Hardcore corn

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I think we’ve said all we need to say about barbecue for now, but I couldn’t resist throwing in this classic A&J comic strip from this month 15 years ago.

If you’ve been here this week already, you probably know I was in Kansas City Monday and Tuesday, hob nobbing with the folks at Universal Uclick which distributes Arlo & Janis and about 87 other comic strips. They’re very excited about the growth of GoComics.com, the syndicate Web site where you go every day for “Today’s A&J.” At the risk of shilling for the home team, I would like to remind you that you can sign up at GoComics.com and have your favorite strips delivered to you in your mailbox every morning. It’s free with ads, or you can pay about a buck a month and not have to look at the ads, some of which can be pretty annoying. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not so interested in wrangling a buck a month out of you as I am in having you include me in your list of favorites, which I assume is not a lot to ask or you wouldn’t be here reading this. However, if you do have A&J delivered by GoComics every morning, don’t neglect to come here for Classic A&J and daily barbecue discussions.