Good Bye Kiss

This old A&J is from October, 1995. Note the email address in the third panel. No, don’t write me there; it won’t do either of us any good. I called it to your attention, so I could mention that Arlo & Janis was one of the first strips out there to make use of email. Innovation was so easy back then! Speaking of innovation, I have seen the beta version of the new GoComics website, and you can, too. Go to the GoComics site and select “blog” from the menu there. Scroll down until you find the post about the new changes, and there’s a link there. It isn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I also was told this was to be a multi-phase project, so I will withhold comment. You, on the other hand, needn’t feel so constrained.

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  1. Mark is doing better guys. I am glad he did not have to personally deal with his mom’s death. The cancer was unknown and obviously far advanced, treatment seems at times futile, I know from hard experience, and the end is same.

    Funeral is in Tuscaloosa but he doesn’t know when.

  2. This is my absolute favorite A & J strip! This is the example I use when I tell people how good A & J is. I am lucky enough to own the original art work.

  3. …And the Village loses another relative. Very sorry to hear about it, Mark; prayers, of course….

    [From very early this morning] Check out today’s “Francis” cartoon.

  4. Is this a Ghost kiss? That ‘s what I think of when I see this strip. Ghostly description of kissing Rich Widow Lady was pretty graphic.

    Who needs porn when you have subtlety of A and J? Lucky you, Tom!

  5. For those who haven’t found Friends of Arlo and Janis on Facebook, go join. Jim Young does a great job there, I am adding my comic and humor loving friends as members and contributing some subtle humor posts. Not risqué, just humor.

  6. To Smigz and all the others sending me condolences. Thank you very much. As I said to Ghost on the tail end of yesterday’s comments, this is how I wanted my Mom’s end to be. Quick, and as painless as possible. She died in her sleep. Her own mother had multiple strokes and lingered for years before dying. She was bedbound, unable to speak and on tube feeding. Not the way I want to go, nor what I wanted for Mom. Don’t know funeral details yet, other than she had completely prepaid her funeral in advance, so easier for us.

  7. So far the “Beta” Gocomics site under-impresses. Basically it appears optimized for portable devices like phones. Not bringing a lot new to long-time users and the conversations, IMO.

  8. TSchultz: This ranks right up there with the “fashionably late to a party” cartoon. I don’t have it, but am lucky enough to have the originals to “a gentleman would have at least made a lewd comment” [Janis interrupted in the tub] and also “seen the sunset thousands of times, too”. The latter is my all-time favorite, I think.

  9. Mark: There’s a lot to be said for going in your sleep, or sitting in your chair after dinner as my mom did many years ago. The memories that remain will soften the loss.

  10. GoComics Beta.

    Ok, I’m not a pro subscriber. I support cartoonists the old fashion way by subscribing to the newspaper. (Since the Tampa Bay Times bought the Tampa Tribune and closed it, I get A&J on a daily basis, ink on paper.)

    I had some issues with the old GoComics in that the calendar did not work properly in Firefox (one had to go back one day before the calendar would allow any selection.) That has been fixed.

    With the old GoComics, if you went to a previous strip, you had to use your back button to get to your original home page with your favorites along the top of the page. This was quite a pain if you read several previous days before returning to the home page and selecting the next comic. The beta version keeps your favorites on the top of the page while reading previous dates.

    That said, the old version would advance your favorites so that your next selection was always in position 3 which was nice. The beta version presents large icons that do not advance so you must press the “advance” button to move to your next five favorites.

    In previous surveys, I had suggested to GoComics that a date could be set once and one could review all the comics for that date (King Features does this on the Comics Kingdom page used by newspaper sites.) Apparently my request fell on deaf ears.

    So, for me, the beta site has more pro’s than cons but not that many.

  11. One day I hope to go to a moderately-priced restaurant and have the food taste anywhere near as good as the chain makes it look in their commercials.


  12. Ate at home tonight. Comment was based on a commercial I saw during the football game I was watching sporadically. Glad you enjoyed the Whiffenpoofs.

    HAL must be in a B&D mood to have spelled it “Whippenpoofs”.

  13. Dinner after the concert was delicious too. Italian at Zio’so, I had chicken marsala on bed of vegs, no pasta and tomato Florentino soup as appetizer.

  14. Copied from yesterday where I put it before I realized the Village had moved on even though I hadn’t.

    Mark, as others have said, the circumstances always differ when you lose a parent, and not infrequently you do know it’s for the best, but it is always a time of grief. I too send my deepest sympathy.

    Ghost, if you do come to visit that cousin in Tucson, I’m going to be REALLY sad if you don’t get in touch with me some way!

  15. I am going to be really disappointed if I never get to meet a man who is even more uninhibited than he was “back in the day.” Who me? I am the one going backward and sorry folks but if I ever had inhibitions they disappeared along the way. Just trying to find someone like me or even similar with no success. Too old, too conservative, too self conscious, too too too.

    I swear there was a young man on stage who looked like the only Yale man I remember dating but he had flunked out and was down incognito in Louisiana. Ironically he had also been engaged to a bi-sexual girl from my finishing so hooligans. The class ring shocked him. Any way, the Whippenpoofs was a legacy, his father finished Yale with honors.

  16. About today’s current strip, strip is right word. It is hot here, I am running ac and wearing only enough to sleep in that I can keep it on and not be arrested if I walk around house or front. I am with Janis here. Hot.

  17. Good morning Villagers…..

    Mark, you have my sympathy, and prayer……..Amen. Glad you are getting settled in your new ‘digs’.

    Indy Mindy, love the cats sleeping on my blanket….got one that looks just like it 🙂 They’re pretty warm on a cold winter’s night.

    Have a blessed day one and all.

  18. Belmiro de Almeida’s title is ‘The chatterbox’, but remember, men chatter and gossip more than women. Research was done, I believe, here or in UK, but I expect it holds for Western soc. in general.


  19. For GoComics website: they have killed my favorite feature. I LIKED having the long A-Z listing. I could easily scroll through and pick the comics of my choice. That allows me to pick new comics and/or random comics that I don’t read every day. Looks like the new site is working for the further dumbing down of Internet users– giant pictures everywhere! Not sure why A & J aren’t listed as “slice of life” comics in the categories, either.

    If you want GoComics to hear you, enter the user survey. Here is the link:

  20. Well, I got up this morning in my nightie and thought we’d had a cold front come through until the air conditioner kicked on again. It was set at 64. Had forgotten I had switched it on.

    Still summer here and hot.

  21. Gardens are full of fluttering butterflies. Can’t wait until the big patio and garden outside my kitchen and office is done and it returns to bird and butterfly garden as it once was.
    Butterflies are an early Christian symbol of the soul and the resurrection from the chrysalis or cocoon of death. If you have ever seen early Christian symbolism it is drawn as a cross with closed ends or two triangles, older than the fish or the cross I have read.

    While eating my English muffin with orange marmalade I read about the symbolism of Episcopalian churches painting their doors red. Having attended concerts at two of Tulsa’s grandest Episcopalian churches it made me start thinking about so many of our symbols, inherited from the mother churches, Anglican and Catholic.

  22. Early morning may not be good time to reflect, once married my late husband gave up kissing or he may never have acquired a taste for it. Nor did his replacement, temporary as he was.

    But the bridge as cross my garden and the stone Creek was his last gift to me. Dying of cancer he built it, I came home to find it across my mill stream.

  23. For me, there are three categories of kisses:

    1. Family
    2. Friendly
    3. Foreplay

    Beware…Category Three Ghost kisses have been known to ensorcell women.

  24. Been waiting for my prince to wake me with a kiss.

    Mostly they are frogs. Under category 1 and 2 I will hug and kiss most people.

    CATEGORY 3 I have never met yet.

  25. One abhorrent feature of the GoComics beta is that if your list of comics or editorial cartoons includes some that weren’t updated that day, they gratuitously swap in something else. I have separate pages for comics and editorial cartoons, and find it especially disconcerting to have random comics stuck into the stream of editorial cartoons. Bad enough to see random comics that I have chosen NOT to see. Go take a look and send them your comments!

  26. Mr. Ghost here is newest Spyderco knife.

    this will by my Christmas knife to myself –

    SpydieChef is an extremely refined folding knife that takes the user-friendly ergonomics and balance of a world-class chef’s knife and translates them into an all-purpose, everyday-carry folder that is impervious to the elements. A proud member of Spyderco’s Salt Series of ultra-corrosion-resistant knives.

    not yet available but just a few weeks will out of factory QC!

  27. Oops, no photo. Woll see if can copy.

    About Go comics, except for Arlo and Janis I just gave up.

    I wait for Jimmy’s link on his blog page and go from there. Even though I have the app on my phone on front page I just don’t bother.

    Not many comics I enjoy much any more.

  28. So the “change honcho” at says “… I think you’re going dig what we’ve done with this glorious love-letter to comic art and storytelling we call GoComics.”

    I was not aware that “glorious love-letter to comic art and storytelling” was another way to say “commercial money-making operation”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course; I just always prefer people to call a spade a spade.

  29. Using the “wet sidewalks cause rain” hypothesis, I’m going to say that smart phones cause intoxicated young women to bare their boobs.

  30. ‘another way to say “commercial money-making operation”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course; I just always prefer people to call a spade a spade.’

    Careful now! Writer of the above is obviously opposed to marketing, a popular major in the Business Admin. depts of numerous state, private, church-related, and even for-profit colleges. Obviously an opponent of the bread-and-butter techniques of the free-market capitalist system. Bears watching; should be on the FBI’s list of persons of interest.


  31. East of Little Rock heading for Tupelo for night. Enjoying delicious low calorie Flatbread sandwich at my favorite gourmet truck stop. Ask me about my $1,009 alternator for the Honda I decided not to trade in but keep six weeks ago when I installed the $1,000 timing belt and did the body dings and repainted instead of trading.


  32. Jackie

    Why is it people set their AC at 65* in summer
    and heat at 80* in winter?

    I do just opposite it is not such a drastic change when you do have to go outside.
    (I can’t get away with less than 65*) Plus it saves energy = $$$

  33. Old Bear, I believe part of that problem lies with the distribution of heated and cooled air in a home. Having temperature measured at just one point leads to air below it being too cold in the winter and air above it being too hot in the summer.

    People need ceiling fans to better mix the air… or to have two duct systems so cold air comes out at the ceiling and warm air comes out nearer the floor.

    My in-laws’ home was built when electricity was cheap in eastern Idaho, with heated panels in the floors and, in that high desert climate, no real need for AC downstairs. I was never cold there with the thermostat set at 65F.

  34. My turn, I guess.

    I just heard that a close friend (of whom I wrote here a few weeks ago) has died. We met only in HS and never even had a 1:1 conversation. Then, 2 years ago, after 15+ years of computer searching [57 years of no contact at all], I found her and we traded bios, thoughts, and the like. It became obvious that my casual assessment back in HS – from a distance – had been correct. She was a “class act” in every good sense as well as brilliant. I’m thankful for the 2 years of communication we did have, and I trust she enjoyed them too.

    She had been diagnosed with glioblastoma at the end of July, and her seizures therefrom plus a stroke elsewhere in her brain did not permit her to live more than 85 or 90 days. R.I.P., AKH.

    (It was a bit more than a year ago when I lost a semi-cousin to the same disease, only 9 weeks after it turned up in him.)

  35. 2016, the year that just keeps on taking.

    Sorry for your loss, exp. In friendship, as in most things, it’s not the quantity that counts but the quality.

  36. Brief report, Mark and I are OK. I was driving him to his mom’s funeral since his car was sold and he hasn’t bought new one yet. We were hit from rear in hit and run accident in North Mississippi at high speed by a woman who went off road doing over 80 according to witness.

    I was driving, Mark had fallen asleep and she hit his side on rear right. She left scene of accident after rolling her car several times, came back onto highway from ditch, hitting us.

    Trigger did fine, I never lost control, was doing 70 legally in right hand lane. Steered truck out of skid and straightened out gradually on far left lane, got out of lane onto shoulder.

    My left arm banged and Mark’s head and knee because he is tall. Angel’s keep watch over me.

  37. c ex-p, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I am sure these past two years of rediscovery with were important to her.

    Jackie and Mark, I thank God you are both still alive after that! Did you go to hospital for xrays?

  38. We just made it to motel in Tupelo, Mississippi a few minutes ago. Trigger is totaled. I told him goodbye and hugged wrecker driver for good measure. Really good looking Mississippi gentleman, owned company, sweetie.
    Wrecker man gave me his plate and business card.

    I will report accident to my insurance company in morning because driver who hit us abandoned her totalled car in middle of interstate with no lights! In lanes! She called someone to come get her and left. They are looking to arrest her for hit and run, leaving accident. I told her if she left she would be charged and arrested. She said why? It wasn’t her fault she fell asleep?

    Claimed she needed medical care. I told her ambulance and police on way and I refused to discuss accident. She left and police can’t find her now.

  39. We are in town with nearest hospital, Tupelo, where Elvis Presley was born. I have bruises where seat belts got me across middle, maybe hit left knee but it’s being replaced and left wrist. Broke a fingernail. Mark will see if he has bruises. He is asleep on sofa, I get suites for loyalty to LA Quinta.

    Dickens got thrown from back seat to front and I ended up steering out of collision with ten pounds of dog in my lap.
    He was shaking so hard he shook long after I stopped.

    Plan is I rent a car and let Mark drive to Tuscaloosa for his mom’s funeral services while Dickens and I stay here and sleep. No, I never seem to have boring days.

    The whole experience is surreal in truth. Yes, one of those mysterious and miraculous saves that make me keep asking “Why Me Lord?” and look for my purpose.

  40. Oh my goodness! I am so glad you are ok, and hope everything works out with insurance. Mark, I haven’t been on for a few days, but I am so sorry for your loss. You are are in my thoughts and prayers.

  41. Jackie and Mark: Out of respect for the sensibilities of those in the Village, I will not say what I am actually thinking about the circumstances of your accident and the person “driving” the other vehicle. Instead, I will say that I am so very glad the three of you survived the incident with no more apparent injuries than you did. Kudos to you for your driving skills. And kudos to your Guardian Angels.

    The authorities will find Miss Demolition Derby. Try not to be shocked when it turns out to involve more than just “falling asleep at the wheel”.

  42. Ghost & Smigz, thanks for the thoughts.

    Jackie/Mark, I also give thanks for your survivals. Sometimes our lives have more excitement than desired.

  43. Told the wrecker driver I would appreciate a few boring days. I am stuck here in Tupelo for today at least. Allstate insurance computers are down and they cannot determine what coverage I have. Extensive and a guardian who was highly placed officer with Allstate. I will see what happens.

  44. Ghost a long time ago you concluded you and I had a lot of things in common and I agreed. At times it is scary.

    Mark is going to miss his mother’s funeral. I am going to miss my social and arts events and concerts this weekend. As you also say, no good deed goes unrewarded.

  45. c x-p, Jackie, Mark, Debbe, and others.

    An angel is a messenger from Elohim. The Hebrew Bible and the New Testament neglect the possibility that angels may be female, but society back then was even more patriarchal than it is now. You are all, in one capacity or another, angels.


  46. I do believe my existence and miraculous saves are because I am one of the messengers but I do not know my real purpose or destination so therefore I try to act toward all I meet as that reason or purpose.

  47. Jackie: Your purpose is obviously to continue to be Jackie. You ask above, “Why me?” I wrote a column so titled in ’98, and just tried to post it. I hold the copyrights to these, so don’t anybody distribute it, either email, other online, or hard cc. It got rejected: “Your URL has been rejected” or some such. It contains no URL. I’ll try again, in a separate post. JJ’s site accepted another equally long post sometime back; I’ll go through the thing to excise whatever my be considered a URL. Peace,

  48. Got rid of a suspicious line, but rejected again: “The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster. Your support ID is: 2719994758130130167” Nuts!

  49. Maybe just split it up: Why me? Copyright 1998, 2000, 2009 emb.
    Imagine you are in 16th century Western Europe. Young and pious, you and your spouse have led blameless lives. After a year of marriage, your firstborn arrives, an apparently healthy daughter. You are not so poor that the child is in danger of malnourishment, and she seems to grow well enough. But, after a few months, she stops gaining weight, sickens, and dies.
    Infant mortality was high then (and still is in many places), but that is no comfort: you have lost your firstborn (even if she was “only a girl”). You seek answers from the cleric who did the simple funeral. He cannot say why the child was “taken from you,” but assures you it was not a judgment on such a blameless couple. But, later that summer, as you leave Sunday chapel, a neighbor calls you aside. He repeats his sympathy over your loss, hopes you will have more children, and “perhaps the next one will be a son”.
    Then he notes that five infant girls have died in the valley this year. Also, two young wives died in childbirth last spring, and crops are doing badly even though there has been enough rain. “Things weren’t this bad last year,” he complains, “before that woman from another valley moved into the hut at the edge of the forest. You know, that crone whose candle burns long after honest folk have gone to bed.” (How did he know?) One thing leads to another, and some weeks later, the poor woman is executed as a witch.
    I have said nothing about the social or political system of your country. Maybe you were serfs, legally bound to the land. Maybe you two ran a small shop or inn in town. But, in that society, no one was really free. King, archbishop, magistrate, priest, landlord, tenant, innkeeper, peasant, and crone were all slaves: slaves to ignorance and superstition.
    We don’t know what killed that fictional infant centuries ago. Today, however, we know about germs and childhood leukemia and such. So it’s better now: my grim scenario couldn’t happen today. Or could it?

  50. Or could it? We are not as far from that mindset as we might think. First, we still remain slaves to ignorance to a degree, because we will never know everything. But there are at least two deeper reasons: we won’t accept an unfair universe, and we insist on being certain.
    Rain is a blessing in the dry Middle East. It is written that it is sent to both the just and the unjust. If we believe that, how come we still ask, “Why me?” We know that many behaviors statistically decrease longevity: smoking, reckless driving, and drunkenness, to name three. Combining the latter two often kills innocent victims. But when a drunk driver kills, some still say, “She was such a good person; why her?” In 1993, a letter to the editor of Time suggested that the late summer’s disastrous Mississippi floods were punishment for commercial gambling on riverboats. I disapprove of all gambling, but I think the weather caused the floods. And I don’t find it particularly devout to blame God for the weather.
    Scientists don’t know everything. But we have a good enough handle on nature to conclude that the universe works naturally. Nature does not care about us, one way or the other. We are, however, a part of nature that is capable of caring. I care enough about others to suggest that they obey traffic lights, not smoke or chew, and not build on the San Andreas Fault or on a flood plain.
    But note the first sentence in the last paragraph. Scientists know that we don’t know. “I don’t know” may be the most important thing a scientist (as well as any teacher) learns to say. This annoys some people. They expect scientists to know, and to be certain. We believe we cannot be certain, that any scientific explanation is tentative, subject to revision in light of new information. Though we think certainty is unattainable by anyone, we also think doing science is the best way to understand nature.
    What about those who claim to be certain? Certainty is absolute knowledge. But we are mere mortals. The Seven Deadly Sins are pride, gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, anger, and jealousy. Are not mortals who claim absolute knowledge guilty of the first Deadly Sin?
    I often tell students that a goal of science in liberal education is not for them to become comfortable, but to learn what the choices are. That is, liberal-ed science may liberate them from their slavery to ignorance, and from the urge to burn witches. If rightly taught, lib-ed science may also help them accept uncertainty as a gift that combats the sin of pride. That’s one aspect of salvation.
    *I thank Jerry Schnabel, BSU Emeritus Professor of History, for help in choosing an appropriate century.

  51. Recall God’s reply to Paul’s pleading to be relieved of his “thorn in the flesh” – whatever that may have been. God informed Paul that “My grace is sufficient for you; My power is made perfect in weakness.” [“made perfect” = “completed”] One might say that Paul had to suffer [“be weak”] so as to appreciate God’s mercy, as well as to lessen the temptation towards pride.

    And, yes, a true scientist knows that s/he does not know everything. I’ve been known to astound a class when, in reply to a reasonable question, I just said “Beats me.” What we regard as factual truth is always subject to verification and correction as needed.

  52. Rented a car and taking Mark on to Tuscaloosa to place my flowers on her grave and pray short prayer for her sout.
    I am hardly as heathen as I make myself to be. very ecumenical in fact.

    Am equally comfortable in cathedrals, high church, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, mountain primitives as long as no snakes are involved and all denominations in between.

  53. I wouldn’t mind if they were well-treated bull [= pine] snakes or other moderate sized constrictors, but they do rattlesnakes. Nuts! [different from the ‘Nuts!’ above.]

    I’ve done horse skulls and other bones at ‘Children’s Time’ at BUMC, but it’s probably best I not do snakes. Anyway, don’t own any now. Did.

    Ruth Anne, Trucker, c x-p: Thanks,


  54. Jackie & Mark: so thankful that the accident was no worse. As embedded said, your purpose is to be you. We must do the best we can, and be kind and loving to others.

  55. We finally found grave. WHT happened to requirement of temporary markers until permanent ones placed? We placed the pink roses cross and I said prayers, Mark told her goodbye. I got to meet his sister and brother in law, had met his brother and sister in law on previous cat trapping expedition.

  56. Happy you found the grave site, Jackie. I have both the temporary metal-stake markers the mortuary placed at my parents’ sites. The markers are now stuck in the ground next to the three urn planters I did for my mom last spring. (I moved them from in front of her apartment to my place when she went into the nursing facility, along with her bird feeders.). Makes it a small memorial garden for them, I think.

  57. Jackie, there was almost one too many similarities in our lives. Returning home from an errand a few hours ago, I almost got rear-ended by a pickup truck while stopped on a two-lane highway to wait for an oncoming line of about fifteen vehicles to pass so I could make a left turn. Had I not been checking my rearview mirror for overtaking traffic, realized the truck was not stopping, and accelerated hard ahead, he would have plowed into me.

    That’s the second time lately I’ve avoided being hit by not having my head up my butt. There may indeed be Guardian Angels, but if so, I suspect they expect their charges to do what they can for themselves and not go through life being totally gormless.

    Pretty sore today?

  58. Exhausted as I am driver. My trucker semi-retired offered to come get me, his brother, my contractor offered too. They are proud of me, Tony says I am only civilian he knows who thinks and acts like a trucker. Defensive is best but sometimes reactive is all you can be. We cannot control others but reactions can save us.

    I once shot between two 18 wheelers at about 80 when I saw a truck coming from rear in my mirror. I got away, he hit a couple of vehicles behind me and went through gas station taking out a couple in lot. I was waiting for 18 wheelers to pass so I could turn into gas station.

  59. Oh, my body, does it hurt? Not much but I will see tomorrow. I only got three and a half hours sleep yesterday.

    Ghost you and I are scary similar. Do you have an old soul? I have been told all my life that I do. Perhaps we have lived in same times before?

    This afternoon I got really sad, almost crying, about Trigger. I loved that truck. It seems what I do ends too often badly. People, boats, cars, trucks, pets, flowers. Love them, try to save and fail.

  60. I would not discount that we have some sort of connection, Jackie. For instance, I knew that losing Trigger was going to be painful for you, but I also know that you will replace him with one that he would be proud to have as a stablemate.

    I also know that I don’t believe your last three sentences above. And you should not, either.

  61. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie and Mark….I thank God that you were not seriously injured….Amen.

    ….and Jackie, don’t stop being yourself. You are a gift here in the Village.

    Emb, to be put in the ranks of Angels…thank you; and your Why Me” is inspiring, I’ve read it twice and will probably read it again.

    I’m not a well woman now, very emotionally unstable….I come here seeking friendship and comfort and I find it.

    May the Lord’s day bring peace to all.

    love to all, debbe

  62. Good morning. I think my body needs a massage, it has found pain I think is newer than before.

    Yes, Debbe, we come here for the warmth of the arms that hold hug embrace and support. I held Mark’s hand as we prayed for his mother. I would hold the hand of any here.

  63. About the Village, we need to paint the gate doors red, to signify that it is a sanctunary. Episcopalian churches have Red doors for that reason, representing the blood of the Passover and sanctity, so people know when they entered they were in a safe place.

    Read about why we paint the doors red. It is interesting reading. I had just done so after attending both large Episcopalian churches in Tulsa.

  64. Once I designed an angel mirror as my entry for a Christmas mantel decor co.petition. all white, it had wings, a head, arms, hands, using mannequin forms and pieces, all white, out of laces, jewels, ribbons. Life sized.

    When you looked into mirror the angels arms and wings enveloped and embraced you.

  65. Jackie, I have a personal policy of never making important decisions or conducting self-evaluations when I’m physically traumatized; mentally and emotionally stressed; sleep deprived; or all three. You are welcome to adopt that as one of your own, if you like. 🙂

  66. Not to be insensitive, but yesterday was beautiful in Michigan with the fall colors at peak or close to it and the temperature was 71°. I was debating going for a walk as I plan to walk a marathon (26.2 miles) in the spring. I decided to go out at about 3:00 PM and by then the cloud cover blocked the sun and I was able to walk 8 miles. I had only planned to do 6 , but I felt great. I was a bit warm sleeping last night but got up early to sing at Mass at 9:00 and that went well. When I woke up, it was raining and continued through lunch, with temperature now only 51°. So I am relaxing this afternoon with only a bit of soreness, happy that I picked the right day to walk.

  67. Thinking about some of my miraculous escapes from death in past. It was my reaction and self preservation that saved me, not someone else’s actions. Ghost is right. One of my other friends pointed that out. You survive because of your personal awareness and often you save others along with yourself so it is not entirely a self centered course of response.

    I cannot think of a single time that I had a savior or good Samaritan but that is not to say many have not helped in my life. I am grateful for their unselfish actions and unpaid heroism.

  68. Not insensitive at all. I was thinking of seeing Elvis” home and new park but it is 87 here and getting hotter and no way to run ac for Dickens. Too hot. I may do something touristy if Dickens can get out.

    Had Mississippi lemon chess pie for dessert, made in restaurant. Life is too short to not eat dessert. This made me think of that.

  69. Drove z Mark on Natchez Trace since he had never been here. Stopped to rescue a Treeing Walker Hound. That will get me points with my insurance agent since he breeds, shows and judges Treeing Walkers..

    Waiting for owner to meet us and get her. Mark is feeding dog some of Dickens” food on shoulder with Dickens’ leash and I have Dickens on my knee. I grew up with packs of Running Walkers for deer.

  70. My experience* yesterday of nearly being rear-ended (I’m used to that at work, but not on the road) has taught me something. In the future, if I have to stop in the roadway for oncoming traffic, and there is no overtaking vehicle behind me that is obviously also stopping, I will hit my four-way flashers. (Easy to do when driving Bullet.) That might not do any good in the cases of drivers with acute cases of rectal-cranial inversion, but it may for most.

    *Another of my favorite expressions: “Experience is what enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.”

  71. Ghost: I’ve also heard that in that situation you should blow your horn – not because the oncoming vehicle will hear it but to get the attention of potential witnesses.

  72. Guess where I am, Kosciusko, Mississippi. Remember our conversation about the z Revolutionary War hero from Poland, the nobleman who helped us win war?

  73. Good idea, R.A. And the horn on the wheel is easier to find than the flasher switch on the dash.

    Once upon a time, my parents almost moved to Kosciusko. And yes, I’ve been there, as it’s on the section of the Natchez trace I rode on my touring bike several times.

  74. As a teenager I saved two boys from drowning: my cousin during a family vacation and a younger scout during a campout. I’ve rendered first aid and helped put out fires while trucking.

    In traffic slow downs I’m usually the first to turn on the hazard lights, especially when there’s low visibility.

  75. Love the Trace, have driven and hiked and camped there forever. I loved the slow traffic, the trees over roads, trails, the feeling that ghosts might be around any corner and you’d see them for a few seconds of saved past.

    Today I was shocked by speeding cars and trucks in heavy traffic using it as a fast bypass, not what it was designed to be, a museum in the open fields , woods and relics. No one else made any pretense of slowing to legal 50 mph and all had Mississippi plates.

    Actually I am in Canton in another two rooms suite. I love LA Quinta inn who take care of Dickens and me at very low rates usually. I stay at lowest rates usually but get best suites if I ask or sometimes they just give them to me without asking.

    Saw wild turkeys, several deer. I imagine Canadian geese are on reservoir here. Usually are.

  76. Park rangers used to strictly enforce the speed limit. And a ticket was literally a federal offense…you had to go before a Federal Magistrate. Sequestration may have changed that.

  77. I was wishing for Rangers to put a few of these behind bars. I remember when speed limits in park were as low as 35 mph. Almost hit in rental car pulling out of a scenic stop by high speed driver in beat up pickup with Mississippi plates. Did not see any other tourists and people seemed amazed by Colorado plates. That is sad.

    Surprised there weren’t dead deer lying everywhere.

  78. Ghost has never gotten a traffic ticket, on the Trace or anywhere else. “Defensive driving” can also mean knowing when to “gofast” and when not to.

  79. I think I still need a driver. Defensive is good. Aggressive isn’t. Have seen too much of that.

    Did I tell the story about my lawyer’s uncle being my driver’s education instructor? A whole school year of drivers ed because we were first class and they made it full time at school.

  80. Probably not learned in school. No one teaches you how to land a car in a cemetery, much less drive it out.

    Need to wear that tee shirt that says “I Do My Own Writing Stunts”. I own and do.

    Tired of doing them myself. Would rather wear the other that says “Be Careful, You May End Up in My Novel”.

  81. Good morning Villagers….

    Today’s real time strip….a keeper 🙂 And Jackie’s right…good one Jimmy!!!

    Steve, so glad to read about your walk….and the gorgeous day you had to benefit your walk.

    I think yesterday just about cinched my decision of what to do…unemployment or retire. At the other henhouse, the feed bins went dry on Thursday and they were to start ‘terminating’ the hens today….they pushed that back to Wednesday….with no feed delivery. They. The Corp, made that decision….I am very angry about this, very upset and I am going to do my best to let it be known. I have to phone in totals every day, and have made friends with the lady who answers the phone at the Corp….she’s going to hear about it. They don’t deserve to starve to death, if it bleeds, it has a heart.

    May your Monday be a good one, and oh, Boo!

  82. Good morning. I need to call my insurance agent and tell him about wreck. I reported to Allstate home offices already but need to call Larry and Susan personally.

    Mark must be asleep in his room, no sound from guest room! Just Dickens and I over here. Noisy highway but it is Monday.

    Have missed Halloween this year, along with lots of other things I love. This has been an often period of missed chances, missed events, missed people. You can just grab at the ring as the carousel goes around and around.

  83. Reason Mark is so quiet, he went to eat breakfast and locked himself out in hall! He had to call me to come let him in. Mark is a friend, not a boyfriend, there is a difference of course. He didn’t want to wake me up. He had managed to cause the burglar lock to drop over the door and lock him out.

    Almost never eat things on motel buffets, seldom healthy. I do like room service in good hotels but not breakfast bars in LQ.

  84. Trucker Ron: That is quite an accomplishment. You certainly made an impact in 2 lives. My daughter saved a woman at the gym that she worked at the time and I’m not sure if she ever understood the impact. She did not like the job and was wondering what purpose she had in life. I told her God had her at the right place at the right time that day. Right now she is about to get her 2nd BS degree, this time in Mechanical Engineering and she is fretting about staying at the place she is interning for less pay or go out and test the market. I told her that she is not getting married and a job is not necessarily a lifetime commitment, but she should be an attractive hire, so she should try to get the best possible position. That might mean more money or not.

  85. Had a late afternoon dental PM visit. Dental staff dressed up for Halloween. I enjoyed seeing some plunging necklines that are not normally a staple at the practice. One assistant was in a bunny costume, but unfortunately the big pink fuzzy kind of bunny, not the Playboy kind.

    I was hoping for a slutty vampire like I saw at my Credit Union one year, but I settled for the receptionist’s semi-slutty witch costume…which of course featured one of the plunging necklines. Overall, I judged it to be a “treat”.

  86. My part-time job at the local state technical college gave me the chance to see a lot of lovely young ladies in costume today, but there were no plunging necklines. The instructors are mostly female and they insist on decorum.

  87. ‘The bad news is that there’s no kids going Trick or Treat.’

    This community is not gated, but there are usually no kids except for occasional visiting grandkids. A few residents leave their outside lights on and maybe also have decorations, but traffic is light and most of us simply shutter and leave lights off. To me that’s good news. Chacun à son goût.

    Elaine used to enjoy t.or.t visits in our old neighborhood, and I helped out. Good marriages work that way.

    Friends, ages ago, were surprised by a bunch of their other friends, all w/ empty cocktail glasses: ‘Trick or treat!’ Fortunately, they were the sort that kept a selection of ingredients on hand. All I have is a dozen kinds of good beer.


  88. Slow night on our street. Only had 3 groups of trick-or-treaters for a grand total of 14 kids. Did hear one mom say “best house yet” and another “I’m totally stealing your idea next year” (that would be our usual routine of giving out little bottles of water.)

  89. I was raised not to go t/t on Halloween or any other time; it was frowned upon. It was especially frowned upon because “ministers’ children should not be beggars”, or words to that effect. I guess the European immigrants & their offspring – which composed almost all the folks in the area – brought with them the idea that, for a clergyman’s kids to go door-to-door asking for handouts was insulting to the population, as it implied that the populus wasn’t offering enough salary to said clergyman. Whether or not that was the reasoning, I do not know, but I don’t have any better reasons available.

    On the other side of the coin, my MBH was raised to go t/t and even do some harmless pranking in her tiny town of under 275 souls. She seems to have turned out better than I in spite of that!

    Did our kids do it? Let me just say that the afore-mentioned MBH had much greater influence than I.

    Do we now give out candy? Yeah – in the three-digit amounts. Tonight, we ran out after only 2:15, thanks to at least 7 different groups of 5+ individuals each showing up. A few even rang our bell after we ran out and, thus, had doused the outside light. [“no light” = “don’t bother”, for any reason whatever]. One group of unknown size even rang the bell a full hour after we ran out and also quite a bit after [the town’s edict of stopping by] 7pm.

    If anything, I wish the little ones were local, but they drive ’em in from unknown places by the van load. IMHO, such does not set a suitable example, but I realize I’m in the minority.

  90. c x-p. ‘I realize I’m in the minority.’ Glad I’m not alone re t/t. It’s foolish, wasteful, bad for their teeth, and not much of a source for lessons in behavior / citizenship. A pox on it!

    Pranks are rare here. One time, well below freezing but also well after Hallowe’en, our old house got egged. Of course it froze solid, so graced our entry area for some time. No idea who did it, though a couple of nearby residences housed some likely candidates. Of course, could have been fallout from campus: disappointed test-takers or anti-Enlightenment sorts. But a few minor incidents in over 46 yr. at the old house isn’t bad.


  91. GM Debbe

    Good luck in whatever endeavor you choose.
    I know you will do well.

    Don’t give up on your boss. There are other egg buyers out there.

  92. Have been driving all afternoon and night and ready to quit. I am tired and frankly exhausted. Back in Little Rock in LQ motel I use over here. Used my points for another two room suite so they hopefully are holding it. Not how I planned to spend Halloween.

    But I am wearing a suitable outfit, snakeskin flats and hand bag in gray and black, Ash gray silk leggings, a mesh black tunic with gray ruffling, gray and black silk chiffon flowing long jacket with black palms all over and black onyx beads, antique silver bracelets.

    Oh yes, my straps and the tank under mesh tunic are all black and match. I may not be high class but I am not white trash. Not totally anyway. Happy Halloween.

  93. Could probably come up with a slutty costume out of my clothing inventory but have an unworn complete costume for Killer Queen from two years ago. Have to find somewhere suitable to wear it someday.

    Actually my favorite unworn costume is a Black Widow costume with bustier. Still nowhere to wear so many spiders and so little material.

  94. TR: “Plunging necklines”, relatively speaking. Lower cut than the scrub tops they normally wear, but not unprofessional. Besides, I’ve been going there so long, they’re all friends, especially the “witchy” receptionist. We used to work together. Still a “treat”, though. She’s well-endowed. 🙂

    Lot’s of good memories of Halloween from when I was young…and we never even left the old neighborhood.

  95. emb
    re your Why Me podt

    My mother always said “only fools and idiots are certain.”
    At work when people say “you know everything” my answer
    ” my brother and I know everything – but he is not here now”
    Implying he has the answer I do not.
    The other is “I am not that young”

    Why is it that for many people the three hardest word to say is “I don’t know”?

  96. Ghost, I know you say not to appraise situation when exhausted but maybe I should have spent money on face lift instead of that boat or either boat? I thought a boat would be more fun in long run. I feel tired tonight.

    Have fallen off healthy eating big time this trip. Even vegetable plates in Alabama and Mississippi are NOT healthy. Good but not healthy.

    Love lawyers, guns and money which is playing now.

  97. My daughter had seat belt harnesses for her dogs to keep them in Mustang convertible and not thrown out.

    He was sleeping in back right where she hit us and tore off back. If she’d killed Dickens I cannot say what I’d have done.

  98. Remember what we do when we fall off the wagon, Jackie…we hop back on the wagon, and we do not beat up ourselves for falling off. And I don’t have enough experience with either boats or face lifts to help you make a call on that.

    If it’s any consolation, the extra pounds I picked up when I had to give up my gym visits to look after my mom are coming off very slowly. But they are coming off, and “non deficere”.

  99. Never had a face lift either or any plastic surgery. Didn’t know boat would require one too!

    Yes, get back on and keep trying. This last trauma made it too easy to say life’s too short to not eat dessert. First!!!

    Back doing those leg lifts in bed to stay limber. Dickens is used to ducking a swinging leg.

    Saw a sign that said desserts are stressed spelled backward

  100. Good morning Villagers….

    Still trying to get used to this keyboard…..sometimes I have to search for the cursor.

    No t & t’s here last night. A longtime friend of mine called it trick or drink night. She would have this fake arm dangling from her closed trunk of her car….too funny. The town had a two hour limit on Halloween, the first hour I would take Ian out, then go home loaded with candy that I handed out….didn’t spend any money on candy.

    Jonathon told me yesterday that no more feed was going to be delivered. They brought the carbon dioxide cylinders yesterday. The ‘purging’ begins tomorrow.

    Jackie, tell Mark hello and he is still in my prayers….Amen

    Ian has a court date at eight-thirty today….this is dragging out toooooo looonnnggg.

    Y’all have a blessed day

  101. a GM back at you Old Bear…that is true, as the Boss has said they aren’t the only egg producpers around……he’s keeping Ian and me busy the next month cleaning the hen houses. Gonna be kind of nibbblley in there with no hen heat.

  102. Debbe, I was just thinking I don’t think I have ever hugged Mark. He is a foot and half taller than me and doesn’t bend in middle. Back injury?

    But I will get somewhere in middle and see if I can hug the midsection. He is a sweet person and like all of us here he needs a friend to extend a hand sometimes.

  103. Mark, thinking about you.

    Jimmy, today’s real-time strip hit home. Our curbside recycling is once every two weeks, and I ended up putting a reminder on my phone calendar. There is a huge container on wheels that we keep outside and never could fill to the brim, but the small receptacle in the house regularly overflows.

  104. Debbe, I hugged Mark around his midsection. My arms had trouble going around and my head was at rib section. He said that was far as I could reach without a ladder.

    Told him it was from you. We need to come hug you.

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