But it’s Labor Day!

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It might be a bit early for a cartoon about raking leaves, but not if you have pecan trees. They’re the last trees to turn green in the spring and the first to shed their leaves at summer’s end. Plus, they’re very bad about dropping huge living limbs without warning. Normally these characteristics are ameliorated by a crop of delicious and useful pecans at least every other year, but around where I live it has been several years since a good crop of pecans, and this year will be no different. Plus, in a land that at one time was awash in an overflow of tomatoes from Independence Day thorough Labor day, cultivation of the tomato has become very problematic for home gardeners. Those lucky enough to have a crop by early July can almost count on the vines withering away by the end of the month. All I know is, things aren’t what they used to be. Happy Labor Day!

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  1. I just turned on my computer – the time is 10:38 – I have been outside doing ‘yard work’ since 7 a.m. And my lovely wife’s way of goading me out to do such a thing? “It’s such a beautiful day… we shouldn’t waste it!

  2. When I lived on the Gulf Coast and had pecan trees, we got nuts on the years when there was an election. Next year should be a banner year for nuts.

    I saw a quote in regard to your last comment Jimmy. “If we want things to stay the same, things are going to have to change”.

  3. Labor day is officially the close of tourist season in Northern Michigan, or more precise, Da U.P.. As far as tomatoes go we have only started getting ripe tomatoes in last 3 weeks, mostly grape ‘maters. The “yallers” are nice and big, but it is a race for ripeness before the vines die off more. Very odd that we have the grape ‘maters, but the cherry ones are not ripening yet. Big cookout for women’s group and men’s group from the church at our place tomorrow and we will let the people pick all of the ripe grape ‘maters because non of those people can have a garden. It will be a treat for them to take home.

  4. I noticed over the weekend that one of the neighbors had pulled up her side-yard tomato vines and left them out for the trash collectors. A cursory glance at them as I drove by revealed they appeared quite withered and seemed to have a number of small, oddly colored fruit on them. I don’t know what kind of tomato crop, if any, she had, but I know that neither my BIL nor a local man who has for years planted a large garden in just tomatoes and sold “mass quantities” of them from his carport had any to speak of this year.

  5. I’m not too sure what’s going on. Nobody has any good garden veggies to speak of, let alone give away, this year. Normally I’m tripping over zucchinis, cucumbers, and tomatoes. There’s been a normal amount of rainfall and temps have been average, so I’d be hard pressed to blame the weather. The economy remains very blah in the midwest, so the indolence waiting for an uptick or spending more time trying to hold onto scarce jobs may be a factor.

  6. A favorite quote that seems appropriate for Labor Day:

    “The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exalted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy: neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water.”
    ~John W. Gardner

  7. Jag tycker om lunch – ater en smorgas och “fries”.

    I told you I was learning a bit of Swedish – but I don’t have all the correct vowels on this keyboard. Yes, “lunch” is the same in both English and Swedish.

    Poll: have any of the Villagers ever heard of the small Ontario village named Nassagaweya?

  8. Yep, using the commonality of the words for “lunch”, and knowing “smorgas” from the Americanized word “smorgasbord”, I got that. I suppose that in a Swedish fast food establishment they might ask if one wants “fries” with that smörgås.

    I guess everyone has noticed what has happened to the price of gasoline. It’s so relatively inexpensive here that I’m tempted to go buy some, even though I don’t need any right now. Although, come to think of it, Thursday is a travel day, and with my typical luck, the price will jump a dollar a gallon tomorrow.

  9. I don’t know about “village”. There was a Nassagaweya township that has become part of the town of Milton and the Halton Region. My wife grew up in Milton. The Nassagaweya name appears on lots of local buildings, clubs, etc. in and around the Milton area.

    Why do you ask?

  10. cep

    I was putting this together as you wrote – these are on a PC
    The mac has special characters under EDIT on the tool bar – hope they come through.
    Character Map
    Ä = Alt + 0196
    Å= Alt + 0197
    Ö= Alt + 0214
    ä= Alt + 0228
    å= Alt + 0229
    ö= Alt + 0246

    ¼= Alt + 0188
    ½= Alt + 0189
    ¾= Alt + 0190

    Ñ= Alt + 0209
    ñ= Alt + 0241

  11. Yep it did
    The tilde N is of course for Spanish

    My computer has a Character Map for all the letters and all kinds of special marks
    Can’t remember how I found it – will explore – but it sits in my tool tray for when I snail mail
    my cousins.

  12. GR6
    In relative terms gas is cheaper than the 60s when I paid .31/.32 PG
    In town here (cheapest around) is 2.29/9 most places it is 2.33/9- 2.35/9

  13. OB, you should have put that Character Map online. Apparently nothing ever disappears from there. 🙂

    Gasoline is bumping the $2.00/gallon mark here. That’s a bit remarkable, even without adjusting for inflation. I well remember ten years ago when I filled my car’s tank the day before Katrina hit, for $2.399/gallon.

    Come to think of it, that was two black Crown Victorias ago. Who says I’m set in my ways?

  14. The two days of the gas war it was 1.99 locally, but now about 2.23 and a 45 minute drive will get you 2.15 I used to live just outside of Milton, Fl.

  15. Make that 90min.

    My cars are older than Katrina my cherished PU is too but no longer road worthy
    since it got smacked. New (to me) is not the same.

  16. Gary – Among other things, I collect certain Canadian postmarks. There is a type from Nassagaweya (from the middle 1890s) which is hard to find. In 52 years of seeking, I never even saw one except for a sample from the postal museum, but I just found one. It struck me that many folks had never heard of the place, so I asked out of curiosity.

    Thanks for the references to different letters/symbols. I shall try to write them down somewhere.

    Just tried out alt+0196, simultaneously as well as consecutively. Nothing happens.

  17. Jimmy:

    You’re right: Things aren’t what they used to be.

    The thought that occurred to me some years ago is that all things have life cycles – planets included.

    Perhaps Mars is a harbinger.

  18. Jerry:

    Thought I should answer your post about RRE here in hopes that you will see it.

    Thanks for the tip about the video on YouTube; because I have all of their CDs as well as the DVD, I didn’t think of checking there.

    When you have time, look for the “Hangtown Ball” video on YouTube. Besides being a great song, one of the horn players is in my son’s group in Denver. RRE needed some horns for the Red Rocks gig.

    I also suggest Lonecroft Farewell – we all have that sad experience in our lives. You can’t go back home when it’s no longer there, can you?

    I want to keep suggesting songs, but I will stop with two (otherwise, I will go on and on): Warhead Boogie, an anti-war song, and Jupiter & the 119, about the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

  19. Under Control Panel there is a setting titled Clock, Language and Region.

    Click add a language. And you will see this: Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Language\Add languages

  20. OB, my 1998, 2005 and 2011 Crown Vics are all basically the same car, except that every few years I’ve managed to jack up my insurance premiums and license tag prices by trading up year-wise.

    I view keyboards with askance. Once I managed to get a keyboard to turn my display askance. (Yes, I believe those are two different but correct usages.)

  21. I posted (or tried to post) a comment this morning that is still in Moderation Heck because, I suppose, I put two links in it. So, I’ll just litter up the page with separate posts.

    Part 1:

    Every once in a while I have to sweep leaves off the front porch, but by not having a yard as such I don’t have to rake them any more. Makes life a lot easier. As for gardens, my younger daughter helped me plant tomatoes, okra, and two kinds of cucumbers-regular and lemon. Did you know that lemon cucumbers don’t taste of lemon? I didn’t! They are, however, round and sort of a goldish-yellow. Taste pretty good, too. We also had several types of tomatoes-better boy, an heirloom Cherokee Purple, and two types of cherry tomatoes. They all did nicely until those big cutworms found them. bah! But there has been plenty of okra, so that’s okay. 🙂

    Ghost Sweetie, there are several good songs from Singin’ In The Rain:


  22. And this is an article from The Daily Dragon, the official news source for Dragon*Con, the largest science fiction/fantasy/steampunk convention in the Southeast. It takes place in Atlanta every Labor Day weekend. John Barrowman (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrow) was a guest this year.

    Ghost Sweetie, if you want to see a really great pair of legs, get a load of these gams!


  23. My PC is running 98
    Will look where you said

    If you can put the Character Map in your tray when you click on it all will be revealed.

    Hold Alt while sequentially pressing 0196

  24. Haven’t been home long, spent afternoon checking in rafters off the Arkansas River Great Raft Race in Tulsa, giving out raffle tickets for the kayak being given away. There were some fantastic rafts and costumes, I thought of Ghost all afternoon with the bevy of scantily clad rafters, (female) and I am posting photos on our Duckworks Facebook page should anyone else be interested. Had a great time, we had a cover but that was a big festival grounds and I walked it more than once without a hat on.

    The Norsemen or Vikings or whatever that boat was were scantily clad male rafters and they offered to go on my raft next year. I am going to try to enter, I suspect they will give first shot at those from this year. There were some fantastic ones, the Flintstones, the Best Little Oar House in Texas, Starship Enterprise, several Dragon boats, like Comicon meets Gilligans Island meets Huck Finn. I loved it, will sponsor a ten man raft and ride and paddle it next year if I can get in. This is right up the river of interest of so many nutty boaters I know.

    Love, Jackie

  25. Mark,

    Thanks. He was after my time seeing D’Oyly Carte live, but looks to have been a real asset. May be on some of my CDs at home. Will buck the URL to my blind-copy music group.


    Someone asked / did we enjoy our 3-day wkd. Yes, we had a family reunion in the Twin Cities, but it was somewhat dampened by my being bitten by my younger son’s mini dachshund, left index finger, infected, ER, 1-hr. antibiotic infusion at midnight, + 7-day course of a-b pills, finger splint that makes typing and other things difficult. Heartening how all 3 kids worked to make Dad’s time as best as it could be. Am at my older son’s parsonage [half way home] will spend tonight + Tue. night here, drive home Wed.

    Peace, emb

  26. Jean dear, I supposed I would have to have been there to appreciate that. 🙂

    Jackie, I just looked at some video of the raft “race” on the Channel 6 website, including the Viking boat you mentioned. Also saw the Miniature Golf raft clip a bridge pylon. (Pre-race planning at its finest. 🙂 ) I had an idea for a raft based on a seaplane, but it looks like someone beat me to it, with one based on either a PBY or an SA-16 like Air Force Rescue and the Coasties used to fly.

    I did not, however, see any scantily-clad female rafters, although I’d hazard a guess they might have been on the Best Little Oar House in Texas raft, and the TV station got cold feet about showing them. Don’t know about anyone else, but I certainly won’t have been offended. 😉

  27. You could go on Facebook Ghost and see what I saw all afternoon, scanty panties, both male and female. Although there was a raft with a fourth grade class on it I was told, I never saw that one. I loved Rift Raft with the outhouse and trashed up yard. Lots of engineers did these floats so not too many sank or capsized. The one who hit the pylon told me their float wasn’t aerodynamic, I suspect they weren’t aircraft engineers but a lot of oil field industries.

    First I have to recruit some engineers and builders and come up with a theme. I will begin that as soon as I find out if I get a ticket to enter.

    In the meantime, I have engaged a good friend who owns a kayak shop and is the Swamp Angel who rescued my late husband and his partner out of Florida Bay when they were stuck in the mud for a long and expensive sailboat expedition a few years ago. I owe her. She has one month to turn me into a kayaker capable of paddling 20 miles per day in a 17 foot kayak and gear for a five day trip through the Wilderness Waterway in December, my Christmas gift.

    I will tow the sailboat behind the mini-van enroute to Florida and see if I can sail some on the Gulf white sands and the Keys. Hopefully in September and October I will get enough sailing in to do that, if not I will recruit more experienced sailors! It’s not just a cute boat but a good one. I plan to enjoy December. Love, Jackie

  28. Aha! With the Swedish keyboard, I cannot write a hyhen or an apostrophe…unless they are in unknown places. I managed to get the SWE in the line of bottom icons, and that does not seem to require the alt plus number bit. We shall see, not that I think I will need it much.

    Just found that my underlining and my question mark have exchanged places!

  29. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, glad yesterday is over, now for tomorrow’s whether.com forecast….80 degrees. Heck the low by the end of the week is going to be 48….I see we will be closing windows in the hen house.

    Gary, never got around to ‘frying that egg on the steps’ yesterday. When you said ‘grits’ the first thing that came to mind was that infamous “grits, dummy’ from the movie “Roots”

    Never EVEN heard from my birthday boy yesterday….and Andrew and I left a singing birthday wish on his voice mail.

    I love the gas being cheaper…..someone said it’s supposed to go down to less than $2/gallon here. Then I will fill up, but I use a higher octane in my ‘Suzi’. I also get better gas mileage when I use the higher octane….

    Ya’ll have a blessed Monday on Tuesday 🙂

  30. To the Windows 7 and 8 users:

    Because I was using 8.1, I was able to upgrade to Win10 for free; I like it much more than all of the other OSs that I have used since 1984.

    However, if you upgrade, you will need to reset the privacy settings.

    Also, if you don’t want Microsoft to use your available bandwidth and your machine to send updates to other computers (as well as receive them from others), you will need to disable that function.

    The number of services increased quite a bit, and I am in the process of disabling many of them. Because many of them are new, I am researching them as I have time.

    Two features of Win10 that I especially like: 1.) The replacement for IE is Edge, and it’s extremely good. 2.) The voice recognition/dictation program is well done. I have used Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking for about four years, but I doubt that I will ever upgrade it again. I consider the Microsoft program to be a Dragon Slayer.

  31. CXP,

    For the alt-key feature, hold the ALT key and enter the numbers on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard. The numbers across the top won’t work.

  32. Neat article about the “50th Anniversary” Edsel, John. Although I understand that, back in the day, teenagers had a different name for the “impact ring” design feature on the front of the car…perhaps the real reason they never caught on with the younger crowd. 😉

  33. CXP, as David says, you have to use the numbers on the keypad and the num lock shift has to be on. Some keyboards don’t have that rightside key pad and the keypad numbers are on the keyboard on the I-O-P, K-L-: etc keys, reached with the num lock on.

  34. Another thing I thought of – the cursor has to be where you want the special character.
    Forgot about the side # keys because that is all I use.

    As for all the keys in the Swe keyboard – get a blank piece of paper and just push keys
    Ya! they do change don’t you know.
    Ya! they do change donät you know.

    Not that different for above


    Is the Swedish keyboard

  35. Good morning Villagers….

    Sad to hear about Judy Carne, I watched that show faithfully…loved the scenes between the dirty old man and the old lady with the handbag..with him getting ‘bagged’. Then there was Lily Tomlin as the telephone lady…”we don’t have to care, we’re the phone company!” And how true that was and still is 🙂

    Spoke to Ian yesterday, and he really likes his job…does a little of everything, waiting tables, cleaning up, and even playing ‘chef’. I’m happy for him.

    I really don’t know what you all are talking about, I’m still in the dinosaur age with my OS….

    Cooler weather today…..and it’s about time.

    Hey..what day is it?

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  36. I have 2 large and 1 small pecan tree at my house (a mobile home). The squirrels love to run across the roof of the house (one sounds like a herd of elephants) then get into the tree out back and eat the green pecans. They drop onto the roof of the house and my garage and it sounds like I’m being invaded. My mother didn’t believe how loud it was so I video taped the sound. Very interesting.

  37. We don’t have pecans here, but I do have a Meyer Lemon tree in the back yard. Not only are they better than regular lemons, they’re much bigger than the Meyer’s you buy in the market for three times as much as regular lemons cost. I also have rosemary growing out back and a thyme plant in a big planter out front where it catches the morning sun. Fresh herbs are much better than dried, especially if you can grow your own.

  38. Hard to believe no one here has mentioned the return of Gene and ML to the cartoon. But I’m sure there were some real gems posted over on TDS, where they should have a daily MIAMA (“Missed It A Mile Award”) for comments.

  39. A small herb garden was one of my good intentions that fell by the wayside of the beaten path this year, but that’s spilt milk over the dam now, Sideburns; perhaps next year. (I claim the daily award for mixed metaphors.)

  40. Ghost, whoever is talking about burning a bridge when they get to it has their timing a tad off. You are supposed to CROSS the bridge first, THEN burn it. If you burn it when you get to it, you are stuck. Similar to the cartoon of the Viking writing sentences on a blackboard: “Pillage, THEN burn. Pillage, THEN burn. Pillage, THEN burn…”

  41. I’ve just endured a four hour InterWebNet outage. The Horror! The Horror!

    Recipe for Mixed Metaphor

    Take one “I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”
    Add one “I’ve burned all my bridges behind me.”
    Mix well and bake for 2 minutes at 98.6 degrees F.
    Yields one “I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it.” 🙂

  42. “We need to focus on our unique strength — and that is the weather.” – Dave Shull, president of the Weather Channel Television Group

    And they pay him how many millions of dollars a year for that wisdom? I could have told them that years ago, for free.

    Their “happy talk” morning show was only the latest of many, many bad decisions. And yes, I’m sure Sam Champion, he of the fake bonhomie and the creepy laugh (and I don’t believe he is even a meteorologist), will continue to “play a pivotal role” at TWC, considering how many bazillion dollars they probably obligated themselves to pay him when they hired him away from Good Morning America.

    I’ve all but given up on The Weather Channel, but we shall see what we see.

  43. Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest reigning British Monarch, she has just edged Victoria.
    She has seen 12 Prime Ministers 12 Presidents of the US and 30 Corgis.

    Has anyone else been watching “The Civil War” on PBS?

  44. Good morning Villagers….

    “Long live the Queen!”….sorry Old Bear, couldn’t help myself. Did you see the movie “The Queen”? Helen Mirrin (?) played the role, and I actually though it was a good movie. But I like her movies.

    Need to check out PBS….I know “the boys” would enjoy watching it. Anything but (gasp) Naked and Afraid….yup, it’s Thursday.

    Husband going into work with me today…..and that’s good. He’s very helpful.

    Nancy, Ian called last night on his break…sounded like he has some authority there already, as we were on the phone he was telling this other employee what to do with whatever it was at hand. He actually loves it….his roommate teased him that if he keeps volunteering for these double shifts, one day he could wind up as manager…..but I don’t think management is for Ian, but who knows, maybe he’ll see the other side of the coin someday. (how’s that for a metaphor?)

    Ah, The Whether Channel…..why do you think I call it the Whether Channel???? There’s another weather channel on DISH my husband tunes into….and it’s actually all about weather.

    Down to 48 degrees Saturday night…..The Boss says it’s time for me to take a day off and rest, and Saturday sounds like a good day to do it…..high 68 degrees, with some rain.

    ya’ll have a blessed day.

  45. Strip of 09.10.15:

    Something that I never noticed about restaurants before I changed my diet: It’s darn hard to find more than one or two types of vegetables.

    A few years ago, Jimmy told us that he dropped about 25 pounds by changing his diet.

    This past February, my doctor claimed that Type Two Diabetes attacked me, along with blood pressure of 180/125. He did not prescribe insulin. Instead, it was the lowest dosage possible of Metformin.

    He recommended that I lose a few pounds, even though I was not truly overweight. He said that I needed to begin exercising and avoid potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, and processed cereals. He didn’t mention fried foods and sugar, but that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

    I’m now mostly jogging 3 miles a day over a hilly route. (Not bad for a 62-year old, I’ve heard.)

    I’ve lost about 35 pounds.

    Blood pressure is now 107/93.

    Pants down from 40″ waist to 36″, soon to be 34″. Shirts down from extra large to large.

  46. I’ve safety arrived at an undisclosed location, for an undisclosed duration. (At least there are no pyramids visible in the distance.) Had to comment about Helen Mirren…as Debbe said, she’s quite a good actress (PC: actor), as well as being quite an attractive lady at age 70. As I recall, there were pictures of her on the InterWebNet a few years ago, showing her appearing in public wearing a bikini at age 64 and not embarrassing herself at all. And, not surprisingly, she was quite a dish in her younger years. If anyone is interested, they would have little trouble going online and finding a scene from one of her films from back then, the entirety of which was shot with her, as they say across the pond, starkers. Full Monte and all.

  47. Ghost, there was one bit of good news in that story about the Weather Channel. I had to read it twice before I noticed it. Once the current crop of reality shows on it have run, they won’t order any more. So someone noticed one of their main problems is the one common to many businesses today, not sticking to their core product.

  48. Rick in Shermantown, Ohio — wonderful! What an astounding weight loss, and all since February! And your blood pressure, and clothing size are truly amazing. You are an inspiration to the rest of us loafers and wanna-bes — no kidding.

  49. Rick, if you’re a newly-diagnosed Type II, you probably don’t need insulin and won’t for many years, if ever. Metformin is the oldest, best known and most widely-used oral drug for diabetes, and you can, if needed, increase the dose to 1,000mg with breakfast and 1,500 with dinner before needing a second oral medication. I know, because I’ve been Type II since 2002 and have been on Metformin since the beginning. (I’m now on insulin as well, but it took about eight years before I needed it.) Just keep following your doctor’s orders and, if you don’t already have a prescription for the test strips, get one because if you have to pay for them yourself, they’re not cheap!

  50. Well. The wrecker just went by with one of the head on collision cars
    If they’ve second there I’d hope we might move. Why would anyone pass on a two lane road with double yellow lines and heavy festival traffic?

  51. Still sitting in line but they did get road reopened. I am in different line now waiting again. Thank goodness I brought the complete Bob Seger to listen to!

    I have a hotel suite waiting at end of the ferry ride but I am annoyed, I was going sailing today, not sit in traffic.

  52. Sideburns:

    That’s really good to know – thanks for the information and the advice. You can safely bet that I will continue to follow my doctor’s suggestions.

    I have a few goals:

    Be off of Metformin by February.

    Lose at least ten more pounds so that I will be around 167 consistently.

    Jog/walk in a 5k on November 14.

  53. Charlotte and Sideburns:

    Pretty sad.

    I did not remember my blood pressure correctly.

    At my last reading, it was actually 102/73, and my resting heart rate was 62.

    I think my doctor will be happy.

  54. Old Bear:

    Thanks for letting me know because that lets me off the hook at the bank.

    One of the ladies in accounting noticed that I had lost weight, and she said that I had given it to her.

    I can now let her know that she caught it from someone else.

  55. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, yesterday is over….thank goodness. Husband worked with me, and sadly, he is out of shape. He was a big help in shrink wrapping the skids and pulling the 1200 pound skid full of eggs with the lifter and putting them up in the cooler. Some thing I have great difficulty doing. The Corp man was there yesterday weighing the eggs and I told him I had did the math and if six trays of eggs weigh 23 pounds, and there are 48 (a stack of 6 strays is half a case) of them on a skid, I am pulling roughly 1100 pounds! He grinned, put 6 trays on his scales…this one weighs 27, put another one on the scales…and this one weighs 27 pounds, and then he had to put a third one on the scales, and smiled and said…this one also weighs 27 pounds! Husband was glad to see his day over. I stayed and cleaned.

    Put my illuminating cross on my mother’s grave yesterday. It has a little solar panel that charges the battery. I had it setting outside yesterday at work. Took it into the cooler room and closed the door and shut the lights off…..this little cross shines brightly. It made my day.

    Rick that is good news to hear….diabetes runs in my husband’s family. Think I will suggest to him to be tested…as I’ve said, he is overweight and blood pressure is high…he takes medicine for high blood pressure. And after watching him yesterday….he needs to get in better shape

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    Mark, will check out video later….I have tomorrow off!!!!!!!!

  56. re: the current story arc…..I find it a little depressing to see ‘the kids’ put so much energy into their business only to find out its “dog eat dog” out there.

  57. Debbe:

    Thanks; I appreciate that.

    I agree: Encourage your husband to be tested and to begin exercising.

    I was extremely out of shape, and I had to begin slowly. I started with semi-brisk walking five minutes a day for a few days and then increased it to 15 and so on.

    I am 6’1″ in height, and neither the doctor nor I had any idea that I was carrying that much extra weight. As I exercised and changed my diet, the excess weight dropped quickly. Actually, a few persons at the bank were concerned that I was gravely ill because I lost it as quickly as I did. It was all diet and exercise.

    By the way, I have nearly eliminated eating beef. I now eat much more fowl, followed by fish.

  58. The sad thing about farmer’s market produce and locally grown is that it needs to be in a trendy city area to have any hope of success. Farmers markets are very successful in the Austin area, where there are also Whole Foods and Sprouts. Consumers here have been trained to know that fresh, local, wholesome, and natural products take more effort and money to produce, so the produce commands higher prices. The same goes for supplying restaurants with locally-grown produce. Customers have to demand the product and be willing to pay more. Markets in rural areas frequently don’t pay enough to cover the costs. It would be better for Gene & Mary Lou to donate to the local food pantry/bank and take the tax deduction.

  59. Rick… in keeping with the topic of farmers markets, look for local vendors that sell grass-fed beef. I just butchered two grass-fed calves that were nicely lean. One, a longhorn, had almost no fat. The meat looks like venison since it is so lean. The other, an Angus had some fat, but was still leaner than factory cattle. No antibiotics or added hormones, either. Also, on grass it is reported that the little fat beef cattle develop is healthier–with a higher concentration of “good” omega-3 fats.

  60. Mark, thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it. I would love to do something like that. I still enjoy launching balloons. There’s a part of me that never grew up. The video reminded me that Einstein, who probably saved the world from nuclear destruction, was an immigrant. A little known fact-he had Aspergers! It’s been 14 short years since 9/11. 14 years from now I’ll be 80 if I make it. That astounds me. (Probably the first time that I’ve ever used that word.)

  61. Two [I think] farmers’ mkts. do well here [though I shop mainly at Stone’s Throw North.] May help that it’s a college town, well isolated from towns of comparable size, and from ‘real’ cities [Duluth/Superior, Winnipeg, Gr. Forks, Fargo/Moorhead, Twin Cities.

    For its size, it’s a cultural paradise, though short on ethnic cuisine. [However, first of 3 lutefisk dinners coming up soon.]

    No surprise that Einstein was Asperger’s; they often excel at marketable occupations / professions.

    Peace, emb

  62. David in Austin:

    I fully agree with all that you stated about beef, and I’m glad that you mentioned the Omega-3s. I was unaware of that – thanks.

    I still eat beef on occasion, and I buy it from Bay Food Market here in town.

    They butcher the cattle (and swine) themselves, and they buy all of the animals from local farms.

    Just like the cattle you described, all of these are grass fed and free from steroids, antibiotics, and hormones.

    The steaks have just enough fat to make them perfect for grilling.

    Once in a while, I still think about becoming a vegetarian, but I don’t pursue it too far. I’ve been a carnivore for too long, I guess.

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