Guardian Angle

Guardian Angle

More bathroom humor, from 2013. I don’t think anyone has gotten more mileage out of a bathtub than me, with the exception of the good folks at Blondie. Speaking of Blondie, I don’t think the venerable feature gets enough credit. It was created, of course, by the late Chic Young, and I won’t go into his successors, except to mention Dean Young, his son, who took over upon Chic’s death. I won’t try to mention the others, because there have been so many, usually working as a team. To be honest, I couldn’t begin to name them all. The strip still is drawn well. While not LOL funny every day, the writing remains as good or better than many other features. And the strip has aged well, in a gradual non-intrusive way. I shouldn’t be saying all this, because not only is Blondie a competitor, it is a flagship feature for a competing syndicate. But I still like Blondie. 

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  1. Blondie’s not bad, it’s well drawn and the writing puts a twist on the formula reasonably often. I read it every day because it’s in our local newspaper. If it wasn’t in our local paper I doubt I’d add it to my daily list of 90+ online comics.

    On the other hand A&J has *never* been in the local paper wherever I’ve lived, and I’ve read every one I could get onto my screen.

  2. Blondie and Popeye reached the cultural distinction of coining words now found in the dictionary (“Dagwood sandwich” and “jeep”). Not sure many others can make that claim, although “an Arlo” has a definite meaning in the on-line comics crowd.

  3. @Mark in TTown- I thought Google came from the number (10 raised to the 100th power). The story I heard is that the founders misspelled the name.

    • Thanks, Galliglo. And Blinky, I was thinking of Google itself becoming popular as a word, not of the company. I’m pretty sure the cartoonist who created Barney Google was not a math major. I had seen a single panel cartoon which illustrated words and phrases that began in comics, but I haven’t found it yet. If I do, I will link it here.

    • Thanks, nice find. Although many of these are phrases, some are excepted words like “goon” and Palooka”. Comics have definately contributed to our culture and language!

  4. Blondie was on the top of the comic strip page and on the front page of the Sunday color comics, so that was always the first one that we read. Family Circus was a special strip as we came from a big family and my mom could relate.

    As Sports Illustrated has laid off much of their staff, I am reminded of how times have changed. I stop subscribing in 2009 due to a cut in salary due to the recession. I also stopped getting the local paper, but mainly due to the fact that they raised their rates, reduced the content dramatically and I could get most of my information for free on the internet. The two things that I miss are the comic strips and the daily baseball standings.

  5. Mark in TTown: That cartoon panel takes some liberties. Example: “blimp,” for a non-rigid airship, predates “Colonel Blimp” the cartoon character, by a full world war; I have my doubts about several others.

  6. ? I don’t understand why the competing syndicate doesn’t put out some retrospective books of _Blondie_ from back in the flapper days, when her surname was Boopadoop and she was pursuing the wealthy scion of the Bumstead billions, whose father was a railroad tycoon. Or for that matter, Chic Young’s earlier _Dumb_Dora_ strip, which was Blondie with less ink in her hair.

  7. Jym, I tried to post a link to IDW publishing’s Library of American Comics but it bounced into the Twilight Zone. They have volumes 1 and 2 of Chic Young’s Blondie now.

  8. Re 10-5-19 real-time cartoon: Even though it was established years ago that Janis’s version of “Fantasy Football” was entirely different from the one everyone else plays, she must have nevertheless learned something about the game from it.

  9. I often think of Debbe — the colorful stories she told, so interesting. Her strength and resiliency. Give her my love, please, Old Bear.

  10. Ghost and I did not post about Debbe as news was just too sad and depressing. Honestly the Village has not been a happy place for so long we did not want to contribute. Her son’s death was drug overdose, accidental or suicide? She was already struggling sadly before that but she was just so deep in trouble herself. She needs positive action not prayer.

  11. I wonder if anyone knows that two of the artists who followed Chic Young on ‘Blondie’ were Jim Raymond, brother of Alex Raymond (‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Rip Kirby’ artist); and Stan Drake, who had become famous for the much-differently-drawn ‘Heart of Juliet Jones’.

  12. I have a drawing by Chic Young on the wall of my office, autographed to me when I was about 13 with dreams of being a cartoonist, and I agree with everything you’ve said here. I remember an interview where Chic said that all of his Blondie strips are about 3 things: food, work, and sleep. I imagine he was being a bit tongue-in-cheek, and modest in his self-assessment, but his summary is almost literally true.

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