Great Expectations III

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I’m short of time this morning but more about this storyline, comic-strip behavior and fiction in general tomorrow.

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  1. Arlo was fairly newly wed at this point. With a few years experience he’d have know sorrow would have been the “right” answer. Always look to the wife for cues before responding… Men sometimes have to learn to be sensitive.

  2. Ghost, thanks Duh! I was reading an article aimed at men who were trying to build muscle, not article for women losing weight.
    Like everything else Limestone thinks I am a male named Michael Monies which is how account is registered.

    I was being made to think I had cut protein down way too far. Which I admit I have been prone to do. I need a food coach. I don’t eat many high fat choices anymore like peanut butter but do eat nuts a lot and Adventure Dog and I share them and beef jerry for energy.

    Yesterday’s high fat choices made me ill. Literally.

  3. I never had to worry about my reactions to a pregnancy test with my wife, she had a hysterectomy for cancer before I ever met her that solved that issue. Now my response to let’s adopt….. that was a different story. It really has been wonderful adopting, and I would highly recommend it for childless couples who can’t have children. Especially special needs adoption.

    (btw my wife just celebrated her 45th year of being cancer free lately. Something I say “Praise Be” right along with her.)

  4. For some time, now, I’ve been putting peanut butter on toast for breakfast to cut carbs; then my doctor suggested almond butter, as it’s even lower. I’ve used up the batch I made, and am about to make some out of cashews.

  5. 1. It is so nice of Jimmy Johnson to fashion a blog for which one needs no password. Praise be!

    2. Just this Monday, the last two-volume slipcase of Schulz’s “The Complete Peanuts” came in the mail: volumes 23 and 24. Praise be! I know Jimmy is a fan.

  6. I asked Jimmy the other day if he thought of adding a sibling. How about another one for Gene? You could still run a few baby jokes but like any grandparent, you can up an leave whenever you want! Well at least most grandparents. Praise Be to the ones that take care of their grandchildren on a regular basis.

  7. Re-post from Great Expectations II (wondered what happened to it):

    In meetings all morning. Eisenhower’s Priority Matrix divides everything into one of four categories…

    1. Important and Urgent
    2. Important but not Urgent
    3. Urgent but not Important
    4. Neither Important nor Urgent

    Guess where “meetings” fall.

    emb, peanut butter has 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, so I suppose one would have to decide if the 8 grams of fat is worth it.

  8. I am in for a weekend of fun, have some of Loon’s relatives visiting. All I will do is nod and occasionally shake a fist while saying “kurva komunisti!”

  9. Dang. I left the second sentence (the Note:) of the last paragraph off my “re-post” above.

    “emb, peanut butter has 4 grams of protein per tablespoon, so I suppose one would have to decide if the 8 grams of fat is worth that. Note: “Low fat” peanut butters just replace the fat with sugar, so it’s not really recommended.”

    But that relates to what Trucker just said above.

    p.s. I at first typo’d “Trucker” as “Tricker”. Which led me to wonder if over-the-road drivers celebrate “Truck or Treat” on the 31st. 🙂

  10. Folks, I’ve read labels very carefully for years, and have discovered some excellent, healthy foods. There is peanut butter in a jar that’s only ground up peanuts, no salt, no sugar or added anything. And it’s delicious! For breakfast I prefer almond butter, also comes in a jar, only ground up roasted almonds, no salt or other stuff. Also delicious. When you get these jars home from the store, the oil has risen to the top and it needs to be opened carefully, then stirred up. It’s a chore, but well worth it; then keep in refrigerator and the oil won’t separate.

  11. Apropos of nothing herein, let me share something I just learned last evening. I suspect the majority of Villagers know this already, so this is for those who don’t know.

    Those wonderful Google maps can be corrected! When a label is incorrect or missing, one can actually offer a correction or addition. I had been bugged for many years by the label on the parsonage where I was raised until I left for graduate school on my own in 1961. It bears the name of the minister who succeeded my father. Nothing wrong with that – he was a good minister and well-liked – but he hasn’t lived in that place for more than 20 years! In fact, he has been deceased for more than 16 years! That made the label approximately useless, aside from the fact that a building ought not be labelled a person.

    I sent the edit/correction last evening, the Google people considered it, and they agreed to make the change from the late minister’s name to the “[name of church] parsonage”. It has already been done.

    When I proudly told my MBH what I had done, she indicated that she knew that and, in fact, had caused the local library to receive a label some years back. So much for uniqueness even in this small family.

    Other than that, I like my peanut butter to have peanuts and salt. Can’t claim to have read all the labels recently, as I made my choice years ago and just stayed with it.

  12. Mark: Thanks. I do tahini occasionally, but mostly buy unsalted smooth ground pb at Harmony Foods, the local coop. It separates, but not if I keep it in the fridge, which I do. Warm it, spread 1 tbs. on the 2 halves of a wheat toasted English, fill with low-sugar dried cranberries from Harmony, = delicious lunch sandwich.

    Charlotte: Also a table reader, partly / keeping my fat intake less than 43g/day. Oughta be a law / how small the print can be on labels.

    Wheat English = 1/2 g fat, and 2 kinds of Clif[R] bars are, respectively, 3.5 and 4.5 g fat, which is handy [or I just round up].

    Peace, emb

  13. Wish I could say the same for Apple Maps. I noticed over two years ago that two roads near where my BIL lives have reversed names. I have used their reporting/correction process three times since then, but no correction has been made.

  14. House of the Rising Sun just came on the Pandora Queen station and I got suddenly homesick for New Orleans. I really would like to go back to NO but just don’t want to go alone. I can travel all over America alone and it doesn’t bother me but New Orleans?

  15. Dear Jackie, sorry I’m not up for a trip to New Orleans, altho it would sure be fun to travel with you! What I’m really writing about is, have you read the labels on that beef jerky you rely on for energy or something? Well, they are loaded with fat, salt, nitrates and nitrites, and are definitely NOT good for you, or for Dickens either. Get your magnifiying glass out, as emb suggests, and check them out. You may want to reconsider this choice and seek foods without all this bad stuff. Especially as you are doing so well with your good choices. The photo you posted on Facebook is delightful and shows your pretty face and blond hair, as well as your astounding weight loss. I have seen your “before” photos on FB and the difference is wonderful.

  16. Thank you Miss Charlotte. Did you go to my other Facebook page Boat Widow and see the real before photo, the year I went back to college after my stint at Playboy? Talk about destroying your body, I did it. There must be a photo somewhere of me still in existence from that tragic year I moved to Oklahoma and began spiraling into morbid obesity, joining the rest of the state.

    You are right of course, Dickens and I don’t need that and I need to drink more water. I am trying to own up to my shortcomings and they are mine. No one forces you to do anything at gun point. Well, hardly ever. I got a fortune this week that said we determine our destiny by our choices today.

    So true. Love.

  17. The alternative to commercial beef jerky is to make your own. Alton Brown has an interesting way to fix it without a purpose-built food dehydrator. Search “alton brown beef jerky” if interested.

    Anonie, a body guard would probably be a good idea if you visit NOLA.

  18. GR6, 1) MRI has not been done, scheduling one is a pain.
    2) Your example of Apple map correction, good example of their level of customer service. You might think that for their premium prices and design expertise they could deliver a decent map, an Apple self driving car could be an adventure.

  19. Anonymous, a town where the thugs are going into restaurants and robbing staff and guests during business hours is nowhere I want to visit. The astronomical crime rate there now is the main reason I didn’t take the Amtrak southern route for vacation last year. I would have had to stay overnight in New Orleans before the west-bound train continued on to California.

    sandcastler ™ and Ghost, considering the abysmal failure of Apple’s first map service when they booted Google Maps from their devices, I would trust them less than others.

  20. Perhaps I should watch a little news? You mean it is worse than when I had to step over corpses in Quarter on way home, have police chases through our yard, have a kidnapping, slashed that and car wreck in front of me in car in front of house? Etc, etc, etc as the King sang in Siam.

    Nostalgia may have really hit now.

  21. Oklahoma needs to be cold and I need to spend some time here. I also seem to have an obsession with sweaters, if not coats, and capes, shawls and fluffy scarves. I am sorting clothes a La Janis.
    These are all new, not old outfits. I look like I am getting ready for Rush Week.

    Miss Charlotte, the hair is natural. My hairdressers say that mine is the hot color everyone tries to dye for, Ash blonde with lots of high lights. They said I was blessed with this hair which is possible. No one else in family has it.

  22. Yep. I carry a gun because I can’t carry a cop. But more important is good situational awareness and using good judgment. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” “Little that is good happens away from home after 10 PM.”

    My P&P hair stylist thinks my hair is sexy. Yes, saw her today, about four weeks later than usual, told her any longer and I was going to be considering a man bun. Her weight loss has made her look very trim and fit in her skin-tight spandex britches, the down side being she has lost a cup-size as well, but regained some pertness, still more than capable of putting on a show in a low-cut top. It was a fun time.

  23. Good morning Villagers…..

    Need to fix breakfast and my lunch….for breakfast I have generic peanut butter with generic seedless blackberry jam with a real banana 🙂

    Had a trains wreck at work yesterday…had to replace one 82 feet section of canvass belt, I played the seamstress while Mikey and Andrew watched.

    Taking tomorrow off, four weekends in a row is enough for me (my choice). Besides, I need to Nancy Nurse this upper respiratory infection that is going around at work….my doctor phoned in a Z pac (anitbiotic) and some cough syrup (wheee). Will probably be doing a lot of sleeping from the meds.

    Sandcastler, you are most welcome….I too enjoy Mr. Browne’s piano music. I think at one time didn’t he collaborate with Elton John on some songs….must research. Glad Loon is have relative come to visit…wish I could be a Russian mouse at your house 🙂 Just how much Russian do you know?

    ….ya’ll have a blessed Payday

  24. GR 😉 don’t listen much to CW. was singing Cocker’s “She came in through the bathroom window” yesterday, and told Mikey that Joe Cocker died this year…..he’s 33 years old and had never heard of Joe Cocker…..for shame. But the same could be said about me and some of the CW singers. I do like some of it though…like classic Willie and the other boys…..

    Here’s something different from Cash…..and the group Nine Inch Nails….different

  25. Jerry, did you read BCN’s Halloween Special……she’s a great story teller, it’s on her website. The strips on GoComics are running about 6 months behind when they picked up BCN.

    Give Tippy an ear rub for me……

  26. Debbe, enjoy a well deserved long weekend off. As a gift, I will allow you an extra hour off, this is just a once a year offer. 😉 (where are the emoji? )

    It’s Slovak. I know just enough to be dangerous, and likely get my ass kicked if I was traveling solo.

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