Hard Copy Christmas II

I don’t have a lot of time on most Monday mornings and this one is no exception, so I’m going to leave the remainder of the “Hard Copy Christmas” sequence with you to try and make up for it. Sometimes when I get on a roll with an extended conversation within a sequence of strips, the whole can be viewed like a short comic book.

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30 responses to “Hard Copy Christmas II”

  1. Yeah I totally “get” Janis’ reaction to Arlo throwing out the list. We are in the process of scanning recipes that are scattered in a cookbook that have been passed on from relatives, a few of which have passed on. Even though it will be in their handwriting, we will NOT throw out the originals. What will happen when we pass on? I have no idea.

  2. Print out a copy of the scanned recipes and keep it in a binder somewhere else, like your bookshelves away from the kitchen. That way it can be recopied in case the storage methods change too drastically to use the computerized one.

  3. Debbe your kitty cat present was just mailed by Ghost due at your post office on Friday. It is wrapped again inside all that brown paper and tape to put under the tree.in pretty paper and ribbon.

    Are your cats climbing the tree?

  4. Leo has discovered that the top of the TV is warm in the evening, and taken to sitting on it in the evening. Alas, this is right next to some shelves displaying lots of old porcelain that our parents own and we like to look at as much as they did. Naturally, the kitten’s interested in exploring it and we’re not interested in letting him, so the God bottles have been out and ready the last few days. So far, no accidents, because we’re not letting him set foot on the shelves, or even touch the contents.

  5. Spray bottles to zap naughty kitties as Zeus supposedly zapped naughty people with lightning bolts. Most effective when the cat does not realize you are the source of the water. Then they don’t learn to associate your absence with the safety from the spray.

  6. c x-p. Neat photos, incl. 2 tear jerkers. Email needs work; can receive but neither reply nor send. Awaiting call from shop. May be contagious, so won’t take laptop down, but they can usually fix it remotely.


  7. Naughty people have been zapped by lightning. So have good people. Responsibility is another q. I vote for entropy, and avoid walking across open fields in bad weather. Think I’ll also avoid posting my thoughts on various aspects of the Christmas story here. In general, it can be deduced from my signoff on a recent post.

    Peace, really.

  8. Zapped by lightening four times in four different ways. Once on horse, once in my office, once in aunt’s kitchen, once walking on asphalt road in front of housr.

    None involved open fields, two were inside, two under huge trees.

    Keishaunds fur turns into a sixty pound giant ball of electrified fluff.d

  9. Never got zapped by lightning, but was the victim of a spark-gap machine during a HS physics class. I was the operator and we had a gap of about 8″ going, if memory serves. Mr. S, my teacher and also homeroom teacher, directed me to discharge the machine’s residual charge by using the insulated handles on the electrode arms to rotate said arms until they touched. Unfortunately, I got my hands too close to the metallic parts and the machine discharged itself via my arms. He later calculated the voltage as being in the range of 50,000 – 60,000 volts.
    Clearly, the amperage was miniscule else I would not be writing this.
    That kind of experience can really set you free….

  10. I worked as an electrician’s assistant back in the 70s. I had 2 leads to a 3 phase motor in my left hand while wiring it up to the 3rd lead with my right. A student in the next room asked another one how the new projector would be turned on. “We’ll switch it on here!” That’s when I screamed and the students fled. The electrician shut it down in time and commented I was lucky to have been leaning against its frame with my left shoulder.

  11. I was helping a SeaBee with a barracks renovation in the 1970’s. He was getting ready to install a new outlet and the power should have been off. I was holding the outlet while he turned the screwdriver. Loud bang and a blue flash and both of us were standing on the other side of the room with no recollection of moving. I think we discovered teleportation that day.

  12. Or has Ludwig used the tree himself as a kitty pan? My suspicions at midnight last nigbt.

    Ghost says he isn’t a cat person, don’t ask him.

    Cats will use house plants, I got asked that one a lot as a florist. How to prevsnt?

  13. Jackie… we also got nuts (pecans, hazelnuts, English walnuts, and Brazil nuts–a few of each) along with an orange in our stockings. We did, however, get a few other presents. Often I would get a couple of new shirts that were handmade by my mother.

    My younger daughter, Sarah, just had two teddy bears made from flannel shirts that my mother sewed when I was a teenager. My mom also made a full, velvet stripe, tuxedo for my junior prom. It was baby blue as that was very popular in the late ’70s. She even made the ruffled front shirt AND the cummerbund.

  14. From Ludwig’s appearance and behavior he’s reacting to a strange animal. Whether actually in the tree or just scent-marked is up to Jimmy to tell.

  15. Elvis mother made the shirt he wore for his first television appearance of so Jimmy Buffett says.

    I do know his Mama made a lot of Elvis clothes when he was young.

    My mother sewed for me as well.

  16. Good Afternoon Villagers….

    not been healthy two weeks…..I had a seizure a week ago…was sick, did not keep food down or liquid down. not even my medication for at least three 3 days…next thing I knew I was being loaded onto an ambulance.

    And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Jackie…tell GR 😉 that was not necessary…and thak him for me.

    Tired, took Dad to PT this morning…think I’ll take a nap…


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