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Am I good or what? On a slow day, I get you fighting about cats and dogs. Well, here’s my contribution. I don’t happen to own a dog now and haven’t for some time. I have, however, lived with and among dogs most of my life. I like dogs. I do have cats, two full-time cats with the total benefit package and one part-time cat. The full-time cats, of course, boss around the part-time cat and watch while he does most of the heavy lifting in the area of pest control. Sort of like the highway department. I would not like being considered “anti-dog,” because I’m not. I have noticed, however, that it is perfectly ok to profess antipathy for cats, but very few people will openly admit to a dislike for dogs because of the vilification that surely would befall them. Score one for dogs, I suppose. I think most of the people who think they dislike cats have never put the necessary effort into a relationship with a cat, and you do have to put in the effort, as has been pointed out already. Dogs do make friends easily. I like them both.