Gullible’s Travails

Another social media-themed A&J to continue yesterday’s thread. I want to thank all of you for contributing your two cents to what must seem like a very hackneyed subject here. In reality, it’s not. Technology changes constantly, and it becomes clearer every day that the future of most publishing is digital. It’s hard to keep up! However, thanks to you, a strategy is developing. I don’t think this website will ever go away; in fact, it very well could become the center of the Arlo & Janis empire someday. Social media will be used to goose the numbers, i.e. “develop interest.” I do think this website is long overdue for a facelift and some upgrades. It will not look the same. It will include more content. It probably will depend less on me having enough coffee and time in the morning to post something. In other words, your basic, old-school Web page. It will continue to provide a forum for your carryings on. In other words, we’re going to get a new clubhouse. You have been heard. Oh, by the way, as of immediately comments will close after 14 days, up from the old seven. You have been heard.

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25 responses to “Gullible’s Travails”

  1. Thanks Jimmy. The extended comments period will take some burden off you, I hope, and allow you more time to enjoy what you do when you’re not doing your “day job” and this piece of moonlighting.

    Why do I get the feeling I’m not missed around here as long as the door is unlocked? — JJ

  2. Social media is like so many new things, you have to be out there “playing” with it to see what it can and cannot do. And then, about the time you get used to it, “they” change it! I’ve got a pretty good handle on Facebook and Twitter but some of the others I only dabble in. (Maybe in the future Arlo and Janis on Pinterest? or Racy Arlo and Janis on Reddit? 😮 )

    The main thing about being here is the insight to the creative process shared by our host and the inside stories for the hardcore fans of where the ideas come from plus the regular give and take between “the awesome villagers.”. The Facebook fan page seems to be more for sharing favorite new and old strips. Twitter is one of those things that takes some time to figure out (it did me, but now I can keep up with pretty esoteric and specific information that way and have interactions with people you would otherwise not know.)

    You’ve probably discerned by now, I move at a very deliberate pace. Put another way, you’d have to site a fence post to know I was movin’. — JJ

  3. We think of YOU as sitting up in the castle keep in a tower looking down on the Village and watching the antics of your feifdom, pulling up the drawbridge and slamming down the gate if you see the hordes rushing toward us.

  4. I would love to be able to look at some of the old posts, but many are locked. Not that big a deal, but sometimes this place is like a mini diary where I have expressed thoughts that I may not even have revealed to my physical friends. I know that it has taken a while, Jimmy, but having the old standby is fine and you haven’t lost momentum waiting for a new web page.

    How many remember Jimmy’s blog before this iteration? Jimmy did all of the heavy lifting and if we wanted to comment, we had to email him. Not sure how he found the time!

  5. Heh. “Arlo & Janis empire…”

    No, I’m not making fun; I’ll be very happy if there is and continues to be an Arlo & Janis empire. I had a few observations to share with the Village, on the Village, about the Village, but as anyone who has been reading the comments lately would know, I’ve been a bit busy. Perhaps soon.

  6. You are missed around here, but you would be missed even more if there were no new A&J to read and talk about. You give us both a framework and a forum, and a way to make new friends. This is a bonus when added to your daily work that gives us something new to look forward to. Thank you!

  7. I’ve often wondered how my family came by the surname “Hackney”. Were we ‘overused and uninteresting’? Perhaps an ancestor was a hired writer? Or did the family simply originate in the village of Hackney, once in the marshes that would be absorbed by London?

  8. Ack!!! Scenes 1 and 2 from the Puss-n-Boots story are missing from the archives!

    I remember that blog and enjoyed it. Keeping up with that must have been a job! Thanks for the flashback, Mark!

  9. OK, truth in blogging here. Don’t forget to admit your age for reference to Mr. Johnson. It matters.

    Dang, you were charming and engaging in the old blog Jimmy! But what else would we expect.

    Ghost still thinks we should send you a really large fruit basket. I would include wine and cheese as well as chocolates.

  10. Another blog oldie:

    Even 13 years ago you were talking about making changes, Jimmy. So you do try to move with the times. And again, thank you for the time you do spend with us here. I know we don’t talk exclusively about your strip, but we do talk about life. And your strips reflect real life humor instead of just gags.

  11. Bryan, perhaps it came from occupation- hackney cab driver?

    Is it really important, Jackie? I tell the nieces and nephews I’m 103, but truly it is…ummmm 104.
    okokok 50….wait i ‘ll count it out… 57. Had to remember what year this is.

  12. Bryan: go to and enter your surname. I think you’ll be allowed into the site, as I just was, without signing in.

    Clearly, you can enter other names, too.

  13. I must be the only person in the country who is no longer on Facebook.

    Two years ago, I bought a new computer and did not reactivate my FB page.

    I don’t like their tracking and the way they keep stats on everything and sell it to everyone on the planet.

    This site, by design due to security concerns, is my only social media site.

  14. Paranoid a little? No way! Older than dirt and paranoid? Probably.

    I should clarify that, probably a lifetime of paranoia! What secrets do you hold that they want to know?

    Llee you are youngest one here that I know of.

    By the way, if Ghost and I get three days off from doctors contingent appointments we are coming to see you. So far that hadn’t happened.

  15. Yesterday got second drain and stitches and staples out. Held together with glue now. Wasn’t expecting that so soon. The missing breast emphasises the fact my middle has gotten bigger to compensate and the inches are down there now.

    Ghost is indeed not squeamish and willing to field pack any chest wounds, even those holes he did not make in the body. Got to hotel lazt night to discover my wound had soaked my tee shirt and “cover” shirt. He calmly went off and bought dressings and tape, came back and redressed.

    Apparently we need capability of saving any zombies we may shoot in the Apocalypse in all three vehicles. Or at least one goofy Amazon.

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    Goodness, Jackie, you are up early. You are one amazing woman, I admire you….and prayers and positive thoughts are always with you from all of us. You have an amazing support group here in the Village. Love reading your posts.

    GM Old Bear.

    Waiting on Dad to get up. He’s been real lethargic lately. I am going to help him start back up on his leg lifts and such….as I’ve said, I’m going to ask his Doctor to readmit him into physical therapy. Medicare only allows about a month of sessions, when there is improvement, they release them. I think that does more harm than good. Besides, it’s not going to hurt me doing some of these exercises..Ive gotten lazy here.

    gotta go….later gaters….

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