Happy 4th of July!!!

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Since we’ve been at the beach since early last week, I thought we’d stay there. Here’s a little something from summer of 1996 for you to enjoy, and the comments will reset. What more can I do this morning except promise to do better. Happy Birthday, United States!

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  1. Jimmy, thanks for the new retro strip and unlocking the village. I hope you are having fun on the beach.

    And thanks Ruth for letting those of us on the back porch know the the front door is once again open.

  2. GR6 28 June 1am
    Had that problem awhile back – posted 2 lines at a time to isolate problem – but had no rejects, so did not find offending combination of words.

    I am going to add “enbiggenate”
    to “Unhydrate” -J. Gibb’s word

  3. Welcome Back ALL – I was having withdrawal problems.

    I will ask again if you did not see it –
    Have you seen Eric Sloane’s sky paintings and weather books?

  4. That’s a Happy 4th with the Village back on line. Am in Bozeman, Montana and circumnavigated Yellowstone National Park yesterday, thought of you guys.

    Bring greetings to all our veterans, especially Vietnam ones, from my LA Quinta customer service rep, who asked if I were one? Said I had lots of friends who were. She sent a personal thanks for helping insure our freedom.

    So do I. Love Jackie

  5. I hope everyone in the Village has a wonderful 4th, whether you spend your holiday swimming, grilling, working, playing, or just plain goofing off! I’m so thankful to live in the United States. We aren’t perfect here, but no one is. We try our best, we learn from our mistakes, and we celebrate our accomplishments. Thank you to all those who have made this day, our freedoms, and our nation possible.

  6. As usual, well said Denise. I’m back. We had our technical problems, not our fault, and obviously we were not the only ones. I read the last day and maybe a cooling off period was appropriate. Today being the 4th comes at the right time too. Getting political is a great temptation for me too but it’s too easy to start a fracas and get hurt feelings. We’re unpacking and will be for many days I’m afraid but we love the new place and so do the kitties. Speaking of the fourth, we are having early fireworks and rain at the moment. I hope that you all have a good fourth. Debbe, I hope that things went well with the surgery.

  7. Thank you Jimmy. Today’s new strip is right on the money and yesterday’s was even better. Cats and dogs do not like fireworks. And things really do look “about that big” underwater.

    Have a happy and safe 4th, everyone!

  8. Patriotic tidbit collected a few days ago: our 10th president, John Tyler, was born in 1790 and took office in 1841 upon the death of Wm. H. Harrison who died only a month after orating for hours in nasty weather at his inauguration.

    Tyler’s second wife bore him a son in 1853. That son, in turn, fathered a son (thanks to a young second wife) at the age of 75, in 1928. That 1928 person is still alive today (maybe also a son from 1923)! How often is a grandson born 138 years after the grandfather’s birth? How often is the gross lifespan of a grandfather-through- grandson 225 years and counting?

    I believe this came from the History Channel and I checked it as much as I could.

  9. Jerry, that’s great news that you folks and the kitties are comfy in the new place. Some animals find moves rough, and you never know till it happens.

    Happy belated Canada Day, Gary! I am always glad that Michigan shares with our neighbor Canada the Freedom Festival, which celebrates both of our heritages.

    Cep, that is really fascinating! I wonder if the disparity occurs less often today because partners in childbearing tend to be closer in age than in former times.

    Debbe, thinking of you.

  10. It has been an eventful week as I took a “vacation” to get the house ready to sell. I work really hard and then brought in one of the best realtors in the Detroit area to figure out what else I needed. He was extremely tough, pointing out the huge pines looked great from our windows, but had a lot of dead branches from the street. He also noted a “cat smell” that we had thought was under control, but I agreed that we would rip up the carpet and put in a laminate floor.

    So I called the kid that had taken out 3-4 trees over the past 2 years and a woman answered the phone, asking my name and what I was calling him about. I found this a little strange but when I stated that I need a tree removed, she told me that he had passed away (at age 25). As I mentioned last week, my daughter lost a friend at age 25,so I found all this unsettling.

    The last couple days I have been putting in the flooring. My son is an engineer and came over even though he has been a bit tired from his marathon training. It was great to have him over, because the flooring is tongue in groove, so you have to very careful when cutting it. I watched him measure and inspect each piece twice before cutting it (measure twice, cut once)and for the most part, we made few mistakes. I told him that his method was better than mine which is measure once, cut five times and swear like a sailor.

    We are blessed to live in the land of free!

  11. JJ: We were worried about you. Welcome back.

    Dad was born in 1878, served in the Sp.-Amer. war [defending our freedom?], married, had 3 kids. First wife died. He later married my mother, 14 yrs. younger, had only me. Dad was 51 when I was born, mom 37, pretty old for a primipara in ’29 [= I’m 85]. All my half-sibs have died. I am technically the patriarch, but we generally don’t do much as a family. Six half-nieces/nephews; one nephew died in a tractor accident. The two half-nieces and I are widowed. Oldest of my 3 kids w/b 60 in Jan. ’16. That couple has no kids / a socially responsible decision. Youngest of my 3 was born in ’61, has two kids, HS and college age.

    None of my 3 grandkids is married, and I’m happy to report that I’ve no great-grandchildren. Nothing like the record c x-p recounted. We may have our annual Christmas reunion this summer. Nap.

    Peace, emb

  12. Good afternoon Villagers….

    Is it not great to be an American citizen????…Happy Birthday America!!!!…it’s good to be back here..

    Didn’t take time to read….just had to check in and see if JJ posted a new “one”

    …and my Father did well…he’s such a flirt too ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Jerry, glad you’re home, and can post again.


  13. Thank you Debbe. The rain stopped just in time for the fireworks. I didn’t want to mention this earlier but I lost my last uncle last night. He was my Mother’s brother. That leaves his wife, my mother’s older (!) sister and my Mother.

  14. Am watching the western sky and sunset from my hotel in Idaho Falls which of course is in Idaho. Here to see a friend with 40 things that float, although he says 30 have migrated to another of his homes. I told him I would look at what was left!

    There is the biggest fireworks show west of Mississippi River here but hotel says it will take me three hours in traffic jam to return to hotrl. I will skip and go to pool and exercise! Thousands were floating the rivers as I drove here today, some in huge multi float raft ups flying American flags.

    Love Jackie

  15. Wow! I just got home from a great fireworks show that our town puts on and what do I see? A&J is back! I missed reading the comments every day. Thanks JJ.

  16. So happy to see the site working again — I’ve missed it so much.

    Jackie, you seem to be having a great road trip. Skipping the fireworks was the best thing to do, I believe. I myself have gotten very tired of the sheer noise of the event. My house is not far from the field where the fireworks are set off, so there’s no escaping it — I can sympathise with peoples’ pets. And I can’t help sighing over the waste of money. I know it’s debatable, but there are more important things it could be used for.

  17. Charlotte, I always felt the same way about Mardi Gras parades and balls. While I have enjoyed them in padt, I have always known the money could be spent on better things. As well as the money spent cleaning trash for months that is thrown on streets by revelers.

  18. Good morning Villagers….

    The Village Orphanage Society…..lol, that is a good one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gosh, I’ve missed this place every morning….you guys are the greatest.

    Thank you Denise, I’ve been doing so, so…the weather has been cooler, but the humidity is high.

    Got to work last Thursday, and I slept thru a deluge. The creek that runs beside the hen house came out of it’s banks. Washed away some of the gravel and dirt foundation under the bridge. Had that fixed, The Boss’s nephew came in and reinforced the sides with I beams and then filled it with dirt and rock….the way it should have been done in the first place. We even had to get out of the car and remove debris laying on the bridge. There’s a pile of egg shells off to the back, and you can see the water line. The Boss is going to have to do some major work soon, or we will be losing our two grain bins.

    And my Miss Prissies are cooing and cackling and laying, and my roosters are crowing…all is well inside the hen house…it’s that stinking packer and the thin egg shells that are killing me as well as the 100 percent humidity that is in the packing room. Have a digital thermometer and it also gives the relative humidity.

    Yes, GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ , why yes, I missed you. You and my Dad would get along. He is very flirty….for being 83!

    They put a stint in his left artery going into his led…. and the doctor said they couldn’t do anything about the smaller vessels in his legs. He stayed overnight, my sister Brenda picked him up, and that afternoon I tried to call him…he was already out and about

    Actually I enjoyed my time with my sisters that day, we laughed a lot and I learned a new phrase…my other sister, Jacquie, was called my Mom’s name by her husband….Jacquie stomped her foot on the floor and told him if he ever called her Dolores (mom’s name) again, she would Kill him, cremate him and then use him for liter…..hahahaha!! Loved it.

    Steve….we’re going to have to rip out our carpet too. Not looking forward to that, but when one has cats, they do have a tendency to mark their territory…the worse are the females. I am down to three inside cats and one that comes in and out.

    Going to work with Skittles today….hope Indy Mindy checks in soon….been thinking of her also.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Oh, and when I clicked your link GR….it says I need to update something…will get my geek son to look into it. When I hear Frampton’s songs, all I can think of is his hair….he had big hair ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I’m so sorry for your loss, Jerry. Many of us are, or are close to being, the oldest generation in our families, and it certainly is an odd feeling. I kind of feel as if there’s a big void on one side of me; that void is full of all the wisdom and knowledge my elders possessed, and I don’t feel I have the experience or right to claim that I possess it, too. Yet I know that I need to be for the younger family members what the elders, in their best moments, were for me.

    Debbe, I’m so thankful the surgery and the sister experience went well. Maybe they’ve managed to move past some of their misconceptions? The stent will make a world of difference for your Dad—it did for my Mom. He’Ll be flirting on two feet for awhile to come!

    Jackie, it’s true that the novelty of fireworks and mass celebrations wears off, but the people watching is always new and different!

    MIndy, if you have a chance, drop us a quick line to say you’re still beating their furry little heads down.

  20. It’s good to be back in the Village again!

    I saw a sign yesterday that I laughed a lot at: Happy Traitor’s Day, you ungrateful Colonials!

    Jerry, I, too, am sorry for your loss.

    We had carpet in our old house, and when we were getting ready to move we had it steam cleaned, but there was still a cat smell on one section in the hall. Husband pulled up that section to replace the padding, and said even with vacuuming and cleaning it was still so filthy if we had put carpet in the new house he would have ripped it all out!

    Now we have what I call “mo-hair floors”: mo cat hair on the floors than on the cats! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Jerry, sorry for your loss. The older you get, the few relatives there are. My grandparents are long gone. Both my father and FIL have passed. Most of my aunts and uncles are gone. And I have lost some cousins. My mother, MIL and siblings are still around.

    Jackie, I have been to the fireworks on Parliament Hill in Ottawa a few times when I was younger (and stupider) but I doubt I will go again. It takes forever to get there (usually parking at least 10 miles away and finding a bus to downtown) and you are packed shoulder to shoulder. I think I would rather go to the fireworks completion across the river.

    Debbe, flirting at 83 helps keep you young and alive. I like your father already.

  22. Trapper Jean, we had to replace all of the carpeting in our old house before we could think about selling it. Criteria for the new house was 1) no carpets and 2) no fireplace. Although it would be nice to have a fireplace for emergency warmth, we never really enjoyed it. It was messy and drafty and really restricted furniture placement.

  23. OF due at 11:41 MT, give or take :10, so the site claims.

    In my family, my generation is now senior, and has been for at least 8 years. I am among the youngest of several cousins, although not the very youngest. Some of my cousins are older by 15 years, maybe more.

  24. Jerry in FL, Sorry for your loss. I have my mom and her brother, and that;s it for that generation. Mom will be 86 in about a week, still gets around pretty well, but her short-term memory is not good. I’m glad you still have your mom too.

    And on the voice thing, my first guess was wrong. I think this is really what you meant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk_box

  25. Mark, I laughed out loud—and then sighed in despair that we see this kind of thing so OFTEN nowadays in what are supposed to be professionally-written papers or magazines!!

  26. NK, two of my favorite books are collections of press errors. They are from the Columbia Journalism Review. One is titled: Red Tape Holds Up New Bridge, and the other is Squad Helps Dog Bite Victim. Some are photos with unintentionally funny captions, others are poorly thought-out or misspelled headlines and some are badly-worded paragraphs.

    Here is one example: http://www.sparselysageandtimely.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/pot-on-ship.jpg

  27. Mark, I appreciate the information and I thank everyone for their kind comments. We have all heard that as we get older we trade places with our parents and they become the children. Unfortunately this is very true in the case of my mother. From the loving person that she used to be she has become a cranky two year old who goes back and forth from withdrawing from the world and wanting nothing to do with anyone to wanting everyone’s attention and thinking that she can control that way that everyone else behaves. I understand that she is 89 and has gone through a lot, but it is still difficult to deal with. I am very patient but when my wife or sister-in-law gets in an argument with her it puts me in the middle and wife, if you are reading this, you know that it’s true. I hope that I don’t become that person in years to come.

  28. I have loved those kind of errors since the ever popular shot in the fracas. On the other hand, I hate to see obvious misprints in best-selling books. Doesn’t anyone proofread this stuff?

  29. It’s worse these days when the software “corrects” back to a mistake that a human has already fixed. At least in the old days, it was strictly human error. And people have come to depend on spellcheck as much as GPS, with similar results. You know where you want to go, but the AI doesn’t necessarily know how to get there.

  30. I think that most writers simply trust to the spelling checker on whatever word processor they use and don’t use proofreaders as such. That means, among other things, that nobody is looking for cases where a word is properly spelled, but isn’t the write word, such as getting “their,” “there” and “they’re” mixed up. And, if your program has dictionaries for more than one language, it’s always possible for it to use the wrong one, with very odd results. I know that one from experience because my copy of Firefox has been known to switch from US English to English, Zambia on it’s own.

  31. I HATE it when the computer tries to think for me. And I have turned OFF grammar check. I am a better grammarian than AI! So there, I rant.

  32. Being treated royally across the West. Had eggs Benedict at 7 a.m. and delicious, best thing I can say was I substituted sauteed spinach and sliced tomatoes for potatoes. In Idaho.

    Just had yummy salmon grilled and waiting to go exercise in pool, if dinner quiets down. I love these guys out here, this area is all about celebrating the outdoors with rafting, wind surfing, sailing, scuba, motorcycles, dirt bikes, hiking, running. Skiing too. I feel like a slug in comparison. But I love everyone I have met, so down to earth and real.

    Love Jackie

  33. This computer doesn’t have any Spellcheck anywhere, except for the Windows Live Mail, for Email. That just puts a red line under wrongly spelled words, it doesn’t try to think for me. Plenty restful compared to the aggravation you folks have to put up with.

    My cousin Paul and I seem to be the last ones left of our generation in our family. He seems ageless, is very fit. I don’t like getting older, but it’s better than the alternative! Paul and his wife hosted a family reunion at their home on a back road, yesterday July 4. It was great seeing cousins we haven’t seen for years, many of whom we see on Facebook, lovely talking with them in person! Cousin Debbie came from Wales, in the UK. Of course, she and her husband had several events and destinations to visit, lots of planning. They went to a wedding in Nova Scotia, her niece. Cousins from Maine, New Jersey; two of my children from Vermont, two more from NH. Good friend Dudley played a tune on his concertina — he’s a renowned contra dance caller — Sandy from NJ was recording this by video on her Smartphone, and I’m watching him playing really and on her screen at the same time. What a wonderful world we are living in — in many ways!

  34. I use the term spelling checker instead of spellcheck, Mark because I know too many people who would think (or, at least, pretend to think) that I was trying to make sure that magic spells were set down properly.

  35. Good morning Villagers….

    Cattywampus!!! I hadn’t heard that word in a long time Jerry…..must use it today ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jerry, I think we share the same mother…….I’ve also been wanting to ask you, since I know you are a Robert Duval fan, have you seen the movie “The Judge”? If not, you need to….great movie with Robert Downey Junrior.

    My son is the last of the surnames, my paternal grandfather had one surviving brother, and he had just one child, a daughter. Then my paternal grandparenst only had one son…Dad, and he told me a couple of weeks ago that the only good think my Mom did was give him four beautiful daughters. When I gave birth to Ian, I decided he would carry my maiden name….so if he doesn’t ever marry and have a son….the surname will go down with him.

    One of the commentors on TDS is wondering why all the strips of music lately…..maybe because we post a lot of U tube links…..

    And it’s a Monday morning….and ya’ll have a blessed one


  36. I figured someone on TDS would wonder why Arlo thought the fly catcher was a hookah. Because, as Debbe said, “late sixties”.

  37. So here we are all up and bright eyed and bushy tailed. Oh right, that is my ten pound sleeping partner, Dickens the Wonder Dog kissing me.

    David oh David! With straight lines like that you are just inviting naughty comments from some of us. How about sleeping? Sunning? Janis hates tan lines.

    Love Jackie

  38. Debbe, I did see that movie and it was great, like everything else that he has done. We sat down and watched To Kill a Mockingbird about a year ago. It was the first time that I had actually watched the whole movie from beginning to end and I loved it. It’s hard to believe that was his first movie. I remember The Apostle and I would like to see it again. My grandmother was one of 10, but none of her brothers had any children. I have one male cousin on that side of the family who married late and has no children. He has Parkinsons also and when he is gone there will be no known relatives with my mother’s maiden name. There are already no known relatives alive with my grandmother’s maiden name. There are family reunions, but no one there actually has that name.

  39. There is a very poor quality black and white video of Iron Butterfly lip synching the song. I think that’s the only video. I suppose that anyone would have trouble with the complicated lyrics.

  40. Yeah, David, I got it, too. But Jackie seems to be our current authority on skinny dipping. Unless someone is holding out on us. ๐Ÿ™‚

    One may only surmise that “Phantom Panel Five” would be Arlo saying, “Come back in the water, and I’ll show you!”

  41. Debbe, that song is used at the end of the movie Manhunter that we discussed before. It has a very powerful impact combined with what is happening onscreen.

  42. Jackie…”Whole Foods Market is recalling Cherry, Blackberry and Peach pies produced and sold in four retail stores in the Southwest Region, which includes TX, OK, LA, and due to undeclared egg.”

    A food product is being recalled because it contains…another food product. Life is odd at times.

  43. Coincidentally, on the same day Janis blew off the idea of shorter shorts, I visited my pneumatic and pulchritudinous hair stylist, who was wearing…shorts. Not exactly Daisy Dukes, by any means, but definitely shorter, at 4.2 inches below the crotch, than the ones Janis was wearing.

    Yes, I did the math. But of course you knew that, didn’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus, P&PHS has been working on her bikini bod since the first of the year, and I’d have to opine that it’s very much ready for primetime.

    I love summer.

  44. Ghost, you are so bad. I am far from bikini candidate or shorts either. I did however do a solid hour of exercise in hotel pool trying to improve general health and mobility. Along with legs for climbing back into boat. Can’t go white water rafting if not mobile and flexible.

    Yeah, suit and shirts and all. People here are very outdoor sports oriented. I love it. Met a breeder of Freesian horses in pool with his kids, from Montana, horses trained to dressage and pull Belgian carriage, solid blacks. One meets such interesting people traveling or I do anyway.

    There was about 100 women standing in line for interview with a Oklahoma craft store that was hiring alongside pool and exercise center. I reminded myself that but for the grace of God that might be me. Pays to think about what you are once in awhile.

    Love Jackie

  45. So after a week’s vacation, everyone asked me how I felt. One word TIRED…ok three AND SORE! I ripped out the old carpet and put in the laminate. Basically 2 full days. But I also had to empty all of he furniture out and put it back. My poor sore arms could barely stand it.

    Since I am getting 4-5 trees cut down tomorrow, I decided to pull out the old branches that I had dumped on the side of the property. I did not know a community of bees were residing there. One got my right above the knee. As I finished dragging the rest one bit me through the thick gloves that I was wearing. I decided right then to go into the house and not mow the yard.

    As I sat down next to my wife at the kitchen table, I felt a pinch and a dead bee fell out of my shorts and another started flying around the house. My wife went beserk. I grabbed the fly swatter and killed it. Upon further review, I got bit two more times near uh uh, you can guess. Fortunately the leg bites were not bad, but the one on my hand started to really swell. I made to work, but decided to go to urgent care for a steroid shot. The Doctor offered to cut off my wedding ring, but I declined. I am going out of town tonight and the last thing that I want to do is come home without my ring! The Doctor did say that if I started to get numbness or discoloration to go to another urgent care and cut it.

    An EMT told me to get an Epi pen. I will consult with my Doctor in a couple of weeks and see what he says.

  46. I needed my ring cut off about 20 years ago, maybe more. The area near the wound (cat bite) was so swollen the floss trick wouldn’t have stood a chance of working. That was the time when the ER people finally removed the ring – it took a while – and triumphantly pronounced me “dismissed”. Unfortunately, that crew had forgotten the reason I had come: for a tetanus shot. A bit later, that lack was remedied, and I did leave.

    Be really careful when using your tape measure, ghost….

  47. Jerry

    What is the Mothers curse “I hope your kids are just like you”
    We just pray we do not become like our parents as we age.

    Jay Leno did a thing with pictures & Headlines.

    FIL ring wore through/broke – ran into house to MIL “I’m free”
    I don’t wear rings, Have seen too many times what can happen.

    Back later

  48. Steve in R O, heavens, what an awful time you had! I’m so sorry you had to go through all that! After those stings, you probably ought to get the EPI pen as soon as possible — those wasps or hornets are very likely still around your yard, or there’s another nest not far away. You know, you could actually die from a sting, you aren’t ready to go yet, for sure! It’s a scary thought, so call the doctor right away!

  49. c ex-p, I have to know the subject of my “math calculations” really well to break out the tape measure. (Which has happened.) But I also use my finely-celebrated Mrk 1 Mod 0 Eyeball for gathering info on the fly…which is greatly aided these days by studying photos snapped with my trusty smart phone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Charlotte, it’s good to see you made it through our forced hiatus well.

    Denise, re embiggenate/enbiggenate for “make larger”, I suppose that is one problem with made-up words…there’s no officially sanctioned spelling for them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lady Mindy, one could almost hope that your continued absence is due to being busy attending many, many job interviews.

    Jackie, don’t stop working to obtain the best body (and the best health) you possibly can. You will thank yourself for that.

  50. I haven’t been able to wear my ring for years. My wife and I have talked about perhaps getting matching Celtic ring tattoos but we haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    Jackie, if you wear a bikini, you will have a bikini body. If you wear short shorts, you will have a short shorts body. Life is too short to worry about what other people think.

  51. Gary, I said I didn’t have the body yet, I didn’t say there weren’t any in the suitcase! That would explain the yoga shorts and tees and the bikini bottom I suppose.

    Working On The Body BUT it is what it is. At least most people think 50 now, strange but that makes me happy.

    Love Jackie

  52. The sad thing for me, Jackie, is that I’m fifty-three and people on the street think I’m over 60. I don’t have to ask for the senior discount, they just give it. I’m more than a little bit like that horse that was, “rode hard and put up wet.” Good news is that the new (to me) kidney is working well.

  53. David I am actually amazed to be alive since I wasn’t supposed to ever make it to half this age. My body never worked although I have managed to avoid kidney failure or any organs totally. Since I never expected to have much of a life I suppose I lived a lot like there would be no tomorrow and kept going.

    That isn’t much advise I suppose but sometimes it’s all you can do.

    Boy, is this a bad Jimmy Buffet album! No, I really am listening to a bomb of his.

    Love Jackie

  54. David
    Many years ago when my MIL hit the discount age – we asked for senior discount
    We got a 10% discount for a 20% smaller portion. Now I don’t have to ask.

  55. Steve from RO
    Did you know anyone named Yentz.
    After all this time I remembered they lived in RO.

    You may say that it is a big place but after meeting:
    My next door neighbors minister at Sturbridge Village
    My MIL friend’s neighbor at Woodstock Fair
    A neighbor from 4 farms over at Hartford Airport

    All 1500 miles from home

    A fellow that knew my best man 250 miles away
    A customer that went to school with my brother in northern MN

    A teacher here in MN whose father knows people I know in Sweden

    The world is not that big – that is why I ask. 6 degrees of separation.

  56. I’m the exact opposite, David. I’m closing in on 66, but most people think I’m in my early to middle 50’s. There’s some gray in my sideburns, and a little patch of it in my mustache, but that’s it. And, I’ve always had good posture so I don’t need to walk all bent over even though I do have osteoporosis.

  57. Good morning Villagers…..

    Yup, the ‘hookah’ remark in yesterday’s real time strip caught my ‘attention’….”hookah’, I thought, I wonder how many would get it…..never read any of the TDS comments.

    Denise…that is too funny….and no, you could not have made it up.

    Mark, I am going to have to see that movie, going to research it here in a little bit. I remember it being discussed, but that’s about it….again…the mind goes first

    Jerry, I too loved the movie “The Apostle”, Duvall wrote, starred and directed it. I wonder how many TV evangelists he watched to get it down right.

    Stinking packer sprung a spring…down another hour….went looking for dead hens, and it was a miserable 85 degrees in there…fortunately, there’s a front sliding in, and the high today will be in mid seventies…..humid still.

    Indy Mindy….come out, come out, where ever you are :).

    TR…that’s funny….where it went…..mine are heading south ๐Ÿ™‚

    Steve…I’m with Miss Charlotte…get that EPI pen…we have one here for emergencies….I am terrified, like your wife, of bees, wasps, hornets, etc.

    ya’ll have a blessed day….

  58. I’m really late to the party on this one.

    Until last night, Arlo’s double entendre didn’t occur to me.

    Yeah, I’ve been working too much and too hard – brain cells have melted.

  59. The first time we saw “Wrestling Ernest Hemingway” (on TV) we missed the opening credits so had no preconceived expectations of the actors. After watching almost the whole thing and really enjoying the characters, my husband suddenly exclaimed, “That’s Robert Duvall!” That role, as much or more than any other, confirmed just how good an actor the man is.

  60. Mark, just thinking last night while fighting mountain curves and roads under construction and dark after midnight how much I missed your knowledge and humor. And yes, you do have a sense of humor and it is smart and intelligent one.

    And where is Sand? I see Indy Mindy on Facebook and keep up with her, Llee, Nancy, Gal, Ruth and Mark there. If any Villagers on Facebook just put in friend request if I missed you.

    Funny how pigs can adapt to flight!

    Love Jackie

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