Gratuitous Gratuity

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Hooray! It seems the EarthLink servers are up and running, again. I was getting worried after two days of “This Page Cannot Be Displayed” error messages. I will say, I have been with EarthLink since I launched my first Web site back in the 90s, and the reliability has been outstanding—with only the occasional hiccup. Today, I have another Sunday A&J from 1994. This is a mild example of the insecurity that characterized Janis in the early years. Janis since has mellowed and enjoys life and marriage much more these days. In reality, the waiter or waitress who hovers constantly around me and pesters me with ceaseless questions and attention is not ingratiating himself. But reality is what insecurity is all about, is?

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  1. Good to see that EarthLink has eradicated their bugs! At least for now… Hopefully all is “normal” in the Village. By the way – we have 14″ of snow and it is still coming down!

  2. Good for Janis—and that’s good for Arlo. Jealousy is indeed a green monster, a waste of so much. Rather than dwell on that, it is so good that Janis and Arlo dwell on faithfulness. They don’t say it; they live it. It always reminds me of what writing teachers say: Don’t tell the reader, but show the reader.

    They love each other completely faithfully–and their son learned that well, too. Thanks for a good on-going tale, Jimmy!

  3. Caught up on yesterdays posts before I realized that I had gone right to the page without having to find my way through the cyber-maze of the past few days. YAY!

    Denise, the only two weather sayings I can remember at the moment are, from my grandmother-step on a spider and it will rain, and my Dad-if you don’t like the weather in Georgia, wait 15 minutes…it will change.

    Jackie, y’all do be careful. The ice and snow in Georgia have gone, but now it’s rainy, and the drivers in Atlanta aren’t much better in rain than snow. I don’t know which route you’re taking, but if I had I would have invited you over for coffee if you got near Dahlonega.

    Ghost Sweetie, my favorite current groundhog/weather saying-

  4. Debbe 😉 I wondered if anyone would catch the “Rainman” allusion. “Dumb blond”, indeed. 🙂

    No, I don’t mind you teasing me. The way I figure, if you didn’t love me, you wouldn’t bother to tease me. Besides, no one teases me more than I do myself. I’m the poster boy for not taking one’s self seriously.

    The other day I was seeing my physician for a checkup, and after his nurse practitioner ran through the long list of “have you had” questions, I told her I was The Poster Boy For Asymptomatic. She agreed.

  5. Mother Nature seems to be continuing her Shock and Awe campaign in parts of the country. The first thing I saw on TV this morning was traffic cam pics of I-65 in KY south of Louisville, completely shut down by snow, with reports of some people being stranded on the road for over 12 hours. Jackie never did say exactly where they were, but at least it seems they may be snowbound in a motel room rather than their vehicle.

  6. Things servers say that tip (pun intended) the gratuity scale toward the negative:

    “Are you still working on that?”
    I’m not building a house here.

    “No problem.”
    I would hope not.

    And the biggie, “Do you want your change?”
    Well, I didn’t but I do now.

  7. It is always great to see older strips that pre-date the online archive at GoComics… especially a Sunday strip, which generally do not appear at all until much later years.

    This appreciation is especially important to express since Our Humble Author has to 1) locate the comic’s location, generally next to the Ark of the Covenant in the warehouse 2) move boxes the size of shipping crates for Bradley Fighting Vehicles filled with original art 3) scan the honoree, which will be especially large if a Sunday strip and 4) recuperate if he injured himself in Step Number 2.

    The hat is doffed for you, my good sir.

  8. Two days out. Long enough to restock, now snowed in again. I’m glad I like being snowed in, or at least for the most part. This is a real record setter in this area, and they keep edging the expect low down for tonight. Which if we get it will be another record setter for recorded wx history. Five Sundays in a row missing church, that I am missing.

  9. I place those who want to change the name of the Cleveland Indians (well maybe the Washington Redskins) in the same category as those who want to change the name of all sport’s teams named the rebels. Pensacola, known as the city of five flags, temporarily became the city of four flags as the PC crowd wanted all CSA flags removed. I understand not wanting to offend but who would the union troops fight in the movie “Glory” if there were no confederate troops allowed in the movie. “Selma” wouldn’t be much of a movie if the march to Selma, Al was portrayed as a leisurely stroll.

  10. Other things which can affect size of tip: Ignoring your table after taking the order, until you are ready for your check. Letting your glass of water, tea, whatever stay empty for extended periods. When told of a problem, trying to gloss over it rather than solve it.

    I went out for a solitary birthday dinner at a well-known chain of “roadhouse” restaurants in February. Midweek, past dinner rush, not busy and got seated right away near the main guest/server walkway. After 15 minutes of being observed and ignored by the servers I got up and went to the person doing seating. I told her she could give the table to someone else and the reason why, and left. She made no attempt to correct situation or ask anything before I left, so I guess either it happens often, or they just don’t care. Anyway, I have not been to that place for over a month now and don’t know when I will feel like going again.

  11. We are 20 miles north of Atlanta and in rain. Daughter is trying to book flight out of Fort Lauderdale back to Illinois weekend after next . Driver position includes travel expenses including return airfare if I drive you nuts. Actually she has an award banquet for preservation board she is on . I have lots of fun things I want to do and wanted more time

  12. Mark I hate being ignored and normally server will give me their personal card and ask I request them on next visit I don’t require that they suckup but I sure do not stand for being ignored or rude Good for you walking out

  13. From last of yesterdays post – yeah I did it

    on 05 Mar 2015 at 11:33 am #

    Thanks for Conus

    When I broke bone in foot the ER Doc thought it was a growth line. I was 31 at the time.
    My GP called (They did that in those days) to say it was broken.
    No lightweight casts then.

    I still use my Windows 97 as word possessor and do clip art work & some games.
    All off line.

    Jackie glad you are safe.

    Prayers for David

  14. Also was at a allnight place (with friend) (busy) that the waitress was good enough with banter
    she got $1.00 from each of us for 50 cent tab (2 Coffee & 2 Doughnuts) At the time I was making less than dollar an hour.

  15. Glad to hear you made good your escape from The Great White Midwest, Jackie.

    Mark, I’d probably have asked to see the manager on duty. In my experience, the “Please Wait For Hostess To Seat You” lady is more likely than not just a failed server. Also, many chains have rating cards one can fill out and mail in. Failing that, I’d have gone online and fired an email rocket to Corporate. I once filed a complaint via smart phone while I was still seated in the offending fast-food store and had an acknowledgement before I left, with a very satisfactory follow-up the next day.

    And I’m not even the complaining type! But it is my money I’m trying to give to the chain (and to the server, if warranted), so I do have a say in the matter. And yes, Jackie, the good servers tend to remember me when I return.

  16. Glad to hear you’re ok Jackie. Tell your daughter to try Amtrak. I don’t know where in IL she needs to go, but they are cheaper than the airlines for quick trips. Although Southwest might be a good choice too. I think they fly from Ft. Lauderdale.

  17. This was at the tail end of “yesterday’s” run, but I wanted to add a P.S. They would happily chase an equally bright green dot, just as a bull would furiously charge an equally bright green cape [which I will never see, red or green]. In the latter example, we use red because humans view bright red as alarming, and because when the “sport” was invented, they didn’t know bulls were dichromats. Peace, emb
    Debbe: “Emb….then why do the cats chase the red dot? What color do they see?” This doesn’t really answer your question, but: Cat’s cannot talk. Ask a man [more rarely a woman] who is red/green colorblind. He, like cats, dogs, and most mammals other than Old World primates [baboons, gorillas, langurs, [stoopid speelczech], chimps, bonobos, us], is a dichromat. That is, he has only two kinds of cones in his retina: one sensitive mostly to short wavelength light at the blue end of the spectrum and the other sensitive to long wavelengths at the red/yellow end. OW primates have three kinds: the blue end kind, the red kind, and the green kind. The various colors we see and name: azure, teal, magenta, crimson, are combinations of these or specific wavelengths along the spectrum. Dichromats, including cats, two of my fellow emeriti from school and the daughter of one of those, cannot tell some colors toward the red/green end from some others. That’s why all traffic lights have the red on top. Their glass may also have some pigments added to make them distinguishable to dichromats.

    If birds and turtles could talk, they might ask the same sort of question re us: If hoomins have only tree kinds of cones, wut colorz do dey see? Birds and reptiles are tetrachromats. They can see differences at the blue end, and into the ultraviolet, that we cannot. I expect you can find more on the web than you want to know. Try tetrachromat, bird color vision, maybe others.

    Breakfast is probably done: big bowl of hot 7-grain [nuked with skim milk instead of water, + red seedless grapes], decaf.

    Peace, emb

  18. Denise, Eggplant Finger is still being inflexible, in two meanings of the word, and not wanting to regain its former and usual range of motion. The good news is that many hours of squeezing my ball (Hey! I heard that snicker!) has finally led to some improvement, so I will continue to exercise obstinate Eggplant Finger as I’m doing. I may investigate occupational therapy, but after this period of time, I’m not sure if the results I’d get would be worth it. Thanks for asking.

    Thought for the Day: Sometimes you eat the bear; sometimes the bear eats you. (No offense, Old Bear.)

  19. Jerry, I hope I’m not being too cynical when I say that I suspect that many causes undertaken by “advocates” are less about hurt feelings than the attempt to exercise political muscle. If you give into a demand now, it’s that much harder not to capitulate the next time demands are made.

    And yes, history is history, no matter how much the parties on either side of an issue would like to revise it.

  20. Guys I suspect we are all good tipper for good service. I am a total fan of restaurants and servers, chefs and food of all types and levels, not just upscale. And I love people same way.

  21. Thank you Ghost. I worried that some may have been offended but you understood my point and I’m glad. In other news, hundreds of vehicles are stranded on I65 and I24 in Kentucky in subfreezing weather and have been for at least 12 hours. Apparently authorities have been able to reach the people and transport them to shelter. It appeared to be all caused by snow and not by a major accident.

  22. Your Dad said the same thing as many Michiganders, Trapper Jean! And I like that your Grandma’s saying encourages compassion for little things (unless, of course, you need rain. Then there must be a whole lotta spider stompin’ goin’ on.)

    A “Bravo!” For Evan’s 10:07 a.m. post.

    A favorite short poem from my childhood for Ghost:
    “Algy met a bear.
    The bear was bulgy.
    The bulge was Algy.”

  23. Wow Tom, your post did not exactly make sense to me until I saw a later one talk about waitresses. You see Jimmy was talking about his server (Internet) and then talked about his server (food). When I read your post initially, I was thinking internet and thought “What kind of point is Tom trying to make?” It was much better the second time around.

    I believe that I have mentioned this before, but I was eating breakfast and had a very small piece of toast left on my plate that I was going to use to sop up the rest of my egg yoke. Except the busboy grabbed it before I could. When I went to the register to pay, I was asked “How was everything?” Nicely, I pointed out that while it really did look like I was done, the busboy took my plate before I finished. He knocked a little bit off the bill because we went there all the time.

  24. I’ll never forget going to a steakhouse in Ft. Lauderdale on its opening day. I don’t remember the food or the service. What I remember is the cashier snatching the money out of my hand and throwing the change back at me. Beware to those who would do so today.

  25. Max’s Cafe in San Francisco has a set of “Max’s Rules” on the back of the menu. One of them is that the server will not pester you with the old “How is everything?” line.

  26. Daughter said that was same s..t we have been in except we did not get stuck in the snow. Just stopped at a peach orchard for Indian River grapefruit and peach cobbler for daughter and grandson.

  27. Reference to tipping, use tip to vote on level of service, yet never pee in someone elses chili bowl. My children learned how to tip right by the time they were 10 years old, and how to treat all servers as human beings. All my regular places the servers treat me as family, and I treat them as family.

  28. emb, “why do cats chase the red dot?”. Simple answer, because it moves. They are going to chase any moving object as part of their hunting instincts, whether it be a small animal or your shoelaces. Ours will pick up a toy mouse with one foot and then throw it, chasing after it as if it moved on its own.

    Indian River grapefruit in a peach orchard? Was that some of that GMO food or just a citrus smuggler in Georgia?

  29. They own citrus orchard too also pecans. Some in Florida and some in Georgia. Daughter got peach bread and I got my deputy Muscadine jelly which he used to eat from his grandmother. Ages me since I can make it too.

  30. Oh boy, Jackie is on the road again, neither stuck in the snow or stuck in the motel. It’s a relief to hear that. And they have finally left the snow behind them. Wonder how the three-year-old is doing …

  31. Glad there were no lived lost in the plane crashes today. Now as long as everyone gets off that interstate, it will be a great week.

    On cats – From what I understand, a cat has rather poor recognition of vertical movement because their normal prey follows a horizonal path. Blacklight would not have faired well as a feral kitty because she also has very poor depth perception. She cannot pounce. Should be tragic, but hysterical to view in person. (She is also scared to bits of anything bigger than a locust that can move under its own power. If she can’t tell the human is making it move, she is GONE. Hence my logic for her name.)

  32. Oh, and another Blacklight “quirk” – if she accidentally gets shut in a room, rather than meow, paw at the door, or otherwise notify me, she will sit quietly (often in the dark) until I realize she is missing. Last thing on my list before I walk out of my house – make sure cat is accounted for.

  33. Your Blacklight is a remarkable cat! What a character. Good that she has you to take good care of her.

    Jackie, good news that your grandson is sleeping happily. MMmmm, that food does sound awfully good. Lucky you!

  34. GR6
    I have not eaten anyone in quite awhile.
    And my “Motivational Speeches” do not have the growl they once had.

    We see not with our eyes but with our brain.

  35. About 25% of people with Macular degeneration see things.
    The brain inserts stuff in the blanks – wheels, fences, my MIL saw
    bugs and people.

  36. Here we are in St Pete at long last. It was 90 in Orlando according to my cousin who is meeting us tomorrow. Daughter drove entire white knuckle trip so I hope this ends up being a little bit more pleasant for her. She is now portioning tiny jars of her father’s ashes. They will go with a couple dozen of the boats on Saturday. She and I will put a few in water when bagpipes begin and try not to get run over by 160 boats.
    Love, Jackie

  37. I did, once, leave a two cent tip for a waitress, and I told the head waitress why, just in case there was a question. She said she understood. Evidently I was not the first customer to complain.

    I have also walked out of a restaurant. My mother and I had been shopping one day, with my two toddlers, and I was pregnant with my son. We stopped at one of the famous pancake houses, where we had often stopped for lunch. On this particular day there weren’t many customers, but we were ignored while other tables got their food, so I sent Mom and the babies back to the car while I told the manager in no uncertain terms just why we were leaving. As I headed for the door he was chewing out the waitress that should have waited on us. Another waitress met me at the door, and said the offending lady was the manager’s wife, and it was about time she got what for!

    On the other hand, we treat servers well, and if they treat us well they get very god tips, and I will make it a point to stop by and tell the manager or head server that we enjoyed our meal and the server did an excellent job.

  38. I might sign up for macular degeneration if I knew my brain would insert imagines of naked women.

    Jackie, consider the Village there in spirit when you disperse the ashes.

  39. Good morning Villagers….

    Emb…thank you for your explanation of colors, some of which I did understand, but I love the way you go into detail….it’s in your ‘blood’. Some great learning courses here in this Village, I love this place.

    Right now the full moon is shining in my computer room, shining all over that white stuff outside. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, I let Ian drive, he explained to me what the two buttons are on my console: power, and winter…..4 wheeled it to the highway, then hit the ‘power” button on the highway…..power is for ‘positive’ traction…or ‘posie” as he says.

    Jackie, so glad you made it to your destination….unscathed. And yes, the Village will be with you in spirit. So glad your daughter and grandson came along with you. Does your daughter share the same enthusiasm in boats as you do?

    Gal….14 inches….I do hope you are well stocked as Ursen is. Keep us posted, girl.

    and GR 😉 I have an Aunt Dottie who teased me constantly in my youth, she told me the same thing…..”if I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t tease you”….she is and always be my favorite. She too lost her husband last year to lung cancer.

    I finally got PO’d enough to call the main maintenance man at The Corp to come look at the packer…The Boss told Ian to do that two days ago. I got tired of Ian and Andrew just staring and looking at the jams and trying to figure things out (lazy a$$es)….So I called The Man at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Said he would be over in 30 minutes or less. Andrew looked at me when I hung up and said “I really didn’t want to do this right now”…and I said” then you should have called him yesterday or this morning”…..I take no prisoners…PO’d him off.

    While The Corp man was there, he was telling us about the new hen house they are putting the finishing touches on……a three story, 500,000 hen house. I want to see it when they get done….all state of the art stuff…but you’ll always need someone to pull out “the dead”

    Heh, ya’ll have a blessed day

    RE: today’s real time….I would have to wash my good china first, it’s been in the baker’s cabinet too long.

    And I love JJ’s “reality is insecurity” quote…so true

  40. We know that Robin is real, or, at the very least, Arlo is sharing Janis’s delusion.

    Real Robin or imaginary, we are now faced with the eternal A&J question: How long before Janis’s jealousy resurfaces?

    (By the way, anyone else notice that Robin and the robins both arrived at about the same time? Up here, it’s 1 degree this morning, and the robins are singing – thus giving new meaning to “bird brain.” They left Florida for this?)

  41. Jackie, was that Sunnyland Farms at which you stopped?

    Trapper Jean, I love that one! Fuzzy Wuzzy must have been loved and snuggled an awful lot!

    sideburns, oooh, nasty!

    Jackie, we will be with you in spirit on Saturday.

    Debbe, that made me think of “If not for sits, why is made of warm?”

    Jimmy, I bet Ghost noticed a couple of significant differences between Janis’ and Robin’s appearances. Nice job on that.

  42. Why, Denise, whatever do you mean? Well, OK; I did notice. Actually, that was why I had no doubt that Robin was real…what woman would conjure up an imaginary friend that had bigger boobs than her own? Bosom Buddies, indeed.

    Interestingly, yesterday’s cartoon about Janis’s shiner set off a small avalanche of comments over on The Dark Side about spousal abuse, while not producing a single one I noticed here on The Bright Side. Humm.

    Thought for the Day: Try not to live your life so that its sole purpose is simply to serve as a warning to others.

  43. I guess the Force was not with Harrison Ford’s plane yesterday. Very glad that he is OK and hope someone replaces his divot…

    One of my favorite movies of his was Regarding Henry, where he plays a real jerk before getting shot and getting a brain injury. The new Henry, while “disabled” by most accounts, is a much better person than the old one. So is his on-screen wife, Annette Bening, who transforms during the process. One of those quiet jewels that I accidentally watch on cable years ago.

  44. We are up and moving but not with enthusiasm yet, Michele is griping about miserable oj in motel and I said we are in FL for heaven’s sake, let’s go buy some!

  45. First heard Fuzzy Wuzzy in summer camp, 13 or so [= ’43.]

    Still no prediction / OF.

    We have about 10 of above freezing highs coming. Robins not likely until a significant amt. of ground is bare. Perhaps by St. Urho’s Day.

    Peace, emb

  46. Why can I get great seafood at reasonable prices on Cape Cod and bad orange juice costs a fortune in Florida? Remember the stupid slogan that they used several years ago? “This is Florida. The rules are different here.”

  47. Sunny and 21 degrees – beautiful! At least, while I stay inside. There is too much snow out there! The cars in the parking lot look like huge drifts of snow. I notice that one neighbor has gotten out. But, even if I were to dig the car out, the parking lot still has all that snow. I don’t think the landlord does not believe in plowing the parking lot… But the pantry is full and I am thankful for that.

  48. Regarding recent comments about “reality” TV and out-of-kilter priorities in this country, the “top story” on my AT&T home page’s news feed Wednesday (and I am not making this up) was “E!’s ‘Fashion Police’ has suddenly found itself in a state of chaos, with Kelly Osbourne exiting the series after a dust-up with Giuliana Rancic — an upheaval that came just weeks after the show attempted to reinvent itself with Kathy Griffin stepping in for deceased host Joan Rivers.”

    I’ve never watched the show, so I do not know if it offers anything worthwhile or not. But I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that a show about a worthless topic, hosted by worthless “celebrities” on a generally worthless cable network, may perhaps itself be worthless.

  49. cxp: regarding ” abugida”… I had to look it up. I really don’t think I shall be using that work in every-day language! But it WAS interesting.

  50. Galligo full pantry thankfulness is often forgotten in this country of plenty. I had to spend over $200 in two days to replenish and restock before the new record snows and cold. I am thankful that I had the money to do so. Now I look out at the snowy trees and hillside and can enjoy the beauty without anxiety over what do I feed the cats, dogs, and the two of us. In addition all our medicines have been refilled, so let the wx do it’s worst.

  51. Finnish Angry Birds have been found on six continents. Article doesn’t mention of victims are a family egg stealing pigs, usually AB’s chief target.

  52. Gives a whole new meaning to “shelling” a target doesn’t it? The poor homeowner hasn’t managed to scramble his defenses either. I don’t know if Ghost’s egg cannon is doing it. The article said the offenders were launching 5-6 eggs at once. Maybe they have an egg-firing version of a Stalin organ.

  53. If I recall, “abugida” was coined about 25 years ago, so doesn’t go back too far. I heard/read of it in one of my “The Great Courses” purchases.

  54. Harrison Ford crashes his airplane on a SoCal golf course on a beautiful afternoon, and there just happen to be physicians nearby to rush to his aid. Gosh, what are the odds of that?

  55. Apparently his third crash, not counting the one with Ann Heche, and who would want to? Tom, yes, anything our esteemed Gov. Scott says is the rule. I wonder. Is there a certain prison that former governors are sent to? Anyone from Louisiana or Alabama know?

  56. So, emergency landing lesson 1 for small plane pilots, Land on a golf course, not the highway. The quality of medical care is better.

    But wait till he gets the bill from the course for repair work to the greens! Although the course can put up a sign: “Harrison Ford crashed here.”

  57. How could I have left out Illinois? It seems to be a tradition there. Other states to have sent former governors to prison: Virginia, Rhode Island, W. Virginia, Connecticut, S. Dakota and Arizona. Other states had governors who entered pleas and did not go to prison.

  58. Jerry, the Federal Prison Camp located at Auxiliary Field Six, Elgin AFB, FL (aka Club Fed) has had some distinguished alumni.

  59. Debbe 😉 You’ve probably noticed I haven’t sent you any music links lately, but that’s because you commented your computer’s sound card had malf’d. Has your son come up with a work-around for that yet?

  60. sand, Ford was lucky his landing didn’t get carded as a “hole in one”. Like a thirty foot long T-28 trainer I know of that fit into a ten foot deep hole in the ground, student, instructor pilot and all. The only thing good you could say about that was it really simplified things for the recovery crew. They didn’t have to hunt all over the countryside for the wreckage.

  61. Jerry: Did a search / “Rosetta spacecraft.” I’d forgotten which name went with which craft. Its job was hardly to “explore the universe.” It’s doing its thing aboard the comet it landed on. One site I found was:

    Other sites may have other info. It was a topic in a recent Sky & Telescope. Which reminds me, I need to work on a column on a recent local production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “The Mikado.” [Everything was quite correct, almost.]

    Peace, emb

  62. When I was little Mom got two cats from somewhere–one a DSH, the other a DLH, both shiny black.

    One was named “Fuzzy” the other “Wuzzy” (“Fuzzy” was fuzzy, “Wuzzy” wasn’t.)

    I don’t know what happened to “Wuzzy”, “Fuzzy” lived until he was most of twenty years old. (I was 22, I think when he died–my mother thought a coyote got him, I think a jack rabbit did.)

    What I cam here to comment (in YADATROT) was that servers have to walk a thin like between “inattentive” and “intrusively attentive”. I remember years ago my wife and I went to a “Sizzler” for dinner.

    So everybody knows, the “thing” with Sizzlers was that you started at a counter where you placed your meat order, said which of the “salad bar”, “soups”, or “deserts” you wanted and got plates or bowls for each that you wanted, and got your drink order, and paid for the lot.

    Most people proceeded to an available table, then returned to the salad/soups/deserts bars with their salad plate and (or) soup bowls.

    When you first arrived at your selected table, usually, a server person would collect your meat receipt. Eventually your meat order would be brought to you.

    This particular might the first contact with the server was an inquiry as to how we were enjoying our meal! I pointed out that our salad plates were still empty and our meat had not yet arrived and the question was a bit premature.

    The question was repeated three or four more times before our meat dishes arrived.

    Now servers at places like that are on pretty thin ice because the only “service” they provide is bringing us our meat dish, and maybe refreshing out drinks. (I don’t remember of we had to bus our own table or not.)

  63. Not the entire universe, but one little piece of it. I was previously unable to find any post-landing info, no doubt what my wife likes to call an operator error. Speaking of which I am presently getting some crab from the kitchen so I must depart.

  64. Had a long and interesting day today, over a 140 boats there for inspection day. Launch is at daylight in the morning. Great day visiting with lots and lots of friends, seeing fantastic boats and inspiring people. Missed lunch and ended up having a senior citizen dinnerat Billy’s Stone Crab of fresh green beans, mahi mahi topped with stone crab, blue cheese salad and clam chowder.

    I look awful in photos. Still have to write something and send.

  65. Hi, Jackie. Just keep remembering how sleek and sexy you’re going to look in photos, thanks to smart eating and moderate exercise.

  66. The dinner could have done without the chowder and Bleu cheese. My favorite cousin is fantastic photographer and shot hundreds of good shots. Does a lot of sports photos and I hope he comes along some more. He is godfather to at least one daughter.

  67. Ghost, whenever the President visits a site, you have the situation he describes. Will he disarm the Secret Service so as not to offend those who don’t want firearms in kindergarten and machine guns in bars when he makes an appearance or goes on vacation?

  68. I’m still trying to get my mind around the hypocrisy of a billionaire proclaiming that honest citizens living in a crime-ridden inner city do not need and should not have firearms as a means to defend themselves…while standing at a podium in an elaborate building surrounded by his corps of armed bodyguards.

    Perhaps when it’s said that the extremely rich are very different from you and I, it’s not meant as a compliment.

  69. Good morning Villagers….

    That poor family being bombarded with eggs (the article also mentioned someone has a real issue with one of the residents)….and let me tell you from personal experience, it is messy…one time I dropped six trays on the floor, it was not a pleasant site nor cleaning it up. What are the price of eggs now in the store? To carry on a personal vendetta for a whole year and buying eggs you have to really be po’d.

    I mentioned yesterday the 500,00 laying hen house that was recently built by The Corp. Yesterday, the delivery/pick-up driver was in….said the house is in operation and has been for about a month. Anywhere from 55 to 60 skids of eggs are taken out each day….I did the math: 55 skids equals 475,200 eggs….I’m averaging 8 skids a day which is 69,120 eggs a day.

    Gal and Ursen….glad to know you two are well stocked. And yes, Llee, we are blessed.

    And it’s good to see Sandcastler and Loon again…but what about the rest of the story regarding the desert………

    AND, when I clicked on GR’s you tube link, I found out loudly, that my sound card is working…hooray……I had volume turned up on high, about spit my coffee out and cat jumped off my lap.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Caturday………..

  70. and Steve……I remember the movie “Regarding Henry”, it too is a favorite of mine, I loved it when his daughter teaches him to read all over again.

    Have I mentioned how Happy I am?

  71. Jimmy, what are you doing with this Robin and Janis thing? Is Robin laughing because the jokes on us or has Janis just been telling tales? Inquiring minds you know.

  72. Debbe 😉 I’m happy that you’re happy, hon. It had really bothered me that you were without music, knowing how much you love it…and how much I love picking out a tune for you from time to time. I may have a list around here somewhere of some I wanted you to hear.

    On the downside, now all I’ll want to do today is sit around and listen to Blue Bayou and think, ah, interesting thoughts of days gone by. 😉

  73. Jackie, it gets worse. DST starts tomorrow morning.

    Jerry, I’m guessing Janis has been telling tales to Robin. And just imagine some of the ones she can tell about Arlo.

  74. After one of worse trips down here ever we began to hit palm trees, oak trees dripping in Spanish moss, blooming redbuds.azaleas and verdant greenery.

    Then I remembered why I love the South so much and start to think about moving to God’s country and reminding myself that hurricanes are not annual occurrenceS.

  75. Daughter is bailing on me in Fort Lauderdale and I will scramble around for a while on my own. She and grandson are back asleep and I am sitting in dark sending Messages.

  76. 1. In today’s A&J, what is angelic Janis [see panel 4] doing off-screen behind Arlo’s back that breaks Robin up in panels 2 & 3?

    2. So what’s to prance and leer about. Checked previous 2 days’ comics: Robin has a slightly different bust line than Janis, but they seem about equally [and reasonably] endowed.

    3. No new OF prediction when I last looked. Peace, emb

  77. Listening to daughter snore along with grandson. She will deny Kids outside my door in pool must be a clutch? Noisy and frolicking. I hate pool locations. Family except for me always sleep until noon or later. I do better alone, of course, except for driving. I am bored!

  78. I still think Robin is bustier than Janis. And I’ve have been told by more than one well endowed woman that other women express as much, if not more, interest in their bust measurements as do men.

    Not likely that much pool frolicking is taking place in Eufaula this morning, nor in many other locales.

  79. Who doesn’t like a friendly pair of boobies? And whatever is the Dark Side, like some sicko 50 Shades of Grey?

    Oh yeah, good morning peeps.

  80. Debbe, I fortunately have a facility for the internal structure of the English language and the spelling thereof; and since Lolcat is based upon it, it seems I can understand make myself understood in that, as well. 😉 I’m so happy you got your music back!

    Well, here’s a how-de-do! emb, perhaps they missed being quite correct because they had tough little worms in their little insides?

  81. If you can’t say something nice join The Dark Side and bit cheaper seems to be motto The Village has no venous biters, just neck nibbers.

  82. Boy, this phone refuses to send what I type That was bitch not bit cheaper and nibblers not nibbers so we aren’t actually talking yet. LORDY knows what it would print I speak English as badly as MISS Piggy does French

  83. Thoughts for the Day:

    “Never buy a car you can’t push.” – Kermit

    “Never eat more food than you can lift.” – Miss Piggy


    I need to find out what happened and who.

  85. For the seasonally challenged you are turning your clock ahead one hour for daylight savings time. This happens at 2 am so be sure to set your alarm so you won’t be late for church.

  86. A common complaint is that switching to DST causes one to lose an hour’s sleep. Only for the inflexible.

    Had a lunch + good mtg. at church at 1130 CST. Got home about 1445 CST. As soon as convenient, sprang ahead on watch, clocks, and kitchen timers. Lost an hour of daytime. It is now 2045 CDT.

    Nighty bunch, emb

  87. Heading to bed. Darn 5am wake up call will come at four tonight. 🙁

    Rather than spend lots of money for a padlock with more than two keys (for me and various assistants), I opted for one of those “set your own code” master locks. How this design flaw still exists is beyond me – turning the hasp 90 degrees to the back (aka turning padlock body toward front aka the way EVERYONE OPENS A PADLOCK) is ALSO the position for resetting the combination. Not five minutes after I had the silly thing out, I had accidentally reset the combination, with absolutely no idea what the combination might be. (I have another one somewhere around during here that my assistant did the same thing to. I owe her an apology. I thought she did it on purpose to spite me.) Brought it home, fiddled with it a bit, searched online for lock picking ideas…found nothing that could help me directly. However, I did see a lock opened using a piece of soda can as a shim. That gave me the idea to use a straight pin. I wedged the pin in on the tumbler side. As I lined up the tumblers, the pin would slide further into the lock. It took about an hour, but I did it! Go me!

    I went from Edelweiss to Amazing Grace to Scotland the Brave.
    The sound must have been surreal in person –

    Night all.

  88. On way to warm bed and clean sheets I could not figure out what in heaven’s name had gone wrong out in Tampa Bay but it seems to have gone wrong right off the beach in sight of onlookers These boats are small open and human powered, no motors allowed. They have tons of safety equipment rules but when an event explodes in popularity the sheer numbers results in some less qualified boaters entering. The chop was 4 ft. Waves with short steep intervals and a counter tides.

  89. Apparently all emergency units from the police fire and Coast Guard responded to 911 and calls from public I talked to dozens of friends who had no problems and had no idea what was going on

  90. Not being there I can’t have an opinion on the boating event being cancelled, but I do feel sorry for the disappointment Jackie and her friends are feeling.

  91. The local TV stations are getting ready to run a news story on what happened. More than just the one event is what we fear domino effects may be

  92. Lady Mindy, I’ll do you one better. I bought a lock like that for household use day before yesterday, and it came out of the blister pack with a default combination that did not work, rendering it unopenable (I may have just made up a new word) and therefore unresettable (and one more time). Without knowing to try your trick, I hied meself back to Lowe R Us and exchanged it.

    Yes, Jackie, such events sometimes fall victim to their own popularity, by attracting unqualified/low qualified entrants. Do the organizers have safety officers/inspectors to insure rule compliance, as far as possible?

  93. I once was involved in a musical performance on the steps of Miami city hall for which the mayor had given his permission and we were nearly arrested because he didn’t think to tell the police about it. Possibly this was a similar snafu. “We do this every year” won’t work if the reply is “I don’t know anything about that.”

  94. Or, as the news story I found had it, if the responsible authorities get overwhelmed with calls and put a stop to the event. The quotes from the Coast Guard sound like they had no experience with this group, so pulled the plug out of extra caution.

  95. Ghost, I think this answers your question: The Everglades Challenge is an unsupported, expedition style adventure race for kayaks, canoes, and small boats. The distance is roughly 300 nautical miles depending on your course selection. There is a time limit of 8 days or less. Your safety and well being are completely up to you.

    Unsupported means that there are no safety boats or support crews to help you during the race. You are not allowed to have a support crew follow you or meet you during the race. It is OK to have family or friends meet you at the official checkpoints, but they cannot provide anything other than emotional support. See the official WaterTribe rules for more details.

  96. If an event is organized by an entity that collects an entry fee and then just turns everyone loose, I hope said entity has one hell of a good hold-harmless agreement it requires everyone to sign, litigiousness being what it is today.

  97. My friend’s Ghost is right and it makes no difference if you are doing boat car, bike or cats, same sad story Lawyers are the bane of participating events. My own event runs as a private party and no one is paid except food caterers and musicians

  98. Mindy from Indy, congratulations on your newly acquired lockpicking ability! I have always wanted to learn how to do it—just to see if I could.

    Loon, thank you for reminding me. Alone, we can do anything; together, we can do everything.

  99. Look at today’s “Daddy’s Home” on The carton isn’t exceptional, but there is one comment that’s a real hoot! I will leave it to you cat-lovers to figure out which one.

  100. From a WBBH-TV (Ft. Myers) report about the EC: “Organizers said many people, who paid nearly $400 each, continued on their own and because of that there would be no refunds.

    I had suspected the former would happen. (The people Jackie has described to us as EC entrants didn’t strike me as the type who would let a little thing like the USCG pulling the plug on the event stop them from going on individually.) I wonder though if the latter might not make some of the less hard-corps ones unhappy with the organizers.

  101. I run a total not for profit with annual losses as a party with permits I can only speak for my own self Most of us who are in this are not outlaws and respect and adhere to laws. We try hard to instill this in others

  102. David, hope you are doing well. Jerry, hang in there. Charlotte, keep the leg elevated while you sip tea and munch on chocolates!!

  103. Jerry, best wishes that your mother will be okay. David in Austin, hope you are feeling better every day.

    Curmudgeon, Thanks for the good wishes. As much as possible, I’m keeping the foot up. Can’t do it sitting at the computer, just won’t work. Some people would lie down and put a laptop on their stomach, but I don’t have a laptop and can’t shop for one or ask my “guru” to get me one just now, he is busy working. (I could easily afford one but had no need of one before the broken bone happened.)

  104. Dear C X-P, Thank you for telling us of that great cartoon on “Daddy’s Home” in today’s GoComics. I never read that strip and would have missed it entirely without you. It’s in the Comments, for any Villagers who missed this. I loved it and Emailed it to all my children who are cat-lovers. My son Bill replied, “Because we keep our house so cool, I spend my days moving the cats over every 20 minutes to keep them basking.”

  105. Today’s (March 9th) “Argyle Sweater” is also worth it; a cartoon bit I’ve never before seen – and it’s very funny!

  106. Good morning Villagers….

    Checking in…..forgot to change my bedside clock, so when I saw it was 3, I thought, well, I’ll just lay here a while……4:15 came, got up, got my coffee.(it’s on a timer) plopped my butt down here….logged on and….well you know the rest of the story.

    Worked yesterday….did you know that working 7 straight days makes one weak 🙂

    So I’ve not had much time to play here….

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Prayers for everyone……Jerry, stay safe.

    …as usual, GR 😉

    Old Bear….I will get back to your questions…..

  107. 35F now, maybe didn’t freeze last night, predict high 45, low tonight 32, high T 48. Still more than 90% snow cover, mostly under a foot.

    Peace, emb

  108. More lab results tomorrow. It’s been 9 days since I last did dialysis. That Is definitely a plus. I’m beginning to be hopeful that the kidney is recovering from the trauma of 22 hours transport.

  109. So no one is envious I have been in warm sunny Florida with continuation of stomach whatever and a sick puppy And a major boating news event going on which arouses the old news hound in my soul and it wants to be in the hunt

  110. Sorry to be absent so much. Just not much to say. Just wanted everyone to know that I am NOT anti-gun or anti-hunting, just never did it or even owned a gun, except a souvenir from my cousin from WWII, which I gave to my son. My favorite French saying is, “Chacun a son gout.” Translation: “Everyone to his own taste”! That’s what the old lady said when she kissed the cow.

    Prayers for everyone who needs them and I know we all do. My way of coping with daylight “saving” time is to go to bed an hour earlier than usual for the first few days. Funny, but it works.

    God bless us every one.

  111. David, I understand what you’re going through with dialysis about as well as anybody can who hasn’t been through it. Years ago, I spent some time as a caregiver for a diabetic who’d gone blind. Then his kidneys failed and he went on dialysis three times a week. It was a very exhausting experience for him. Next he lost a foot to an ulcer and ended up in a nursing home and died within a year. Weep Wail!

  112. New motel but they are beginning to look the same or else I have stayed in every La Quinta in Florida, entirely possible, Has anyone tried the new broth bowls at Panera Bread? Daughter has me on broth based soups, crackers and jello diet. Broth bowl was a lot like pho and no doubt spicier than I should have eaten. I ate chicken and broth, saved noodles and veggies. Either I was starving (possible) or it was pretty tasty. Expensive I thought compared to real pho.

    My normal spirits seem to be returning. David, the tough like you get going. Charlotte, the sweet ones like you sit and sip. Debbe, Mindy, we know you are tough women. And I think that applies to all of us women here. No girls, but a lot of women!

    Love, Jackie

  113. A Texas A & M engineer, Calvin Rickson, has designed a new bra that stops womens’ beasts from jiggling, bouncing up and down, and that keeps nipples from protruding through clothing fabric when it is cold.

    After a news cconferene announcing the invention, a large group of men took Rickson outside and beat the crap out of him!

    (Ghost… were you there?) 😉

  114. David, so glad for you. You sure are tough! I like what Jackie said. Just now I’m getting to the Village for the first time today. My daughter Nancy, she of the long, curly blonde hair, drove me to the Bank and to the orthopedic surgeon’s office. They sawed off the cast from lower leg and put on a new cast. Well, to my dismay, it feels horrible! The first cast was very comfortable, no pain, quite easy to walk in. This one, just the opposite. The same woman did the work, she’s very competent and professional and pleasant. I was talking and asking questions, maybe I distracted her; now I’m thinking, I should have kept my mouth shut; not for the first time!

  115. Charlotte, get on the horn to the doc’s office the first thing in the morning and make them aware you are having a problem with the new cast.

  116. “Within our company, we strive to create Panera Warmth. This warmth means bakery-cafes where customers and associates feel comfortable and welcome. To this end, we ask that guns not be brought into this environment unless carried by an authorized law enforcement officer. Panera respects the rights of gun owners, but asks our customers to help preserve the environment we are working to create for our guests and associates.” – Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich

    And I respect Panera Bread’s right, as a private company, to make that decision. As I’m sure they respect my right to take my business elsewhere. Which I do.

    Ever notice that almost all mass shootings occur in “Gun Free Zones”? I avoid them as much as possible, as a matter of personal policy, and therefore would feel neither welcome or comfortable in a Panera Bread store.

  117. Jackie, sounds like daughter has the right idea. You might try adding PediaLyte too, though. It will help restore your lost electrolytes. There is an adult version, but I’ve heard the children’s version tastes better. Is anyone trying to complete the course in spite of the Coast Guard’s trying to shut it down? Glad you are in a warm sunny place right now. Got to be better than home, but hope you will get over this GI problem so you can enjoy your stay.

    David in Austin, that is excellent news. Great to hear you are off dialysis.

    Ghost, never tried Panera Bread. As far as gun free zones, it seems a silly idea to me, as the ones who are truly dangerous won’t care. But then you can get shot just walking down the street or while watching tv in your home when some yo-yos start shooting outside. (happened in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago). I’ve got to stop there or I will go somewhere I don’t want to go here.

  118. Cyberspace just ate my comment and I suspect it was divine intervention. Like Mark, I went somewhere I really should not have. Except he didn’t.

    Love, Jackie

  119. Somehow my last post got garbled (so much for my touchscreen experiment!), so I’ll try to reconstruct it:

    Clearly we guys are all manly men, studly studs, and playful boys, all depending on the time of day, the environment we’re in, and the company we’re keeping.

  120. Jackie, knowing when not to say what you really want to is very important. It can keep you out of trouble, out of jail, out of the hospital and out of a life-and-death situation. Many people who had to have the last word in an argument did, at least their own!

  121. GR6

    There is /was a cafe in southern MN that gave discounts (I think once a week)
    to those that open carry. People come from all over to get discount.

    Just checked on line – there are all kinds of eating establishments with discounts for
    open carry. 50 years ago it was mo big deal, diners had gun racks during hunting season.
    A friend went shooting in the morning an stored his rifle in his school locker.

    We are a world away from that. Mostly the media’s fault.

  122. Better not to let yourself be played for a victim, and I don’t think you are about to let that happen. Good night, hard to believe it’s 11pm (my body doesn’t), another night hard to get to sleep and to awaken in the morning. I wish the Feds would pick one time and keep it. This changing back and forth is for the birds, at least the diurnal ones.

  123. Good morning Villagers…..

    Old Bear, did you make that up (a chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion”)? I thought it was cute, will use it today too 🙂

    Now to answer your questions, first: my hen house has some 75,000 plus hens, and they are two different flocks, meaning two different hatch dates.

    Second: when the hen are ‘purged” (sounds better than euthanized) and removed from building, we disinfect 100 percent. Every cage gets a wire brush taken to it to remove manure and feathers, all curtain backs and beams are scraped. Feeding troughs and water lines are cleaned off with wire brushes, the house is blown out continuously ….very detailed and grueling. Then for the finale, the “fumigator” is sprayed, kind of like the Terminator…..the house is closed up for 24 hours after being fumigated, and nothing survives. I know Virkon is used as well as some Biopene…anyway something like that.

    They are due to take the hens out the 24th and we start cleaning after them on the 25th. I will be at my house, packing, go home and eat then take off to ‘supervise’ and inspect the high school kids cleaning. Also major cage repairs are done then too.

    I think I’ve told this story before, but the last time they purged that building, they had three ‘kill boxes” on the front deck, which had a wooden floor. And due to years of condensation, the wood rotted, and the three ‘kill boxes’, filled with dead birds, went through the floor and into the pit. My son and The Boss had to go down in the pit and remove birds and help get boxes out. Ian came home wearing only his underwear….good thing we only live about 6 miles from that hen house.

    Old Bear, I suppose that out of 500,000 hens there are several hatch dates involved. It is a three story layer house, with one pit….I really would like to see this building.

    The Corp man came buy yesterday with paperwork on this Avian Influenza (think I called it Asian flu a couple of weeks ago). It seems it has shown up in turkey flocks in Montana and Missouri (some 15,000 turkey died within days somewhere in MT or MO)….we have stricter protocol and no one is to be around turkeys, ducks, any wild water fowl….and if they are, they are not allowed in any layer house for 48 hours. They have not found any of the virus in the ‘flyways’, migratory routes….think highways…their is the Pacific Flyway and the Missouri Flyway…so that is encouraging.

    And that is that in a nutshell, Old Bear 🙂

  124. GR 😉 and Mark, thank you for the U Tube links;….I thoroughly enjoyed them. As a matter of fact, ‘Heart’ was on the AXL channel Saturday night…good watching.

    Gal 🙂 how you holding up, we’re getting 60 degree weather here in a couple of days, a lot of our snow has melted, the county roads are muddy now.

    Miss Charlotte… your doctor this day, you can’t be in pain with a cast on your ankle for the remaining period.

    David…such good news, and I loved the new bra invention story….funny.

    Jackie…..please take care of yourself, we love you and look forward to your postings. I can tell you’ve not been feeling well physically and emotionally.

    gotta go…..

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  125. Lot of “animated” comments on TDS regarding Janis’s new friend Robin. It does seem as though Robin is a little manic. However, that may be part of the story arc. We will just have to see where Jimmy leads us.

  126. Debbe: The addition of sunshine – and subtraction of snow! – has combined to raise my spirits. Perhaps the promise of spring can give me some much needed energy.

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