Half Baked

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When this cartoon originally appeared in 2009, my long-suffering editor Reed Jackson called to thank me for reflecting what goes on in his home when his wife bakes for the holidays. This made me feel good. Comics editors see a lot of comics, and they rarely have time or inclination to comment.

By the way, the T shirts are on sale now. I told you there would not be much fanfare. I also said I would return yesterday and discuss price. I’m sorry, but I was so busy making this thing happen that I didn’t have time to do that. The short-sleeve T shirts are $30, and the long-sleeve are $35. Yes, that’s a little pricey, I know. The software at eBay will tell you shipping is free, but it’s not. It’s simply factored in already, but it’s true there are no additional fees for shipping and handling. They’re just T shirts, but others and I have put a lot of effort into producing the best T shirt we can. Our T shirt is about as local as T shirts can be. Several colleagues have a hand in its production, and it’s labor intensive. I’ve already told you it takes nine manual passes of an ink squeegee to produce the sports-car shirt. I’m not going to tell you they’re a bargain; I just hope, if you buy one, you won’t be disappointed. To shop, just click on the subtle little banner at the top of this page. Thank you!

188 responses to “Half Baked”

  1. Thanks from me too. Just wondering: A few days ago, you said the short-sleeved shirts would be available in Carolina Blue. Has something changed, or they are just not ready yet, or bug in the EBay store? Thanks!

    It should be there. I will check it out. Thanks! — JJ

  2. Miracles of miracles I was able to got on the site (ebay is usually blocked here at work) and get my shirt ordered. Yes 30.00 may be a hefty price but look at what people pay for fine wines or craft beers…and the t-shirt joy will last much longer than the buzz from the craft beer.

    Thank you Jimmy. Merry Christmas and may your 2016 be the best year ever!

  3. YAY!!! WHOOHOO!!!

    I have just ordered my Loodie t-shirt, and both eBay and PayPal cooperated with me! Considering how badly technology usually hated me this is a red letter day. 🙂

    And no, JJ, I do not think $35 is too much to pay for a quality shirt, and when shipping is added in, it’s definitely not too much.

  4. My brain seems fried, I was going to get my credit card when what I need is my PayPal codes. What color Ludwig shirt did you get Trapper? As I said, oxygen deprivation has set in. I can’t decide.

  5. I just emailed an order for five Ludwig shirts to JJ. Here’s public thanks for his accommodation of those of us who don’t use eBay or don’t use paypal.

  6. One each of Sports Car and Luddie, Huzzah and other major sounds of joy and celebration. My better half took a deep breath and said order one of each. Happy Birthday to me indeed.

  7. Yes. Great day and even the sun is out. Just purchased one each of the tee shirts. Promised delivery by December 16. 🙂

    Prefect midday purchase. Had PT this morning. Stopped at the gun range, got checked out on the HK. Had a burger with a friend. Now need to clean the house and buy the wine before Loon comes home on Saturday.

  8. Among,

    We live in short sleeve country. Tees pair well with a denim shirt ,light weight sweater, or a fleece lined flannel.
    Loon is getting Ludwig in basic black. I am going for the roadster in blue.

  9. Sorry Anony, spell check just had to have the last word. I like everything about the Ginger virtual keyboard. Still, like all it outwits at times.

    Disclaimer. I am a beta tester. So I get a few perks for my sufferings.

  10. I like Ludwig in black too and the car in blue as well. Interesting. I am as curious as Jimmy now on which colors I liked and what others like. For instance I have NEVER bought a pink tee shirt but Ludwig looked good on pink. It occurs to me most of my tee shirts were purchased from Big Dog in past or sailing events, colors more masculine.

    Have I ever mentioned Big Dog, my late 150# Newfoundland who was a European Landseer Newfoundland whof I stole from a drug dealer’s trailer with bolt cutters? He lived to be 14 years old and I miss him. Just like the Big Dog black and white logo in old days.

  11. I’m pretty sure the ROK dude flunked grenade flinging.

    Jackie, stealing from a drug dealer is generally considered high risk-low return action. But like all things, that can vary.

    Like, I suspect, yours, Janis’s language can get rather salty at times. Actually, I like that in a woman…among other things I like in a woman.

  12. Mark I think you are right, that WOULD be a good one for me. I am going to order it in the morning when I figure out which tee shirt. It isn’t connected, just coincidental.

    If you think Janis curses when she cooks, you don’t want to know what I said back in days I sewed. I was known as old rip and sew and cuss because I inevitably screwed up, profanely. I no longer sew but I was a sew and sew seamstress, actually taught in a shop and advised others. Now I don’t even hem clothes.

    May have to buy a sewing machine and alter stuff. I must not have thought I’d drop so many sizes, some things are big before I wear them. Bottoms matter more than tops.

  13. Good morning Villagers….

    Going to have to hold off on that long sleeve Ludie shirt…..got a letter from the IRS regarding line 61 on my 2014 federal tax form…regarding Obumacare. Immediately called my CPA, dropped everything off and I’ll let him figure it out…and of course bill me. Husband said he did not know that the IRS had anything to do with Obumacare….where has he been, I thought…oh, that’s right, it’s not a tax.

    Mark, thanks for the video….but nothing can touch the day I had yesterday. Got my thumb caught between an auger that was out and pinned against a feeding trough hanger….for a minute, I thought I was going to lose my thumb. I kicked the auger twice before to see if it would recoil, saw it hung up on the trough hanger, so I thought I was safe….nope…nailed my thumb….glad I had gloves on or it could have been worse. Did I learn a lesson…yes I did. Leave the stinking augers alone…very stupid of me.

    Oh, and Jackie…..when that happened, my mouth would have put a sailor to shame 🙂

    Happy Caturday…….

  14. Just looked outside, we are under a freeze fog advisory….30 degrees out there and I can’t even see the neighbor’s dusk to dawn light across the way. Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!

  15. Good morning Debbe, you are up going to work and I am up and can’t sleep. I have been surfing boat photos for almost seven hours, you’d think this was a bloody job? All I have accomplished is work myself into a first class depression looking at beautiful boats and places. I suppose it beats shopping online.

    Sorry about your thumb, I think all my compensation cases that involved chickens were inspectors for ag department with cocidiousis which I can no longer spell or fungal fowl diseases. Was your thumb pierced or squashed?

    Just hanging in here waiting for surgery. Believe it or not I may have Jerry’s email contact address but if we aren’t hearing from him I am not sure email will help. I will try to check tomorrow.

    About cursing, those socialites I went to school with had some pretty foul mouths which started me on creative cursing at an advanced level. Debutanteso (of which I was not one) have nothing better to do with their lives than drink, smoke, play cards and have sex apparently. The upper classes are different from the rest of us or so we are supposed to think. Ha! They need to work.

  16. Debbe 😉 The part of the ACA requiring participation *is* a tax, or at least so said SCROTUS, I mean, SCOTUS, when they declined to overrule that requirement. Glad none of those tax dollars had to go toward fixing your thumb. Remember, there are some places you should not put your fingers. 😉

    Jackie, it is hard to hold down a job if one spends all of one’s drinking, smoking, playing cards and having sex. At least, that’s what a friend told me.

  17. Nonnie Mouse, I got the pink long sleeved shirt. I figured that will be good for the cold weather, then when it starts to get warm I can order the short sleeved one. 🙂

    Debbe, I’m glad you had gloves on, too! Hope your thumb is better.

    Ghost Sweetie, 😉

  18. AsOldAsJJ

    There is a dingus that has a loop on front and a magnet on that you put inside
    your shirt to hold you readers. Will get the numbers when I go to work Tues.

    I used to sew contrasting pockets on the sleeve back in the day.

  19. Almost bought my shirts but got busy. Had a discussion with my wife about what I wanted for Christmas and my Birthday from my kids and she said “Beside the Arlo and Janis shirts” SOOO I guess that is one surprise gone.

    Jerry, I crossed Churchill Downs off my list when I was about 3 or 4. Living in Indiana, it was nearby and my Dad took some classes down there. The Indianapolis 500 finally got scratched off in 2013 and it was one of the best races ever. Ironically, I used to ran the Min-Indy Half Marathon, so I ran across the bricks several times.

    My wife is doing a Book Signing near our house next Saturday. I will be there giving away free smiles. Here is a link: https://www.facebook.com/events/922389231131282/

  20. Folding tee shirts, baking, cursing…a woman’s work is never done. That’s why I put my (non-underwear) tee shirts on hangers* and do not bake (other than beer bread and rum cakes).

    I have, however, been known to curse on occasion. Some will tell you that the use of curse words is a sign of a deficient vocabulary, but mine is rather extensive, and I assure you there are times when nothing other than creative cursing will serve.

    *Plastic, not wire. Wire “coat hangers” are an abomination before God and Man.

  21. Debbe:

    “Workers’ Compensation is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence. The tradeoff between assured, limited coverage and lack of recourse outside the worker compensation system is known as ‘the compensation bargain’.” from Wikipedia

    I had to injure myself 3 times over a 45-year period, receiving Worker’s Comp each time, before I figured out it was legally required of all employers in my state. If your thumb is truly injured, you need to report it, fill out the paperwork, and get it treated.

  22. Haven’t heard back from JJ about my T-shirt order, as in “where do I send the check?”. Here’s hoping he’s doing such a land office business that he’s days behind.

  23. CEP,

    Click the tee shirt banner at top of this page. It takes you over to eBay where you place your order. All you need is your credit card. Just follow the guest process, no need to join Ebay.

  24. Trucker, unfortunately for Debbie, many states, including hers, exempt the employers of “agricultural workers” from the requirement of providing workers’ comp coverage. I believe that came up previously, when Debbe’s hand/wrist and a door had a conflict, and the door won.

  25. We have two of me, an Evil Twin or the Good One? Stay tuned to As The Village Posts for further developments in plot twists.

    Ghost I consider metal coat hangers spawn of the devil, just like in Mommy Dearest. Surely that scene is on youtube? Have discovered velvet coated hangers that keeps things from slipping and replaced closets with those. My Dollar Generals and Walmart couldn’t figure out who was taking all the inventory.

    Weight still going down slowly so I don’t look like saggy baggy elephant or beef jerky. Blood sugars staying pretty constant with little or no insulin, maybe a clean artery will improve situation.

    See guys, we assumed the worst about Jerry and he was off at the races. Let’s not obsess, most of us are too old for that!

  26. Yes, Jackie, good arteries are good things to have, especially the carotids and the coronaries. I’ve seen and considered the velvety clothes hangers, but they somehow seemed a bit kinky…even for me.

    An A&J tee shirt as feminine sleepwear? Perhaps I should order one to keep on hand for any unscheduled sleep-over guests. Pink, size Small, with the cat on it? Yeah, that’s the ticket. 😉

  27. I wouldn’t think a small would fit any of your female friends Ghost. I have never filed in smalls even at 120 pounds. Or 110 either.

    If they plan to actually wear it and not just look at it perhaps a large or xlg for sleeping so it isn’t claustrophobically confining or binding.?

  28. GR6
    Not plastic —- wood, and to be fancy knitted or crocheted covers.

    Saw a picture the other day (not the Other Day) (“I say! that is a PUN son”)
    a pile of fat was twice as big as a pile of muscle. So if you are exercising while
    loosing fat, weight will stay the same. You will just be smaller and healthier.

  29. One of the shirts I bought was Luddie in pink and large – for sleeping.

    Trapper Jean – I saw a time limit on the Tshirt site that makes me think that the shirts may no longer be available after Jan 3, 2016. Just saying.

    Old Bear – looking forward to learning about your eyeglass gadget, as I have trouble keeping up with my readers. I suspect it may turn out to be a case of me looking for BOTH the gadget and my readers, but may be worth a try. I’m a positive outlook kinda person.

  30. Old Bear that is true. I am smaller and wearing smaller clothes than I used to at a lower weight. And when I tell people my goal weight they say, well you must be close to that already. I am not but boy does that sound good to hear.

    When I was a teenager I had been on a diet. My cousin said Jackquline Ann, you haven’t lost weight, you have just compressed the fat. Little did he know that is true

  31. Just walked 10 miles. I am planning to walk a Marathon in West Lafayette April 4th. Legs felt a “good” tired. Strange day as the fog did not burn off until 3:00 PM. Got some great shots while I walked. The replaced hip is fine. I wore a back brace as it helps while I walk.

  32. I was thinking the “Small” tee shirt more for the aesthetic effect than for comfort. 😉 Speaking of “aesthetic effects”, college band majorettes are hotter and more skimpily attired than ever, yet the networks don’t show the halftime band performances now. And they wonder why all the guys just go get adult beverages (and/or dispose of previously consumed adult beverages) during the break.

    J in C, I haven’t even looked at ebay’s site for many years, and the last time I did so, everything was single items that were up for bid, not an unlimited number items available like from Amazon. I suspect the 30-day limit only applies to auction items. Or will be extended or something.

  33. Whose aesthetics? I bought REAL pajamas for my hospital stay and recuperation but with tank tops to make it easier to get over my head. I personally wouldn’t bother but hospitals and caretakers do care. So, I comply.

    I figure while I am benefiting from care givers I may as well get it all done and be done with it. Funny thing is my dentist didn’t want to install my new caps on bottom, he said they were at risk for damage from anesthesia administration. So afterwards.

  34. I got one XL so far, which I know will fit OK, depending how it feels, I’ll get more but possibly just L. .. Debbe – oh yeah, it’s a tax, that’s why I call it robertscare now. My ladyfriend is a dietician at a hospital and says everything is changing now, even required courses for various medical degrees and certifications, like you don’t need to know about nutrition anymore to be an RN. …. …. She had been a teacher (biology, nutrition, etc) and wants to get back to it, she’s investigated many openings in the area. She lives a little north of Galveston and loves it. We went to Dickens on the Strand today. I said, it’d be great if you could get on at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and she said, and I quote “yeah, WE could live in Galveston” OK, we’ve been out several times, enjoy each other, I have friends who are girls tell me be sure not to move to fast, but I don’t care if she does, OK, let’s wrap this thing up.

  35. Yes, John, move fast…in whichever direction you think best. Villagers of the female persuasion may not agree with me, but I think she’s ready, whether you are or not.

  36. sand, I take it that Santa made an early delivery and you already have your new Volkspistole. Hope you like it as much as you thought you would.

    Oddly, he swung by here yesterday as well, and I’m the proud owner of a new SIG Sauer P320 in 9mm. Took it to the range today for 200 break-in rounds. Love it.

    For any concerned parties, Santa has an FFL (firearms license) and does instant background checks. There is no “North Pole loophole”. 🙂

  37. I put this silly thing up just about every year. (Maybe some day I will tell you the logistical routine I used to have to go through to put it up and take it down when I lived in my apartment.) No one besides Blacklight and I have seen it person for years. Not sure why I bother actually. Roughly eight feet tall and about four and a half feet wide at the base. The four footer will go up later.


  38. Lady Mindy, from your description of events and history, I believe that is what is called “tradition”.

    The thing I’m trying to revive to some degree this year.

  39. Ah, sand, the Texas Ranger pistol. I have another brand DA/SA action pistol (a Ruger P89, which I believe you once mentioned as owning), but I have never been wild about that setup. This is my first SIG, and of course it’s striker-fired. And it has the best trigger of any striker-fired action I’ve ever used. I like my Glocks but they are not exactly famous for the smoothness of their stock triggers. A deputy I know let me fire his Glock 17 service pistol outfitted with a very expensive after-market trigger group, and it was about the same as the stock P320 one.

  40. Have to drag myself off this bed and back to the kitchen to arrange my roses and minI carnations for my bedroom. I have begun a new tradition or revived one of buying myself flowers at most opportunities. I love flowers. These are yellow tones and yellow spray carnations, plus a second vase of pinks. Need to go to a floral wholesaler and buy preservative but tonight I am using bottled Sprite, works as well.

    Bought myself some semi tasteful flannel and fleece pajamas bottoms to pair with loose tee shirts. I am set apart from the locals in that I do not wear them shopping ANYWHERE , I weigh 120 # or more less than all of them and about six sizes less, and I am wearing them in bed so as not to embarrass anyone. I do not get embarrassed but I find I stick out like a “flatland tourister ” as they used to say in Snuff Smith by dressing well.in public.

    I love to go to Tulsa to places I sort of blend in like restaurants and stores, museums but that is wrong. Is it the same elsewhere? Have people just gone to wearing dirty or torn, tacky clothes to everything? I mean funerals, church, restaurants, stores and traveling?

  41. Dear Indy Mindy, your tree is stunningly beautiful. I clicked on the photo and it got really large and I examined it with pleased delight. If it won’t take away any of the magic, can you tell us more about how you created this?

  42. Mindy. It is lovely. I am putting up a tree for the first time in years. I have to get minions into the second floor of the Boat Palace to look for my cookies and candy land ornsments. Yes, I have a huge collection of gingerbread, cookies, cupcakes, candy ornaments, lots in glass. We will see what they can find. I used to have to do a different theme each year for my mother in law at the retirement home but I didn’t use good ornaments there.

    I also have an absolutely huge collection of shabby chic old ornaments by the thousands, bought at flea markets and garage sales. You gotta remember I did this for a living for over 25 years.

    Mindy must have a florist or Christmas decorator background hiding inside her. Very over the top elegant.

  43. If you have indoor cats, buy the plastic ornaments that are painted to look like glass. They will last much longer when the cats knock them down and play soccer with them all night. And don’t buy the long stringy tinsel as cats/dogs might swallow it before finding it’s not edible. Expensive trip to the vet is a possibility. A weighted base to fasten the stand to will help avoid things that go bump in the night.

    From personal experience as assistant to a couple of crazy cat ladies.

  44. Very good advice, Mark. Pay attention to Mark, Villagers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Mark, who are, or were, the crazy cat ladies?

  45. Jackie, perfect words for Mindy’s tree … over the top elegant. My word, your ornament collection is mind-boggling! I would ask, where did you find the time to accomplish the many things you’ve told us about, but … you obviously have supernatural powers, so I’ll accept that with no more questions.

    Jerry in FL, I was very glad you wrote to say you are okay, just travelling. That’s very good!

  46. Charlotte, my mom and my ex. Still working with mom’s cats. While I was writing the first post, I heard a hollow thump in the living room, followed by the sounds of little cat feet chasing something rolling across the floor.

  47. Charlotte, when growing up we rarely had more than one cat at a time. But since mom retired and dad passed, she didn’t have much to do. So when a cat with kittens showed up here, she started feeding them. Now you’d think we ran a cattery.

    When ex and I got together, we adopted a cat. Then she wanted another and we went to look at some being fostered by a rescue group. Two more cats. Then one disappeared and she wanted an Abyssinian, which we eventually got. After moving to an apartment with our 3 cats, one solitary gray kitten appeared outside our door. I was afraid she’d get run over in the parking lot, so now we had 4 cats. She grew up to look like a Russian Blue. And then while buying cat food in a new pet store, she saw a small, long-haired black kitten which was going to be adopted out. Now we had 5.

    So, as I said, personal experience.

  48. Thank you, Mark; I’m glad to get acquainted with these ladies. Your story entertained me and made me smile.

    It’s getting late — good night, everybody.

  49. Mark I have had indoor cats a long time so nothing they can eat or ingest like poinsettas. Long ago I babysat a friend’s Siamese who ate my poinsettas and I had a horrible experience trying to get milk of magnesia down him to counter it.

    This batch of fresh replacements are pretty playful to the max, so I have been shopping for plastics from dollar stores and Walmart. I can probably eliminate the glass and go with all plastics on the big tree. Or wire glass on securely. That is trick on showroom or display trees to be able to store with decorations if needed or keep people from taking them. Might work on cats.

    I think once they find a crazy cat lady they invite their friends and bring their litters.

  50. Semi tasteful means no stupid obscenely ugly Penguins or characters from a Disney movie or garish glow in the dark snowflakes all done in plush like a stuffed animal. With an ugly top to match.

    I am wearing light weight flannel plaid with giant plaid in black, shades of black, shaded hot pinks with black threads, white blocks and a tiny silver thread woven discreetly to outline the blocks. Accompanied by a sleeveless scooped neck knit top with high low hem.

    Yes, I had to write about fashion shows and what people wore once upon a time but I refused to take a position doing social news when offered.

  51. And to think that if I’d called you on the phone and asked what you were wearing, you’d have probably called me a “creep” and hung up on me. 🙂

  52. Good Morning Villagers….

    TR, thank you for your advice, and my thumb was injured but not to the point of going to the ER. It was squashed, and I’ve got several cuts on thumb and finger next to my pinky on my right hand. The gloves I had on were a heavy vinyl glove…so that helped a lot.

    And GR is right….agri worker’s comp is not covered in Indiana….but The Boss would have paid for everything….as he did when I broke my wrist….and he offered to pay the doctor when my finger got slammed in the door from the suction of the hen house door being open…but I told him she never charged me a dime…I love my doctor, she is of strong faith.

    Andrew cut himself also a couple of weeks ago, and The Boss told him to go to ER and he would pay for it….Andrew never went.

    Jerry…I’ve been there too…had to go out to the finish line and check it out…this was on Thanksgiving eve several years ago. I had to pick up stepbrother at airport and we stopped by Churchill Downs….

    Indy Mindy…..that is one magnificent tree, beautifully done, and tasteful…you got talent girl.

    To keep the cats out of my tree when I would put one up, I would put spray bottles around the base…..they hate spray bottles. Maybe I should get one of those squirt guns, that’ll teach them not to back up to my walls.

    Ya’ll have a blessed Lord’s day.

  53. Debbe, i our house that cat would be asking “where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?” 😉

    Indy Mindy, that is indeed a beautiful tree! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Judy, I missed the mention of a time limit, so thank you for the reminder. I might order the second shirt sooner than planned.

  54. Every year we see some “expert” on TV offering suggestions for protecting Christmas trees from pets, and every year Bob and I give each other the same “they’re just figuring that out?” look. We always use fishing line to secure the top part of the tree to something (curtain rod or something sturdy on the wall) and lowest ornaments are unbreakable. It probably helps that neither of us has ever had a tree-climbing cat – but we were ready if we did.

  55. Perhaps Jimmy will clarify this for us, but I really doubt that you will not be able to purchase an A&J tee shirt 27 days and 21 hours from now.

    Unless, of course, they are sold out by then.

  56. If you identified yourself Ghost I would probably tell you,

    It’s almost noon and I am awake finally. The rest of you have probably had breakfast, been to church and are getting ready to eat lunch. I need to wake up and take a bath, get dressed and get to my hair shop before they close. I keep missing them.

    And there’s the matter of unloading my groceries I forgot about last night.

  57. In early returns, The Cobra™ is leading THE Cat™, 78 – 57. (Not including any off-line sales.)

    Stay tuned to Breaking Tee Shirt News™ for all the latest updates.

  58. How do you know? And what color?

    Did you go to church and fix your mama’s lunch already?

    I had a yummy Glucerna shake and read the pre-admit papers for my surgery. Female patients with larger than C cups are required to wear front opening sports bras to prevent distention of their incisions and slowing healing properly. What? So now I have to shop for and wear those?????

  59. Yeah, sand, especially in a gym or on a firing range.

    Jackie: ebay tells me so, but does not give a breakdown by colors .

    Yes and yes.

    Sports bras are also an abomination before God and Man. Well, this man, anyway. If God hadn’t intended for them to jiggle, he would have made them out of..well, I don’t know, something doesn’t jiggle.

    Yeah, I understand they serve an important purpose for female runners and other active ladies, especially if they are generously endowed, but understanding of something doesn’t always equate with enthusiasm for it. 🙂

  60. It has been a couple days now, and still no acknowledgement of my emailed order from JJ.
    If you read this, JJ, please respond to the order so I know you received it.

  61. I would Mail a check and a handwritten order CEP
    Ghost,, I consider sports bras especially the front opening ones akin to binding feet and similar contrivance like the binding in 1700s to flatten breasts for flat fronts. In fact I honestly agree with Loon on the go Braless go top less front or back as well.

    There is a Loon isn’t there? Sand cleans for someone.

  62. Mark

    That looks like them
    Will get the True value # but not sure they are a warehouse item.

    Make sure you and your minions are up to date with Tetanus shots especially with all the chicken dust.

  63. I would say wear masks and Hazmat suits too but we all walked barefoot in the south with yard chickens running loose. Oh right, it’s endemic there isn’t it?

    Seriously, the shots are good advice but you’ve already probably ingested several pounds of toxins and fungal spores per capita.

  64. c ex-p, are you a member of Ebay? If you are, log in and go to the Galerie Arlo and Janis page. Look at the seller: Arloandjanis. Click on it and you will see a link with a blue envelope and the word Contact. Click on contact and it will let you send a question to him through Ebay.

  65. Read the munitions article. We have one of the largest munitions depots in country just south of me in McAlester, Oklahoma. It supplied most of the bombs during Vietnam War and still operates. Getting a job there is considered a plum around here.

    I am no longer in a position of anything more than hoping no one sabatages the munitions depots and blows up all the southern part of the county. But I used to see the human resources department head where we went to same nail salon. She said she had positions that went unfilled because no one could pass drug tests and background checks.

  66. Nothing original. 9CL.

    Who wears pajamas with feet (for women) that look like all manner of animals with matching caps or hoods with ears? Admittedly I have a dirty mind but I might or might not get by expressing what I thought, I have a good vocabulary that could slip by a computer that moderates.

    No bother, I want to know who wears some of the other ugly pajamas? I can’t imagine but maybe if I go back to Walmart at midnight I can take photos.

  67. Good morning Villagers…..

    John, thank you…..this keeps getting more complicated…I received a letter that I may be eligible for the Healthy Indiana Plan….my husband draws SSI, and is no longer considered income….The Marketplace sent info to Indiana….now I have to send $10 in to Anthem for their ‘Fast Track’ speed process…..arrggghhhh!!!!!

    Old Bear, thanks for the advice….now I need to figure out when my last tetanus shot was. You mentioned that when repairing belts, you used glue…can you tell me about that again and how, and what kind…please.

    Well, the kill boxes arrive today….the feed bins were empty yesterday, and the feed troughs are empty…..two days without food my Miss Prissies are missing….heh, even on death row you get a last meal……the ‘purge’ starts tomorrow……sigh. I am glad George and his hen are adapting to their new home. They even bought a heat lamp to keep them warm…awwww!!!

    I’ve got too many irons in the fire right now……IRS, HIP, ACA, hens going out….I don’t handle stress too well……

    Ya’ll have a blessed, stress free day….

  68. Thanks for the concern and my apologies for rushing off without telling you. I am at home and glad of it. Debbe, I was briefly in Indiana, I think for the first time in my life. Early on one frosty morn it was. I expected a little snow somewhere along the way, but it felt like frozen fog a couple of times and that was it. Debbe, BCN reminds me that our Elvis has a like affair going with a blondie from somewhere in the neighborhood. She shows up occasionally when he is on the back porch and they just look at each other. He obviously doesn’t mind the visit because he doesn’t howl at her which he does when another male comes by. All of the kitties survived our absence nicely with some checking on by wife’s son and daughter. We don’t have anywhere to board them locally as well as the emotional scarring (scareing?) and expense involved. Just one more note on the trip-I highly recommend Louisville, Ky at Christmas time. Just be prepared for horrible traffic.

  69. GR6: I liked the back view as she walked toward the Statue of Liberty in “Splash,” which I saw with wife when it was showing in local theaters. Of course, that may have been a body double, as might Gina Lollobrigida have been in a N. African locale in a movie ages ago.

    Debbe: “They even bought a heat lamp to keep them warm…awwww!!!” Friend [former student/houseguest, now homeowner in Mpls.] She had an indoor cat [former female] and an outdoor male stray, whom she fed. Since the stray marked the furniture dog-style in the house, she built him a heated cat-house which sat on her back stoop. …awwww! May be he now can be inside / change of some sort. Haven’t been there for a couple of yrs.

    Peace, emb

  70. On December 7, 1941, at 7:55 AM Honolulu time (right about now), the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US Pacific Fleet in their home port of Pearl Harbor. Japan learned, to its great dismay, that kicking a hornet’s nest is not the best of ideas.

    Some other countries and bellicose groups that mean us ill seem to have forgotten that hard lesson the Japanese learned and feel our nation is no longer up to the task of effectively defending itself. I hope they are wrong, but I am no longer entirely sanguine that they are.

  71. Thank you Ghost, I was just about to ask if anybody remembered why this is an infamous day.

    For generations now, warlike groups and peoples have been telling themselves that we’re weak, soft, flabby and unwilling to fight and we’ve been proving them wrong, over and over. They never learn from history and most of them don’t live long enough to learn from experience.

  72. Ghost, I told you about reading the first person accounts of every single civilian government employees injured or killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor. There were a lot of them, one of those big government metal file cabinets. Did it on my own time, no one paid me, I just did it. Read every word of every report.

    Pearl Harbor Day will never leave my mind.

    By day I got paid to read reports from Vietnam but the others reminded me why we were America.

  73. Yes, the acting company they put together for that made the show, just like with Barney Miller and Mash. And they got by with a lot that wouldn’t be accepted today on either side of the Atlantic.

  74. Debbe, I think there is a bigger change coming your way in the henhouse with all these major food/grocery companies swearing they will change to cage-free eggs in the near future. Presumably this will eliminate the conveyors but you’ll be hand-gathering the eggs from nest boxes?

  75. Among my many boating friends who came to my house each year was one with eight computerized chicken fryer houses and one a free range organic and natural grass chicken fryer grower who moved his flock around with large pens on grassland. Both flocks end up being eaten but I think the natural ones were happier.

    My friends often don’t agree politically, religiously, some bear arms, some don’t. Some are even vegetarians. Interestingly we all still get along.

  76. And as long as we leave each other alone, we continue to do so. As Will Smith said in the movie “Men in Black”, if you don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing”.

  77. Jackie, I suspect the “happier” chickens were also “pricier.” Calls to mind a discussion here previously as to the relative importance of “organic” foods vs. “regular” foods that are more available and affordable.

  78. Breaking News from Breaking Tee Shirt News™ (When News Breaks, We Fix It)…

    The Cobra™ 94 – THE Cat™ 64

    Stay tuned to for all the latest updates.

  79. California voters approved an animal-rights measure that resulted in a 32% increase in the price of a dozen eggs? The last I heard, the entire state was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, so somehow I’m not surprised.

  80. Did I tell you all that when I typed Christ as a word Spellcheck inserted Christmas? Insidiously correct Hal here put Christmas into Christ but had no problem with Agnostic or Atheist as words.

    I was probably not using the Lord’s name as I should have been but I spelled it correctly.

    No attempt to be politically correct here but someone is. And did it consistently and repeatedly as I rested my hypothesis.

  81. I decided to quit pussyfooting around, and I ordered a black Ludwig long and an icon charcoal short.

    Now, the primary battle will be keeping them away from Mrs. Rick.


    Could buy a couple for her. couldn’t I?

  82. In reference to the big tree – years of experience. After tree is assembled, fluff branches and festoon with the light strands plugged in first. A bit more awkward that way, but this allows for easy replacement of any burned bulbs and locating any damaged wiring missed during tear down. (Blacklight is roughly .1738 rodent.) Flip the lights OFF for decorating – this is HUGE. Everything looks fantastic with the lights on. However, the first couple years I learned the hard way placement is everything. Silver ornaments turn dark grey, and clear ones virtually disappear on an unlit tree. So white ones go on first, then silver, then clear. The icicles (and long ornaments) must hang freely. Observation: All white ornaments that are NOT orbs are exceedingly rare finds. My dream is to find a set of clear/frosted (glass or acrylic) candy canes. I have several colored sets for the four foot tree, but alas not joy for the big one.

    As for today, I must report that for the general public, “infamy” has become “barely remembered history.”

  83. Infamy was history to me, born between the wars: WWII and Korea. Dad was in when WWII started, defended the west coast before be tossed ashore on Normandy. Knew lots of vet of both of those wars. Later served with some of them in Vietnam.

  84. Mindy from Indy I wanted to say as a retired Christmas designer of showroom trees designed to sell wholesale buyers the products on them a pure white, clear or silvered tree is the absolute HARDEST tree to do. We always had one decorated to sell the ornaments but I have noticed lately that there aren’t many of those ornaments on the trim aisles.

    I always dumped my samples so I am sure I don’t have any stored. These things go in cycles too. This year I am seeing a ton of turquoise, hot pink, purples in neon colors. I think I will get my minions to get down boxes out of second floor attic but I doubt I’ve any you could use.

    Your tree is beautiful and well composed. And yes, Virginia, there is a design art to Christmas trees.

  85. I think Mark’s idea to make your own excellent. I also have made snowflakes and other beaded ornaments. Ribbons are still available in clears and sheers and ornaments can be made with those and beads easily.

    What I really came to tell JJ was that I put five tee shirts in my basket and got a message on all to Remove From My Order Cannot Ship to Your Locale.

    So, I am putting them in one by one and ordering them singularly and paying that way but please put the danged shirts in one box to ship!!!!! Love, Jackie Monies

  86. Ruth Anne – More like these. I actually have these exact candy canes. They are acrylic. I have others that use a clear acrylic in them. Just not the white and clear together. I don’t really want them to hang like an ornament, but hook on a branch like a proper candy cane.

  87. Last night, I set up a 24″ Christmas on the living room coffee table at my mom’s apartment. (And invested considerably less time and effort than did Lady Mindy, of course.) It was pre-lighted and came with a few half-dollar-sized hanging ornaments, but I purchased and added several more ornaments. It isn’t much, but it made her very happy. As that did me.

  88. You are a good son. Go a little further and find a beautiful fresh living red azalea with a beautiful basket and bow, my favorite Christmas plant. In full bloom. Substitute a pink or white one if you can’t find reds.

    Modify that statement, you are a good person.

  89. OK gang, I ordered three Cobras and two Ludwig all in XL. If I don’t fill them up they can be loose. I like loose thank you, I know I am naked underneath, I don’t need everyone else to know.

  90. GR6, love that this play set comes complete with M3 armed action figures. If the personal gyro copters didn’t kill the enemy from laughter, the wild fire of the M3 would have.

  91. OK, I admit the British and UK were different but I have several friends who served during Vietnam in their countries service over in Asia. Why would they cross train as paratroopers, glider plane pilots, heavy machinery operators, etc? We’re gliders used in Vietnam? I know they were in WWII and Korea. Do we still use gliders?

    I know we dropped machinery in to build roads, landing strips, helicopter pads. Do we still do these things? See what one photo stirred up in an idle mind?

  92. Mark thanks for the 07/12/15 @1:38

    I too miss Are You Being Served

    We had cage free birds – they had nests they went into to deposit eggs.
    Don’t know if they were better off than caged birds, there are benefits (for the bird)
    to both.

    Good for you Ghost!

  93. Mindy f I

    They use to have (MIL did beading) a bead that had 3 knobs on the end of a
    short stalks, hole through the center that would sort of nest when stacked.
    Wire when up though the center and was bent into a cane – could be one color
    or alternate.

    My pride is the 12 days of Christmas made from salt dough.
    12 of each all painted different. Don’t put out the full set much any more.

  94. M3? That’s an M3? I thought they’d been tasked with an emergency mission to caulk some windows.

    Rotorcycle, huh? And they actually got as far as a prototype. You know, those things could have revolutionized the way troops won Purple Hearts.

  95. Forgot I was going to mention that a friend had shared with me the way to strengthen weak stems on forced bulbs, with vodka or gin. My mind instantly flashed toundies in yesterday’s real time strip.

    Was Janis pouring gin or vodka into her tree holder?

  96. This phone has a sick sense of humor. Hal stop that!

    Flashed to today’s real time strip of Ludwig drinking from the tree holder.

    NOT to undies which Hal put in. His mind works like Ghosts.

  97. Good morning Villagers…..

    Watched the History Channel 2 last night…they did an hour by hour account after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and also focused on Roosevelt. I wished I had recorded it. I recommend if they rerun it, one should watch it….

    ….and the ‘purge’ begins in 30 minutes, not looking forward to going in, but I still have to pull eggs in off the belts. At least they are starting at the back, when they get to the front, I’m going to the other hen house….it’s not a pretty site to see. Some 75,000 hens being gassed and they are not gentle about it either.

    Old Bear, thanks, will pick up Tacky Glue…Andrew and I usually run into True Value every Friday and spend The Boss’s money 🙂

    Jerry, you were just a couple of hours away from me. I’m going to post a link for you, from BCN’s comments, Georgia posted Elvis’s first Christmas tree.

    Still no news from CPA regarding IRS on the ACA….arrrggghhh, I guess no news is good news?

    Ya’ll have a blessed day…..we have freezing fog right now.

  98. Thanks Debbe. Please help me find the artist’s comments and the video that you mentioned. Our first three have pretty much always known that the tree was off limits. That remains to be seen with Tippy. I’m not sure if the concepts of “off limits” or “don’t make daddy mad” have been fixed in his brain yet. On the other hand, Cilla has taught him that daddy will give him whatever he wants. It’s all in how you ask.

  99. Ghost, it’s not just the state of California affected by the new egg-production law they passed. It also forces all other egg companies to follow the same guidelines in order to sell eggs in California. So again I say, it’s time for the rest of the states to pass laws regulating sale of California-produced items. Chipotle restaurant chain is still having E. Coli outbreaks due to celery from California sources. There have been other food-borne disease issues due to produce from California so we should be protecting our citizens from them.

  100. Fire Island has an incredible team of bakers. Our bakers have trained at some of America’s finest culinary programs. We continue to train talented Alaskans in the craft of artisan baking through on-site training as well as distance courses.

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