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Arlo gets his hair cut, 1997. I’m sure I have run this little series of comic strips on the web before, but it’s been a long time. A point of trivia: Arlo had his locks shorn right before the family vacation to the beach, where they discover young Mary Lou in a family way. I have very fine (as in “thin”) uninteresting hair. As a younger man, I wished for a thick mane of hair like the tennis pro Bjorn Borg. From my current perspective, I am grateful to have hair at all.

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  1. Re previous discussion: Any female above the age of consent has my blessing to appear before me unclothed at any and all times. However, I reserve the right to avert my gaze.

  2. JJ, I can empathize with you on the hair. Mine was practically white blond as a child, then brown, now about 50/50. Always thin, and now thinning on top. One good thing about being 6’5″ is that no one sees your bald spot while you are standing.

  3. That should help me skip the pastries at LA Madeleine for lunch then!

    Just gave a half pint or more of blood to lab, need food. Thinking vegetarian omelette and fruit. Helps to have a plan.

    My hair is my own. My color mine. Beauticians drool over it. I take good care of it. I am short, you look down on top of my hair.

  4. I “sneaked a peek” of A & J today at work, but didn’t take the time to put in my name, etc. so I could post…

    I did want to make a comment regarding the “male hair” conversation – I think many men put too much emphasis on the presence or lack of hair. Some of the sexiest men I have ever seen, or known, were bald or partially bald. Hey gals, what about Sean Connery? Remember Telly Savalas? Personal knowledge agrees with the reputation of the celebrities.

    So don’t obsess about the hair, fellows…

  5. Elaine never minded the beard, which I’ve had since ’55, except for my first two years on the BSU faculty. Hair? Dad had a full head of hair when he died in ’58 at 80, by which time his black hair was s & p. Mom’s bros. were bald by 50 or so, which is where I got my baldness genes, and hers was pretty thin, and very gray when she left on Ides of March ’71 at 78. I’ve enough crown hair for a comb-over but why bother? Have pretty much stuck with a crew cut since JHS, and now shave my dome weekly, buzz-cut the rest every 3-4 wks. Girls have never complained. Peace,

  6. Thinking about hair. I love beards but not of the Duck Dynasty style. Sean Connery, absolutely. Last year I told one of my editors at a big boat show I loved to kiss bearded men. He said I’d come to the right place.

    No experience with bald men. Hirsute?

  7. “Kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt.” – Rudyard Kipling

    Although I’m surprised that Mr. Kipling kissed enough men to know that.

  8. Had some terrible Vietnamese bun tonight. I forget Tulsa is an early town and they roll up sidewalks at 8. My favorite Vietnamese joint is a dump with a 4.7 rating that closes at 8.

    Ate in the nearest one still open at 8.30 which I mercifully forget how bad until I taste it. Yuck! I am from Houston and have been eating Vietnamese since 19 60s so I can say worst I have eaten.

    Still ate it.

  9. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark…good comeback on Jackie’s multiple postings 🙂

    My Dad comes his hair over on top….it’s funny when the wind catches it.

    ….happy payday!!!

  10. About Gene and Mary Lou and most importantly, Meg. I have spent every day since Sunday including Sunday in doctor’s offices or hospitals or labs. That gave me the unique chance to see paper newspapers, the Tulsa World, and what others read in comics.

    Family and children oriented strips dominate the Tulsa World. I was counting and calculating percentage yesterday but unfortunatelyrics they called my name before I finished.

    Another point, print newspapers are bought by older geezers I noticed, who also work crossword puzzles to keep their minds sharp. At least that was observation from five days people watching. Geezers included women mainly.

  11. About Gene and Mary Lou and most importantly, Meg. I have spent every day since Sunday including Sunday in doctor’s offices or hospitals or labs. That gave me the unique chance to see paper newspapers, the Tulsa World, and what others read in comics.

    Family and children oriented strips dominate the Tulsa World. I was counting and calculating percentage yesterday but unfortunatelyrics they called my name before I finished.

    Another point, print newspapers are bought by older geezers I noticed, who also work crossword puzzles to keep their minds sharp. At least that was observation from five days people watching. Geezers included women mainly.

  12. About Gene and Mary Lou and most importantly, Meg. I have spent every day since Sunday including Sunday in doctor’s offices or hospitals or labs. That gave me the unique chance to see paper newspapers, the Tulsa World, and what others read in comics.

    Family and children oriented strips dominate the Tulsa World. I was counting and calculating percentage yesterday but unfortunatelyrics they called my name before I finished.

    Another point, print newspapers are bought by older geezers I noticed, who also work crossword puzzles to keep their minds sharp. At least that was observation from five days people watching. Geezers included women mainly.

  13. Mayhaps Arlo and Janis are joining those denizens of advanced age and heading on the road as retirees in an RV instead of the boat, Gene and Mary Lou and Meg taking over half the strip as a do over of the early years of A and J?

    Hey, it beats rewriting entire strip and rerun Ning like some did.

  14. Jackie: So HAL wildly misspells words/phrases; does not allow you to proofread or correct its output before posting to the blog; and, on its own hook, posts the same output multiple times. Were it me, I’d consider replacing it before it refuses to open the pod bay doors and leaves you stranded outside the ship.

  15. Yes, I agree and some of them turned out way better than the party boys. Unless said party boy inherited family wealth but that still didn’t turn them into good choice.

    Unbelievably I went to a SECOND Vietnamese restaurant on 91st Street vs. Last night’s 31st location with almost identical bad menu and even worse food. How is that possible?

    I need to maintain a no go list.

    My fortune said I have a keen sense of humor and bring out the best on others. Heading home and then to South Louisiana. Survived MRI so celebration in order.

  16. If you go to a Vietnamese restaurant and neither the pho nor the spring rolls are good, it does not deserve to be called a Vietnamese restaurant.

    I had carryout stir fry night before last, and the Fortune in the Cookie read “You create excitement around yourself.” Whatever that means.

  17. The really weird thing was the fried hot dogs called lumpia rolls. What the heck?

    Both had. Both had horrible pho, bun and summer rolls. Basics. Both had pretty decent reviews and points on Yelp too.

    Cajun looking good now.

  18. Both probably are run by the same family. I’ve noticed that type of thing with Chinese restaurants too, especially the buffet type. The menus look like they were all designed and printed by the same person, with the same items on them. to me, that is a warning sign to leave it alone. And that reminds me, anyone traveling through Bessemer on Interstate 59/20, avoid the Carnation Buffet. Unless you have plenty of Imodium or Kaopectate. Consider yourself warned!

  19. “…fried hot dogs called lumpia rolls” reminds me of the awful old joke about the Vietnamese cookbook entitled “101 Ways to Wok a Dog”.

    Cajun always looks good to me.

  20. The thing I haven’t figured out about Yelp is how to screen out all the “good” reviews posted by the owner (and friends), and all the “bad” reviews posted by competitors (and friends).

  21. Ghost, look at TripAdvisor on restaurants too. Best guess, if you see several posts that look like duplicates, probably bogus, whether good or bad. Look at the photos the posters put along with the reviews. If it doesn’t look like something or someplace you would want to eat, skip it.

  22. “You create excitement around yourself in bed.” Hum. Sort of implies the bed is crowded, doesn’t it?

    Hey, thanks, TR. I like that game!

    Re restaurant reviews, I tend to find good places and stick with them as long as the food and service remain good. I’m not the type that needs to dine at a different place every time I eat out. As for new places, I go with recommendations from people I know. I have one friend who is so picky that if he says a place is “OK”, it’s probably a four-star restaurant or close to it.

  23. Don’t know / the rest of the country but, at Aardahl, Calvary, and First Lutheran lutefisk suppers and Sons of Norway cod suppers, the meatballs cannot be used as tennis balls. Some who are repelled by lutefisk come anyway, for the meatballs, rutabaga, etc. No Vietnamese restaurants here, but the pho, etc. that I, kin, and friends have had in The Cities are pretty good. Spent most of three wks down there mid Mar.-mid Apr. there, ate well.

    Weather: after 2-3 days of highs in 60s and 70s, when I actually turned the heat off and aired out the house, we’re due some 40s with rain, but back up to warmth in a week. Windy as all get out. If we still had a garden, we’d be putting tomato plants in next month. Used to be June. Night lows still occasionally get below 0 C. Peace,

  24. After 4 days of 60+ F, in my part of Utah we’ve been getting rain, snow, hail, etc. with high winds yesterday and today, with highs in the 40s and lows in the low 30s. We’re supposed to start warming up Sunday, but the nightly lows will stay at or below freezing until Tuesday night. Good thing we haven’t planted anything that will sprout before then.

  25. I have a good sense of humor and bring out the best in others in bed?

    The Adventure Dog is racing around our suite in the LA Quinta frantically gnawing his stuffed beaver.

    Sand do not dare comment!

  26. A friend asks only for your time not your money in bed.
    If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it in bed.
    Enjoy the good luck a companion brings you in bed.

    Hey, this is fun!

    Not sure this one works out so well, though: You learn from your mistakes…You will learn a lot today in bed.

  27. Here’s yesterdays, the star of riches is shining upon you in bed. Hey, this is funny game.

    Stuffed beaver is funny, Mark. I have to pack Dickens and take off, mine is packed.

  28. up top about La Madeleine pastries – I join all the email clubs of places I eat – I have my free birthday pastry to get there, I had my free Sbarro pizza, my free Denny’s breakfast, probably never use my $30.00 off at Benihana, lots of other places, some regional, some national. The problem is, you have a window of a couple weeks to use them, it would probably be disgusting to cram them all in. The getting older thing is weird. I’m healthy, more fit than a lot of people my age. I truly believe my head is in a good place with social activities and friends and dating again, it’s just sort of a “well, I’ll be danged” I’m 58.

  29. Sorry for my absence. Have been “here” just not commenting. Listening to Beethoven’s first piano concerto and waiting for my son-in-law to pick me up to go to the LSU Spring football game and a good crawfish boil with the L club, to which he belongs. Went to Auburn’s Spring game last weekend. Two football games in two weeks. I was starved for college football. NFL is OK but a different game. No emotion, only big buckS! Will be back soon. Pax te cum.

    God bless us every one.

  30. Love the fortune cookie game! We are in Long Beach California for a long weekend visiting our son and new (as of last summer) DIL—whom we love, by the way. Son Roger is Sports Information Director at Long Beach State. The spring sport he is responsible for is softball; we are going to two games today and one tomorrow—always fun. We have both frozen and cooked at those games other years—I think it’s going to be cook today. We’ll see.

  31. Nancy, my Tucson cousin is probably arriving in Flagstaff about now and will be descend into the Canyon tomorrow for a two week rafting trip down the river. If I didn’t love her so much, I’d probably hate her for that. 🙂

    She’s a gifted amateur photographer, and I can’t wait the see the pictures from her adventure.

  32. “A short stranger will soon enter your life with blessings to share in bed.” Hum.

    “Now is the time to try something new in bed.” Well, alright!

    “You are very talented in many ways in bed.” Why, thank you!

    See what you started, TR?

  33. GR6, A friend of ours [former BSU biol. student], whom I’ve mentioned here before, did the white-water kayaking run down the G.C., but in July, when temps in the shade down there were 115F. Crazy gal, + dozen or so other nuts, + raft with supplies. Wife and I babysat her house and cat for the 3 wks she was gone, stretched to a total of 4, before she left and after her return. We lucked out; used her AC only 2x during relatively cool July. Peace,

  34. My cousin is my age and slightly amazing. She does yoga and kickboxing (there’s a contrast for you) and has hiked all over the West, including to the summit of Mt. Rainier. Two weeks in the Grand Canyon and running 38 sets of rapids will probably be like visiting a resort for her.

  35. I posted a Facebook tee shirt that said to beware of old women in a kayak or something to that effect. I have an amazing number of older friends my age and older doing stuff like this. Amazing. One just had her book published, another at 80 became oldest person to paddle from source of Mississippi to mouth.

    They make me feel like a slacker.

  36. Cool beans about your cousin, Ghost!! I have not done the river but have numerous friends who have done it numerous times, including some who are professional river guides.

  37. Had delicious locally caught shrimp dinner, skipped the Texas toast and french fries, ate the sausage and chicken gumbo. Going back tonight, they are having a special jazz group tonight with a blind pianist out on patio on Bayou Teche. I am going to see if I can sneak Dickenson onto patio.

    Right now I am sitting on front porch of most beautiful home looking down an alley of giant live oaks, double planted row. It is The Fairfax House, now a b and b. Wind blowing cool breeze, Dickens at my feet. I may never go home.

  38. Jackie, did you enter the Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival Running of the Bears 5K Run/Walk yesterday?

    And no, I didn’t think of “Running of the Bares” when I typed that. Well, maybe just a little. 🙂

  39. No, I was running so late I was happy to see the fireworks exploding over the Tech to lead me to town.

    Turned out Joe the owner of Joe’s where jazz is tonight was at University with me and in attendance at the famoussome coke or tea, something to eat except I am not hungry at all yet. Supremes concert there. I don’t drink but I can order

  40. GR6: Tomorrow, 18 April, is Paul Revere Day [Patriots’ Day in MA]:'sRide.html ‘Listen, my children and you shall hear / Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere. / Hardly a man is now alive . . ..’

    ‘Weather: after 2-3 days of highs in 60s and 70s, when I actually turned the heat off and aired out the house, we’re due some 40s with rain, but back up to warmth in a week.’

    I wrote that Friday, but the warm highs lasted through today, about 72F. 4-5 days in a row I could turn or leave the heat off and actually warm the indoors with outside air. Rain and lower highs, for a few days, it says. Peace,

  41. When I was a youngster, you could only get crawfish if you caught your own. My Daddy had about a dozen crawfish nets. Now they have caught on in Shreveport and other Northern areas and they are expensive here in South Louisiana. God bless us every one.

  42. Thanks, EMB, for that wonderful poem. I still remember most of it from my school years. It is indeed stirring. God bless us every one.

  43. Enjoy the foods of your choice, y’all. I, for one, have no desire to consume crab, lobster or crawfish. There was one exception which comes to mind. Very early in my graduate career, my research director’s wife provided a wonderful lunch to her husband’s students & their spouses. Among the goodies was a king crab salad. It seemed politic for me to have some and smile. In truth, it wasn’t half bad, though I’ve not repeated the experience with, or without, my research director.

  44. How come tax day is put off till the 18th because the 15th was a holiday in DC
    (a city) when Patriots Day 18th is a holiday in Mass. (a State) gets no recognition?
    A little inconsistency here.

  45. Debbe has informed me that she may not be making comment here
    for several days – she is OK but in a VERY stressful situation right now.

    I think she will need lots of Big Hugs.

  46. Guys, it is three thirty in mornimg, I laid down on this imense Maillaird style bed to take a nap at 5 p.m. and woke up to voices on porch at midnight, missed the jazz at Joe’s. He is cooking crab cakes for me and Cajun eggplant for me for lunch. I intend to make that. I need a chaperone or custodian or someone to keep me on schedule or at least share the blame. Dickenso tries.

  47. C-x-p…I am with you on all the “sea spiders” except I have to add shrimp to the list. For me it is not because of personal preference, but a shellfish allergy. Am allergic to all the crustaceans, but can eat fish, clams, scallops. It is odd, but most of the females in the family have the allergy, but not the males. Go figure…

  48. I’m in Boston supporting my son, Dan in the Boston Marathon and helping his wife and 12 week old son. When we got in yesterday, he went out for a “shakedown” run at a very slow place. I decided to go out with him and told him that I would meet him about 1/4 mile from the finish line. Even though I had my hip replaced 3 yrs ago, I just HAD to run to the finish line!

    Dan joked with me and said “Uh Dad, you are running a little fast”. As we approached the finish line, he peeled off as he did not want want to cross before tomorrow.

    I got a phone call from WWJ in Detroit this morning and they interviewed me. Hopefully they will have a link on their website and I will post it here. Obviously, I’m a little proud. They did ask about security, but I answered that we always have to be vigilant, but frankly most runners are a bit defiant.

  49. Dickens and I need to go to back area and eat breakfast. Yester day it was fresh fruit, grits and grillaides, fresh croissant and a sweet roll with fresh orange juice. Should have stopped at fruit?

    Dickens has been running amongst the huge oaks and resident cats, reveling while I sit in rocker on porch. Did I mention home is for sale? $2.6 million give or take. It is worth it but landscaping needs work. Needs azaleas and a rose garden for starters.

  50. I can’t stay here long without a food guard, police. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, saute new potatoes, big biscuit, fruit, orange juice and a chocolate eclair. On my plate.

    I ate fruit, eggs, half the biscuit and the eclair. It was a smallish one and part of it squished out onto my sweater.
    Dickens got bacon and sausage. I am lying here under ceiling fan thinking of what he and I are going to do until lunch. Dickens is an easy date, he’s back asleep.

    Wish I had found those lost millions of my stepdads funds, I’d move in here permanently.

  51. Here’s a favorite old story I read a few years ago:

    Dear Family,

    If you think your recent airline trip was bad, wait until you hear about mine!

    I was flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles. By the time we took off, there had been a 45-minute delay and everybody on board was ticked.

    Unexpectedly, we stopped in Sacramento on the way. The flight attendant explained that there would be another 45-minute delay, and if we wanted to get off the aircraft, we would re board in 30 minutes. [Grrr..we could have driven to Los Angeles by now!]

    Everybody got off the plane except one gentleman who was blind. I noticed him as I walked by and could tell he had flown before because his Seeing Eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of him throughout the entire flight. I could also tell he had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached him and, calling him by name, said, “Keith, we’re in Sacramento for half an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?”

    Keith replied, “No thanks, but maybe my dog would like to stretch his legs.”

    Picture this…all the people in the gate area came to an utter and completely quiet standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with the Seeing Eye dog! Their pilot was even wearing dark sunglasses.

    People scattered. They not only tried to change planes, they also were trying to change airlines!

  52. Any strawberries in our garden are currently six or seven feet under water. Tropical downpours have blessed us with with approximately 17″ of wonderful rain since last night. Creeks are out of their banks. Last word the bayou was ready to top its bank, then the levees and flood plain is our last defense.

  53. Re the question on Patriot’s Day: I’ve heard, from a usually reliable source, that people in Massachusetts have until tomorrow to file their taxes, because of their Commonwealth’s holiday.

  54. Regarding Tax Day being delayed to today: The holiday last Friday was a local one in the District of Columbia, Emancipation Day, which commemorates president Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves in the District on April 16, 1862. It is annually held on April 16, except when that’s a weekend day, then it’s the Friday before. They’ve only been having the holiday for about a decade now, so that’s why Tax Day hasn’t been delayed by it until now.

    The other way to calculate when it’ll happen again is to figure when April 15 will be on a Friday.

  55. Things not going so well for mom here either. She has fallen twice in two weeks. Not changing clothes or tending to other personal hygiene as she was telling us she did. Brother has given her notice that if she falls again he is moving her to his house, like it or not. For her, that is a NOT, but it is a safety issue and she seems to be losing capacity to realize how much danger her poor decision-making is putting her in.

  56. “Wish I had found those lost millions of my stepdads funds, I’d move in here permanently.”

    Where’s Travis McGee when you need him?

    So far my mom’s greatest problem is a sometimes sketchy memory. (No falls, praise the Lord.) I’ve put up lots of reminder notes for her, but the thing she forgets most often is to take her medications. (Can’t help but wonder if that may have less to do with her memory than just being tired of taking meds four times a day.) In any case, I always remind her. Hey, that’s what sons are for, amirite?

  57. Great story, Trucker!

    Very sorry to hear your news, Mark/TT…and also about Debbe. I am sure any number of us will be praying for all concerned.

  58. Ghost, you are right. But when the person you are trying to help is actively concealing problems, then the problems begin to snowball. Between us, my brother and I are trying to stop the snowball before it turns into an avalanche.

  59. Took my morning nap, time for lunch. What, Dicken s and I don’t normally get up at 8 a.m. I am getting good at sleeping in clothes, like jeans and a sweater. I left all the plantation shutters open and still dark in house. Off to town.

    Mark, it is hard being the parent to your mother. You too Ghost. Yall are good sons. Mark, she isn’t not telling truth, she doesn’t know probably.

  60. Many years ago, someone told me that if the parties live long enough, “The parent becomes the child, and the child becomes the parent.” All too true.

  61. Here’s another British saying I heard first hand, “If you are really, really good you are given a second childhood.”

    Toys of your chossing perhaps?

    My phone Hal is dead. I actually miss him. Going to New Iberia in search of ATT.

  62. Jackie, my LG has worked well for nearly 2 1/2 years without problems. This model isn’t available anymore, but perhaps it is typical of LG products?

  63. I got Hal repaired and a new Otter case in turquoise, added a second line and got a Samsung 7 which I haven’t named yet. Drove to Lafayette where I bought silk azaleas and mixed roses bouquets in hot pinks and spring flowers. Will come back to cemeteries after my lunch of crab cakes and shrimp eggplant dressing in Franklin. I made a lovely female friend, a lawyer Clerk for one of the judges, my daughter’s ages.

    We are having lunch out on the porch on Teche, I always meet wonderful people. Of all shades and persuasions.
    Shared a love of Primary Colors, Kathy Bates and Billy Bob Thornton. We agreed it was wrong to have to vote for the lessor of two weevils.

    Going to eat in my favorite art gallery, Blue Dog. I noticed they had a George Rodrigue Memorial Overpass.

  64. Bought myself a Blue Dog cap, more likely than a print even. However, there is an exhibit of his work in New Iberia at museum and an exhibit at the gallery, none for sale. A few limited prints available. I will enjoy exhibits. I have to drive past on way to place flowers in cemetaries.

    The Kiss Me I’m Cajun is shown as an unsigned print but certified stamp. I love that little boy.

  65. Not to boast, but I took care of my simple little 1040A and got my refund back in February. I am very slightly tempted to visit the Taco Bell across from the Post Office and smirk at those mailing their returns tonight.

  66. I did my return in February, also. Didn’t mail it until today, though, because I “owed” the IRS more money. Just $29, but it was the principle of the thing.

  67. The deer were young and possibly all does. Although the sun was shining they were at the edge of the woods and in shadow. We miss you Debbe.

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