Happy Independence Day!

The community fireworks were held near here last night. We thought we might be able to see and hear them in the backyard. We went out at dark and saw flickering to the south, over the roof of the house. It was very faint, and we could hear nothing. We watched a bit and grumbled about how disappointing the experience was. Just as we were about to give up and go in, the real fireworks erupted over the trees in the east. We’d been watching a thunderstorm 50 miles away.

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  1. Your throwback strip was perfect. My 62 lb goldendoodle was shivering in sheer terror and insisted on sitting in my lap while the fireworks were being launched over nearby Gloucester Harbor (home of the famous Fisherman-At-The-Wheel Statue) last night. Thunderstorms produce the same result. Have a happy & safe 4th everyone. What makes America truly great is the freedom to state your opinion. We’re probably not as far apart as it appears; the majority of differences are in how to achieve universal goals – peace, prosperity, health, safety, opportunity for our children, etc. We can do without all the inflammatory rhetoric that’s only purpose is to push other people’s buttons.

  2. 242 years ago then decided to sign the mortgage for a great nation. It makes you wonder why you’re supporting paying for a house! I am thankful for all the freedoms that we have in this country and still believe our best days are ahead of us.

  3. Happy 4th of July conjures up pictures of picnics, bar-b-ques, parades, etc.
    Happy Independence Day makes me think about the dedicated, brave, reactionaries that risked their lives and fortunes to create this incredible country or ours so:
    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to everyone fortunate enough to live in this great country.
    P.S. Merry 25th of December in advance.

  4. Rick, you’re welcome. I saw this story and thought of you first thing since we had been talking about fireflies, or as they call them back home, lightning bugs.

  5. In Bemidji, as of 7:39 pm, no injuries had been reported from the small tornado. Information is from their newspaper [Bemidji Pioneer] on newseum.org.

  6. Mark:

    “Lightning bugs” is the preferred term here, too. I’m glad to hear that it’s popular in other places, too.

  7. “Lightning bugs” was the preferred term where I grew up in Memphis, too. Here in Utah… people rarely talk about what they’ve never seen. I doubt I’ve heard anyone here talk about them.

  8. Twin Cities weather showed trees down and garage off its foundation.
    No sirens it happened so fast. 200 yards wide and 3/4 mile on ground
    was report. 6:30 AM and no sirens it could have been a lot worse.

    Prayers for all

  9. A side of Janis we’ve not seen. Didn’t know she has a gymnastics background. I’d gave her a 9.6.

    Arlo is indeed a lucky man.

  10. I grew up in southern California and I’ve never seen a lightning bug in Real Life. Next month, my sister and I will be moving to Trinidad, CO, elevation 1 nautical mile, and I still won’t see any. I can’t say, however, that I feel deprived.

  11. Sideburns:

    I hope that you come this side of the country before long but only during lightning bug season.

    Once you see them, you will realize what you have missed. They are among the most beautiful creatures in nature.

  12. One of you inquired / my absence. Extract of my email reply: “I’m fine, but laptop was sick, M pm until today [F]. I got withdrawal symptoms. Thanks for your concern. Going to an “Oh, You shouldn’t have” [UMC] shower tomorrow afternoon. No major power loss here, though we did have a real but short-lived tornado near St. Bart’s EC. Church was undamaged [maybe some shingles], but they lost some nice trees. Peace,”

  13. Probably no one will be surprised to learn that Steals and Deals Boutiques ran a special on bikinis that day. No, it wasn’t “Half Off” (get your minds out of the gutter), it was “Buy One Get One Free.

    Bikinis are definitely popular around the Lake. Having lunch at our favorite roadhouse yesterday, one of the cute waitresses (of which said roadhouse seems to have many) told us she had purchased one of our red, white and blue ones, but had lost it, along with just about everything else, in a house fire. Jackie immediately offered to replace it for her at no cost, but she told us she already had, and that it was one of the first things she had replaced after the fire.

    Yesterday was National Fried Chicken Day. How ’bout that…two chick days in a row.

  14. Sideburns, how come you are moving to Colorado? Inquiring minds want to know. Say, where is Sandcastler these days? He used to post quite often.

    I have been reading all the posts but it’s been so hot here in NH my brain was frizzled. Today such a relief — cool breeze, clear blue sky, and I felt terrific. I want to spread the joy.

  15. Driving to church before 2 pm yesterday, was puzzling over whether I’d ever been to a bridal shower before. Had a pretty mailed invite, and had bought a useful gift at Target, using the registry there that I’d used for wedding presents on earlier occasions. Shower was for one of several foster granddaughters I’ve accumulated over the years.

    Lo, I was the only male there, save for a young father who was out in the narthex to sit his one-yr old daughter during her naptime. Mom was one of several young women running the shower. Realized then that this was Elaine’s job; showers were very much women’s affairs, and she’d been to several over the decades. No problem; like Ghost, I’m quite comfortable in all-female groups, and didn’t hear, “How about them Twins?” once. Used to be the only male at nurses’ farewell gathering at local steakhouses; husbands and lovers were invited, but most were scared to come to “hen parties.”

    Also, a good lunch. Plan to also be at the BUMC wedding and reception in Oct. Peace,

  16. I’ve been the so-called “token male” in quite a few church-related meetings. Fine with me – and you get to overhear some interesting things upon occasion.

  17. I was the only male in my medical office training class in Tennessee. As you say, you hear some interesting things. Also, they sometimes said things to try for a reaction from me. I had been married for 4 years at that point and they didn’t faze me.

  18. Charlotte, my sister and I have been living in what was our parent’s retirement condo, but she owned it. She decided to sell it and buy a home in Trinidad, CO, from our cousin. I had two choices: move to Colorado or find a homeless shelter that would take me and my cat in.

  19. Oh dear! So it’s not exactly what you would have chosen. Well, I gather that there is a lot to like about Colorado, and I hope you will find all those things and explore the new possibilities that have opened up for you. And your cat. Please send progress reports. This could be exciting!

  20. Sideburns, Google shows this as the closest VA facility to Trinidad. It is shown as being 25 miles away. https://www.albuquerque.va.gov/locations/RatonClinic.asp

    Good luck with the move. I was left in a similar situation in 2016, which was remedied by Jackie letting me use a mother-in-law apartment at her place till I got an apartment in Tulsa. I was taking care of mom, when brother decided to take her when he and his wife moved out of Tuscaloosa. He then informed me he would be selling the house and I would need to move. Brother moved mom, Jackie helped me move, mom died within two weeks. The whole month of October 2016 is pretty much a blur, but thank God for Jackie. Without her I have no idea where I would have gone.

  21. Mark, the Raton Clinic has GP, Dermatology and lab work only. For anything else, I have to go to Albuquerque, almost four hours each way by car, or six by train, with one train each way per day.

  22. That’s the pits. Is the Veterans Choice program still operating? You will be so far from the main location that you would qualify, if anyone in Trinidad accepts it.

  23. I’ve no idea. I do know that our cousin is a vet and uses Raton and Albuquerque. Considering that I’d have to go down there to see specialists, I don’t expect to find qualified locals in a town of only 9,000 people.

  24. Sideburns, It’s less than 90 miles from Trinidad to Pueblo, which is large enough that you should be able to get civilian care under Veteran’s Choice. If you are eligible, that might be better than going all the way to Albuquerque.

  25. I’ve been researching this for weeks, David. If I go to Albuquerque, the VA gives me mileage, and I think I can get reimbursed for gas and lodging if I turn in the receipts. (It’s a combination of low income and 30% disabled, Service Connected.) Maybe even meals, but I’m not sure. And of course, no copay. I’ve already got my Veteran’s Choice card but I’d rather not have to wait to be paid back, except in emergencies.

  26. you may be surprised, Sideburns. My uncle lives in a very VERY small place in mountains of Virginia. WHen he got sick (one of those weird things that normally no one’s heard of or would even suspect to look for) he found that the local dr had been a highly valued member of Miami, FL hospitals , etc., and was up on latest issues/solutions. He’d just gotten tired of the noise and moved to somewhere peaceful.

    of course, actual mileage may differ, but wishing you the best! sounds like you’ve already done homework.

  27. TruckerRon, reminds me of another video I’d seen. In that one, a woman reporter is doing an on-site report in front of a building when a cat shows up and proceeds to climb to her shoulders.

  28. Today’s strip should have added “internet access to A&J.com….

    16 years ago when my Dad died, we had to figure out what to do with all of the photo albums. Since there was 7 of us we decided to scan them and send a CD to everyone with all of the pictures. My youngest brother and I scanned them the next weekend. We were very proud that we came up with such an ingenious solution

    Last week I had a few days off and I decided to scan about 1000 slides that I had in storage. That sounds like a lot but I had it done in less than 2 days. Many of them were 40 years old and there was some degradation. I posted a few on Facebook.

    My brother’s wife commented on my picture “that I wish we had the old photo albums as we have no pictures from your side of the family” I told her that we had made a CD with all of the pictures. Another SIL chimed in that she had never seen a CD either. When we were making the scans, my brother stuck his head on the flatbed and scanned his face (eyes closed) and I posted that. I still don’t think that she believes me.

    Both of my brother’s houses are a mess, so I can safely assume that they were lost. This was another reason for not giving the books to anyone. I told them that I would add the scans of the slides and mail them a new DVD to replace the CD that they have misplaced. I haven’t had a chance to talk with my brother about it, but I am just going to send out the replacements and lay low.

    I told my son “It is hard to have a cornucopia of useless information when no one else has a clue”

  29. Looks like the “like” buttons are gone from GoComics. Possibly that’s accidental and will return. But they haven’t given back other things that they took away, so I doubt it. Just one less thing their database has to keep up with, I guess.

  30. Not true, Janis. It used to be that there was only plain white cotton jockey shorts, boxer shorts and white cotton t shirts. Now the manufacturers have gone wild with new styles, colors and fabrics. But they haven’t gone as far as the designers of women’s fashions. Yet!

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