Guy talk II

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I shouldn’t be telling you this. TMI, you know. I am experimenting with felt-tip pens in the drawing of Arlo & Janis. Many cartoonists, especially the younger ones, started out with felt-tip pens, those who don’t actually draw digitally with a computer stylus. I, however, have been a holdout, an old-schooler who, for the most part, has drawn with a pen nib and a bottle of ink, sort of like was used to sign the Declaration of Independence. It is becoming harder and harder, however, to find the pen points I favor. In fact, the pen point I have used for over 20 years to draw A&J is available on the internet only as an “antique.” It is even getting harder to find paper at my favorite artist-supply stores. So, I’m experimenting, not exactly with cutting-edge technology but with what amounts to an upheaval for me. We’ll see how it goes.