Hammer and nails

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Since discussions of egg dishes have been known to go viral on this site, I’d be crazy to pass this up. I’m dabbling with a new way to cook eggs. At my age, finding a new way to cook eggs means either that I have an active and engaged mind or that I’ve not always been paying close attention. Anyway, I’m learning to make “shirred eggs.” Those of you out there who’re thinking, “Well, that’s just a couple of baked eggs,” you’re right of course. Here’s a basic recipe. The dish often is credited to the French and also goes by the name of “baked eggs” and “œufs en cocotte”. Pretense being a large ingredient in my cooking, I of course prefer the latter—even if I can’t pronounce it. Anyway, it’s another good way to dress up plain old eggs. I’m going to make a batch right now!