Hardly Harvey, cont.

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The “Harvey” send-up has run here on the Web at least once, more I think. It was among the cartoons I had selected to include in Beaucoup Arlo & Janis, but as production progressed and push came to shove, the two-week series was shoved aside because of space considerations. Maybe Volume II, but this is the only place you’ll see it at present!

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  1. What are you using to scan the old stuff. Everything seems to have great contrast.

    The “Harvey” series is stored digitally, so it isn’t newly scanned. Actually, resolution for the Web is so low that scanning isn’t much of an issue. Any old hardware will do; for traditional publication, that’s another matter. Right now, I use a Mustek scanner for most things. It was inexpensive to begin with and has performed well. — JJ

  2. About Ryan Gosling, sorry he doesn’t seem hetero enough for me, Ghost! I have two bad knees but still wouldn’t care if he were at ground level!

    No reference to today’s strip on either Gocomics or Harvey either.

    Since we have all avoided 9CL totally, I am lost in the plot. It just wanders and wanders aimlessly it seems, like a bad dream.

    Talk about holes you could shoot a shot gun through!

    Loved the Harvey series and Janis’ phobias on dirt and order.

    I gotta run, I have to meet a lady at 9:30 about ordering biscuits and breakfasts for about 100-150 people per day for next weekend.

    Love, Jackie

  3. Yeah, “Volume II”; I caught that, too. Just hope Jimmy is not being a cartoon teaser.

    I finally got around to watching the new season opening (from last week) of The Blacklist on (free) Hulu last night. Red (James Spader) is still delightfully creepy, but they seem to be continuing a trend from last year to “humanize” him. I hope they don’t overdo that. Then he’ll be just like all the other characters in the drama that are weighed down with weighty personal issues. Oh, and I noticed that Megan Boone looks pretty darn good in a black bra and panties.


  4. Reportedly, there are up to 100 secondary contracts with that single Ebola patient in Dallas being tracked. The official line is that “there’s nothing to worry about”, but imagine how complicated that could get if a few more cases turn up.

    Also, there was a report yesterday that the patient was sent home with antibiotics the first time she showed up at the hospital, even though he was symptomatic and told staff at the hospital he had just returned from Liberia. If true, I suspect someone will be (and should be) called on the carpet for that.

    But no, Jackie, I’m still not headed to the basement to load ammo magazines while sitting on cases of MREs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Good morning, Villagers. I don’t own any black underwear, the darkest being lilac. My grannie told me that you put on white for yourself and black for men, and I have no interest in that, nor ever did. The lilac if for me, too, so I feel pretty when I go out.
    I am enjoying 9CWL. Pibgorn is the main Brooke work, but he has been loafing since finishing R&J, publishing old stuff.

  6. Volume ll? Sign me up!!

    Ghost, I agree with you on Red’s character, and yes, James Spader does play him with that wonderful creepiness. I can’t say I’m as excited about Megan Boone in black undies as you are, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Does anybody else in the Village watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? I do love Agent Coulson! And I wouldn’t mind being Agent Melinda May when I grow up.

  7. Not sure why anyone would be ignoring 9CL, but I’ve been reading it along from the start of the current series which seems to have gone for an eternity, and I’m certainly not lost, just extremely bored with it.

  8. Nor would I expect you to be, Jean dear. But Megan did look cute in black lingerie, in a slightly chubby sort of way. I’ll bet you would, too, Munchkin. Though not in a chubby way, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

    TR, the link didn’t work for me, but I assume from the URL it was about Corvettes. I agree. Who wants to pay that kind of $$ for a plastic car that doesn’t even have a trunk? I mean, where would I carry my bug out bag and shotgun? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Lily I still kick myself every time I think that I could have bought a running, in good shape 1960 MGA for $100.00 in 1969 and didn’t. It was being sold by someone who was desperate for money that was a family friend. One of lifes little regrets.

  10. We will have biscuits, gravy, sausage and bacon and scrambled eggs for next weekend, so I just have to provide the cold stuff and utensils and get it all served.

    There are not one but TWO fishing tournaments and a duck hunting group plus all our boaters next weekend. We might be on lookout for guys who look like professional bass tourney people eating with us. It may be crowded in town!

    James Spader is on same level of creepiness as Kevin Bacon and a great actor in my opinion but I cannot watch the show. Mike loves it! Along with a lot of others I cannot bear to watch.

    I used to answer the question of “What car would you be?” with “A red Corvette” which is what I thought I was. Closest I ever got was the baby Corvette and I owned the first one to make it to Mississippi, a silver one, bought over the telephone from an ad in the New Yorker magazine. Louisiana got none from that first shipment from Germany so I phone order to dealer and picked it up, drove it to Hawaii. Loved that car.

    Cars owned and not owned!

    Love, Jackie

  11. Poem of the day: To a Fat Lady Seen From A Train

    O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
    Missing so much and so much?
    O fat white woman whom nobody loves,
    Why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
    When the grass is soft as the breast of doves
    And shivering-sweet to the touch?
    O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
    Missing so much and so much? -Frances Cornford

  12. Sign on the back of an 18-wheeler trailer carrying cases of wine:

    -In Case of Emergency-
    Bring Cheese and Crackers
    Lots and Lots of Cheese and Crackers

  13. My brother texted me yesterday that after 3 years of Liver disease ravaging her wife’s body, the day after her transplant, she was starting to look pink….He nearly cried as he never expected her to ever look like that again.

    She was scheduled to receive the new kidney at 7:30 AM, but they delayed it as another Liver transplant had run into extra innings. She just went into surgery just before noon (Eastern) Hopefully there will be NO complications.

    I visited the Dr. today as a follow-up to my virus. He liked the slow approach that I was taking in regards to introducing new foods. We also reviewed my blood work, which showed 5 or so levels that were in the “High” range. All were caused by the infection and inflammation that hit my body.They drew more blood but results should be good. The good news is that I have lost 8 lbs and have no interest in gaining them back!

  14. Back in 1961 I had a chance to buy a Jag XKE really cheap. I could not reach the pedals with my feet to shift, no matter how close we put seats. That and fact the previous owner had been killed in the car.

    And yet there was no obvious damage to the car whatsoever, not even denting. Since this was a current model, about a year old or less, and car could not have been repaired for what they were selling it for, I believed story that it had been driven beneath an 18 wheeler trailer bed.

    Didn’t buy it but wish I had and kept it in a barn or something.

    But the dead owner may have stayed with car?

    Love, Jackie

  15. Steve, that is great news.

    Jackie, one of my fellow-choirmen has a red XKE. I kidded him about repairs and he said that since Ford took over Jaguar in the 1980s, they had changed the engine to a less complex design and it runs fine and often. He also has a Vanden Plas, which he says is a good car also

  16. Steve, that is great news about you and your sister in law. I still say if they can use any of my body parts, they are welcome to if another can be helped by them. They sure won’t be any good to me and I’d like to think I lived on to help someone else.

    I am being run out of office by garlic fumes. Apparently Mike is in kitchen warding off vampires and I am getting sick in office!

    Love, Jackie

  17. Good on your sister-in-law, Steve.

    So far, I’ve liked most of the music used on The Blacklist to set certain scenes. On the episode I watched last night, during the black lingerie scene (did I mention the black lingerie scene? ๐Ÿ™‚ ), it was “No Sugar in My Coffee” by the band “Caught A Ghost”. What could be more perfect than that?

    Well, Jackie, if vampires have been eliminated, I guess all you have to worry about now are werewolves and zombies.

  18. It took longer than expected but the kidney is in and the prognosis is good. 3-5 years of Liver/Kidney failure took it’s toll on the delicate vessels to the Kidney, but now that it is in, it seems to be functioning properly. I have carried a healthy amount of caution, but to get to this point is frankly beyond what I had dreamed.

    I would definitely recommend signing a donor card. Even an old beat up body can be used…Not that this description applies to anyone here!

  19. Jackie, all the heavy weather appears to be well to the east of Eufaula now.

    Didn’t Janis say blossom-end rot was caused by angry squash gods? As much garlic as Mike seems to using, it may keep them away, too.

  20. Mark in TT: ‘The EFF contacted ComputerCOP by e-mail about these issues. Their head of operations, Stephen DelGiorno, responded, โ€œComputerCOP software doesnโ€™t give sexual predator or identity thieves more access to childrenโ€™s computers, as our .key logger works with the existing email and Internet access services that computer user has already engaged,โ€ which is a completely useless non-answer that has nothing to do with the problems at hand.’ [From the URL you sent.]

    This is the same technique many outfits, both govt. and private, incl. both state and private higher ed., use when they want to pretend to deal with a controversial issue. It is also the same ‘change the subject’ technique that science-deniers, both religious and secular, use to ignore the facts. Many of non-churched scientists and other academics think that church consists only of such science-denying, which is close to true of some religious persuasions. I’m not much worried / the salvation of those profs, but am concerned / the degree to which the deniers really diminish Elohim. [JJ’s speelcheck doesn’t recognize Elohim, first name for God in Genesis 1.] Fun. Peace, emb

  21. Wow, we had a really fine, crashing rainstorm. Must have gotten over an inch. emb. I have noted tha scientific types that scoff really don’t know much about Christianity. I have been cornered by those types, I guess because I wear a crucifix, and had to listen to the most appalling things. Of course, there are the fundamentalists with literal interpretations, and they are even more ignorant. One of them asked me what the fossilized ammonite on my desk was. I told tehm, the fossil of an extinct crustacean. “Can I pick it up?” “Sure” “And you think this…thing was once alive? Couldn’t it be just a funny-shaped rock?” *I point out the shell* “Well, then, how old do you reckon it is?” “About 70 million years, give or take” *Gimlet eye* “But the Earth is only five thousand years old (or whatever). It says so in the Bible. I thought you were a Christian.” “I am a Christian, I have studied Genesis, and it doesn’t say that. Anyway, that is a poem, not a natural history text.” “Hmp, Whiskey pagans!” ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I forgot to say that our hot breakfast parts are being done by a restaurant called “Smells Like Bacon.” Her gas station next door is “I Smell Gas” I think. When I got there the JC Potter truck was in the parking lot.

    This is a very small and popular restaurant. You share tables often with anyone who will let you sit with them or you wait.

    I definitely thought of Lily and eyed the tie died tee shirts that say “Smells Like Bacon” to see if they had one small enough for her. Maybe a child’s?

    Owner said with two bass tourneys in town, plus my boating group and a duck hunting group it would be busy that weekend!

    She learned to cook from the previous (now deceased) owner, a military cook/career who had no one to take over restaurant at his death, so I understand he gave her the restaurant? She works incredibly hard, as do all her waitresses.

    You should see her Breakfast Special which in the 20 years I have been here has gone up to either $4.95 or 5.95, I forget which. It is two LARGE fresh baked biscuits, gravy, two eggs any way, a big side of hash browns or grits, usually about 4-6 bacon or sausages. It started at $3.95 when I moved here.

    All cooled at a big flat iron grill that runs length of back of restaurant. Which is visible from anywhere so they run a clean ship! It isn’t a true diner, but diner style. She does not want anyone inviting Guy Fiero and Triple D, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, but he’d love it probably.

    I will not say how kind she was to do this for us and how reasonable too. And the fried chicken for 200 went to another local business who runs a Christian mission and is minister himself. And the VFW ladies are cooking a country dinner for us another night with desserts even.

    Anyone who’d like to come is truly invited! I am pretty certain I could get someone to come ferry Lily up here!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  23. I accidentally posted this at the end of yesterday, so I think I’ll repost it here. The comment about same thing happening to me refers to getting an AP news map but not a Corvette.

    NK in AZ on 02 Oct 2014 at 7:10 pm #
    Yup. Same happened to me, cxp. I seldom to never take time for the musical links but often look at the others. BTW, we loved Pickles today, and I thought you should be sure to see it, cxp. Also BTW, I am married to a CXP.

  24. How about an antediluvian curmudgeon trophlidite? OK, JJ’s spellcheck doesn’t do that one and I got the first two spelled right by myself!

    Love, Jackie

  25. Sorry: Many non-churched scientists, delete the ‘of’.

    Lily: You seem to handle them pretty well.

    Jackie: Did you mean ‘antediluvian curmudgeon trilobite’?

  26. That will do too! I used to call a lot of people that and now I am one!

    Funny thing, besides defining curmudgeon you’d have to define the other two as well.

    Love, Jackie

  27. Lily: ‘. . . an extinct crustacean.’ Trilobites are much earlier crustaceans. Ammonites are extinct mollusks, cephalopods in particular. Went extinct with the dinosaurs. Some ‘science types’ [your term; I never say ‘religious types’] think their kinds of eggs differed from those of the extant octopuses, squids, and nautiloids, and that that made the difference. Beats me; that was one of the Big Five extinctions in the fossil record. All, of course, happened within the last 10,000 years or less. Sad.

  28. um, emb, grant you the “mollusc,”instead of “crustacean”, that was a blooper, but didn’t the ammonites die away after the K-Pg extinction 65 million years ago?
    Heh, my Autocorrect tried to change “ammonite” to “Samsonite.”

  29. So true, GR, and through the ages there have been quite a few well educated and scholarly “fundamentalists” (with advanced degrees, no less) who should not be classified as ignorant. And, they are not yet extinct. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Ghost, Christian fundamentalists surround me. Catholics, Episcopalians, Methodists, Southern Baptists and Presbyterians here in town but small congregations. I noticed the old funeral home was now a Church of the Latter Day Saints across from the bank last week, which is good. But Oklahomans predominately are strong supporters of more extreme religions.

    I told the story of me comparing notes with my florist friend about our upbringing. Mine was pretty strict, along with pretty rebellious. I keep referring everyone to “Shag” and “Footloose” as good reference movies, most of which could have been taken from my life of course.

    Anyway, I said my grandmother stopped at foot washing and snake handling, she did not feel those were proper. My friend said, “Well we do both at my church where I am pastor.”

    We remained friends of course. Ghost or someone find Jerry Clower or one of the youtubes snake handling. Lordy, I googled that and got a ton of REAL snake handling youtube recording and they were serious, not funny!!!

    That does it, I am going to bed and will have snake nightmares.

    Love, Jackie

  31. We treated a snake handler who handled a rattler in a bad mood. He nearly lost his hand. Wow that was an interesting surgery with The Boss Of My Life and the hand surgeon! They took that guy’s hand apart and put it back together again like a watch! :O

  32. I believe it was Ray Stevens, he of “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” fame, who told the story of being invited to church by a friend without knowing it was a snake-handling congregation until the pastor walked in with an armful of poisonous snakes. He turned to his friend and asked where the back door to the church was. When he was told there wasn’t one, he said, “Well, tell me where you want it, because I’m about to make one!”

  33. Debbe ๐Ÿ˜‰ Once when I was relief bartending, a guy offered the bartender a $100 bill (back when that was pretty good money) under the same conditions it was offered to you. She turned him down flat.

    When we got off work, she said, “Come on,” and we drove out to and parked in the middle of a cotton field and had a sweet smooching session under a beautiful full moon. That’s still one of the best compliments any woman has ever paid me.

  34. Ghost, you know your southern humor too. It is Ray Stevens, and is called the “Smokey Mountain Rattlesnake Retreat”. I found it on youTube but it was full of real snakes too but not with Ray Stevens holding them.

    Then I got distracted by a bunch of other stuff he recorded including a Shriners’ convention with tacky hookers and the famous Mississippi squirrel revival which I think is funniest he ever did.

    Sorry, sometimes my tastes get questionable.

    Yeah, that was a great compliment Ghost. Funny thing is women like us would never be bought but we liked to give presents I think to those who deserved them?

    Have to say I have been puritanically faithful since I married, so morality plays a big part probably too.

  35. I think I heard a Ray Stevens song about a gorilla or something. I wasn’t impressed.

    Heh, some of us wouldn’t give a reward like that to somebody who had saved our lives. I mean, a hug and a peck on the cheek, sure. But longer than like five seconds? Makes me feel all icky inside to think of doing something like that. But I know there are women that don’t agree with me, so, Pax.

  36. The weird thing is, somebody did save my life. And not only did I not get to hug him but I never laid eyes on him. All I know is that I have listened to the 911 tapes over and over. A man, certainly. Deep voice, Southern accent, black or white? I don’t know. My daddy has spent thousands trying to find him, but to no avail. He has disappeared. The deepest mystery in my life, and I have barely a clue. People keep smugly telling me that today nobody is “off the grid,” anybody can be found. But not him. I wonder and wonder…

  37. Good morning Villagers…

    GR ๐Ÿ˜‰ ah, them cotton fields back home, around here we have corn fields….yeah, I noticed the painting also in the comments section in yesterday’s TIP….I also thought of you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Going to drop in temp about 26 degrees tonight…brrrrr

    ….today’s grin: https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/8329555968/h527A541F/

    And it’s FRIDAY, and it’s PAYDAY……


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