Great Expectations

Buy the new book, "Beaucoup Arlo & Janis!"Today's "Arlo & Janis!"
The above classic A&J, from 1996, is offered with no further comment beyond, “Stay tuned.” About the tee shirts. I still have not seen them, because they were shipped to the wrong zip code and were delayed. That’s right. The first shipment of the upcoming A&J merchandise went astray. Be not dismayed! We’ll have it all worked out soon. In fact, I hope this will illustrate the hands-on nature of this project that I have emphasized. I mean, if you want fast accurate shipping of an endless variety of products, you might as well shop online!
By the way, I noticed there was a lot of discussion here about Sunday’s Blondie, which involved a large cast of guest characters, including Arlo and Janis. For the record, I had no knowledge of the Bumstead’s “Halloween party” beforehand. I was honored to be invited, but I knew nothing about it until I saw it in my morning paper. Hopefully, as you did!

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  1. To quote one Eugene McCarthy Day, upon seeing today’s retro strip:

    “Oh, gross!” *retching sounds*

    He will be quoted later, with frequency and emphasis, whenever Meg encounters certain retro strips featuring Mr. Day and a certain Mary Lou. :O

    While the implication in today’s retro strip might raise a few eyebrows, it is not problematic for myself. Arlo and Janis are attractive people, and the Bible notes one of the great mysteries of life is the way of a man with a woman. No, the one that has me quoting Mr. Day was when Loweezy Smith became pregnant in the 1960’s, giving us the present day Tater Smith. (Or should I be saying Smif?) The implications THERE are quite disquieting.

  2. My opening sentence went for Clever but sacrificed Clarity. It should properly read:

    “To quote one Eugene McCarthy Day, upon his seeing today’s retro strip:”


  4. Only saw the Halloween Party online. The Sunday paper arrived in a plastic wrapper that did not meet up to Patricia’s soaking downpour. All we had was a wet mass of pulp.

  5. Since it became fashionable a few years ago for couples to announce that “We are pregnant”, implying that both partners are equally invested and involved in the pregnancy, does modern etiquette demand that he should hold the stick while she pees on it? Asking for a friend.

  6. In this the Day of the Denial of Personal Responsibility™, I’m surprised the reason cited by the shipper wasn’t that “the tee shirts shipped themselves to the wrong ZIP code”.

  7. @ old bear 3:13 yesterday, In my first year of widowhood, the truth of your list has become very apparent to me, although I need to wear long sleeves and a hat in too much sun, and self-confidence? well, in my science museum volunteering, I’m still not quite ready to take some of our daily 4th graders on a tour all by myself, but pretty soon. …. …. …. … Rock the Kasbah – the Bill Murray, Bruce Willis movie – very good, recommended. With many of Murray’s movies, it’s very funny but has a little hopeful life affirmation in it. I actually went to see it with a female on an actual date, I feel like an old goat, I’m 57 and she’s 53

  8. Debbe: The BCN intro might have come from me. Can’t remember where I found it though, possibly Comic Strip of the Day. (That’s Breaking Cat News for those who missed it.)

  9. I noticed that none of the crew from 9 Chickweed Lane were in attendance at the Bumsteads’ Halloween party. I suspect there may be two reasons for that…1) the Bumsteads had better sense than to invite characters who are pretentious, annoying and boring to their soirée, and 2) if Edda “Impossibly Wonderful” Burber or Amos “Geeky But Inexplicably Sexy” van Hoesen or any of the others had attended, BM would have likely pitched a hissy fit filled with many polysyllabic words and threatened legal action for copyright infringement. Because trolls.

  10. A couple of folks on the Blondie comment site noticed that none of the “soap opera” strip characters were there either. Anonymous, if you look at it on their website, there is a zoom that kicks in when you click on the strip and enlarges it. Lets you identify the guests without artificial aid. I did notice multiple animal guests, but no Bill the Cat, and while there were three penguins none were Opus.

  11. Anonymous, this is Houston.
    We see the problem, have a team working it.
    Team thinks they can put a square peg in a small round opening.
    Standby for procedure.
    Houston over.

  12. Steve, that’s apparently not uncommon. I believe I mentioned here a few years back I’d read that as many or more breast lumps are discovered by women’s significant others than by their physicians’ manual breast exams. Millionaire Widow Lady once had a small area of concern on one side that her doc deemed not an immediate problem but one meriting monitoring for any increase in size over a six month period. I was more than happy to assist in that monitoring. And I actually got quite good at it. 🙂

    Reminds me of that tee shirt I never got around to buying: “I’m not a gynecologist but I’ll take a look”

  13. For once in my life I bit my tongue and kept my mouth shut.

    Being optimistic I just went and scheduled the veneers on my lower front teeth. The week after I see cardiologist and hear about carotid scans. I am getting my money’s worth from those top teeth.

    My tee shirt says the best thing a woman can wear is a beautiful smile.

  14. GR6, how about wording it this way: Shade tree gynecologist. You could probably copyright that and develop an extra income. (from the shirts, that is.)

  15. Pretty much silver, even though my hair is still salt-and-pepper, Anonie.

    I did the math, sand, and no, an individual cannot be tri-sexual. Although I suppose if all the participants in a M-F-M or F-M-F ménage à trois are individually bi-sexual, they could sort of be considered tri-sexuals.

  16. Anonie, I don’t what kind of glue one would use to stick spiders or gem stones to one’s flesh (or why one would want to), but I’m guessing Gorilla Glue would work for gorillas.

  17. Well, heck, that is where most of the spiders and jewels came from! JUST when I realized hot glue wouldn’t work.

    What kind of Halloween party doesn’t have spiders, jewels and spider Web stockings? With glitter and a hair fascinator with a giant black widow on top?.Poor Mindy from Indy would stomp spiders this big but the Royals would want to wear the fascinator I suspect.

    Isn’t anyone else doing a costume?

  18. I wonder if we will have rain? Actually unless something goes amiss I am supposed to be out of town or not. I have a lot of blood work in morning for CT scan.. party is out of town too.

    Posting this here for Miss Charlotte who is worried about emb. Anyone know aught?

  19. Debbe 😉 “Pretty” is not a word you’d normally associate with a Stones song. But this one probably comes closest to one you could.

    Tomorrow’s road trip status is currently “Postponed- Pending Rescheduling”. So I get to watch the extra innings of WS Game 1 and still get a full night’s sleep.

    Several regulars seem to have been a bit scarce here lately.

  20. Anonie
    In the old days actors used -Spirit Gum – whatever that was – to stick to skin.
    maybe still do.

    Missed Mark’s link but here is another

    Gin & Tonic was for Malaria – to hide the taste of Quinine. (from last thread)

    John in R
    You don’t have to be in the sun – just seeing the sun does wonders.
    Yesterday saw a program on Humans – how skin lightened to absorb more vitamin D
    with less direct sun and less time of sunshine as humans moved North.

    Missed Mark’s link but here is another

  21. “Why do you wear your handgun inside the house?” my visitor asked.

    “Decepticons ,” I said.

    She laughed; I laughed; the dehumidifier unit laughed; I shot the dehumidifier unit; it was a good time.

  22. Kittens too cute. The batch we rescued have turned out so playful and annoyingly adorable underfoot. We have four ginger cats and a gray and white. We believe all are spayed and neutered now, the orange ones are pretty similar.

  23. Bear, et al.: I believe eMb is perfectly fine, as there is no adverse mention of him in his local newspaper. Since he is a columnist therefor, it’d mention anything of note.

  24. Good morning Villagers….

    Looked back at last thread, and eMb last post was Sunday night at 8:30ish….I’m with cxp on this one.

    You guys were having way to much fun yesterday here while I was slaving away. Wish you could have been there 🙂

    Watched the movie “Unbroken” last night…good movie, and very intense. Louis died at the age of 97…I recommend seeing the movie. Very moving and factual.

    Old Bear, I love that LOL….lots of kettehs……

    ….and who could say no to Tom Sellek?

    When I worked at the hotel, Ian also worked in housekeeping/maintenance. He definitely favors me. Someone asked what he was going to dress up for Halloween….he said “my mom”…another one of those where you had to be there 🙂

    GR 😉 ….decepticons….had to look that one up, never got into Transformers

    John, good to hear you have made that first baby step…a date and a movie, you go.

    Happpy hump day to those who work monday thru friday 🙂

  25. A couple of days ago, I mentioned that my twenty-year-old keyboard was finally wearing out.

    I bought a new ergonomic board at Best Buy, a store that I have not visited for computer items in quite a while.

    It reminds me of Radio Shack. At one time, the Shack was computer central, but they eventually dropped computers altogether.

    I was struck by Best Buy’s dwindling selection of keyboards.

    Also, although I did not go looking for them, I was unable to see the massive display of desk tops and laptops that they had not too long ago.

    Now, of course, the question is “What will be the next big thing that will kill tablets and smartphones?

  26. And, thanks to Jimmy’s mentioning Charles Dickens, I offer today’s extremely bad joke:

    Did you hear about the otolaryngologist’s book about his experiences?

    He titled it “Great Expectorations.”

  27. Mark – Thanks for the Shakespeare and genealogy links! I am going to share the insult generator with friends on Facebook. May use one or two on them first. 🙂

    Work has been … work. Retail is life, right? As much as I love Halloween, I now wish we could suspend its arrival. Nov. 1 starts two months of Christmas. Bah humbug. Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving(!) decor is already in clearance. I am already getting “don’t shop on holidays” bit on Facebook. As much as would rather be somewhere else on the holidays, I like to point out 1. I’d rather be elsewhere ANY day. 2. Some jobs have to get done, no matter what day it is. 3. Not everyone *wants* or can spend time with their families. I don’t understand to attraction of Black Friday and “Grey Thursday,” but hey, not everyone is me. I’ve learned to appreciate first responders and medical community, the truck drivers, hospitality (how much thought do people give to pilots, housekeeping, and baggage staff when they travel on the holidays?), and as Debbe reminds us, food production. In short, I don’t rely on a calendar to know when to count my blessings or when to spend time with my loved ones. I count my blessings every day and celebrate family and friendship whenever I can.

  28. Mindy, did you see the video where the guy in a hoody threatens the clerk with a 3 inch knife and she pulls out one that Jim Bowie would have been proud of. She didn’t have to say a word and the guy hit the door running. That reminds me of my now ex-brother-in-law. He used the bathroom at a rest stop and when he opened the door several immigrants with knives motioned for him to come out. He pulled out his Glock and motioned for them to come in. I understand that there were minor injuries in the stampede. Did you guys see the news about the balloon today? It looked like Snoopy to me. Practicing for Macy’s parade I guess.

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