Hair’s Arlo!

I wonder how many plays on words are attached to the name of hair-styling establishments; they seem particularly vulnerable to attempted cleverness. I thought I might as well play out this string from 1997 and show you the first image of Arlo with his then-new haircut. I hate drawing hair. There is nothing more challenging about cartooning for me than drawing hair. Long or short, I have always thought Arlo’s hair looks ridiculous, but by now he wouldn’t be Arlo without that hair. However, no one has ever complained about Arlo’s hair. But Janis! There are people out there who hate her hair and are always asking stuff like, “Why does she have a pot on her head?” I was giving a talk one time when two women in the audience got into a heated exchange about Janis’ hair. One thought it was terrible, and the other thought it was fine. I’ve always thought it looks all right, for cartoon hair. Better than Arlo’s!

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148 responses to “Hair’s Arlo!”

  1. Blessings on everyone, especially Debbe and anyone else going through problems.

    JJ, Why is Go Comics off the internet? Can’t get the server to respond.

    Pax vobisum. God bless us every one.

  2. JJ I think you do fine on hair and hands. I hated hands and feet, I can’t remember you doing bare feet but you must, it goes with bikinis and beaches and water and semi nudity.

  3. Debbe life is a soap opera AND a reality television series if ever it her were real and sometimes it is a sit com and a muder mystery . I think sometimes we choose our own channels.

    Life doesn’t come with a remote, you have to get up to change the program.

  4. Yes drawing anything to 90% of us is challenging. You have improved over the years. The only person that has hair that is easy to draw is trump. But that is because it is ridiculous. Oh and Jimmy Durante Richard Nixon had noses most of us could draw.

  5. Jimmy, you got it exactly right in the retro. The very last thing a guy does when leaving the barber shop is brush off the remaining clippings. No matter how much they brush you with that powdered brush, there are always a few strays looking to go down your collar.

  6. Seems like you (JJ) once mentioned here that you found drawing the ocean challenging as well. RE names of hair salons, In North Carolina (where I used to live) every hair salon (with a licensed beautician) has to have a unique name that applies only to that shop. I think that spurs the creativity. Imagine having to come up with a name that’s different from all the hundreds that are already out there.

  7. My favorite hair establishment name: Curl Up and Dye, from the movie “Earth Girls Are Easy”, a film perhaps best remembered for the salon name and for often it managed to show Geena Davis (a former VS lingerie model) in a bikini or just her underwear.

    I once designed an Order/Shipping/Billing/Inventory program for a friend’s multistate beauty supply operation and used Curl Up and Dye as a customer name for training purposes.

  8. Ha! Curl up and dye! What a great name. My wife used to have a fun special day coloring fabric once per year. She always said that she was going to dye on her birthday. You should have seen the reactions.

    Anyway, today’s strip reminded me that mother-in-law jokes are fertile ground, especially gentle ones like this. Good job keeping A&J in the segment about the coast people!

    But THAT then reminds me: Have we ever seen either Arlo or Janis’ mother? I can’t remember it.

  9. Yes, Arlo Mom and Dad, a number of times. Janis’s Dad, also, but don’t remember seeing her Mom. She references her grandmothers occasionally, and didn’t one of her Grannies make an appearance in the “Six-Foot Dust Bunny” series?

  10. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince is now formally alive. He was somewhat of an acquired taste I never really acquired. I did kind of like 1999 (Party Like It’s 1999), perhaps because that was in the heyday of my own partying years.

  11. “Formerly alive”. Formally “not alive”.

    I do remember from the Harvey series that we got see a good bit of Janis’s bare butt when the doctor was about to give her an injection.

    And today’s cartoon reminds me: Does Mary Lou ever wear a bra anymore? (Wonder whatever became of her “$10 tip” server outfit.)

  12. I am sitting in the French Press tastefully and fully dressed enjoying Cajun Benedict. I used to spend the night here often when it was a newspaper print shop, editing the newspaper.

    When A Man Loves A Woman playing, the international festival being given set up all over downtown. I am moving on from Lafayette,, LA heading north. Hate to leave.

  13. Cajun Benedict is toasted slices of French bread topped with Heberts awesome Boudain and two packed eggs, then topped with Andoille and chicken gumbo. It needed a few fried oysters thrown on top to go over the top.

  14. Quote from the article: revisit the beginning where everything was fresh, free and unadulterated from the trappings of modern life.’

    Is it also free of modern sanitation, food safety, refrigeration and pest control? I consider all of these “trappings of modern life”, and darn good ones, too.

  15. I must have missed something. Every time I’ve walked past a TV this afternoon, one or the other of the 24-hour “news” channels was doing wall-to-wall TAFKAP coverage…the kind normally given to deceased heads of state. What, there weren’t any candidates for president insulting each other today on which to report?

  16. Well for one thing, I believe Arlo’s parents are deceased. (His father for sure…Arlo was shown visiting his grave site once.)

    Yep, I remember those now, Evan. I also remember one where Janis’s dad was berating Teen-Janis for trying to leave the house wearing very little clothing. Apparently there’s a familial connection of some sort there.

  17. Off all topics:

    If you have not tried Bing as your search engine, you might be in for a treat. is the home page, and it features a different, usually stunning, photograph each day.

    Today’s is one that you really need to see. It’s the Milky Way seen through the North Window Arch in Arches National Park, Utah.

    There have been space photos, too.

    Most of the daily photos are downloadable for use as wallpaper.

  18. Good morning Villagers…

    Prince is dead??!! What is happening to the music industry? I’m still trying to get over the death of David Bowie. Took me a long time to get over George Harrison’s death, Rolling Stone ranked him as number 11 top guitarist. Don’t know where Prince falls in that category. Never was a fan of Prince…but you have to admit, he had flair.

    When will it stop? The same stinking auger came out again yesterday. I think the feed troughs are so banged up, that the auger cannot run smoothly through.

    The Ford Ranger we’re driving sucks gas, and what’s worse the gas gauge does not work. But it’s a set of wheels…need to call Andrew and see when he can start working on my car….since it’s Izuzu, used parts may be hard to come by. Patience.

    We have a new mascot at work…it’s squirrel, of course it’s outside. Going to take some crackers and through out in the front parking lot so I can watch him…love the flipping of the tail.

    Liked your analogy, Jackie.

    Good morning Jerry….feeding the cats?

    Thank you for the blessings domaucan1.

    …and it’s payday

    gotta go

  19. Debbe, thank you. And you are in mine. Mom’s foot is healing. Vascular surgeon has told us to keep on the wound care program. Now to work on the other issues.

    Finding parts for the Isuzu might not be that hard. They also produced a Honda badged version of the Trooper, so parts for one should fit the other if that’s what you have.

    Starting work in a few minutes. Longer than normal day today, instead of being off by 1230 it will be 330pm. Had to shift workdays because of taking mom to Birmingham on Tuesday. Will have to do my half day this weekend. Ugh.

  20. I used to get up from the stylist’s chair, look at the floor, and comment on how the person before me must have had a lot of gray hair. I know she sweeps between each customer, and I know she knows I know.

    Funny once, I suppose.

  21. Debbe πŸ˜‰ I’ve listened to Lana sing that song many times, but I had not previously seen the video. It sort of tickled my weird bone. I do wonder exactly what they were smoking while they made it, though.

    Someone mentioned enjoying getting a shampoo from their hair stylist. I don’t think I mentioned that my P&PHS gives mean shampoo…or as I call it, a poor man’s lap dance.

  22. Good morning almost home. Trying to return calls or get calls from some of my doctor’s offices. Someone needs to get me into these dang patient portals they are using now. I need a phone and computer coach.

    Ghost said it was a poor man’s lap dance, I need a laptop dance.

    Pain in right hip and thigh has now escalated into pain in left thigh as well. Had a horrid night last night, pain kept getting worse and worse. Finally resorted to doing some of my leg exercises, albeit not well, but it helped for some readon. Woke up to it again.

  23. Am certain I mentioned my company called Jellies by JAM that made over 150 types of jellies, jams, butters, compotes, etc. Until some mean person turned me in to federal food people to require analytical testing. I mean, it contained fruit and sugar mainly?

    Anyway, I relate to Gene and Mary Lou and their efforts. Although selling it wasn’t a problem, making it was. I made every jar personally and I sold thousands and thousands. Retail and wholesale.

  24. Awful, Steve; simply awful. πŸ™‚

    Well, I see the kids are (somewhat) open for business at the roadside stand, even though it still doesn’t (as far as we know) have a name. Another one of those familial connections, like Janis and her mom not having a problem with being photographed while wearing not much, I suppose…Arlo never (as far as we know) named* the sailboat, either.

    I truly hope they have some of Meg’s eggs inside in the cooler to sell. Otherwise, the opening is going to a lot softer than what ML had in mind.

    *I have long thought (and even more so since Jimmy’s recent comments) that the sailboat should have been named “The Flying Dutchman”, because if it ever gets to put to sea, it will have to do it on its own.

  25. At least two of our webcam nests have tenants downstairs. Definitely House Sparrows [Passer domesticus] at the Chesapeake osprey nest, and probably same at the Decorah North eagle nest. Often cannot see them at N. Decorah because the webcam is zoomed in on eaglets or an eagle, so we cannot see the edges of the huge nest. MDNR nest may also have tenants. They all have oodles of bird lice and such, parasites. The sparrows are no problem for the eagles except as a source of puzzlement, but the eagles are great for the sparrows: Cooper and Sharp-Shinned Hawks [Accipiter cooperi and A. striatus] are likely to avoid the big raptors, and thus be little danger to the sparrows. Haven’t noticed any at the Savannah G.H. Owl nest. Both bog owlets have now “branched–moved back and forth between nest and branches, so nest is often empty. Mom is still around; she was on the nest a while Thur. Peace,

  26. Jackie is home and just shared some cheese and whole grain crackers with Dickens. I am plumb worn out as granny used to say or I think she did.

    Bad news is I have spinal injury and am referred to one of the back specialists in the 30 doctor orthopedic group. I need surgery but what is likelihood of that? Everyone is lining up for cutting off something when I reach one year post carotid surgery. I guess they will triage me?

    Went and bought two dump trucks of rock to add to drive way, a third truck load of crushed granite to set stones in and nine additional gallons of blue and white paint for house. New roof on, gutters coming Wednesday. Two new patios are ready to start and we have decided to tear down old car Port and build a new from scratch guest room out there so we don’t have to deal with building flaws in carport. It’s one room with a shower sink and an ice box and microwave. We haven’t figured out how to handle toilet.


  27. YouTube sometimes seems to border on spam. It finally quit suggesting breastfeeding videos for me (and I never did figure out why it started doing that), but now it has suddenly and inexplicably begun offering me “nude yoga”, apparently as samples of videos one may purchase or rent.

    I always thought YouTube prohibited nudity. Not that I would ever watch such a thing, of course. Well, perhaps just once, to see if that policy has changed.

    The young lady I saw was impressively skilled at yoga (I guess, not being an expert on it), but she fell squarely into the category of “rather-not-see-naked”, because she showed me something I really didn’t care to see…basically her entire her skeletal system. I’d have to describe her body type as somewhere between “emaciated” and “anorexic”. Ironically, I don’t think she would have even looked good in yoga pants.

  28. Jackie, maybe the doctors will all draw straws, short straw gets first crack. Seriously, the spinal doc should go first because those ailments can cause referred pain all over the body and make diagnosing other problems much harder.

  29. Leaving early in the am to pick up what of Mother’s furniture I am bringing home. So far my brother and I seem to be doing this without any problems. Fingers are crossed.

  30. emb, you are most welcome. I especially like the shot of the one walking on the rail. Good view of the feet and legs, and display of the talons. That’s one thing the Telegraph seems to be good about, publishing good animal photos.

  31. And a good Caturday morning Villagers….

    Mark, thanks a bunch…you are such a wealth of info, I pulled up some info on the Honda Trooper for salvage parts….going to get in touch with nephew-in-law, Andrew and see what, when and where. I loved my Isuzu, and I want it back. I’m glad you have back up in your mother’s healthcare.

    Looked at the pics of the baby falcons, and the other four…I love to watch the hawks flying around out here in the country.

    Jackie, Mark has made a good point on your back….so much radiates from our spinal cord.

    Steve…going to use that one today on Skittles….it’ll probably go right over his head πŸ™‚

    Still having auger problems….they just need to put in a new feeding trough, my water consumption for the hens was down yesterday…that means that one section isn’t eating much because they’re not drinking. I just know it’s going to affect my egg totals.

    gotta go…..

  32. Good morning. I slept until 8.30. Of course I think I fell asleep at 8.30 too.

    Kept waking up and had no idea where I was. About to fall back asleep. I can hear the birds outside bedroom and this house is well insulated.

  33. Jackie, great music to wake to, isn’t it?

    Debbe, you are welcome. I hope that helps expand your pool of parts so you get your car back on its wheels soon and cheaply. Glad you are doing better too. That second cat looks like one of our outdoor freeloaders, but the color pattern is different on ours.

  34. No, Honda minivan. The truck was too hard to climb into.

    I gained weight in Cajun land. Going to face the scales and get back on track. Less weight will help black and knees. Shoulders?

  35. Back. Back. Back. Why would it change what I type correctly? All this talk of hair makes me want to get mine done and my nails.

    Guys are painting edges of roof for new gutters on Wednesday. The yard and patios and decks are looking good, can’t wait to get new stone terraced patio off the porch done after 20 years of waiting.

  36. I blame my computer for some of my typos. The recent OS X versions from Apple that have been named after mountains have a unique feature: Typing a filename before the Save As window opens sometimes rearranges the order of the letters. So, I need to be more patient of struggling technology?

    I have experimented with this “feature” with others watching me key in the name and they agree it’s the OS that’s screwy. Well, screwier than I!

  37. Hi, Lady Mindy. I noted your absence and mentally blamed it on you having nothing much positive to report. Unfortunately, it appears I was correct. Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Love, Ghost

  38. My favorite from the Shakespearean Insult Generator, so far…

    “Thou art a naughty rogue”.

    Perhaps because I have actually been called that. πŸ˜‰

  39. I will be sleeping in tomorrow, that is until Cilla girl wants breakfast. We saw a very funny play last night, “Don’t dress for dinner”. Two men are juggling three women and nobody can figure out who’s who.

  40. Good morning Villagers…

    Indy Mindy, we must live in a parallel too, huh? After GR’s ‘California Dreaming’, I’ll be singing that all day now.

    Phone rang last night, it was Jonathon….he said not to tell Ian until tomorrow (today) that the auger is out again. I’m going to wait until we are in the hen house to tell him and I have the truck keys hidden in my purse πŸ™‚

    Steve, I asked Skittles where he thought he’d be in four years…..told him, and he said “that’s awful”…

    Jerry, glad you had a good evening on the town.

    ya’ll have a blessed day

  41. Finally fell asleep after Debbie got up. Insomnia and pain.

    Good morning all. Dickens is lying with his head on hip that doesn’t hurt as much.

  42. Up and dressed, eating oatmeal with almonds and cranberries, plus had a Glucerna shake to make sure I got protein. Boiling some chiogga beets from garden

    Making another lettuce salad from kitchen garden with orange sections, the striped beets, almonds and whatever I dredge up from pantry and fridge and garden..

  43. I sang at my daughter-in-law’ Uncle’s Memorial service Yesterday and the widow requested “You Raise Me Up”. I met my accompanist a few minutes before and she warned me that “this has quite a range”. Without sounding too cocky, I told her ” I know” after a quick run through, we decided to do a second verse. And she decided to take it up a higher octave on the second refrain. Fortunately it came out pretty good and I was glad to help.

  44. Steve, you have a lovely voice, you are entitled to be cocky. It does have quite a range and I am sure you hit every note.

    Washing the lettuce for a salad and some mustard to stir fry with my salmon tonight. I may go cut another mustard. Our hot weather is bolting stuff and I need to pull out mustard plants.

  45. Anyone besides me having difficulties viewing the OF area? From the lack of comments and advisories here, I suspect that I am not alone in this.

  46. Jackie,

    Aside from the exaggerated description of mustard plants in the N.T., we knew nothing about mustard when we first sowed a bit in one row in our large garden in the ’70s.

    Wonderful stuff: fresh greens in the garden every year in May [at the time, it was not safe to put in tomato plants in Bemidji before 1 June]. Save a few seed when they bolt if you want some in a different place next season, or to give away, but we never had to buy seed, just weed them out of the garden to plant the zucchini, kohlrabi, tomato, eggplant, and whatever. Favorite JYOTi canned Indian food is Delhi Saag, a spicy mix of spinach and mustard greens, suitably mixed with whatever else is going in the soup or casserole.


  47. Ha, or cook it too. I decided there must be an interesting soup. Well, of course, so I am adapting a Martha Stewart version of an Italian bean soup with mustard greens.

    I loved pot likker when I lived on farm but it had all those bacon droppings and hog jowls in it, along with butter slathered corn bread.

  48. I decided long ago that most “new” recipes are just “old” recipes either substituting weird or exotic ingredients, or combining two existing recipes, a la Italian bean soup with mustard greens. Sometimes the combo works very well, and sometimes it just ruins the two perfectly good “mother” recipes.

    But of course the pot likker had bacon droppings and hog jowls in it. Everyone knows that the secret ingredient in most very good home-style dishes is some form of pork. πŸ™‚

  49. Since Trucker hasn’t published one of his jokes lately…

    An older gentleman who had suffered from hearing loss for many years finally broke down and got hearing aids. They really made a remarkable difference in how well he heard. About a week after he got them, a friend asked him how he liked them.

    “Well,” he says, “just fine. I can easily hear things clear across the room now.”

    “My, that’s wonderful,” said the friend. “And how do your kids like them?”

    “I don’t really know,” was the reply. “But I’ve changed my will three times since I got them!”

  50. All southern cooks maintained a drippings can by the stove, usually a coffee or lard can. Being yuppy before they existed, I had a nice crock or similar with a lid to keep out critters. The VERY best way to cook sweet potatoes is to Pierce them and dip them in the bacon crock and put them in oven in pan until they caramelize.

    Actually Italians do eat mustards as bitter greens, as do Africans and Asians and for all I know the rest of the world. My favorite peanut soup is African and has mustard in it.

    Best canapΓ©s I ever served (a standard item) were bite sized mustard green pies, redolent of bacon and onions, a three ingredient hand pie, so tiny the buttery crust was folded over a teaspoon of filling.

    A labor of love.

  51. No jokes today, just a video someone else made of the craziest piece of road I’ve ever driven:

    The video just gives you a mild idea what it’s like to drive UT-12 over the Hogback Ridge with a canyon on either side and (wow!) a 14% grade. I’m glad I didn’t have to do it in a rig where it’s easier to see just how far DOWN you could fall. And do note the absence of guardrails..

  52. If you take US 101 North from LA, you reach the Conejo Grade just as you’re entering Camarillo, where I live. It’s “only” a 7% grade, but it’s 2.75 miles long making an elevation change of 1000 feet. And, as it’s on the side of a mountain with a steep drop-off right beside the down hill side of the freeway, there’s no place for an escape ramp. There’s a weighing station right at the top with a mandatory brake check for good reason. Once you reach the bottom the freeway has a nice broad shoulder and it’s not uncommon late at night to see trucks parked well off the road, probably for a rest break. I’ve gotten very familiar with that section of road because I live two offramps north of that weigh station.

  53. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. Between my left hip and the muscle I pulled in my lower back yesterday, I’ll be moving much slower today.

    My one nephew-in-law is going to check on a used radiator for me today. This is all so overwhelming….sigh!!!

    Sunny and hot today.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Monday….

  54. sideburns, I know that stretch of US-101 well, having driven mostly the western states once I had enough seniority to get the gig. With my company’s rigs, a stretch like that is a piece of cake. Going over the Donner Pass on I-80 was more of a challenge… one that some can’t handle:

    Note: This involves a fatal wreck and was filmed from another truck’s dash cam.

  55. Thought the orphans were standing outside the gates. Obviously a lot may have been adopted or placed in foster homes.

    Shame I have no where to be loved. Could use a bit now but I have Dickens. Paid the national debt at feed store for compost and mulch. Thinking I will join Meg with some biddies for back yard.
    One old biddie is kind of lonely.

    Maybe a couple pea fowls? They cackle.

  56. I don’t know if you ever noticed, TruckerRon, but if you look off to the left on the way down (preferably if somebody else is driving) on a clear day, you can not only see the ocean, you can see the northernmost of the Channel Islands of California. (For those of you not familiar with the area, the best known of the group is Catalina, 26 miles or 43 kilometers off shore.)

  57. For the record, today made the “Monday-iest Monday of all time” list. The cart is ahead of the horse, the wheels have fallen off the wagon, the big cheese has gone moldy, and there is a freshly opened can of worms to go with the heaping side of poppycock.

    (At least I still have my sense of humor, right?)

  58. Oh, and my boss lost her paddles in the middle of a Schidt creek hurricane. BUT. I have tomorrow off, and will be deep in hiding all day. πŸ™‚ You guys haven’t heard from me in weeks. Shhhh. πŸ˜€

  59. Mark and I were talking about me sending some of the Village a copy of this remarkable little book I bought last week, 150 ways to elevate your mood. It is 150 pages, each page has a brief composition and suggestion of something that will raise your spirit and warm your cockles along with an appropriate quote from a great writer.

    I say Mindy needs a copy too. I read a page randomly. Then try to find a way to do it.

    Today I bought lunch for a Vietnam vet and a WWI I vet and their wives. The younger one shook hands, thanked the older and saluted. What else could I do? I loved what he did, wished I could do more. So I did and they have no idea how it helped me.

  60. Dearest Mindy from Indy, the orphans are all worried because we haven’t heard from you in a long time. Glad you are back among us, and with your sense of humor battered, but still flying the flag. Sounds like you are tempest-tossed!

    Jackie, you seem to be a bit down, and no wonder with all the pain and aggravation you’ve suffered. You are doing so well though, you are a fighter. The little book must be helping. I’ve got to say that today I have been very cheerful, everything I did turned out well and even my computer is helpful and cooperative — that’s unusual! I will wish every Villager and orphan the same kind of day tomorrow. Especially Debbe!

  61. Yes, Miss Charlotte, for me zi am down. I hate reminders of age, failing body and ruined plans. I had an amazing spring, summer and fall planned. So, lousy bones hurting and haunting.

    If you knew some of things those terrible pussel gut miscreants have did you’d not blame me for wishing them ill. But, no more hiring people, no matter who asks me. Money, damage, aggravation, stress and having to lick the calf over.

    There, two great Southernisms in one paragraph.

  62. Good morning Villagers….

    I was getting concerned about you Miss Charlotte. Had not seen you post in awhile. It’s good that life is going positive for you…thank you for your warm well wishes.

    The Corp comes in today to weigh and ‘candlelight’ the eggs. We like to tease one another, I told him I about had a heart attack over something that had happened in the hen house…know what he said “thought you had to have a heart to have that!” πŸ™‚

    Mindy, you made my morning….still grinning over your post. We need to keep our sense of humor, don’t we?

    No news on radiator.

    gotta go…..

    …a blessed Tuesday

    Where’s Mark???

  63. Debbe, I’m here. Just not much to say. Yesterday was not so good for me either, but not so bad as for Mindy. My internet provider went offline about 130 pm when I still had 3 hours to work. They did not come back up until about the time I should be clocking out, so I will have to work extra to make up the lost time.

    May everybody have a great Tuesday. Smile at somebody, it’ll make them wonder what you’ve been doing!

  64. Greetings to one and all,

    I received an email that may be spam or a virus and I was wondering if anyone else in the community received it as well. The subject line was: You have a message from Jimmy Johnson. I almost clicked on the link until I saw the address, which had “ru” attached to it. This usually means it’s a dubious source (as in Nigerian princes), so I chucked it in the trash can.

    I don’t know if it was actually a message from the real Jimmy Johnson, but I wanted to give everyone in the community a heads-up to be a little careful if you receive a similar message.

    All the best.

    BTW, the address on the mail contained the following.

  65. Steve, that is the most quotable movie ever. Even the lesser known quotes are great.

    Ugarte: Riiiick! Riiiiick! Don’t let them take me, Riiiiiiiiiick!

    Rick: I stick my neck out for nobody.

    Peter Lorre was so disgusting, I wouldn’t have helped him, either.

  66. Fan, first of all, it’s good to know that you are still with us. Second, and anyone correct me if I’m wrong, on one occasion JJ did communicate with me and even then it was only through this forum. He once stated when we were trying to contact Denice that he keeps no records of anyone’s address.

  67. Thirdly, I know from sad experience that it is possible to hijack someone else’s address and send an email that appears to come from them.

  68. Fan, and .ru means the domain is in Russia. Obviously JJ is not living in Russia, nor using an internet server located there.

    As the officer on Hill Street Blues always said, “Let’s be careful out there.”

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