, it was college football and the girls are less pneumatic and more athletic.
    Sometimes the Dark Side just confounds me with their observations!

    Love, Jackie

  6. Whooo, we had to clean the whole office. Had a real flu patient come in and they sat and hacked in the lobby for thirty mortal minutes. I have mopped the place with Lysol and H. and J. are scrubbing the walls in that exam room. My running shoes are wet, gotta go change into my alternate pair.

    Jackie, on days like today, I consciously avoid The Dark Side. Bunch of sex maniacs. But the trolls that infest “Crankshaft” are much, much worse.

  7. So, am I then in trouble for my “PeeWee” comment on TDS?

    If so, in my defense, Janis started it. 🙂

    The comment over there that has me scratching my head is the one about “bread implants”.

  8. Ghost, I am so sick I did not notice the peewee comment was yours! Sorry, I impugned you I guess.

    Last week when Doonesbury was doing reruns of the Playboy arc from the early 1970’s, I laughed about the ice cube jokes because all I could think of were your Pokies and putting ice to make them stand up and look perky.

    Haven’t had time to look at anything else right now.

    Love, Jackie

  9. Jackie, you worried me with your comment about sick pets so I went by after lunch and checked on ours. All safe. Thank goodness.

    Quote of the day: “I think the purest of souls, those with the most fragile of hearts, must be meant for a short life. They can’t be tethered or held in your palm.
    Just like a sparrow, they light on your porch. Their song might be brief, but how greedy would we be to ask for more? No, you cannot keep a sparrow. You can only hope that as they fly away, they take a little bit of you with them.” — Emm Cole (The Short Life of Sparrows)

  10. No “impugnization” assumed, Jackie. I was just taking the term “flat-chested” ad absurdum. 🙂

    Nice quote, Munchkin. Still, I hope you continue to stick around for a while.

  11. Lily, my mom’s dogs are surely pushing 20 and I know Garfield aka “Sun” is too (my big orange cat) Charlie and Voodoo are no spring chickens, nor is Ashes. Only two cats, Skipper and Meow Meow are very young.

    There is a young tortie we are feeding who is pregnant and we hope to catch her and litter. Moved the iron baker’s rack on porch out in front of my window so she gets used to humans. She looks just like Meow Meow but neighbor says it is not her sister. Meow Meow and all the rest are “fixed”.

    With Mike being so ill and then a big spurt of traveling and our boating festival, we have let things go to our shame.

    Love, Jackie

  12. For those who might like to look at the insanity that goes on in my back yard each October, here is link: http://jimsboats.com which I think will take you to the October issue of Jim’s newsletter.

    Jim is one of our designers, along with about seven others who came this year. We put on programs that rival some of the big wooden boat festivals, only in our back yard and our boat shop which is not a for profit either!

    I think Ghost and some of our pilots might like the proa which is a multihull sailboat that sails with a wing that looks like an airplane wing turned on end. That is a self designed boat and really fast. We also had a boat with a small propeller on end of bow also, a canoe I think?

    Love, Jackie

  13. Heh, I have to post this one. My friend Epi was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled down all those boaty pictures, and at the end, I asked her what she thought, and she said, “Well, I haven’t seen anything yet that I would want to lay out on without my bikini top.” 😀

  14. Heh, I have to post this one. My friend Epi was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled down all those boaty pictures, and at the end, I asked her what she thought, and she said, “Well, I haven’t seen anything yet that I would want to lay out on without my bikini top.” 😀

  15. Jackie, while I realize that…

    “They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;
    These see the works of the LORD, and his wonders in the deep.”
    Psalm 107:23-24 (KJV)

    …some of those craft in the pictures are so tiny they really do push the envelope, boat-wise, much less ship-wise. 🙂

  16. That Bible passage reminded me of this poem. I’m not a sailor, but I think it must say a lot about being one…

    I Must Go Down to the Sea

    I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
    And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
    And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
    And a grey mist on the sea’s face and a grey dawn breaking.

    I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
    Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
    And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
    And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

    I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
    To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
    And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
    And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

    – John Masefield

  17. Mark, on those now rare occasions when I turn on the TV, I inevitably see a commercial for a “weight-loss system” starring Marie Osmond. When I do, the first thing that always occurs to me is, “She’s had some work done”. So much, in fact, that she now appears to be of Asian ethnicity.

  18. I’ve long loved that poem, Ghost Rider. Although, I believe the name of it is Sea Fever. It gives us the rhythm of the sea while conveying a deeply melancholy air, doesn’t it?

  19. About John Masefield’s poem, I too have always loved it, even before I met Mike or sailed in a boat of any sort. It is just so beautifully written.

    Yeah, when we say small boats, we mean small boats! Some of the mantras, “Go small, go now” and “Small boats, big adventures”. These guys are actually often better sailors than many who go out in big boats, you have to be because if you make even small mistakes it can often mean capsize or even loss of life. They do push the envelope often and some of those boats are actually immaculate works of wood, fine furniture that sails.

    Others are small speed demons with big sails and small hulls, some want to see how small or how light they can create boats.

    My husband, Mike, qualified as a top mast man on the tall ship Elissa when we lived there in Galveston Bay. He also sold some of the most expensive sail and power boats available in those long ago days of the late 80’s which our friend Kelly McGuire said “was not a good time to be a yacht broker in Texas!”

    Our personal boat then was a 37 foot schooner, Chesapeake Bay style lazy jack. She carried a lot of sail, just like the tall ships, just smaller, which is why I love Arlo’s schooner so much.

    Now none of this is to brag, because we lost it all as surely as if it had been carried away by a hurricane like JJ’s boat in Katrina. I have found that I get a whole lot of joy from these small boats and while some may be totally mad in design, like being in a strange world, many are just so much fun I laugh when I see them.

    So, I will state that “Chevy Duck” makes me laugh out loud but she was built by one of Houston’s city engineers who inspect for the city and has working tail lights, headlights, turn signals and completed 200 miles down the Texas coast nonstop pretty much to raise cancer funds, along with a flock of others and about 70 larger boats. Not bad for a square boat that looks like it belongs in Who Killed Roger Rabbit?

    ‘Nuff lecture, hope Jimmy reads this stuff because I plan to use his tee shirts some how next year as part of this insanity! And a sailing cartoon. I need a sailing cartoon!

    Good night and love, Jackie

  20. Not exactly. But a bunch of us somewhat accidently built three identically painted red and white ones one year from the OZ Duck. And I mean identical! They had to put some big hull #’s on them to tell us apart. And there were only nine of us who made the trek to Atlanta, GA, getting there right after a 100 year flood and our lake/park being underwater six feet deep.

    Two belonged to us and the third to a lawyer friend who actually won Worlds. And yes, we have Worlds title including interstellar and other superfluous titles. Ours this year was the End Cancer (EC Duck) Races and Heartland of America, I think there must have been about 20 that showed up.

    Now that I think about it, if you put a wagon tongue on them, those red and white speedsters would have looked like a wagon.

    Speedsters is a relative term while discussing 4 x 8 sandboxes that should not even sail at all!

    You understand that while going in a relatively small boat to sail the Florida coast in another small boat challenge billed as “It will change your life” or “You may die doing this”, Mike is actually going for fast and nonstop this year, so no jokes. His boat is named “Hard Core” and can actually sail fast for a 20 foot open boat. That and I recruited the racing dinghy instructor from the famed Wooden Boat School up in Maine as his partner.

    I do name a lot of his boats.

    Love, Jackie

  21. Back in the ’80’s I saw Marie Osmond up close and personal and I have to say that I think she looks much better now than she did then, not that I think that you can just send some company a check and look like that. I meant to mention this earlier but, I recommend the movie that’s out now “The Judge”. It’s an excellent drama and I’ve been a Robert Duval fan since “The Godfather”. There’s a line where he says that the best attorney he ever saw was Atticus Finch. Very clever I thought.

  22. Good morning Villagers….

    Ruth Anne…that was funny, thanks for the laugh this morning…needed it.

    The babysitting spree is over…for the week. I’m hoping she can line another sitter up, as last night was a test of wills….tired wills.

    Emb….thanks for the English lesson…and I still love you too. The only ‘A’s I made was in Senior English, and then in college I exempted out of my final exam in Comp 101. I’ve gotten lazy and dangly in my older age 🙂 (There’s that red line!)

    Jerry, my husband and I watched, again, the movie “Get Low” with Robert Duvall the other evening. I love watching him act….he was excellent in the movie “The Apostle”. Not to mention his role as Captain Kilgore…..”I love the smell of napalm in the morning”

    The past three days at work have been hell….augers jumping out of the feeding troughs. So I’ve been stacking, packing, wrapping…you guessed it “all by myself….” . The boys have it rougher though, that auger is a witch to put back in.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Good to see your post Indy Mindy….pray your friend is doing better as each day passes.

  23. Sea Fever – a favorite poem and one that JJ did a variation on one Sunday many years ago. I’ll have to search my files to see if I still have a copy.

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