Hardly Harvey, cont.

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With this rare Friday post, we’re already a quarter of the way through the “Harvey” sequence, and, if I may say so, the best is yet to come. I’ve been playing around with some tee shirt designs that I hope will be out “just in time for Christmas.” I’ve been saying I was going to do that for 25 years. Maybe finally. I’ve been wracking my brain about what you’d like. Then it occurred to me: I’ll just ask. That is the way we do things around here. Any suggestions? (Sorry, no guarantees!) There’ll be a lot more said about this in the near future.

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  1. The A&J car logo, please. Think the design would fit the Village perfect, given the car talk in here on certain days. Would buy one for sandcastler™ and myself.

  2. Well, good Friday morning to everyone! I love this series but I seem to have banished my cleaning phobias pretty much! Good thing, no one wanted to room with me in college because I was a clean freak. Everything else fine, they could tolerate, but not clean freaks!

    My realtor friends used to bring clients over to show them my house and the closets, cabinets. “This is what you must do to show your house, you hear?” And my house wasn’t even for sale!

    This is phobic, I tell you.

    Lily, I am glad someone phoned 911 for you. Not even security guards nor the police even so much as noticed our kidnappers!

    People, if things don’t look right to you about a situation, go ahead and make a call. It may save someone’s life, you just don’t know.

    I do know that I helped put security guards in public places like malls, hotels, public events and hopefully helped to protect a lot of other women. There is a reason for all our lives, we just must find it.

    Love, Jackie

  3. Me too, on the car logo. I was just admiring it this morning before I got to reading comments and saw the tee shirt note.

    Me, I’d buy a Ludwig if there was one, a sailing one ditto and a Janis gardening. Those are all favorites of mine.

    Love, Jackie

  4. I’d like just a simple A&J together, the picture above is more car then them, and without sunglasses, just the both of them, so I can tell people Hey! this is Arlo and Janis.

  5. Jackie: “I is one.” You, a troglodyte? In what sense?

    Snake handling is fun, and a real ego trip, but only moderate size constrictors. You want attn.? Walk to your next lecture with your boa wrapped around your hand.

  6. Yeah, I’d buy the “car tee”, probably several, in various colors. They would be available in different colors, wouldn’t they?

    Well, that’s one of the considerations. This is something of an experiment. Whatever the result, it will be designed and overseen by me and produced locally. It will be a good product. However, I won’t be able to offer the diversity of, say, a “Zazzle,” that can promise you an infinite variety of cr… I mean, choices. There, I’ve said too much. — JJ

  7. Well, when I was young I used the expression about seniors who just didn’t seem to “get it” and now I am 70 I am afraid I have made it to that status as well!

    My next door neighbor in New Orleans kept a pair of constrictors as pets and she liked to let them loose to crawl around the yard to get exercise and fresh air. I was always afraid to use any chemicals in my vegetable garden for fear I’d kill her snakes, so I had an organic garden for the snakes benefits.

    I was also afraid I’d go out to pick green beans and find them curled up the bean poles and I’d faint dead away.

    She would bring them out a lot and let people play with them and pet them. I have a photo somewhere of my sister in law with the snakes curled around her body. They were pretty big ones, about 10-12 feet I’d say and really fat. She fed them mice she raised and she kept the mice cage out by my back fence too.

    New Orleans is full of some really interesting people, of course!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. I second (third, fourth, fifth, whatever) the car logo as well. Or maybe both on the same side posing like in a snapshot in front of the car. I also like “cabana boy” and the “Casual Friday” images as well.

  9. T-shirts!!!

    I agree on the car design, or Arlo and Janis sitting in their chairs in the yard.

    Jackie, for a while a couple of years ago my younger daughter had a snake of some sort, “only” about 6 feet long. It was in a snake cage in her living room. I did not visit her while she had it. She finally sold it to a friend because she couldn’t build the type of enclosure she wanted so it would have plenty of room to crawl around. She also didn’t tell me until after it was gone that it bit her one day while she was feeding it frozen rats. She knew if I found that out I would have had a new shakeskin belt the next day.

    And a belly dancer friend now has a three-foot-long boa that she dances with. I admire her dancing, but don’t get too close.

  10. I suspect that the blog alone would give you enough of a customer base to make the tee shirt project a success. And if there are tee shirts, could coffee mugs be far behind?

  11. The car logo has great appeal, no doubt. But for me, Arlo’s sailing fantasies have always been emblematic. They speak to the power of dreams, even dreams unfulfilled. I’d love an image of Arlo living his dream, even if reality was intruding around the edges.

    Plus, excuse to draw a sailboat. 🙂


  12. I favor Ludwig and/or the car logo, but I’m sure I would love any design you came up with.

    If possible, offer extended sizes. Not just XL, but all the XXXXXes. Please don’t forget your “biggest” fans love you, too!

  13. “The Kiss”, from the cover of “The Book”, would work for the incurable romantics among us. (You know who you are.) And didn’t the gocomic’s page (or that of its predecessor) once have a nice illustration of Arlo and Janis in evening attire, dancing rather amorously?

  14. Good morning, Villagers! A nice cool morning and a few leaves turning, with me running in a hoodie, I got so pumped I was on my ninth mile and got picked up by The Boss Of My Life and taken direct to the hospital after dropping Neesh off at home. I had to shower at the hospital and my hair looks like a dishrag. But it was worth it.

    Debbe, I believe firmly that he was an angel, which has gotten me a lot of grief over the years.

  15. I too like “Bop Til You Drop” and am still in market for a copy should anyone want to sell for less than $250 or I see one at a used book store!

    Would instantly buy a volume II but settle for tee shirts. I like the kiss one also, and the …….. Oh what the heck, I like them all.

    I remember the elegant formal clothes, it was an invitation to a New Years party I think or a thank you card offered by Café Press.

    No one has mentioned the emblematic Christmas stockings one, which I bet Ghost owns the original of!

    Love, Jackie

  16. Jackie: The Man In My Life owns one, along with all the others, but he never has sold a book in all the time I’ve known him. He likes to talk about how much they retail for, but that is all. When we were last in New Orleans he saw a first edition of Lonesome Dove for sale for like two hundred dollars and it made his day. I got in trouble for getting jelly (not *my* jelly!) on his first edition Conan the Barbarian

  17. NK/AZ: Just saw your post from yesterday – I read Pickles daily, to be sure! Sometimes I fit the definition given; sometimes, not.

  18. NK/AZ: Just saw your post from yesterday – I read Pickles daily, to be sure! Sometimes I fit the definition given; sometimes, not.

  19. NK/AZ: Just saw your post from yesterday – I read Pickles daily, to be sure! Sometimes I fit the definition given; sometimes, not.

  20. Camera angle at Old Faithful is different, seems to be focused on a….critter? Bison perhaps? Or maybe something just that general shape, haven’t seen it move yet! 🙂

  21. OF due to erupt 1343-1403 CDT.


    It’s 34F here, light snow this am, didn’t stay on the ground.

    The juncos and white-throated sparrows are back. That’s joyful news in spring, but ominous news now. But, mosquitoes are gone. They weren’t bad this summer, even though it was a fairly wet one. Had several days when highs reached 90s. Had 2-3 days of ‘Indian summer’* in late Sept., highs in low 80s, ate both lunch and supper on the patio. Lawn chairs still out there; regs. say they have to stashed by 1 Nov. Peace, emb

    *May not be PC. [PG-13?]

  22. Tees:

    ‘Not just XL, but all the XXXXXes’ and other similar comments. I take an M, and don’t like tees to just hang on me. I’ll probably go for any design you come up with, size M.

    Peace, emb

  23. Sorry for the 3x post. Kept getting 404 error messages so kept trying to submit the comment.

    T-shirt design: I favor “I’ve seen the sunset a thousand times, too.” full cartoon, of course. A second book would be more welcome, though.

  24. I think the car and cartoon blog banner would make an awesome tee shirt, though perhaps with, as Bookworm suggested, a change in pose to feature the characters more prominently. I’d also suggest that Jimmy’s name below the cartoon name be replaced with “Peeking in Windows Since 1985″…an insider remark for those who are in the know, and perhaps a conversation starter with those who aren’t.

    Full strips might perhaps work better on the-soon-to-be-announced coffee mugs. 🙂

  25. Arlo grilling, Janis gardening, either or both reading, both walking together…those are ways we often see them. Oooo, what about the strip in which Arlo was reading tee shirts?

  26. Late to arrive on the subject today, I see my lady has it well in hand. I concur on the design, it should have Jimmy’s signature below. Or, hand signed copies for an uptick in pricing. Should the car logo win out I will talk Loon into a special photo session that should please GR6.

  27. If there is a sailing one, I will buy some for prizes for next year’s events and I guarantee Jimmy will get new fans if they aren’t already!

  28. Car logo is really at the top of the list, signed of course. Distant second just a peek. Yup XXX’s for loose comfort. I’d justify the cost somehow on my fixed income.

  29. A moderated link, Lily? Dang, it must be a good one. 😉

    Denise: Excellent! The “reading tee shirts” one would be an exception to my coffee-mugs-for-strips suggestion.

  30. Folks, Jimmy’s hand would cramp up and he wouldn’t be able to draw cartoons! That would be AWFUL. How about a signature worked into the print instead? And then we could buy several of whatever design he comes up with. 🙂

  31. First small jets at 1617, immediate expansion to full classic display, winding down by 1619; all in a bright, sunny day. Neat.

  32. Wonder if insurance would offer a couples BOGO; buy a mamogram and get a free prostate exam. Sort of a squeeze and finger deal. hehehe

  33. My $.02 – The car logo would be cool, but I also think a JJ exclusive would be awesome. Only available on items from the gift shop. Imagine: Arlo, Janis, Gene, Mary Lou, Meg, Gus, and Ludwig on the schooner. (I can just see Luddie poised to make a comically tragic miscalculated jump at a passing gull.)

    I would also love this strip on a mug

  34. Heavier snow and > 20 mph wind = RAW. Yesterday a friend told me fall = her favorite season. I believe it ended today. There w/b snow on the ground Sat., but mostly sun and a high of 44F, so it will likely all melt.

    How do I get to see A&J 28 Apr. ’96 cartoon to find out about Evan’s suggestion, above?

  35. Aw, we just got our second cold front of the year, and a few leaves are turning yellow. The Boy In My Life had to rake some windblown leaves down this afternoon – in short sleeves!

  36. Phooey! eMb – go to url bar and erase everything up to .com/ then add apeek.htm

    I tried to post the link. Moderation land. Or just Google Arlington and Janis something about a peek.

  37. Jackie, I confess I did watch a few minutes of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox the other night, because I heard that your old classmate (wasn’t it?) James “Snake Head” Carville was going to be on. I find watching the way the spittle-spraying increases as he gets more vociferous to be one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen on TV recently.

    Surprisingly, he and O’Reilly actually agreed on a couple of things. He mentioned he is now 72, so perhaps he has mellowed a bit.

  38. Like in Arlo’s dream, Janis in her yellow bikini and Arlo at the helm of the boat. Or, the car logo with Janis a little more prominent.

  39. That schooner will look like Gilligan’s Island with the whole crew on board at once!

    Ludwig as the ship’s cat.

    Arlo as skipper and Janis in bikini?

    Love, Jackie

  40. About the Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville— he used to spit and sputter and go berserk even as a college student. I can’t even watch him and laugh, he just still bothers me, despite all his success and I guess intelligence.

    I find it ironic that he leaves his first college totally off his resume, where he got the Ragin’ Cajun nickname from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, although he dropped out and did not graduate.

    My husband insists on watching Fox and I swear Bill O’Reilly must be on the air at least 8 hours per day! And then he guests on all the other shows and they guest on his.

    I need to send some photos to some newspapers belatedly. I am behind!

    Love, Jackie

  41. Jackie, I’ve heard SWL referred to as “one of the Louisiana Directional Colleges”.

    Nah, I think it’s just that a little O’Reilly goes a long way. But he’s far from the worst thing on TV.

  42. You know I like that car logo just like it is. There is a hint of Janis’ assets and a full length of Arlo.

    There are so many great strips that could be mined for a single frame, this may be really hard for Jimmy to do?

    And the car shows what REALLY “cool kids” they are. It is like Joe Cool in Peanuts. Of course, only us really old cool kids may remember Joe Cool, the ultimate cool kid.

    I do remember a sailing strip where Arlo is at the helm in front and leaning into wind, which is a little weird because boats don’t steer from the front? Janis should be in front in her bikini and Arlo in stern at wheel.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  43. I agree with GR6! I quote:

    “The Kiss”, from the cover of “The Book”, would work for the incurable romantics among us. (You know who you are.) And didn’t the gocomic’s page (or that of its predecessor) once have a nice illustration of Arlo and Janis in evening attire, dancing rather amorously?

    I think that these would capture the A&J essence better than the car image, as much as I like that one also.

  44. The car logo. It’s all about staging: the prop, laid back attitudes, and the we have made it dress. It speaks volumes about dreams, hopes, and aspirations. This is a couple who knows they have it and are comfortable admiting it.

  45. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter against the overwhelming tide but put me in the column AGAINST the car logo. Although I LIKE the car, the characters, in fact, are never seen in or around a car in the strip itself. I’d prefer a cheeky image of A & J together. Simple and recognizable. If it must be an “action” shot, maybe sitting at their kitchen table with their coffee mugs.

  46. I think the car logo would make a good looking tee-shirt, but I wish I could suggest something that would embody what I feel is the reason we all love them so. They are “us” and so many times we are just comforted by their continuity, their love for and commitment to each other, their acceptance of each other’s idiosyncrasies. They have a good marriage and so many of JJ’s strips nail it on the head. Perhaps, similar to the “Life is Good” brand, there could be a choice of tees, some with them sitting in their lawn chairs, some on their couch, some cooking and tasting in the kitchen, some in the bed (bed check!), and some with Ludwig and Gene.

  47. Obviously, the tantalizing hope of A and J tee-shirts is inspirational to us all, even before we see the shirts. How can they not hope to inspire? And maybe make Jimmy and his friend some extra spending money? Or pay a bill?

    When I was ordering the 450 breakfasts at the “Smells Like Bacon” shop I mentioned how much people loved her tie dyed tee shirts with the company logo on them. I asked if she had any extra and I would offer them at our combination nautical sale, book sale, etc. She told me the man who makes them for her is over 70 years old and she had trouble getting any to sell herself!

    I think I might ask if she’d donate one as a door prize or award?

    By the way, her gas station is indeed named “I Smell Gas”.

    My first boat designer from England has arrived from Port Townsend, Washington via Kentucky and Arkansas. I know, it is a wonder the British conquered the world with a sense of direction like that. It is his second time here, so he returned after the coldest October snowfall and freeze and sleet in Oklahoma history on his first festival. A great time was actually had by all but not much sailing.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. As we all know JJ ” peeks in our windows”, I think if JJ puts a subtle window frame image around the image it would be great insider conversation idea. This would work for all images bop till you drop, the kiss, the car, sitting chairs in the yard, Ludwig in the the yard or in the house. All are my favorites.

  49. Good morning, Villagers. Nine miles this morning, and was it great! 53 degrees, hoodie weather for sure. My doggy loved it.

    Heh, I have never said JJ “peeked in our window,” and it’s a good thing, cause we are so weird that nobody would recognize any behavior.

  50. The “Something About A Peek” strip cannot be viewed at the online A&J archive, so I put up a link in a subsequent post to where our Beloved Author had posted it for us. Alas, that post is still being frisked Moderately.

    There are a huge number of A&J comic strip candidates that would make excellent shirts for the initiated. There are also many that I think would have a pretty broad appeal, even if one was not familiar with A&J.

    The problematic aspect of strips is fitting them on the shirt without making them so small that they cannot be read. I suppose they could be stacked two on two, but I do not know how feasible/expensive that would be.

    So here is a quick run at strips that would make great shirts that most everyone seeing them should be able to appreciate without much context. All that would be necessary is the Final Two Frames, except for a special favorite at the end:

    2/27/08 Cabana Boy

    1/31/01 Understand men/women

    4/28/09 MY fault?!

    7/14/94 Ah, Ah, Ah!

    10/9/95 Boy, you’re late! (full strip)

    There are certainly more, but I have to match them with a date for reference…

  51. Sorry to butt in again, but I would be seriously remiss if I did not include a strip that absolutely makes me marvel at Jimmy’s ability to script Janis so accurately; again, you could get by with just the last two frames:

    6/9/06 Except that one time

    A special hat tip to Brother Johnson for that gem.

  52. Got up late, and no snow on the ground. Low of 33F wasn’t enough. Precip. unlikely today, predicted low 32.

    The car logo is wonderful for us, but we know A&J overall. To a stranger, here’s this cool dude and his flivver, and that’s probably his girlfriend with her back to us. And the shades are no substitute for JJ’s eyes. We do want others to see our tees, no?

    A&J are a couple and she should get equal billing. ‘The Kiss’ is splendid, and the savvy will get the allusion, even if they don’t know Janis or Arlo.

    Peace, emb.

    I should check the geyser.

  53. In my experience, getting a whole strip on a tee gives men an excuse to stare at your chest. I bought a “Mother Goose and Grimm” tee back when I was in high school, and the experience was not pleasant. I got a lot of half-witty comments. Even my “Han Shot First” tee had some effect like this, but the comments were much nicer. I would go for a single panel, like “Bop Till You Drop” or the car masthead, but not “The Kiss” or a two or three panel strip. In size XS only. I have had some bad experiences with size small, and they ended up as dustrags.

  54. The green beans are prolific, mama brought in a big basketful.

    The squash are blooming madly but not much squash. The squash gods are angry!

    I need to cook green beans and a lot of greens tonight to make room for refrigerated stuff for the boat meals. Even though we are having catered, I still have to do stuff.

    By the way, Dollar General has better prices than both Walmart and Sam’s Club, so I support my local small market a mile down the road and my two local grocery stores who are small independent chains. All have better prices than Wally World. Isn’t that interesting.

    I am a locavore for sure. Spell check doesn’t know what I am either.

    Love, Jackie

  55. Jackie: Me, I go to Brookshire’s and we get veggies from our local truck farmer. We have a “Walmart List” that is a permanent fixture on our household bulletin board {which is not corkboard but Bulldog clamps attached to bolts and was started for Carson (My Adopted Twin Brother) and Will (The Boy In My Life) to display their artwork}. Other things there: Will’s report card for last six weeks if it was bad, household chores regular and special assigned, cartoons that somebody thought was funny, the menu for that night and the next night and coupons.

  56. Poetry excerpt of the day:

    “Yon rising Moon that looks for us again–
    How oft hereafter will she wax and wane;
    How oft hereafter rising look for us
    Through this same Garden–and for one in vain!

    And when like her, oh, Saki, you shall pass
    Among the Guests Star-scatter’d on the Grass,
    And in your joyous errand reach the spot
    Where I made One–turn down an empty Glass! ”

    -The Rubaiyat

    By Omar Khayyam, translated by Edward Fitzgerald

  57. Lily, New Orleans ruined me for Paradise with a fresh fruit and veggie truck who came to my house three times a week to deliver.
    My diapers and laundry were picked up and delivered. My dairy products and milks came daily in real glass if I wanted. My meats came from a real butcher who delivered, along with wines and cheeses delivered.

    Only cleaning products and canned goods were not delivered and I usually drove out of Garden District once a month to a supermarket out in lakefront area to stock up.

    Don’t know if you can get that now in N.O. or not. I forgot about bread but yeah, that fresh too.

    I like my small town markets, everyone knows me by name, they help me out to car/truck/load/bag get me stuff special if I ask. Their prices are competitive and believe me, I know if they are competitive or not. All my family members either worked for supermarkets, both daughters, or sold to them, me, Mike and my daughters, as salesmen. We sold chains and we sold indie’s but I like the indie’s and local people far, far better.

    It is just they are easier to shop and more personal, they actually care.

    Love, Jackie

  58. Our truck gardener cares. He brings me pretty things nobody else will buy like purple carrots and baby eggplants and lettuces. His name ends in -moto, so I call him “Mr. Moto.” He always grins, puts his hands together and bows to me when I say that!
    Besides Brookshire’s (which is locally owned, based in Tyler, my old stomping ground) is full of our patients and friends as employees, not to speak of customers, so it is fun going there. “Hi, Susie, how are you?” “Hi, Susie, how far did you run this week?” “I saw you at ‘The Silver Fox’ last weekend. You were dancing like a maniac”.
    There used to be and may still be, a small grocery store from a small chain “Jerry’s” one town over. I never went there but went to a Farmer’s Market on the other side of the highway. I was buying some fruit there once and said something to the woman behind the counter and she said, darkly, “YOu ever go in there?” “Nope” “Well, don’t. They sell green meat.” 😀

  59. Oh, my. The Mississippi Aggies has posted a rather convincing win over the Texas Aggies. I love SEC football.

    My sister loved Dollar General. She called the one she shopped her “Country Galleria.” I use DG for pretty much anything other than groceries and fresh produce. When our local Farmer’s Market isn’t operating, there is a good standalone “produce stand” not far away, owned by a friend’s mom. No small locally-owned food markets here anymore (although there used to be some good ones, back in the day when A&P and Delchamps were the only chain stores in town), so I shop Kroger for groceries, based on a combination of price, selection and convenience. They suit my needs.

    Well, Lily, at least it was just “green” meat and not the “rainbow” meat.

  60. OK, if I have not admitted it before I will now. When I was in floral wholesale/supplies/Christmas/Silk flowers I sold them all, including Brookshires and all the Texas chains and all the southern ones and a lot of the Yankees as well! I was honored to have attended the Cornell University’s conference on national supermarkets and didn’t sell a thing you could eat or that lived!

    I will seldom say anything bad about a grocery company, they have paid a lot of bills for Mike and I since 1970 when we began to sell to them. So have gourmet shops, wine and cheese shops, Christmas stores and a host of others.

    But I personally like small town stores because if we do not support them, soon we will have nothing but empty streets which we already have in many small towns.

    Ghost, Dollar General has added full small groceries in some states, I have seen them, produce, frozen, fresh, canned, entire lines. My new one out here does not have the produce but has everything else including same national brands as a chain grocer and competitive with anyone.

    I know they are no longer southern owned but I still consider them as such.

    Love, Jackie

  61. Husband is in having fits over SEC football I guess. They were talking about Johnny Manziel, so probably Texas A and M. He is on Oklahoma now and not cursing?

  62. Ghost, daughter left Kroger for Whole Foods. She bought natural foods for your district too, worked stores for years. I told her if she hadn’t burned too many bridges to go back, Kroger is powering in on the natural foods markets!

    Personally, I miss Piggly Wiggly and Delchamps and a lot of the old stores.

  63. Well, like a lot of small towns, Brookshire’s is the only sheriff in town. They ran the little AG out before I got here but everybody tells me it was terrible. Smelled bad and the ice cream had crystals in it from melting and on and on. Never set eyes on it myself.
    I try and support our local businesses. I bought a pair of short overalls from a local store and acted as a model for them. But their selection! I know they have to cater to non-prime-figure people, but still! We get a lot of medical supplies from local pharmacies and office supplies from local stores to support them. We eat lunch at least once a week at local cafes.

    Heh, the proprietor of the local hardware store told The Man In My Life that “This is where they come when they can’t find it at Wal-Mart.”

  64. Actually, one of our two local “Pig” stores is still operating. I always liked our now-closed A&P. Also Jitney Jungle, before Winn-Dixie bought them out.

    Did you know Jitney Jungle is mentioned in “To Kill a Mockingbird”? And was also featured in the writings of Eudora Welty? I’ll bet that a distinction no other grocery chain can claim. And I’ll bet Jimmy knew that. (He may even have shopped at Miss Welty’s Jitney in the Bellhaven area of Jackson.)

    Our DG’s have mostly the milk/bread/eggs/bacon (sorry, Munchkin) type foods, although they recently opened a larger store on the edge of our old “downtown” area that is under-served by food markets, and they may well carry a larger line of groceries. That location is not too close to me, and I haven’t visited it yet, since there is one DG store a half mile south of me and another a mile to the north.

    Oh, and when I was in the nearer one yesterday, they were stocking Christmas decorations. Don’t tell Arlo!

  65. Quote of the day: “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
    – Jim Rohn, originally posted by Emily Skye

    Ghost: “Our DG’s have mostly the milk/bread/eggs/bacon (sorry, Munchkin) type foods” *shrug* It’s not for me, but it beats pigging out on horrid donuts

  66. “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
    You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout
    Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks! 5
    You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,
    Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts…”

    …um, what are we lamenting?

  67. the dollar general groceries are pretty nice, if you dont mind store brands (i don’t). did not like kroger’s because they sold national brands at inflated prices and their own brands at the price walmart sold national brands. mom retired from WM and i dont mind shopping there. they put food on our table for years with her salary!

  68. Ok, we’re old. We buy used books, shop at Goodwill and the Dollar Store. BTW, have you seen the video of the guy kicking the cat? I don’t mean that he kicked it. I mean that he was going for a 50 yard field goal! The guy is in jail as well he should be. Yes I will eat a steak tonight. No cow has ever talked with me, sat in my lap, slept with me and came when I called it. Back when I only had a tremor in my left hand and had just recently bought the kitties home I woke up on the bed and found Cilla lying across my left hand. Only an animal? Don’t go there.

  69. Jerry, the plain fact is that saints are few and far between in this fallen world, and they don’t seem attracted to politics. The closest I can come up with George Washington. The other side of the coin is that demons seem definitely attracted to it. Look at Hitler.

  70. Ask Alabama fans about lamentations. And don’t get me started on politicians.

    I really don’t care much for donuts, either, although I must confess that I have, just a few times, fallen for a freshly fried Krispy Kreme, in much the same way Simp the Fisherman fell for the Lovely Mermaid. But never have I pigged out on them.

  71. Ghost, the Jitney Jungles were close to my heart, founded by a family in my hometown. OK, I lived in country but we shopped in town 21 miles away. Big city of about 3500! They no longer own, sold out but those were good stores and were they EVER profitable!

    I used to pay about $300 a year to get a report of all groceries in U.S. and those little stores earned more per square foot than any other in my selling territories which was technically 6 states but in actuality I could sell anyone I could sell if not already being sold. In entire U.S.

    Piggley Wiggley was profitable too in those days.

    My stone mason is here, need to go speak to him and go take a bath! Spending money is a dirty job and someone has to do it.

    Love, Jackie

  72. So we went to church tonight at 4:30 as I was cantoring. I sang Untitled Hymn by Chris Rice. Here is a version that I did last year


    We then went to Applebees because my Purdue Boilermakers won a Big Ten game after starting Austin Appleby. Yeah it’s a stretch but they have a decent dinner deal.

    Tonight we were watching the Mich St/Nebraska game with all three cats cuddling up to us as an unusually cold night hit us here in Royal Oak. Our daughter is an alumni & is at the game. Connor Cook flipped it to Lippet on a long TD pass and my wife started clapping and cheering and scaring the cats right off the couch! Thanks Jimmy, you not only look in my windows, but seem to know what my future holds!

  73. Our forecast for tomorrow morning is low 40’s, about 15 degrees cooler than this morning, and about 20 degrees lower than a week ago. Pretty mild by Great White North standards, I know, but still a bit chilly for is thin-blooded Southerners. The forecast for tomorrow’s lunch is an 80% chance of jambalaya made with andouille sausage.

  74. High low 40s, but wind went right through tee, long-sleeved polo, and heavy synthetic ‘wool’ pullover. Glad I wore warm hat and gloves to walk to hosp. gym. Woman there was hoping for ‘Indian summer.’ Told her that was the two 80F days one or two weeks back. ‘No, it’s still due.’ Hope springs eternal.

  75. Very nice, Steve – thanks for sharing your music. I have always liked that particular Chris Rice song best of all his songs. I also enjoy Fernando Ortega, especially his “Give Me Jesus” melody. When I hear one of these, I always think of the other.

  76. Time to nominate 3 more favorites for T-shirt duty:

    1-25-00 It’s boring (full strip)

    12-31-99 Formal Smooches (single frame possibilities)

    4-27-93 I did (full strip)

    The last one is beyond the reach of the online archive. I have not found a link, and even if I did, my post linking “Something about a peek” has still never appeared. Perhaps Our Beloved Author can assist, as the last one appeared in “Beaucoup.”

  77. Or…do it the way Lady Mindy suggested. Or…go to Archives at bottom of blog; click on archive for 3-24-2008, then click “view it here” on the second line of Jimmy’s comment.

  78. I just got home. Marcia and I spent Friday night at a motel so that we could get to Yom Kippur services and still get at least some sleep.

    BTW, it looks like many of you would fit in very well at LASFS; we refer to a T-Shirt that’s XL as “fanish medium.”

  79. Before I start catching up on posts I have to say I laughed at Sideburns comment on sizes! Even when I am skinny, skinny I still like XL for obvious reasons. I don’t think I have ever been a small or a XS since I was about 3-4 years old!

    Since I am not in a starvation mode nowadays I like XXX or as loose as I can get one.

    Love, Jackie

  80. Evan, I think if you have more than one link in your post it goes to moderation thinking you are a spammer. Then it never appears.

    Send each one individually and it will post I think. Voice of experience.

  81. Ghost, apparently they not only get A and J in India but they think it is appropriately funny too.

    Now if we could get the Dark Side to understand as clearly?

  82. Lily, how do you get to a honky tonk without listening to C and W and other suitably unchristian music?

    They aren’t singing hymns there, I know!

    By the way, if you are close to Tyler, TX which you are I had figured out, I have a lovely Australian/Philippines boat designer who is coming up here from there with another professional boat builder who lives there. But they may be crowded in that truck?

    I have another equally nice and good British friend coming in from Longview, TX with a fleet of strip built canoes, kayaks and gorgeous English classic sailboat. He would have room in his truck I am pretty certain.

    And several suitable drivers coming with boats from Shreveport, LA area who drive thru your area, all of whom are respectable and Christians I know very well. Maybe more from East Texas but not sure?

    It’s an idea. I need to get to work, I am behind!

    Love, Jackie

  83. The peek page is difficult. All I posted was the link, nothing else and it STILL didn’t post. Early and long day ahead. I’d rather be sleeping.

  84. You and me both, Mindy! I hate fighting with Yahoo and I am not computer skilled enough to do stuff. I tried to print a magazine article on one of our boats coming from Canada and got 16 pages of more or less blank paper before article printed!

    Good luck, girl. Kiss the cat for me.

    Love, Jackie

  85. Good morning Villagers…..

    On the subject of T shirts….I would love to order the one that explains the “oh no second” with Luddie….GR can you post that link again….please, you found it once before and I saved it to my pics for my screen saver…thought I had saved the link but didn’t.

    Bad news at the hen house…..my hens are dying at an alarming 30 something a day….so much concern, even one of the top execs came in on a Saturday to look at our dead.

    Today’s my Mother’s 81st birthday….will be going in to see her later after work.

    anyhoo….ya’ll have a blessed day

    today’s grin: https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/5300752640/hD2F1B980/

  86. I will add the hens to my thoughts and prayers, Debbe and you too.

    My mom will be 93 this month but she has been 93 ever since she moved in with us! She wants to live to be 100 and keeps adding to her age. Most people who are in 60’s keep subtracting, she keeps adding.

    I have to have a birthday cake for her so my boat people can all wish her happy birthday. She likes that. Her own family other than me (I am only child) and mine ignore her now, despite me giving them all phone #’s, email, street address, everything. She does not understand and think we are keeping them away from her and not giving her phone calls and mail. It is so sad.

    She has given and given to my relatives but now they ignore her, which is ungrateful to say the least. I cannot even shame them into a visit or contact. Some people are shameless.

    You go see your mama, Debbe. And I will hope for an answer on hens.

    Ghost, what is condition of your mama? And all the others I am worried about too in the Village?

    Gardening tee shirts with a snake would get me on two fronts. Terrible pun, the British are coming!

    Love, Jackie

  87. Debbe 😉 So I have something in common with a bra. Who’d a’thunk it? Sorry to hear about the problems with your girls. And by “your girls”, I mean your hens, not your…well, you know. I hope your mother has the best and happiest possible birthday,

    Thanks for your concern about my mother, Jackie (and others). As an update, here’s the communal email I sent out to friends and relatives last week:

    “Today (Thursday), she had treatment #21 and her weekly progress check with her oncologist, and everything is proceeding as planned. He does not anticipate her having to go beyond the 25 planned treatments, the last of which will be next Wednesday.

    Her weight has been steady, and she still has not had any problems with fatigue. She still has some discomfort in her throat from the esophageal burning, but the liquid medication continues to control it pretty well. He offered to give her a liquid narcotic for that if necessary, but she decided to wait until next week to see if that will be required. (He expects the burning to subside within a week or ten days after her last treatment.) He did suggest she try eating as soft a diet as possible and gave her some Boost liquid to help maintain her nutrition. He continues to be both pleased and a little amazed that she has tolerated her treatments so well.”

  88. Good morning, Lady Mindy. Life’s a ****ing soap opera, isn’t it? 🙂

    Jackie, perhaps we can get some of those Indians who understand and appreciate A&J to set up a customer support line for Darksiders. (That’s not racist, is it?)

    Munchkin, I distinctly told you last night to let us know when you got home OK. And you didn’t. You’re just lucky I haven’t (yet) figured out a way to ground you via the InterWebNet. (And like Jackie, I’m tying to figure out how you avoid that C&W music you don’t like or listen to at a ‘tonk.)

  89. I learned yesterday, via the InterWebNet, that the “armed intruder” who recently took an unscheduled tour of the first floor of the White House was “armed” with a Spyderco pocket knife. And apparently, it was the very same model as the one that is lurking in my pocket, even as I type.

    I would be concerned about getting a call from the Secret Service, but I understand they have misplaced their copy of The Big Book of Presidential Threats. (You know, the one that would have had the “unscheduled tourist” already on their radar from previous encounters.) And as Tam (the young lady on whose blog I learned about the knife) observed, despite all of the breathless media reports, in most parts of the country a man who has a pocket knife is not “armed”, he is simply “dressed”.

    Jackie, I’ll bet that if you set up a metal detector at your shindig, it would burn itself out from alarming at all the knives carried by your nautical guests. And on second thought, my Spyderco is not a “knife”, it’s a “letter opener”. In case I happen to get some snail mail.

  90. Judging by the picture of it, I believe the weapon, ah, tomato slicer in question is the Spyderco Delica, rather than the larger Endura. But no matter…I carry one of each. Remember, as my SWAT ninja instructor says “One is none; two is one.” In other words, if it’s important enough to carry one of something, you should carry a spare.

  91. Good morning, Villagers. Jackie, they had C&W at the Tonk but we were talking so loud I doubt if I heard the lyrics to a whole song. I hear there are some great Christian songs in the country repertory, one by Trisha Yearwood seems to be enjoying the you-can-say-anything-unless-it’s-Christian crowd. But that’s one of the great things about never listening to radio, you can’t recognize an annoying song by the first four bars.

    Oh, it was sweet of you to think of transport for me, but aren’t you forgetting I work Saturdays?

    Wind sprints done for the week, hurrah. I am getting dressed for Church. We are wearing robes so nothing fancy, though I have a new Dolce & Gabbiano I am dying to wear. I didn’t wear it to the Tonk as I didn’t want to get sweat and/or beer on it. Not to speak of blood. I just wore a tank and short denim skirt with old tennis shoes. Darned men kept asking me to dance but I showed them a little card that said I was in mourning. Well, I am. My goldfish died. When I was eoght. 😛

  92. I also tried to go to the “Just a Peek” strip. I got comments for that date but no strip. Tried several ways of getting to it… the link thru the title… the link thru vintage… nada! Hmmmmm…. you suppose Jimmy has put a lock on it because he figures it is a money-maker? Just saying…

  93. Yeah, there was a nice pic of the anchor transfer on FB. My friend the ex-Navy copsman served on the Really Big E and he said she was in really bad shape, and you don’t hear Navy men running down their former ships often.

  94. Ghost, Lily, Spydeco is one of our sponsors for Sail OK and donated two of their very best knives to us for prizes this year. I actually know and am friends with the owner and boat manufacturer who is a small boat nut like the rest of us and produces the Sage 17 sailboat. I beg every year for them to loan us a Sage 17 but they send the model to the Annapolis boat show, which I compete against with dates.

    Darn! But the knives are fabulous prizes and we all endorse the Spydeco brand and use them too.

    Love, Jackie

  95. Ooops, I should have read all the posts before I said my yard was full of bearded men carrying Spydeco knives on their persons!

    Everyone who sails should have a good knife on a lanyard where they can get to it in case they have to cut lines in case of a capsize and being caught in lines or a passenger/crew caught. It is actually a event you should plan for.

    Most of the guys who run adventure events use a preparation list created by a guy named “Chief” as in Marines, career. He started the Everglades Challenge about 10 years ago and has a rigid list and you have to meet it and be inspected. Or turned away.

    We have had people in Watertribe have to use knives and other rescue stuff, especially the hypothermia materials.

    Love, Jackie

  96. Gal, if you went to the blog archive for 3-24-2008 (available at the bottom of this blog), click on the last three words of the third sentence of Jimmy’s comment (“view it here”). That worked for me just now.

  97. Do you think Homeland Security or Secret Service people would investigate a bunch of elderly bearded boat builders as suspicious characters? I say that because a lot of them hold conservative view points but not all. We never talk politics or religion actually, it is not what anyone comes here to discuss.

    They want to talk boat language to those who also speak it!

    But whenever they are sailing in Florida or the Texas coast everyone swears the Coasties pay a lot of attention to them. I think it is because they figure we are all nuts to be out in a boat as small as we often are!

    Love, Jackie

  98. One more “tee-shirt” suggestion – I would really like to see the one-size night shirts as an option. An A&J nightshirt would be great! If you offer all the different sizes that are being suggested, a nightshirt shouldn’t be too hard to throw in there!

  99. We are currently involved with tee shirts on my not for profit boat festival and we only printed one design (art work donated) in one color but multi-colors on artwork. One side only, limited sizes.

    The problem is not only art work and color printing but quality of shirts and fabrics and numbers to be ordered. No one donates this kind of thing, you have to pay to get it done and Jimmy will have same problems I suspect.

    I underwrote ordering Yellow Rubber Ducky merchandise to sell for donations to American Cancer Society as well as underwriting all the food costs and programs costs, etc. We are running ACS donations and sales straight to a check(s) to them and I hope I can get enough donations to cover food costs.

    We had another member underwrite tee shirts for ACS but not general festival shirts or caps because we were trying to funnel money to ACS donations.

    This applies to Jimmy and his tee shirts as well. This is a very expensive proposition to get into, tee shirt sales and caps. I will be grateful to have what JJ decides on because I know how darned expensive and complicated this gets. There is a minimum to print for each and every size, color, style and design/logo in each and every color and size and style!

    Love, Jackie

  100. Jackie, as a former member of Uncle Sam’s Navy, it’s an article of faith in the Deep Water Navy that you have to be at least six feet tall to be a Coastie. That way, if your ship ever sinks you can wade ashore.

  101. Let’s don’t forget an official version of Janis’s sheer and sexy “Little Black Nightie”, although I’m not sure how, or where, the graphics would be placed. Oh, and an official little yellow bikini, too.

    Jackie, I have no doubt at all there are elements of the USG that regard people like your friends as dangerously individualistic, and therefore view with them deep suspicion. Who are these people who sail Small Boats far out into Big Water, anyway? Who knows what they might be up to out there? Why, there aren’t even any surveillance cameras out there to keep an eye on them. (Other than drones, EL/M-2083 radar platforms, and KH-11 spy satellites, of course.) Some group of faceless bureaucrats is probably even now working on a mechanism to “more closely regulate” such people.

  102. gr6, i tried to post a link to that view it here and even that would not post. that is why i posted the blog link where you could view the strip. perhaps the a&j blog is locked from postings from its earlier versions?

  103. Heh, Ghost and Jackie, my friend once in the Navy says that there is a requirement that all “Coasties” be at lest six feet tall. Why? So if their ship sinks, they can wade ashore. 😀

  104. On some of our “adventure events” we must use tracking devices that show our locations and EPERB (spell?) so if we need to be rescued they can locate us. Since every year the Coasties have to usually do at least one or more rescues, they have reason to be suspicious of people in very small boats in tropical depressions and warnings because our bunches keep going!

    Several friends are ex-coast guard, including my friend who just wrote and published his first book and is doing a writing seminar for us. He was a rescue swimmer and tore his rotator cuff, so out.

    The Seals and the Coasties are all big tall guys. I always say the Seals hold auditions, they look alike!

    Ghost, the friend who was career Air Force in special ops is a smallish guy, exceptional grade school teacher. I thought he’d be huge and tall, he said he did communications and size wasn’t so important! The Coastie teaches middle school, another special ops Navy submariner, career, became a nurse.

    This fascinates me, by the way, they are superb at what they do.

    Love, Jackie

  105. Jackie, my experience has been that those who were very good at what they did in the military tend to be much better than average at whatever they do afterwards. Hiring a veteran is not just the thing to do, it’s a sound business decision.

  106. So tired, I have hit a wall here from exhaustion. I got all the cases of Coke and sodas bought, tomorrow I get water. My volunteer who always brought a truck load of bottled water is in the hospital for heart surgery and I am praying for him! He has always been one of those people who just do things, without being asked. My volunteer of the year, should have been every year.

    Good night all, I am taking an early bed time and then getting up in wee hours of morning!

    Love, Jackie

  107. Storms woke me up earlier than I planned. Cat tore back into bedroom, two dogs tore into laundry room. Hope dog outside in my storm shelter/dog house is OK. Lightening really bad. This is a nice dog house, an above ground Texas Tech storm shelter but she is afraid of storms. If tornadoes hit she is already there but someone has to close the door which is heavy plate metal!

    I went over to Café Press where the A and J merchandise seems to be available. I think this is through Go Comics and not Jimmy.
    Wonder if he earns money from this? The full panel cartoons do NOT come out well on the shirts, especially the Sunday ones.

    Love, Jackie

  108. I am here, more or less, but I don’t think Yahoo is awake yet! I am having problems with them, my printer, my computer, links, the keyboard.

    But it works over here, so I am going to blame Yahoo because my groups site, my forums, other stuff is all on Yahoo! I want to know what website/server whatever Jimmy uses for this blog. We are going to set up a REAL non-Yahoo site for my boating group after this year’s event and we need one that works!

    Have not been out to check on dog or boats, which are probably full of water in back yard. Not much wind I think. We haven’t put tents up yet, wait on those for this reason!

    Lots to do. My webmaster/registration master says there are a ton of people preregistered, which is fine, that is why we do this. It sure isn’t for the money, since I pay for so much stuff and donate it and all my time each year. It is like Jimmy’s blog here, a work of love.

    Love, Jackie

  109. Good morning,Villagers. Nice brisk morning but thundering, so I had to run on the treadmill. Poor Neeshka doesn’t understand treadmills, wanting me to finish so we can go outside. Rounds went great, I got hugged twice, once for straightening up one old dear’s bedclothes (she had a rough night) and once for telling an old guy in new pajamas that he was “Stylin’. dude.” Surgery was just a lipoma of the neck, but we didn’t get started til after nine because of an emergency. Convo among the guys at the doctor’s table was to the effect that whoever the poor schlub in the Presby-Dallas ER was who sent the Ebola patient home with antibiotics, they would better to have never been born.

  110. No, Munchkin, it’s better than that. The hospital claims that the problem of Ebola Patient Zero not being treated appropriately arose from a “glitch” in their Electronic Health Record system that prevented the travel history of the patient taken by the nurse from being routed to the treating physician. A glitch. Hahahahahahaha! EHR. Hahahahahahaha! The system the Gubmint required providers to acquire, to increase efficiency and decrease costs. Hahahahahahaha!

  111. Or to borrow a phrase too often heard in Gubment circles today, “Mistakes were made.”

    Something really should be done about all these mistakes that are making themselves.

  112. So? Every patient is supposed to be examined thoroughly and a history done by the physician. That is a physician failure. Any doc who is examining an obviously African patient with cold and flu-like symptoms and doesn’t ask about travel is a dolt, so say the doctors at our table.

  113. I agree entirely, Lily. I was commenting on the hospital’s stated version of “Mistakes were made”. The treating physician is ultimately responsible. But humans do make mistakes, and systems and procedures should decrease, not increase, the chances of them going undetected until it is too late.

  114. According to the docs at out table, it was a lazy, unimaginative, “Get him out of my Emergency Room” decision, and one of which, if you ask me, was one that any of them might have made except for the red flag of “African Patient!” I know of all too many fluffs like that, working around an emergency room for the first four or so years of my career. Diabetic ketoacidosis missed, appendicitis missed, heart attacks missed, all because of a low level of suspicion and the vagueness of early symptoms.

  115. In this, the PC era, are doctors allowed to notice that a patient is an“African patient”?

    I really need to start proofreading the text that I’m entering with my dictation software. It’s much faster than typing, but more frustrating at times.

  116. “Mistakes were made.” Unfortunately, such misuse of the passive voice, which avoids naming the actor, are rampant in govt., the private sector, churches, and schools, el-hi through Ph.D. and MD.

    It’s only within the last few decades that some have weeded it out of professional articles in science journals. “To 3.6 ml. of the reagent, 3 drops of tincture of iodine were added, at a temperature of 20[degree sign] C.” By whom, dammit? Some journals may still REQUIRE that. It’s supposedly immodest to say “I did it”, but it’s also inevitably a cover-up. “Altar boys were molested.”

    Business letters are full of it [as well as greengrocer’s apostrophes, etc.]. Here are the two together: “Your service’s will no longer be needed.”

    Peace, emb.

  117. Yep. “Mistakes were made.” “The gun went off.” “She got pregnant.” All statements which attempt to remove human agency and imply no one was responsible.

  118. Trucker: At the Doctor’s Table, the docs are allowed to say anything they darned well please. And they say some of the darnedest things. It is a great privilege to be able to sit with them.

  119. Personally, I’m pretty fed up will all the PC junk coming out of the mouth of the CDC representative, journalists, medical professionals, airline officials, and generally anyone who is interviewed concerning this Ebola fiasco. Is it only average Americans that have any common sense? I realize there are a few politicians that are calling for stopping folks from the Ebola affected countries from flying to the US; they are given a brief mention on news reports, but only so everyone else can immediately declare how terrible that would be. Really? Every report emphasizes there is only ONE person in the US that developed Ebola. They keep assuring us how unlikely anyone else will get it, but I don’t think there should be any assurances until the 21 day incubation period is up. Right now, it is a wait and see situation.

  120. There was a cartoon with Ludwig viewed from above curled up on a tee shirt, sleeping. I would buy a tee shirt depicting that in a heartbeat.

  121. AEdge on 06 Oct 2014 at 2:59 pm wrote:

    >>>There was a cartoon with Ludwig viewed from above curled up on a tee shirt, sleeping. I would buy a tee shirt depicting that in a heartbeat.<<<

    I believe that would be 6/11/03

  122. This just in: Ebola can not be transferred to another person through contact with this blog. (As long as no body fluids are involved.)i

  123. Jackie is back briefly. My daughter said that Yahoo has blocked or locked up my group site and emails at her end too. She is working on our American Cancer Society fund raiser and the EC “End Cancer” Duck Races (which are actually small sail boats racing called “Ducks”, not just the little yellow rubber ones although we will do those too. So, she is as annoyed with Yahoo as I am!

    See you all at some weird hour of the morning no doubt!

    Love, Jackie

  124. Let’s try “Something about a peek” this way: if you look up at the address bar for this very page, instead of where it begins /hardly-Harvey-etc., replace all of that with /apeek.htm

    If this post does not get eaten like other posts with the outright link, then you should be able to take a peek. 😀

  125. Here I am at an odd hour of the morning, as promised! Still fighting with Yahoo and computer. Why does this blog work so much better than anything I do on Yahoo? I want to use these people for my REAL website! After 6 years we will probably get a real one, not a yahoo-ed one who destroys all your records and access to their sites!

    I did go to sleep for awhile. I am trying to retrieve my donations records off Yahoo, poor success rate so far!

    Everyone hang in for your own particular crisis. My school cafeteria worker I planned to hire to bake brownies, sheet cakes and cookies has not appeared. Crisis with her daughter and granddaughter/child. Life is like that, isn’t it?

    I have promised a batch of Cowboy Cookies to my designer from NZ who has been flying for over 24 hours to get here, so I have a lb. of butter out on counter for that one.

    Half the restaurants in town seem to have gone out of business after Labor Day, so glad I wasn’t really counting on them! Have to pull their menu out of the stack at the Registration Desk.

    Pray for me, of course, that is a given. I think of you all and your families daily. That is the effect of A and J.

    Love, Jackie

  126. Good morning Villagers…

    ….and an early good morning to you Jackie, good luck in your retrievals.

    Mark…after yesterday’s errands, shutting down not just one hen house, but the other one as well, hen house supply shopping, stopping in to check on Mom….I felt that way.

    The other senior citizen (she’s 67) working at the other hen house had to leave early; her daughter was was in a head on collision with a tree; and the other packer went home sick. (My sister-in-law is over there now, The Boss is trimming the so called ‘fat)….so I had to go over there and bring in the rest of the eggs. And Ian had to go to the mill and help bag feed. So I was ……’all by myself…don’t wanta be all by myself”

    GR…my mortality was down to 14 on Sunday….quite a contrast from 41 on Friday. We think it is coccidious….which an antibiotic has been added to their feed a couple of weeks ago. We pray that it has run its course. But the eggs are still good 🙂 Did not have a chance to do a final dead run as we had to leave in a hurry to go to the other hen house.

    And my brake light was on for a day then it went off…Amen.

    gotta go…..ya’ll have a blessed day


  127. Debbe, you need a laugh. Maybe this one will make you smile, anyway.

    When I owned florist and gift shop almost all my employees were seniors. They work hard, they have good values, just good employees. I paid them fair wages, much more than minimum.

    An idiot bank president’s wife came into shop and loudly in front of everyone began to tell me how I should go to Senior Citizen Center and hire these seniors at $1 per hour because they’d like to get out and get some fresh air, etc.

    Listened, thanked her for idea (her husband was a big account) and didn’t say anything until she left.

    Turned to my employees and asked “OK, which of you seniors want to take a pay cut? And are you getting enough fresh air?”

    We all just cracked up. When he husband went to federal pen for money laundering and she lost the huge home, we were actually all delighted!

    Love, Jackie

  128. Thanks Jackie for making retirement look promising. Prison pay is only $0.15 per hour and yard time is limited. Now I am looking forward to a parole board hearing.

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