Great Expectations IV

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Whenever things get real in the strip, someone inevitably chimes in with something like, “Arlo sure is being mean!” Or, “Arlo’s not being very sensitive to Janis.” When I was in the 5th grade, seriously, our teacher introduced us to the two essential elements of fiction: conflict and resolution. If you’re going to write fiction, any kind of fiction, things are liable to get testy. Then, things are put right, or they aren’t. Either way, a story is told. Admittedly, a comic strip is not the ideal vehicle for complex narrative. It unfolds so slowly, and readers, for whatever reason, seem to have well-formed expectations of how the characters should act. Of course, my advice to those who become unsettled by events in A&J is always the same: be patient.

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  1. I guess what amazes me is that they didn’t have the “baby conversation” earlier in their relationship. You know, like before marriage. But hey – it’s a comic strip! Reflects real life when those conversations don’t occur. I think Janis’ reaction in the last panel is spot on with respect to reactions of (some) women vs (some) men. Can’t wait to see how they make up.

  2. Bonnie, even though this is Arlo and Janis I don’t think that we will see that part. Debbe, will do. I opened the blinds and set him in a sunny window a few minutes ago since it is a little chilly this morning, in the 50’s. You take care. Does someone know how to go back and find Denise’s last post?

  3. Debbe can relate to the belt – we used Tacky Glue and some stitches.

    “”GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ , Iโ€™m still trying to figure out how you pulled a groin, someone elsesโ€™ at that :)””
    I myself use a chain and a tractor. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. There is a scene in Must Love Dogs where John Cusak takes a blond bimbo to Dr. Zhivago and she does not “get it” Diane Lane and John both say how they wish the two could have met under different circumstances and the bimbo says “It’s just a movie!” John adds “It’s also a book” and she replies “Well that’s cruel!”

    My wife and I use “It’s just a movie” line all the time. I think it applies for comic strips too.

  5. Jerry in FL, all you can do is pick a date on the calendar on this page, click on it and start scrolling through the posts till you find what you want. Don’t think there is any kind of search function here.

  6. Quote from today’s Writer’s Almanac:

    Friendly, Fred, broadcast journalist (b. Ferdinand Friendly Wachenheimer, NYC, 30 Oct. 1915). “Television makes so much at its worst, that it can’t afford to do its best.” Wr.A.151030

    Peace, emb

  7. I honestly cannot recall ever being disappointed to find out I was not pregnant. But then, we all agree I am not normal. Some perhaps many seem to have a need to nurture. If one is to believe what one reads they also love being pregnant.

    I seem to have missed that emotion if not the pregnancies.

  8. Thought for the Day: โ€œAn educated man has been defined as one who can entertain himself, one who can entertain another, and one who can entertain a new idea.โ€ – Commander Edward Whitehead (the Schweppes guy)

    Oddly (or perhaps not), almost all of the people I know who meet those criteria are much nearer my age than my godson’s.

  9. I get the FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts via email (again, yay InterWebNet, and you might want to consider subscribing), and it’s surprising, at least to me, how many Brand Name food companies are subsidiaries of other Brand Name food companies. Ex: Hormel/Skippy

  10. Thanx, Ghost, for that recall warning. Of course, I live in Southern California (not affected) and make my own nut butters, but it might be important to some of us.

    And, getting back on-topic for the classic strip, I think the right question would have been, “You don’t want another baby?”

  11. That is OK, I was a product of brain washing and family pressure from grandparents who weren’t great role models to copy it turned out.

    So now Livestrong has decided I am a woman and sent me article on nine foods to eat for better sex for women. I will see what that says and consult my nutrition gurus here.

    Had two egg omelette in honor of Debbe and girls, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes stuffed, sliced cucumbers, grapes and a 1/3 piece of garlic Naan. If I added right that is 280 calories. No fat, salt or sauces on anything. Brunch.

  12. Your lunch sounds yummy and healthy, Jackie. Good for you.

    I feel like the expert here on pregnancy and babies. Six pregnancies, one resulted in twin girls, so seven babies in all. Thank goodness, no complications and they are all healthy. Only ONE of them was planned; the rest were surprises (especially the twins; the doctor hadn’t detected the extra baby.) We were pretty dismayed by each at first but got used to the idea by the time of the birth, and the babies were so cute and adorable and lovable that we were very pleased with each one. Chris and I loved them very much, and he was a great father. He helped a lot with care, washing dishes and doing laundry and cuddling them a lot. It’s kind of funny, because we were both only children!

    We were so lucky with the whole experience, and I feel really sorry for anyone who didn’t have things turn out so well.

  13. In line with Gene and wife and garden, I finally put some garden photos up on my Boat Widow page of my fall garden. I have another sixty or so feet of spring garden up by kitchen area. We just put it to bed for winter under ground cloth and cypress mulch so it can be uncovered in Spring and ready to plant.

  14. Here’s something I sent to a controversial outfit, but it applies to any that ask for donations. Many have a box to check that says “Make it monthly.” Often it is already checked; you have to uncheck it if you want to give a one-time donation. I’ve often had to send a follow-up to change it, but there may be a better way. Here’s what I just wrote one outfit.
    “Dear organization:

    You did it again and I fell for it. It is UNETHICAL to have that monthly box checked beforehand. My $100 was intended as a one time donation. Please ensure that it is so recorded: ONE time, not monthly.

    Starting today, 30 Oct โ€˜15, my resolution: If that monthly box is pre-checked [either tax-deductible or not], I DONATE NOTHING. I am blind-copying this to two groups [and also sending it to one blog], and hope it goes viral.

    Peace, but also ethics,”
    Feel free to send this to any such outfit. One size fits all, Maoist to Tea Party, devout to atheist, organic to artificially sweetened.

    Peace, emb

  15. emb, many of those organizations are wasting a great deal of money on mailing costs for their solicitations. As my dad declined into dementia he wrote to many organizations, not to donate, but to give his opinions. He has been dead over 5 years and we still get letters asking him to donate to this cause or political organization. I have followed the Post Office’s blanket recommendation of crossing out his name, writing deceased and return to sender, then putting it back in the box. Even with this, there are many repeat offenders.

  16. Jerry in FL, I have heard of a better idea. Save them all, then stuff the return envelope with another group’s solicitation, then mail them back.

  17. Been doing many of those for years. Also unsubscribing. Still think it would help if my pre-checked box suggestion went viral. Already have a response that one umbrella org. does not regulate what subsidiary outfits do. Tough bounce. Maybe they’d have to.

    Peace, emb

  18. When I was up in Pacific Northwest one of the local companies was running a cancer fund drive. All their money went locally with NO administration costs, they had put over $ half a million directly to help their small town.

  19. Mark in TT
    I am with you
    Saw a story where someone solicited junk mail – rolled it up in one of those
    log making devices and heats his home.

    Only one We contribute to is Salvation Army.
    Many -even the good ones- administration and fund raising = 30% and more
    The worst are 80%+

  20. Being one cat shy of a crazy cat lady I tried to keep a kitten from being run over late today. Did an illegal u turn and drove down a short stretch of one way only to find a small crowd mostly crying out loud and a traffic jam where elderly driver had hit cat.

    They got her to move, I grabbed cat and headed to my vet, he was shut already. Headed for Tulsa 120 miles away to emergency vet but decided to call my backup vet who is large animal vet and he said he’d meet me when he got calf pulled. So at 7 we met in the rain.

    Cat was alive but in shock, could find no broken bones or even a cut but in serious shape. So he is treating it for me and if it recovers it moves here.

    What does saving one animal matter? It matters a lot to the one you save.

  21. I’m remembering a science fiction short story in which an angry scientist with access to an ultra-dense material sent a few tonnes of it to the guilty party in a postage guaranteed return envelope. Anyone know that story & author?

  22. Thought about breakfast or brunch, depending on when I get up. I am thinking about honeydew melon and some Greek yogurt with mangoes, slivered almonds, chopped walnuts, cranberries and Kashi.

    If I can Remember until morning without writing it down.

  23. Mark, I went to kitchen and put everything on counter except the yogurt and fruit!

    Maybe I will remember to add the rest! Surprisingly my healthy food porn is getting a good reception on Facebook.

    Ghost, why did I get a friend request from a guy with a very tongue in cheek Facebook profile and two friends who matches the description you gave of what you look like? And rode motorcycles? And was rather attractive? Coincidence?

  24. Jimmy – I love your post. Would you mind if I copy it into the comments of I get frustrated at some of the outright mean comments I see posted there directed at you.

    Mark in TTown
    I still get letters to my Mother after 15 years. Maybe 1 or 2 a year. You can imagine the pang that I feel when I see it and am reminded of my loss.

  25. The Dark Side gives off a black negativity. I have removed all such from my life and they are part of it. My life is happy in the Village.

    Let’s dig a moat and install a draw bridge.

    The vet just called, my rescued kitty died. He said something we should all live by. “We can’t save them all, we just save what we can.” Veterinarians are good people I have found, a higher percentage than in the normal population.

  26. Okay, caught up now. First things first. Jerry, What was the answer to my story?
    Thanks to e everyone for the song selections; I hadn’t heard the Kenny Chesney one – And why is he now Jimmy Buffet Liteโ„ข?

    And why would Arlo be called mean? He has a right to his feelings too. As was stated earlier, communication is key.

  27. Yep, I caught the people connection, too; started to comment on that; decided I’d been maudlin enough lately; passed.

    A certain agri-worker was conspicuously absent here this morning. I hope the tune I posted for her didn’t scare her away.

  28. Gosh, if it weren’t for the “commercial announcements” that interrupt the occasional sports event I try to watch on TV, I wouldn’t be privy to important information such as if I use something called “BOD Man Fragrance Body Spray” good looking women I don’t even know will get real close to me in an elevator and try to sniff me. Who knew women were such slaves to over-the-counter pheromones?

  29. If you look as you describe they may do it without the spray.

    Did I tell on myself about being in elevator alone with this really hunky government contractor, read security overseas. He distracted me so and he was so charming, finally I said the elevator seemed to not be moving?

    He told me I hadn’t pressed a floor. This happened quite recently.

  30. So, Anonie, you’re saying it’s not just the OTC pheromones that count? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Earlier this week, I drove out to a community water association office on my lunch hour to straighten out a problem with a water bill (that of my friend who is temporarily living out of state due to illness) and found myself alone there with a slightly-chubby-but-not-unattractive clerk. I don’t have much experience with that sort of thing, of course, but I’m pretty sure she was hitting on me.

    That has happened on occasion when I was wearing my signature fragrance (Gray Flannel), but I always assumed it was the cologne. And no, I’m not a metrosexual. I just believe men should be well-groomed, well-dressed, and wear a pleasant-smelling scent when appropriate.

  31. My oil royalty check came in the mail today. Gross owner net for the plot was $5.5 million. Before anyone gets too excited, let me hasten to sat that my portion of that is a *very* small percentage of the total. In fact, due the drop in the price of crude oil, I’ll probably celebrate by using my check to buy a cup of Starbucks coffee.

    By the way, a considerable chunk of the gross went to pre-pay taxes. So when the gobermint tells you it’s trying to reduce or eliminate our use of petroleum for energy, you can probably take that with the same 50-lb bag of salt recommended for use with news media reports.

  32. Fifty moons ago I paid those royalty shares to heirs for a big company in NE Orleans. Many were so miniscule it wasn’t worth the cost of my salary or paper and postage.

    My mom got a royalty check so tiny she refused to cash checks and made them keep sending to annoy them.

    Had my 320 calorie snack, 1/2 toasted cheese and tomato sandwich with 16 grapes and iced tea.

  33. I may have told (part of) this story before; a long-time tradition at work is that admin, department directors, and management always perform a skit or play or something for employees at the company Christmas party. One year, we went full zombie…makeup, costumes and all…and performed the group dance routine to the music of “Thriller”. Not sure whose idea that was, but of course nothing says “Spirit of Christmas” like The Walking Undeadโ„ข.

    Also, I made up several squirt bottles of fake blood (that looked remarkable real) and volunteered to apply it to the arms, faces and necks of my fellow managers (all female, if you recall). I warned them the food red coloring in the concoction might stain garments, but they all said not to worry about it. So when the “blood” ran down their necklines, I ended up ruining more bras than I ever have in my life…at least at one time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    p.s. I thought the best costume was a fellow manager who wore a moldy bridal gown and white-face makeup with lots of back eye shadow and a fake gunshot wound to her right temple. Apparently the honeymoon wasn’t all the bride expected it to be.

  34. It’s a pity some of the Villagers are not on Facebook; Jackie has posted photos to die for, of her lush, beautiful vegetable and flower garden, and what she has picked — green beans, different kinds of squash. Lovely stuff.

    Jackie, I’m so sorry that the kitty did not survive. Your vet is a wise man and a good person.

    I hope Debbe is okay.

  35. Charlotte, I am going to order seeds for spring g tonight if they are still on sale from seed companies. I love to do so many varieties and if they cost little it is so much fun to pick, purple, green, yellow, cream and even mottled green beans. Ditto greens, lots of fun colors and leaf patterns.

    Thank you for kind words. I am going to get garden spruced up if it quits raining here but it stays pretty clean with raised beds and trellises. Those trellis are made out of industrial plastic netting the highway department uses on construction and rock slide areas. Had that genius idea from staring at side of road, it doesn’t rot or burn plants either from heat.

    Cooking green beans and squash for dinner with tilapia almondine.

  36. In the midst of everyone enjoying Halloween, a cousin on my dad’s side posts about her fourteen year old niece who was in a nasty auto accident today, and was airlifted, unresponsive from the scene. A bit of history: my dad’s youngest sister was killed in an auto accident in ’93. She had four children, the youngest was with her at the time. They were passengers in car that got broadsided. She died protecting her daughter (who still ended up with severe injuries, but made a full recovery.) The oldest daughter is a year younger than me and was fourteen at the time of her mother’s death. Her daughter was in the accident. I’m sure this fact has not escaped her as she sits in the surgery waiting room at the children’s hospital in Dayton. Last update has added to the injuries, but she is mercifully stable with no apparent brain trauma. My thoughts are with them tonight. We are not close, but no one deserves that much tragedy.

  37. Mindy, that is true and none of us deserve tragedy. Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way it seems. You are a good, kind and generous soul who deserves so much more. I wish I really were a fairy godmother or an angel, I would try to reward the deserving.

    But it just doesn’t work that way. I am going to claim my right eye dripping is allergies.

  38. Thinking of you, dear Mindy, and hoping she will recover from this awful crash. If only our good deeds were really rewarded … wouldn’t it be fine! You would have lots of rewards.

  39. Good morning Villagers….

    Took yesterday off. Andrew and I miscommunicated, he thought it was Sunday I was taking off. So, I get a phone call at 9:30 from one of the teens asking if I was coming in…said no, I was taking the day off and Andrew had discussed it Friday afternoon. I was taking Saturday off because I was sick and tired…got my antibiotics and cough syrup Friday afternoon

    So ‘Skittles” had to work alone…hey, I’ve done that before, and Andrew said maybe he’ll learn what real work is about….told Andrew I’d be in today.

    So I spent the day, lounging and sleeping, medicating myself with antibiotics and cough syrup. Feeling some what better, I guess.

    Didn’t log in here until now…..and just now caught up on all the posts.

    Can’t believe it’s November already….Sorry about the babbling above…nothing more exciting that an upper respiratory infection….

    Ya’ll have a Blessed Lord’s Day

  40. Strip of The First Day of Slow Time:

    Sorry, Arlo, but I don’t think you are getting up.

    It looks as if you are actually getting down.

  41. Arlo and Janis can be said to be, at the very least, educational. Again, I was forced to go to Google to understand the strip. Keep up the good work, JJ..

  42. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yep, you did say on Friday you were taking “tomorrow” (Saturday) off, which my brain converted to taking today (Sunday) off. I suppose that was because you so seldom take off any day but Sunday, if that. That’s logical, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, glad you had a day off, no matter which day it was. Did you pull a Janis and “run out of candy”? Or something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One of the blogs I follow is called “No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money”. (I understand that the proprietor of the blog is an attorney.) Lest there be any doubt about the origin of his blog title, he has the line from the Warren Zevo song as part of his masthead: “Send Lawyers, Guns and Money. The $#!+ Has Hit the Fan.”

    Which reminds me…

    Thought for the Day: “Never underestimate the ability of $#!+ to find a fan.” – F. Paul Wilson

  43. Emb, I really “dug” your cemetery Ghost romp. I am going to sound ignorant but what was that from? Was that Gilbert and Sullivan?

    Circadian is other often heard except when they arrive in Oklahoma for their season.

    Off to breakfast..

  44. Last night, my sister and I watched a midnight performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on BBC America. The schedule said that it went from midnight to 1:30 AM and it did, even though it was 2.5 hours long. How appropriate that the only time they could do that this year was Halloween!

  45. Anon.: Yep, early in Act II of Ruddigore,* one of their best comic operas. The soloist is the specter of Sir Roderic Murgatroyd, the most recently deceased of the Bad Baronets of Ruddigore. The chorus is the other deceased baronets, all of whom have come down from the castle’s portrait gallery to hassle the current baronet, Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd for not being bad enough.

    *Right up there with Iolanthe, Patience, and The Gondoliers.

    Peace, emb

  46. I did, awesome performance. Was that on stage or a television performance? Then I went and watched more including them coming out of paintings. It is excellent and I had not seen it.

    Much better than Pinafore or Mikado or more commonly seen.

  47. Mindy, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember what story you mean. Under the circumstances I’m sure that it doesn’t matter. So sorry to hear about the accident and I hope that she recovers. Charlotte, you had me going with the first line of your comment. It rained all night, but I think that the storm isn’t here yet. Some good games yesterday. How about that Florida play? If you haven’t seen it you must. Ok Denise, it isn’t funny anymore. As I recall, her last comment didn’t sound like her at all.

  48. “Much better than Pinafore or Mikado or more commonly seen.”

    H.M.S. Pinafore [anagram of Name for Ship] was their first big hit and it shows. E.g., the former capt. ends up marrying his wet nurse, and his daughter ends up marrying the former tar, who is about the same age as her father. Pirates is a little better [but lots better than the popular Broadway travesty of Pirates]. Then they began to hit their stride. Mikado is probably their most popular opera, but not really as good as the four above that I consider tops. Princess Ida is odd [among other things, the only one with 3 acts], has some good songs, and a strange plot which may be Gilbert’s meatiest.

    Both Pinafore and Gondoliers have an older woman who cares for babies who comes out very well [Buttercup, who marries the former capt. and the mother of Luiz, who (whoops, don’t want to spoil it for those who’ve not seen it).

    There are worse fates than being a G&S geek. Peace, emb

  49. Thanks, I have seen Gondoliers and Pirates, along with Pinafore and Mikado..

    Not sure I have seen Iolanthe but perhaps Patience?

    Loved the ghouls. Was this a stage production or done on sound stage?

    Not bad thing to like opera in any form. Costuming and makeup in your video was superb.

  50. Darn it, Jerry. I was hoping you could tell me because I sure couldn’t figure out which story you meant either! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyhow, my cousin is now alert and stable. She can write short questions with her good hand, and there doesn’t seem to be any brain injury. Apparently, she and two boys were out for a ride. She was likely the driver (at 14, sigh), and doing 60mph on a curve. I know the road it was on. You do not do 60 on it. Glad she is doing okay, but if she was the driver, oh my.

  51. Dear Mindy, your family must be so happy and thankful that your cousin seems to be not permanently injured. Could have been much, much worse. It is a pity of course that it seems to have been her own fault. Lessons have been learned, we will all hope.

    G & S comic operas have always appealed to me very greatly. The first record album I ever bought was songs from H.M.S. Pinafore. I loved it and listened to it over and over. Must remind you that a “pinafore” was a type of little girl’s dress many years ago, that’s what makes the ship’s name really funny.

    Last night — Halloween — there was lots of appropriate classical music on the Internet and FM stations I listen to, and that bit from Ruddigore was among them. I looked at emb’s YouTube link today but will watch later. Noticed a very inviting bit from the opera “Mephistofile” (spelled wrong) will watch that too.

  52. “Was that on stage or a television performance?” I don’t know, but guess TV. Most live stage performances don’t have cameras in several spots, incl. on stage. Peace, emb

  53. Wanted to link act 2 from the same source as it is the one emb got that from. But the person who put it up does not have Act 2 in a start to finish sequence, but rather all mixed up.

  54. Mark, thank you, I am carrying in groceries still, not easy with torn rotator cuff. I am going and buy yet another garden card and a REALLY big padlock and a Keep Your Hands Off sign. My workmen love them.

    I am also going to request they pick up trash thrown all over yard like sodas, fast food, etc.

    Thinking Charlotte, Emb, me liking God and Simone and opera, who else does? Percentage of populace who do is small.

  55. I may have mentioned it a few weeks ago. But tonight I cut up a turkey breath into medallions and then dumped them into bread crumbs,eggs and flour, then pan fried them.

    When I made it for my daughter a few weeks ago, she kind of snubbed her nose at Turkey even though she likes healthy foods! However when I made it like that she said she said that tasted like my pork chops. She actually took the leftovers back to Chicago.

    Probably not too healthy as there is oil in the pan fry, but the turkey is fairly lean.

  56. Steve, I’ve heard of having baited breath. Is that how you were able to cut it? Mindy, do you remember what I said that was connected to a story? I’m now going to go back and find Denise’s last comment.

  57. Steve from Royal Oak, MI, why not bake them? Like you would anything using a Shake and Bake(tm) product. No oil required then and with that coating it should still come out juicy.

  58. Let’s see: emb likes God and comic operas. Charlotte (me) likes comic operas, grand opera, orchestral Classical music. Jackie likes operas very much too. Now, who is Simone?

    Jerry, I surely wish you luck at finding Denise’s last comment. I’ve searched for her on Facebook with no response, and I’m pretty sure I remember her last name — Krupa, easy to remember for those of us older people. Does Mark in TTown or other computer genius care to try finding her somehow or other?

  59. And if you can get hold of one of those home rotisseries, what you can do with a rack of lamb chops!, or a roast. The fat drips off as it cooks, so you end up with leaner meat. Good for fish too if it has the basket which won’t let it slide out.

  60. Probably told this anecdotes about having an opera show in college on the before PBS channel. The Cajun broadcast students had trouble with Universal Rnglish, forget anything harder. I got show by default. It ran a couple of hours VERY late at night and we always said no one was listening but we played albums anyway.

    Except one night when I cued up the Kingston Trio who believe it or not were not acceptable music and turned them on by mistake and didn’t catch. No one called station.

  61. Jerry I would be happy to call for you if you would let me. I have had to make calls all my life and I am tough if news is bad and can handle it. If news is happy I laugh and smile easily too.

    If working for government wasn’t enough, being a florist was, followed by stint as car salesman, then road sales representative.

    Just pointing out I am both fearless and eminently qualified at cold calling. Love.

  62. Good morning Villagers…..

    Indy Mindy, I hope she wasn’t driving, her Guardian Angel must have been with her. Sending hugs and prayers for you and her…………………………….Amen

    Jerry, you are such a sleuth ๐Ÿ™‚ Give Jackie the phone number, as we are all concerned about Denise. But as I’ve said before, she’s been MIA before and then returns.

    Sandcastler, your relatives didn’t stay very long….what did you do to run them off ๐Ÿ™‚

    True story….before marriage, Ian and I lived in town. On Halloween night, there was a two hour curfew for trick or treating. The first hour, I took Ian and friends around the neighborhood, then I would tell Ian let’s go home so we can get some trick or treaters…..then I would dump this big plastic pumpkin full, and I mean full, into a big glass bowl….that is what I used to hand out to the trick or treaters….cheap…no, smart….yes. We never were much on candy in my house. Ian loves those Little Debbie chocolate brownie Christmas Trees…I will be stocking up on those for him.

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ I chose Saturday because I felt like crap all day Friday, tired too. Plus, I didn’t feel like messing with teens, turns out we were short handed, but Skittles and Evan came through. I needed rest, which I got. And then yesterday, Andrew and Skittles helped me pack, while I was still hacking. Two more antibiotics left….feeling somewhat better. Using dust mask if I stay out in the henhouse for any length of time. I know, I know…I should use one every time I go out there. Will be opening windows a bit more as it will be in the seventies here today.

    Old Bear…never thought about tacky glue. When I sew belts together, I sew straight down the red line to align the belts….I think the belts now are the original ones, the new belts are different material (more nylon) and about an eighth of an inch wider. We are going to replace one whole line (1200 ft) with new belt when the hens ‘go’ out.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Mondya…..

  63. domaucan1: Assuming your injured arm is better, or at least hasn’t fallen off. Hang in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Silly Joke of the Day…

    Q: What do you call an Amish guy with his hand in a horse’s mouth?

    A. A mechanic.

  64. I hope Jerry will trust me to do that. Federal adjudicators, retail.florists and even professional salesmen learn tact, diplomacy, discretion and staying calm.

    On a not happy note, if I disappear forever from internet, Facebook and here, assume the worse and write to ask.

  65. I’ve been gone all day and I’m exhausted. Debbe, those cats are beautiful, but I didn’t see the comments. I’ll look again tomorrow. Ok, I’ve been thinking about this all day. If I put the phone number here I can’t keep anyone from calling, but there’ s no guarantee that I have the correct number although I think that it is. If it isn’t then if several people call we’ll irritate them I’m sure. Having said that, I think that Ghost is without a doubt the one that should call. The telephone number is in Sterling Heights, Michigan and the number is 586-795-0071.

  66. I should have mentioned that I could not find her last comment, but she said something about a backpack and it really didn’t make sense. It was not like her at all.

  67. You have the intelligence, the professionalism, and you have an all female staff. If you don’t call then I suggest EMB, but I think that you should call.

  68. Sorry Jerry, I did my very best and was hung up on twice immediately by a female. I asked for Denise and identified myself by name and said I was a friend from A and J but both times hangup was immediate. That number seems to forward to another by the sounds of it.

    I know you dislike me but I have taught phone etiquette to hundreds of florists as an instructor on how to conduct a professional shop, as well as worked as a consultant to shops who hired me for that. That and working almost ten years setting up salesmanship training by phone. I am qualified.

    Whoever is at end of that phone sounded like they are not communicative or happy.

  69. I’m assuming that it was a male that answered and you were probably not the first person to call. It is also now 10 pm, but I will try it tomorrow unless someone else wants to give it a try.

  70. Think I will put a note on my will which Internet groups to notify upon my death, assuming we are all alive still. But not too soon.
    Tomorrow is day I am going for CT scan for my blocked carotid arteries and to see if I have damage from stroke I had last week.

    Then Wednesday I go for orthopedist to talk about knees and rotator cuff, so MRIs. Or are those the things they feed combat soldiers?

  71. Jerry, a woman answered. With a tremulous voice and it was 7:45 pm their time. But call yourself. It is only 9 pm here now and they are hour earlier.

    Call is forwarding I believe, there is a strange sound in the lines as it rings through.

    Of course my record for handling daily calls averages under 2 minutes a call from 7 am my time to 7 pm my time calling coast to coast from Florida to California (math with time differences is 9 am Florida to 5 pm Califirnia) About 400 calls per day.

    I know how to do skip trace and obituary look ups as well but I don’t think she is dead.

  72. To those few of you who know my identity: If I go “missing”, email me to check. Please do NOT post my name or address or phone number. My heirs will be able to get my email…or I will, if I recover!

  73. Found her on FB. Sent her a message telling she is missed here, especially by Jerry. Asked her to give us a heads up. She is part of the A&J fan group there.

  74. Good for you Mark and I agree with you EMB. I made a stupid mistake and my name will be available soon if you look in the right place, already is actually, but I don’t want any nutty buddies either.
    Dear not anonymous, I have tried to be nice, but I don’t think that you know where you are yourself. If you’ve had a stroke you need to be seeing someone apparently on a daily basis. I am telling you the truth because I am worried about you, not because I want to make you mad. Like Debbe said I can be persistent even when it’s a lost cause.

  75. Jerry: Nor annoyed but puzzled. Two refs. to me in the last several emails. What is it you agree with me about? My last post was yesterday, to wit:
    ’emb on 01 Nov 2015 at 8:07 pm #

    โ€œWas that on stage or a television performance?โ€ I donโ€™t know, but guess TV. Most live stage performances donโ€™t have cameras in several spots, incl. on stage. Peace, emb’
    Perhaps you are confusing me with c x-p, who did post today. I think both of us would take such as a compliment.

    Ophthalmologist lased crud off the back of my left plastic lens [which replaced the cataract in that eye]. Amazed at how much clearer things are. Grateful to live in an age where so many things can be fixed. And where I can have Bunny Tracks light ice cream before bed. Have to get up early / 6-hour volunteer stint at hospital tomorrow.

    Nighty bunch. emb

  76. Well, I think I will continue to communicate with some of you else where. I very much know where I am and A and J causes me too much bad karma like now infortunately. I don’t need that.

    Catch you all on Facebook

    By the way, I have been having small strokes for over 16 years now with blocked carotid arteries, one of which was bypassed 15 years ago. I have one of top cardiologists in state and see him regularly. This is not a death sentence.

    Y’all be sweet, you hear?

  77. Saw a thing on “Face Book” the # of new accounts every day is amazing estimating
    15% of the WORLD population is on “Face Book”
    Semi truck loads of servers installed every day.

    Should have noted the big #s


    Used Tacky Glue and staples when in a hurry then went back and stitched when the girls
    were not so busy. Still have a roll or two of the old canvas belts. Ours were only 60 & 70
    feet one way.

  78. I’ve used this one before. We had facebook in high school. We called it the yearbook. EMB, I think that you have a quality. It’s more than intelligence and education. You have class. It shows in every comment that you make, even if I don’t know the operas. I appreciate that you do. I try to know my limitations and not overreach, but there are topics that I am interested in learning more. Someone said that we should keep our mouth shut and be thought a fool rather than opening it and remove all doubt. At this point I can’t type two words without making three mistakes and if I can make any contribution it will have to be with a joke or something interesting or even entertaining. That will cease someday when I can’t type or spell at all. Finally, I want to say that I am not going to be concerned about one person who may be in trouble and not be concerned about someone who is.

  79. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, I don’t do Facebook….so you had better stop in here every now and then and let us know how, what and where you are going. When is the penguin trip to Antarctica coming up?? I really would like to hear from you on your travels…..ok dokay!!

    Hard day at the office yesterday (LOL)..took me over an hour to clean up all the egg mess off the packer. No pouring water on my packer, I have to hand wipe everything down. And it’s a two way converyor, that can pack 100 egg cases an hour.

    Old Bear, thanks for the idea of staples….that would work too. Was looking at one other belt yesterday, and it also has a fold in it…The Boss calls such things…so it has memory. When these folds start, the eggs won’t roll on, especially if the fold is facing the cages.

    Dom…glad to hear your arm is improving….will miss all the caps though ๐Ÿ™‚ Does get one’s attention!

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…

  80. WARNING!

    There is a new tool in the online advertising arsenal, ad injectors. They overlay ads on top of your browser where ad blockers don’t reside. Actually, they are more annoying than in browser ads.




  82. Since Mark sent a message to Denise I don’t feel that there is anything else to do at this point. We will probably get a message wondering what all of the fuss was about.

  83. Yet another reason to have nothing to do with Lenovo. Another reason is contained in the first two words of the above linked article. “Chinese company”.

    A recent on-line article commented about how closely many pieces of Chinese military hardware resemble US military equipment. As the writer said, “It’s almost as though they found all the plans for the US equipment on the Internet or somewhere.”

    SoM out.

  84. If Jackie is not going to post here any more, I may give up the Village too. I’ve enjoyed her adventures and life story so much. Of course, I would miss a lot of the regulars too.

    Jackie is definitely a real person! I’ve seen several photos of her and the dog “Dickens” on Facebook, as well as her surroundings, her veg. garden, her boats. Her late husband’s obituary is on the Internet. All her stories are consistant and plausible … don’t you agree, Debbe, and Ghost, and many other Villagers?

    By the way, for non Facebook users, there is a warning today on their A & J page that spam may have sneaked into this site. There’s a post above that looks it. Some folks are trying to get rid of it.

    Love, Charlotte

  85. Charlotte, the spam warning on FB is from the A&J group leader to the members of that group, if I read it right. It didn’t related to this site.

    And I’m not sure the message I sent will reach Denise. After I had posted here I went back and looked. She has not posted on her FB site since 2012.

    Folks, don’t get upset at each other and leave. Just keep in touch.

  86. I agree with what Charlotte said above. I also agree with what others have said in the past – if you’re not interested in what is posted by a particular individual, just scroll past and don’t read it. There have been some that I ignored in the past, happy to say very few and most of those have moved on.

  87. True that, RA. As I have reminded readers in the past (about some of my own posts), if you have no interest in or desire to read particular comments, the “down arrow” key or the scroll wheel on your mouse will fix that for you.

    FWIW, I personally have no reason to doubt either Jackie’s existence or her veracity. But that, of course, is a decision each will have to make for themselves.

    As I once told Just Plain Mindy, I might be an eighteen-year-old albino geek who lives in my parents’ basement and who reads a lot and has an active imagination. How would you know that I’m not?

    Hi, Marje. New in town? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. Jerry,

    Six is a suffix commonly used as a military shorthand for commander. GhostRider6 would be the commander of the unit (could be any size). Of course, “Six” also means the back or to the rear, I’ve got your six means I’m watching your back.

  89. Jerry: “EMB, I think that you have a quality. Itโ€™s more than intelligence and education. You have class. It shows in every comment that you make, even if I donโ€™t know the operas.”

    I’m already in danger of a swelled head from the responses to the talk I gave, and now this. Perhaps I seem to be a polymath. If I am, I’m a patchy one. I don’t know opera in general [wife was the expert there, listened to every one she could from Sat. Met. live broadcasts since they started in the late ’30s, I think.] The only ones I know well are G&S, and she came to know those well, too. Not fond of grand [= tragic] opera, enjoy Fledermaus [stupid speelczech], Merry Widow, Barber of Seville, Marriage of Figaro, and such. And am a classical music geek, despite not knowing the score.

    My background in literature is almost entirely from books required in jhs/hs classes. Took no lit classes at Cornell. Also picked up a second lib ed from teaching in a three prof. honors class for about 25 years; the lit component was books/plays mostly suggested by the other two. Grew up in a town full of art museums, and have visited many others in DC, Chicago, Philly, various colleges, and overseas; also devour art books, and am a b&w drawing freak. Think I’ve mentioned I took drawing classes at Cornell. And of course I love to write and teach and do amateur theology. Considering the subject, perhaps all theologs are amateurs. Also just love to learn stuff.

    Thanks and peace, emb

  90. All theology is theoretical. But then considering and coming up with theories is where the interest lies. Hence, why I watch Ancient Aliens, which will get more than one shake of the head I’m guessing. I also learned by doing. I was twice an engineer in two very different fields without ever taking an engineering class, one of those jobs involved drafting plans, which I really enjoyed although I had never done it before. I can look at someone and draw them, but I can’t see a picture in my head and draw it. This was all before my hands began shaking of course. When I was in college I saw Blood, Sweat and Tears in concert. They played again the next night and I had tickets for the opera next door. I saw B, S & T two nights in a row.

  91. emb

    Remember Milton Cross? Loved his voice.

    Not much on the singing part of Opera – well maybe Mel Blanc
    Love the music – could be It is not understanding the language.

  92. emb, keep up the good work. We need people like you in this society. I like museums, period. Natural history, art, whatever. Birmingham, AL has a large Wedgewood collection and a good selection of Asian art in their art museum.

    Jerry in FL, if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t try to help. Thank you for that.

    Old Bear, it is hard to follow the plot when you can’t understand what is happening. I like foreign authors, but I need it translated to do me any good. If you like mysteries, those by JanWillem van de Wetering about Dutch police unit are good. The books by the team of Wahloo and Sjowall are also worth reading.

    David in Austin, I didn’t know 6 was the commander. I thought of it mainly as an identifier, as in Ghost 1, etc for multiple people in the unit.

  93. Oh boy, I DO remember Milton Cross (announcer, or host, for the Metropolitan Opera Saturday afternoon broadcasts.) It was a long, long time ago!

    Ruth Anne, your comment is an excellent one.

  94. Just finished Robert Galbraith’s Career of Evil.
    Got to be first on the reserved list no 700.
    Thought J.K. messed with Robins personality this time but kept us guessing to the end.

  95. Is the a way to get JJ to remove that phone # and name above.
    A little paranoia is not enough.
    I don’t put phone #s or e- mail addresses in private correspondence without
    coding them.
    Just because you are paranoid does not mean “they” are not out to get you.

  96. Milton Cross was great, and they’ve had some good announcers and commentators since. Some operas have good librettos; I understand many are not worth translating. But G&S would not be great without Gilbert. Actually, when they were starting out [1870s], they were already England’s best playwright and composer [the latter is not saying much], and they made an excellent team despite not getting along well. There are websites w/ more than you want to know. If I remember, one good one is at the U. of ID. emb

  97. Ghost Rider 6 is an Overnet-based gestalt of six disassociated humanoid personalities communicating through the Ghost Rider temporal nexus from the year 2245. Pretty amazing, huh?

    Actually, the amazing thing is that we ever agree on what to post.

  98. Mark, thanks. BS has it’s place, especially when it is used for humerous purposes. But, we all remember the church choir soloist who went home and posed in the nude before drinking herself to sleep. Once is amusing, but it’s like fish and company after three days.

  99. Mark,

    A little more info on the suffix’s: -1 is the person responsible for staffing/people, -2 is the person responsible for information, -3 is operations/tactics, -4 is logistics. Six became the commander. It is based on unit staff organization. Of course, it could also be a sequence in a squadron, Ghost1,Ghost2, etc. might just be unique identifiers (better operational security than calling the commander “Six”) Only our GhostRider knows if he’s the commander or if he’s a sequence, or if he’s something else entirely.

  100. Good morning Villagers….

    So, Jackie, I hope you lurk here every now and then….please don’t leave. I’ve enjoyed your posts, and inspirations. Don’t stay away too long.

    And Miss Charlotte….if you would have left, who would have read my chicken house stories with a grin on her face????

    As GR6 has said…scroll. (I knew you lived in your mother’s basement…already swooning Marje, you’re such a slutpuppy ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    I find all posts interesting…some over my head, but I read them, and learn something in the process…reference Ruth Anne’s post.

    Going in earlier….a maintenance big wig is coming to help Andrew with the packer. She was throwing eggs everywhere. I was standing at the end of the two take away conveyor belts from the packer, waiting for trays, waiting, waiting,…..started feeling like an umpire…batter up!!!!

    Happy Hump Day…..

    …and have a Blessed Day

  101. GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you are right about Jeff Beck….pulled Wiki up and Rolling Stone Mag listed him 5th out of the top 100 guitar artists….will research who the first four are…and something I found out about Miss Hynde…her birthday is the same as Ian’s!!!

    ….it’s different, I wonder where Clapton falls in that top 100 category…let you know.

  102. Last sentence in today’s Writer’s Almanac [4 Nov. is Will Rogers’ birthday]. “Rogers wrote six books and more than 3,600 articles; he traveled around the world three times; and he appeared in 71 movies. He was killed in a plane crash in Alaska in 1935.”

    I was just short of 6 YO, but remember my parents being sad about this. Had no idea who Will Rogers was, but learned gradually.

    Peace, emb

  103. Ruth Anne: I can’t quite make out another face outside the cave, but assume there’s a female cave bear or lion out there. Those are a couple of well-fed kids. They may be a bit close in age for a couple of hunter-gatherer sibs. The !Kung people of S. Africa/Namibia generally nurse infants through age 3 or more, which often suspends ovulation for the duration, tending to space their children about 4 yr. apart. Also, that’s a lot of clean white skin without a speck of dirt on it. Maybe there’s a shower off stage left. Leon Maxime Faivre is not a bad painter.

    Peace, emb

  104. emb. this painting is very much like Frank Frazetta’s style. If you don’t know him, look him up. Many of his works feature his wife as the female subject.

  105. Mark: Thanks. Many others are less so, more like late 19th c. Brit or continental. If Frazetta owes something to their influence, great, he has good taste.

    Peace, emb

  106. emb, et. al.: I finally found this little bit about the artist –

    I had also found the site you cited with the Two Mothers. If you do a search for the painting you will find other images that are lighter and in which you can see a dark shape, probably a bear.

    Now can anyone explain why the computer insists on putting an apostrophe in Mothers?

  107. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Without looking, I’d almost be willing to bet good money that Clapton would be either first or second on most lists of the top rock guitarists. I really enjoyed the “Love Can Build a Bridge” video; I had not seen it previously. That was an unusual combination of talents. Rock music can make for some strange bedfellows…in more ways than one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    For me, today dawned cloudy, with a 100% chance of a dental procedure. I whiled away the time waiting for the dentist by perusing my chart on the chair-side monitor. I was surprised, if not exactly shocked, to see how many of my teeth have had fillings, root canals, crowns, posts, or some combination thereof. I suppose it has been worth it, considering I am still in possession of all my teeth, less the four wisdom teeth that fell victim to the USAF’s application of “proactive dentistry”.

  108. I was planning on posting this tomorrow, but it’s better not to take the chance:

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November:
    Gunpowder, treason and plot!
    I see no reason,
    Gunpowder treason,
    Ever should be forgot!

  109. Dear Sideburns, thank you for posting this. I HAD forgotten it, despite being well aware of the history. It’s also my son-in-law’s birthday, and I haven’t sent a card; I feel guilty and will Email him later tonight. He and my daughter are living in Helena, Montana now. They moved out there for teaching jobs. Pretty drastic for we Easterners! But they are finding lots to like. It snowed there last night and the roads got messy, and they had tickets for a performance, so had to drive; and I haven’t heard yet how it went. Assume that no news is good news!

  110. The cartoon above was posted at 6:15 a.m. Oct. 30th, so a week ought not be up until 6:15 a.m. on Nov. 6th, right? That’d be Friday morning, not tomorrow. Fortunately, I have nothing of vital interest to have to fit in!

  111. Comments for the blog entry that was time stamped 9:01 AM on 9-29-15 were apparently turned off at 9:01 AM on 10-6-15. I make that to be one week, so I believe that comments for the most current blog entry will be turned off at 6:45 AM on 11-6-15. Hopefully, this will be sufficient notice to allow all the orphans to return to the Orphanage before they are locked out.

    By the way, it’s been a while since Rosamund has updated us on events at the Orphanage.

  112. FYI.

    I happen to favor English as our official tongue, and also favor starting a second major world language in grade 1 or 2. But I frown on idiots like this woman. She should have to become fluent in the other womanโ€™s language before she gets out of jail, and have to pay her own tuition. Maybe her beer money would cover it.

    Peace, emb

  113. I best make comment now then.

    Be kind to one another – we are a Village. We may not agree with or like our
    neighbor – but they are our neighbor. Disagree certainly – but move on.
    There is enough dissension on “the Dark Side” and elsewhere.
    People need our support in many guises – if you are uncomfortable use the down
    arrow – do not ruin the rapport the others enjoy.

    Thus ends the rant for today.

    To steal emb’s line


  114. emb

    Most European countries the kids speak several languages.

    My niece (born in Brazil, lives in PA) speaks
    English, Portuguese, Mandarin, and is learning German.

    Alcohol is a reason but not an excuse.

  115. OB beat me to it, but was going to say that whatever other issues the woman who committed the assault has (and I’m sure she has several), I suspect alcohol may have been the principle cause for her atrocious behavior.

  116. emb, Absolutely inappropriate behavior.

    But, on the other hand, have you ever gone to a business in your hometown and had a total lack of communication because the person behind the counter does not speak enough English to get by? I had that happen when a new grocery opened here about a month back. While looking at the deli selections I decided to get dinner for my mom and myself. The choices were written on a sign hanging over the counter. When I stepped up and tried to order, it took the employee about 5 minutes to begin to grasp what I wanted. After 15 minutes of trying to explain the items I wanted to buy and trying to point out the choices on the signboard, I gave up in frustration. I don’t blame the employee, but rather the management who put her there without the skills she needed to do the job. When I have gone back since, I have not seen her there. I hope they just moved her to something she could do without having to struggle to communicate with the customers.

  117. Old Bear, you are a wise person. Your advice is good.

    Dearest Ghost, I smiled a lot while reading your comment — I can’t think how you remember all these details. You must have an awfully big brain. Yes, now with helpful reminders we Villagers will be safe inside the Orphanage when the big, scary doors are locked.

    I hope Rosamund has not drifted away!

    Mark in TTown, a sad story. I hope it has turned out well for the employee.

  118. Mark, have you ever tried to order take-out at a Chinese restaurant? ๐Ÿ™‚ And it wouldn’t even help if you were fluent in the correct dialect of Chinese, because the waitresses and cashiers are invariably cute little Vietnamese gals. I just use a lot of patience, smiles, and sign language in dealing with them. Plus I don’t mind taking the time to do that because they are invariably cute little Vietnamese gals. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  119. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ A former member of my all-female staff absolutely freaked out the first time I mentioned this new-at-the-time song. When I asked her why, she admitted to having an issue with physical contact. She told me that even being touched by her physician gave her the creeps. “That must be interesting for your husband when you’re in bed with him,” I said with a grin.

    “Well, sometimes,” she admitted, without a smile. Poor husband.

  120. Good morning Villagers…..

    You can bet I’ll get my two cents in before the door closes manana!!!! Uh, I mean babbling ๐Ÿ™‚ I lead such an exciting life, and have a rewarding career. The Corp sent THE maint man to help out on the packer…..he definitely is eye candy, and wears his age very well….shame, shame on me.

    I like him as he has respect for women in business. He always asks for my opinion if I think if the packer is running as it should, or like when the generator went out, he asked me if I thought lightening had hit it….plus he’s nice to look at, oh, did I mention that before ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good grief GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ that itty bitty kitteh could smother to death ๐Ÿ™‚

    Old Bear….I liked your comment…, let’s play…..

    Mark and GR, I looked up the top 100 artists…thought you would be interested in it….. ….and GR, Clapton is second with George at 11 and Mark, I think Gilmour is in the top 20….check it out.

    eMb, I looked at your TIP link, and I didn’t see a naked woman, just some man in shorts. So, is that the reason the artist should stick to painting naked women? I’ve enjoyed the artwork that is posted here, and learning about the artist….Mark’s art link was a good one too, as was Jerry’s remark ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gal…work going OK?

    ya’ll have blessed day

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