Going Out of Business!!

Do you do something like this in your home? In reality, I set the electric blanket on “2” for the cats; I’m a cheap so-in-so. Speaking of money, I’m going to get rid of some things beginning tomorrow. No, we’re not going out of business, but we’re having a clearance sale in the spirit of “The Victory Shop.” In the town where I grew up, “The Victory Shop” was a small clothing store that was continually going out of business. Year in and year out, permanent signs announced “Closing our Doors! Everything Must Go!” It might still be there for all I know. But back to our business. See the banner at the bottom of this page that says, “T Shirts?” Well, it’s about to be gone, along with the shirts themselves. Don’t buy one today! They’re going on sale tomorrow. Not all sizes and colors will be available: it is a clearance sale. Also, in cooperation with “Faraway Places” of Iuka, Mississippi, ten pieces of professionally framed original art from last Saturday’s art show will be made available. Come early for our door-buster specials.

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  1. Jackie, your comment yesterday about paying multi subscriptions for go comics… Use the same Go Comics ID on the different devices. The login isn’t device specific.

  2. I am extremely hot natured. Ghost would possibly concur. Mostly I sleep on top of it all. In short pajamas or less. The house is extremely well insulated and warm except where I have huge Windows in back sunroom without shutters or drapes.

    It has warmed up to 30 degrees here but sunny.

  3. JJ, you said “so-in-so”. I don’t think I have ever seen it written down, but I always assumed I was saying “so-AND-so”. Neither really makes any sense to me — wonder where it came from.

  4. I think Jimmy may have been verbally dictating his blog. If he said “so and so” aloud as we southerners pronounce it then it comes out “so-n-so” and spell check wrote it as “so-in-so.”

  5. I used to get emails or maybe it was a Facebook site with “Embarrassing Auto-correct Moments”. Some of them were hilarious!

    I had one that was really bad to my daughter that I read before I hit send. I laughed out load. The young woman working next to me asked me what was so funny and since she was a good egg, I showed it to her and explained that it was going to my daughter. She laughed and said that was the type of thing that she would get from her Dad. I always had a great relationship with her as I respected her sense of humor.

  6. I assumed some of the words were predicated by words commonly spelled and used by those younger than I.

    Perhaps I will just let some of more “interesting ” ones go on and post.

  7. Just had incredibly healthy lunch of chicken salad on whole grain bread accompanied by an avocado spinach and kale smoothie which I love. It’s sweet, not savory.

    Off to plastic surgery open house.

  8. Steve from Royal Oak, MI: try website Damn You Autocorrect. Some on there have made me laugh till I cried. But don’ t read them at work as lot of foul language.

  9. As far as I know at this point I have not been accused of sexual harassment. Such charges are coming so fast (not a pun) these days that it is possible that it has happened and I missed it. Therefore I think that I should admit that in the 11th grade I was attempting to get to second base one evening with a young lady when she said no. At the time, unlike teenagers of today, this was unknown territory but when she said no I knew enough to know what that meant. Many years later, having been married twice and becoming a father once, I once attempted to give a date a goodnight kiss without getting written permission first and as she turned her head I found myself kissing her cheek. Therefore, it is painfully obvious that I have been guilty of sexual harassment. As I understand it this means that I must either resign from my congressional seat or begin a run for election to such a seat, as such seats are becoming more and more available. I have to go now as the tv networks will be calling any minute.

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