Good morning!

I felt badly Friday, because I did not have time to post an update, but it turned out not to be a bad thing. It sort of slowed down the chatter a bit (Not that I mind chatter) and allowed us to concentrate on the tasks at hand. I’m posting a weekend update, though, because I think a bit of news is in order.

First, to our international customers. You are at the end of the line, alas. Please don’t be offended! I value my international readers and am committed to good relations with the world at large. Seriously. However, there will be additional shipping charges involved for most of you, and it’s going to take individual attention. Expect to hear from me by the end of the week, and I’m sorry for the delay. In the future, I expect to offer readers shipping options, but for now we’re having to go with what works.

As for the rest of you, the vast majority, things are going well. Many of you will receive books before Thanksgiving, but sadly many will not. In the grand scheme of things, our little mailing operation is only a couple of days behind schedule. I don’t say this to elict sympathy or make excuses or even brag, but our tiny mail team (Kudos to Mona and Leah!) is making a Herculean effort, and it’s paying off.

A word about PayPal: I have exhausted my vocabulary and invented a few new words in the past week, interfacing with PP.  The software is just so balky and buggy! However, all in all, things have worked as they should. Plus, the really good thing about PayPal from my perspective is that it is a secure site. Your financial  information should be safe there, and I never have access to it.

All orders, international and otherwise, should be in transit before the end of this week, and for a fledgling outfit such as this I am very proud. I just hope you like the book. More about all that later.

Oh! There is one more thing. If you preordered but have not received instructions how to purchase a book, it is not too late. Just drop me an email (not a “comment,” please), and I will tell you how to order your copy. If you’ve written already and perhaps did not hear back, I apologize. Please try again. — JJ