Hardly Harvey

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Today, I’m going to begin a series of cartoons that first ran in 1997. It ran for two weeks in newspapers, and before we’re finished, I intend to show the entire series. So, I hope you enjoy “Hardly Harvey,” because Harvey will be visiting with us for days to come. Harvey is a giant dust bunny visible only to Janis, and he is, of course, based upon the title character in the 1950 movie starring Jimmy Stewart, which probably would make my list of 25 favorite movies.

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  1. Harvey looks like the giant wad of lint I just pulled out of my new dryer! From one load.

    Needless to say, my scratch and dent new dryer is working great but my old one didn’t for a long time!

    Love, Jackie

  2. Good morning, Villagers.
    The Man In My Life’s best friend (other than me!) is a funny guy whose favorite movie is “Harvey”. It doesn’t even make my top ten (“Casablanca” is number one. If I lived in those days, i would have been one of those fabulously dressed and coiffed patrons in the Cafe Americain trying to get Rick to drink with them, and wondering about the strange furtive men who hung out at the bar). I had a good run this morning, seven miles and a bit sticky. We are expecting a cold front Friday. Bring it on, says I.
    Jackie, we used to drink iced tea out of urine measuring containers. I still have a jagged piece of skin that a doctor (not The Boss Of My Life) cut out of a pretty girl’s knee, preserved in an old Lidocaine vial. It is kind of a talisman for me

  3. What did I say about protocol on contagion? My own personal worse was pulling blood samples to SEND to disease control on a patient and we knew what he had. We used big old glass syringes in those days and this one broke in my hand, no one can tell my fortune correctly now. Of course the blood went into wound.

    Lily, are you sure of the occupation of those well dressed women in Casablanca? They probably weren’t AIDS workers.

    Mike is in watching FOX endlessly. He does it at night and turns it back on when he gets up in morning. While I don’t watch, I have trouble not hearing! I am grateful for the weed eater outside my office but he turns it up. FOX, not the weed eater!

    Bogart was never a favorite. I had to learn what “Bogarting” a joint was from one of my boating friends who was in Nam and other places. Not having some vices limits your knowledge I guess, like smoking.

    “Harvey” is a cute movie. Jimmy Stewart could pull off a lot.

    I need to get cracking here, we are out of eggs and mama didn’t get any with her biscuits and sausage!

    Love, Jackie

  4. I promise I didn’t cheat and look this up. I remember this is the “Harvey the Dust Bunny” series in which, at its end, Janis shows her butt. Literally. Stay tuned.

    Lily, I understand “Bio Hazard” zip-lock bags make good sandwich bags.

    I went to college with a guy who swore that his mother, who flew a lot on her job, collected airline barf bags and packed his school lunches in them.

  5. Jackie, I think they were supposed to be wealthy expatriates. Like the guy that used to be “The second biggest banker in Amsterdam” and that lovely Chinese lady. The round-heeled ones were the ones that hung out at the bar like “Yvonne”, the gorgeous Madeline Lebeau. When I read the part of The Winds of War (which I frequently do) about when the gang was in Lisbon, talking about noisy expatriates in the bar, I picture the tables to look like that.

  6. Okay, I broke down and bought a “Love Tee” from Victoria’s Secret online. scoring a free pair of leggings and free shipping, all for $25. How could I turn that down? (Can you tell I got paid today?)

  7. Say what, Munchkin? And I’m still mulling over your recent comment about the “Wonder Woman position”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I always dreamed of being the disgraced and slightly dissipated remittance man scion of a wealthy Southern family, exiled to Tahiti in the early 20th Century.

  8. You know Oklahoma is FULL of Texas ex-pats like us and most of us used to be the “second best” something or other. I used to go on stage and used a running joke that they had to settle for the “Second Best” always a bridesmaid, never a bride, runner up for Texas Designer of the Year. Five times!

    It seemed to me that my local area was populated by Texas has beens who moved north. I laughed at one of my Louisiana customers who told me that you shouldn’t play “Losers Poker” with a failed Cajun oilman. We were comparing notes on what we didn’t have any more.

    That is what ex-pats are, of course, Lily. Not glamorous but failed.

    Which just means the money may be gone but we kept whatever taste we had usually. That’s why they dress well maybe?

    Be good or have fun, whichever,

    Love, Jackie

  9. Jackie, the British expatriates of WWII were those that scurried off to neutral countries like Portugal and the USA with their money in portable containers, to enjoy the safety, lack of rationing and extra work of wartime England. As Bunkie Thurston observed, “The British embassy isn’t crazy about them”. But the expatriates of “Casablanca” were symbols of all the refugees of WWII including Berger from Norway and the glamorous Chinese woman. Yvonne was a local. Have I told you about the hat I have that says, “I’m Texas born and Texas bred, and when I die, I’ll be Texas dead?”

  10. Oh. I was thinking the โ€œWonder Woman Positionโ€ meant something entirely different. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Nah, Jackie, wouldn’t need a schooner, as my wahines and would only be travelling the “grass hut-beach-bar” circuit.

  11. Ghost, you would like my friend Kelly McGuire who plays the beach bar circuit but to support his wife and daughters. He will be here next week to play for my wannabee’s. One of his songs is “Boat in Belize” which has great lyrics, in fact, all Kelly’s songs are great lyrics and poetry, besides being a great guitarist.

    I think he majored in English lit or something similar in college, not boating and playing tiki bars. Wannabee is nother of his good ones.

    And yes, Lily, he has won Texas songwriter of the year, musician of the year, album of the year, everything Texan and is from Kemah area. He was a yacht broker along with my Mike but for different companies. Sailors when they have time.

    Love, Jackie

  12. Poem of the day, in honor of it’s fainally getting to be October:

    A Vagabond Song

    Bliss Carmen

    THERE is something in the autumn that is native to my bloodโ€”
    Touch of manner, hint of mood;
    And my heart is like a rhyme,
    With the yellow and the purple and the crimson keeping time.
    The scarlet of the maples can shake me like a cry
    Of bugles going by.
    And my lonely spirit thrills
    To see the frosty asters like a smoke upon the hills.
    There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir;
    We must rise and follow her,
    When from every hill of flame
    She calls and calls each vagabond by name.

  13. Ghost, apparently Gardener McKay did and he ended up on the Leaky Tiki. Ended his life teaching in Paradise at the University of Hawaii, which incidentally is my husband’s second alma mater.

    I think I know others who majored in tiki bars and beaches, if not boats.

    Love, Jackie

  14. Another quote or two, from my lunch fortune cookies:

    “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

    And “People rely on your dependability.”

    But they were probably just hungry and waiting for their Chinese food and eggrolls.

    Love, Jackie

  15. It just occurred to me that my pop up ads might get a lot less annoying if I hit some sites like VictoriasSecretLoveTees.com, ItsyBitsyTeenyWeeny.com, ShortSkirtsLongLegs.com, SheerDelights.com and 95%_Naked_I_Did_The_Math.com.

    OK, I made those up…so sue me. Besides, knowing the InterWebNet, any or all of them could all be real.

  16. ‘. . . round-heeled ones’. Had to explain that to someone while volunteering outside the OR at the local hospital. Maybe the same person who didn’t understand ‘easy as a Monday crossword puzzle’. Grateful to say I’ve never tried either, despite opportunities, including chicks willing to ‘do anything’ for a passing grade.* [‘Oh? Try studying.’]

    *Even sadder are the ones in hotel corridors asking if you ‘need some company?’

  17. Dear Ghost, your colorful story of watching NCIS demonstrates why I never have, and still do not, watch these “shows”. I just can’t stand all this TV stuff, and don’t want to see it.
    My sympathy goes to Jackie who doesn’t want to see or hear Fox News but has to because Mike has it on. I understand.

  18. EMB, my husband Mike used to say he never got accosted by the hookers at conventions and I said I couldn’t understand that, as he was/is exceptionally handsome, especially when he was young.
    He said the kind that worked the conventions he went to got financial reports on exactly who was there and he couldn’t have attracted any if he’d had a $100 bill stapled to his forehead!

    I always thought that was funniest comment I’d heard on subject.

    Actually the hotel scenes as filmed in “Pretty Woman” seemed accurate to me, based on way all the properties handled hookers and security at our bigger hotel accounts. Not far fetched at all.

    Love, Jackie

  19. P.S. Ought to say that Ghost’s comments on NCIS were posted on last night’s thread, Sept. 30 at 11:47 pm.

    Oh, I like the poem a lot that Lilyblack posted … Vagabond Song. Wow, you are highly educated, Lily!

  20. Ghost, worse than watching a t.v. show with a wife who says, “Oh no, not the bubonic plague! They have ALREADY done that one!” and a husband who says, “But not in New Orleans.” is watching a sailing movie with boat and sailing nuts.

    One of my all time favorites (who, me think Rob Lowe is gorgeous?) was a mystery called “Masquerade” that he made back in the 80’s that involved Newport rich folks and big yachts.
    The denouement was when he was supposed to finish off the rich heiress he has married as part of murder conspiracy. He won’t do it, so his partners do or try to.

    It involves cutting diesel lines in yacht, filling bilge with fume, cutting electrical wires to look like chewed by rats, Rob Lowe coincidentally going aboard to prevent wife’s death and big rat jumps on his hand and bites him, causing him to fall into wiring and blowing up yacht and himself.

    It was a beautiful boat too.

    Now this plot is pretty unlikely, about like pulling that rat out by the tail in the ship’s quarters. So every time I see someone pull a rat out in a movie or t.v. plot (which they do more often than you would think) I also think of Rob Lowe!

    I will refrain from any more offensive remarks about Rob Lowe.

    Love, Jackie

  21. What do you and your sailing buddies think f “Master and Commander,” Jackei? The movie, I mean. I have read all 20+ Patrick O’Brian Aubrey/Maturin novels, so I may be prejudiced, but I thin it is the greatest movie about ships ever filmed.

  22. Yep, Jackie, and in my case it’s watching almost any movie having to do with aviation. A lady friend made me take her to see “Non-Stop”, a film which had some holes in its plot you could fly a Boeing 767 through, land, and then taxi to the ramp. Of course, Liam Neeson apparently turned her on, so the evening did have a happy ending. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ref my comment from earlier today, I suspect you are familiar with the useful Southern remark “He/she sure showed his/her butt last night”, which has nothing to do with indecent exposure but does usually have a lot to do with alcohol. Also, your story about Mike and the $100 bill reminded me of the Southernism “Bless her heart, she was such an ugly child her mama had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her.”

    I’ve heard it explained that in the South, a woman can get away with saying almost anything about another woman as long as she prefaces it with “Bless her heart”.

  23. Thanks, Munchkin! Now I know what a “Love Tee” is. No, not particularly racy, but I did notice it was described as “semi-sheer”. I’ve always wondered, does that mean one can almost see through it, or one can almost not see through it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I don’t know much about sailing ships, but I thought Master and Commander was awesome as a movie.

  24. Judging from the VS tees I have, Ghost, it means that you can almost see through them. See the models in the link. I guess anybody that was dumb enough to wear a white one with a black bra would get some, erm, exposure, but I just wear white with tees if I wear anything at all ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. Not all conventions have ladies of negotiable virtue wandering the corridors. One, rather infamous Westercon in San Diego, had them lounging by the swimming pool until the men found out that the pretty women expected to be paid. Once that was cleared up, the men started looking for less professional companions and the hookers went elsewhere. Here’s a filk song about some of the things wrong there, although there are a few words different from the ones I’ve heard used: http://www.sccs.swarthmore.edu/org/swil/FILKS/filkbook2.html#0

    The name comes from the fact that Astrid Anderson (Poul’s daughter) had a boiled potato fall off of her plate at the opening-night banquet and it bounced when it hit the floor. Poul said, “I’ve often written of a dull, sickening thud, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard one.” The song was written in time to be sung at the Closing Ceremonies, and there wasn’t another Westercon there for over 25 years.

  26. Jackie – They’ve dialed back those ridiculous accents on NCIS:NOLA from the original two part spin off on NCIS. I spent most of those two episodes yelling at the TV. So bad, it wasn’t funny. It put me in mind of Nick Cage in “Con Air,” pointless overkill. And I don’t think CBS really believes NOLA can stand alone, too many charter characters guest staring too quick. They shoved away from LA fairly quickly, with Vance having a couple of video cameos and Abby as the lone in person crossover.

    My allergies have gone crazy today. Will check back in tomorrow. More to tell, but too miserable to type.

  27. Me too. I started on Master and Commander and managed to erase all I typed, so will take some allergy meds and go to bed after a shower to wash off the allergens.

    The Rose/The Surprise was designed by the late and great Phil Bolger who inspired and motivated and made everyone want to build boats or design them. We own two small Bolgers. Most of his boats were not classic tall ships of course but he could do them.

    We all loved Aubrey, my favorite quote is “The lesser of two weevils” and a lot of boat designers being British are addicted to the pun. Jimmy Johnson should come if he can from Alabama because he would truly be in heaven with a dozen or so of them to shoot puns at.

    More later if I don’t forget!

    Love, Jackie

  28. OK, back, we LOVE Master and Commander too. I only wish they had done more as they originally said they might. Best period sailing movie ever and great battle scenes. Plus Galapagos.

    I have read every Patrick O’Brien of course, we have autographed copies of some. When I was a kid I wanted to marry Hornblower.
    Boat nuts love me, I read the books they do and watch the movies too.

    The motoring doesn’t bother me much as it does Mike.

    Mike was a certified crew member on the Tall Ship Elissa in Galveston, TX and was a topmast man, which means he was way up at the very top tier of the yards. He was doing this at 50, so you can imagine he is pretty indomitable. Me, I can’t even get in a boat without falling on my face any more!

    Love, Jackie

  29. Asked Mike what he objected to about Master and Commander besides the back winded sails when they were motoring, which does look weird. He said he objected to condensing three books into one movie and their not doing any more of the books.

    I said that was hardly a valid complaint.

    Phil Bolger is a boat designer I really would like to have known. It is sad because he developed dementia and committed suicide as he could not bear losing his mind. He was truly a genius and most original thinker.

    Most of his designs are no longer available for building but we usually have a good number of his boats here, as I try to get people to bring them. Beyond 30 plus feet it gets hard to trailer a boat but we have had some of his larger small boats here.

    Our schooner was a classic Chesapeake Bay schooner that qualified for the schooner races for traditional schooners, so as close to a tall ship as Mike could get. Too big to trailer.

    More than anyone probably wanted to know about Master and Commander! I have Australian designers, New Zealand designers, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada, all coming in a few days, along with possibly friends from other countries I may not know about yet. All boat nuts!

    Love, Jackie

  30. There was a great J.M.W. Turner exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art when I had just moved in here, and I met several Patrick O’Brian fans milling about in the restaurant afterwards (one carrying an H.M.S. Surprise tote that I considered purse-snatching). We got a huge table together and talked P O’B until they closed. I met one lady, Jane something, who said she was a member of the drew of the Rose and she later sent me a still of her climbing the rigging during the movie, dressed in men’s slops. My favorite memory of her is when she pointed out during the “Pulling the Surprise away from the Alastor” scene one of the background shouts is “Pull! Pull like you were pulling a Frenchman off your mother.” Which I always listen for now. They refer to the movie as “The Fillum”.
    My favorite scene in the books is when Jack gets Stephen’s sloth drunk. “Jack, you have debauched my sloth!” Second is when Stephen kills the despicable Ledward and Wray and dissects them with the Dutch naturalist. I can be a vengeful woman towards book characters.

  31. the full-scale ship built for master and commander is part of a nautical museum in san diego. they also have the carrier midway as a museum of its own. last time i saw the midway it was tied up near us in yokosuka, japan.

  32. Now, see Lily, you COULD enjoy being around the kind of boaters who hang out in our yard. Sorry, no Frenchmen that I know of coming, but we are going to have a program on canoeing down the Loire Valley with castles and grape vineyards I am sure. Wish we could have been on that trip.

    In case there are Lord of the Rings fans here, my New Zealand friend has lots of LOR stories too, his friend cooked all the foods used in the film for the Hobbits and Fairies and other folk. I think everyone in NZ had some hand in those films. It is a small country. To be truthful, the accents are worth the trip in my opinion.

    About once a year I start a discussion on fictional sailing books and sailing movies so everyone gets to say what they like best. And we always have a book sale. This year we will have a new book reading and a writing forum on getting published or at least writing for publication.

    Love, Jackie

  33. you can find anything on the internet, sometimes you can even find good things.

    here is a site for sailing fiction readers: http://historicnavalfiction.com/

    among my other favorites are the richard bolitho novels by alexander kent, the series on alan lewrie by dewey lambdin, and those about ramage by dudley pope.

    jackie might know mr lambdin. the reference site says he sails his schooner in the gulf of mexico, lives in nashville, tn.

  34. Just asked, we own those Mark but the reference guide is great!

    Gosh, I love readers!

    Mike has gotten rid of a lot of books outside his sailing/sailing fiction books but he keeps them on lists so we don’t end up with duplicates. When we do, we donate them to the book sale each year for others.

    I loved Ramage too. I loved the t.v. Hornblower and Ramage series more than I did the movies. I am not thinking they made movies on Ramage?

    As a little girl I read everything I could get my hands on, usually reading everything in some limited libraries, so my mom bought me paperback novels. In the 1950’s historical novels were big, so I read all I could find, many not appropriate for an 8-9 year old!

    I loved knights, sea captains, adventurers and detectives. Dainty little girl stories held no appeal for me! Still don’t, no romances or women’s books except cooking and gardening, which men like too.

    And war stories too, Lily. And mystical lands like Middle Earth.

    Love, Jackie

  35. jackie, if you have a smartphone or tablet, go to barnes and noble or amazon and search for megapack in the nook or kindle books. lots of the type stories you like in collections of around 25-27 stories (some novels) for 99 cents plus tax.

  36. emb:

    All but one of the “pros” I saw trolling the truck stop parking lots looked terrible. The only cute one looked to be 16… and walked right up to solicit me. I shouted “No!” at her as the only thing on my mind was the stuck tandem release pin I was spraying with WD-40 and hammering on… her pimp took offense at that, wondering how I could turn down such a “sweet thang”? Fortunately the pin finally retracted so I was able to move the tandems and leave.

  37. Jackie, never said I wouldn’t enjoy the company, only that I couldn’t do the ride by myself. I’d have a panic attack. I’m not good by myself, I have to have company. Which is why I love this house so much, always somebody around to talk to. Hm, I love the Hornblower books, especially Commodore Hornblower, and I love other CSF books like The Captain From Connecticut and The Good Shepherd. Ramage is okay though he is kind of a Mary Sue, Alexander Kent is boring. Marryat is fun, Nicholas Monserrat is awesome, HMS Ulysses by Alistair Maclean is kind of dark. There was a book about a Dutch tugboat captain that I read that was too dark, too. That’s all I’ve got. But none of them are a patch on Jack and Stephen

  38. jackie/lily, ever read any of the dutch mysteries by janwillem van de wetering? or the martin beck ones by wahloo and sjowall? there are language marks in these last two i cant add. latter are dark but good.

  39. Heh, “Dark but good” doesn’t compute with me. “Dark” just means, “I’m not gonna read that again, or anything else by that author.” “Suspense” translates just the same. I hate suspense and dark. I like happy endings, likable heroes, and dead villains. The only anti-hero I love is Harry Flashman, and I feel he is really just a hero who doesn’t lie to himself. Night night. Zzzzz

  40. Allergies got me up early. Might as well go in and get an early start on the day. As yesterday didn’t fair so well, it might be for the best.

    Morning Debbe! I say bring on the chilly! Maybe it will kill off the last of these infernal spiders! And if those teenagers keep giving you trouble, break out the ball and chains (You can tell them it’s their Halloween costumes!)

  41. Good morning Villagers….

    Mark, are you typing with one hand? Noticed you’re not capitalizing ๐Ÿ™‚

    GR ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve heard the pork chop joke too, still funny.

    Jackie, I’ve also heard about the $100 stuck to one’s forehead. Was approached while working as a bartender once with a $100 bill….was never that hungry.

    I, too, loved the movie “Master and Commander” and the Galapogos scenes.

    Trying to find out some info on Verizon cell phone towers. In this little country community, we had a tower go up. Some of the county folks were scurrying to get the tower on their property. The catch, you had to have access to a paved road. If it is Verizon, and I dialed 228 for tower access which said I dialed an invalid number, they’ve not turned on the signal. I hope it is Verizon, as I get lousy reception.

    JJ…I remember this story arc, thanks for clarifying the dust bunny part.

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

    and Indy Mindy….I feel for you and your allergies. It is a miserable time of the year for mold and stuff…I take generic Benedryl….but not at work. And hen house dust is miserable too.l

  42. emb: Gosling is a contemporary Hollywood heart-throb and former child actor; starred in the film The Notebook. I’m too hetero to say for sure, but I suspect many women might go to some lengths to see him naked. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. GR6: Thanks.

    All: Re TV, which is a common topic here, today’s ‘Herman’ skewers it well. I couldn’t find a website; it comes with a gocomics I get.

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