Hardly Harvey, cont.

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My work schedule is a bit topsy turvy these days. My busiest time used to be the end of the week, hence rarely did I post on Fridays. Now, the first of the week is busier, making Monday posts problematic, but this will only be temporary. Today’s old strips are the last strips from the first week of the two-week “Harvey” send-up that first appeared in 1997. They’re so similar in setting and nature, and because I’m a few days behind, I decided to show them to you in comic-book form. I kind of like it! And thanks for the useful suggestions for the tee-shirt project. Much more about this very soon.

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  1. Ditto. I swear I walked into my office, looked at the hall way and all the dust and cat/dog hair? and immediately said “Where did THAT come from?” and thought of Harvey!

    Love, Jackie

  2. Good morning, Villagers. Long case this morning. I’ll say no more. Had a great run this morning. I love to run in October, lovely sunrises and cool breezes. JRR Tolkien said somewhere that “cellar door” was the most mellifluous phrase in the English language, but I prefer “cool breeze.”

  3. Comic book form? I don’t see any artsy “Crash” “Zing!!!” or “BAM!”. Maybe I’m remembering the wrong comics!
    The prospect of an A&J Tee is cool.

  4. “Much more about this very soon.”

    Well, that certainly sounds unequivocal, tee shirt-wise.

    And it occurs to me that most of us were fixating on classic strips and related images as shirt graphics, rather than original artwork based on the cartoon. So, Jimmy, give us some old standards, but surprise and delight us, also. Oh, wait. You do that all the time, don’t you?

  5. A thought about the shirt graphics……..

    The strip that showed Arlo talking to Janis on his cell phone from an outdoor crowded place talking about “sell everything! everything but the gold, keep the gold” would be a good t-shirt graphic….. just that panel where he’s shouting that….


  6. As I said before, the full strips GoComics sells thru Café Press do not show up good. I had looked at getting some before and I looked again.

    I like the idea of a single frame or a custom design maybe, free standing alone.

    Sailing, gardening, Ludwig all the main topics we love.

    I am thinking I may donate my A and J book as a prize this weekend and order another if Jimmy will autograph my new one!

    Love, Jackie

  7. Oh goodie, something else for us to worry about. (Although probably more for the most of you than the one of me.) “Gartner predicts one in three jobs will be converted to software, robots and smart machines by 2025,” says ComputerWorld.

    I did once have one interesting job that I could see being done by a small commercial drone…patrolling petroleum pipelines from the air, looking for leaks and intrusions. If you consider flying along a narrow path through a sea of pine trees at 150 feet and 50 MPH “interesting”, that is.

    I guess I was pretty good at it. I once called in to the nearest terminal on their company radio to report a small leak in a somewhat populated area, and they dispatched a repair crew. When I got back to base a few hours later, my boss said they had called and reported the crew had found about a gallon of oil and an oil filter on the ground. Some knuckle-dragger had decided a pipeline ROW would be a nifty place to change the oil in his vehicle. I asked my boss if the pipeline company was p.o.’d about the false alarm, and he said, “Heck, no! They were impressed you spotted it.”

  8. People are beginning to set up tents in my yard to sleep in and there are a lot of festival tents we set up for band, registration, auction items, stuff like that. My helper came running in and wanted to know what to do with all the camping stuff by my truck? I said I had no idea, it wasn’t there 5 minutes ago! I am afraid to ask my Registration Master how many he has now and we haven’t opened until Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

    I did tell you that five years ago when I began this my editor at Small Craft Advisor magazine dubbed me “Boat Stock” for obvious reasons. Now this is a man who operated a custom surfing shop in the Bay Area for awhile, so he said it laughingly.

    If we get all the rain predicted with the storm over California coming our way, we may be a little muddy after all.

    Love, Jackie

  9. Mark: You’re welcome. It was a good one: noticed one small jet, then more, then the full show within minutes. Sometimes the prelude is so dragged out that people leave and miss the show. We did that, there, in ’62, with three kids in tow.

  10. So….who watches Al Jeeraza America? Curious minds want to know. We are having a debate here between my husband, brother-in-law (who is in for the winter…again, thank God) and me. Personally, I like watching ,in-between the legs and cleavage (sorry GR). Seems ole Gore is upset he and his ‘counterparts’ aren’t getting the rest of the $500 million it was purchased for….hey, what can ya say….it’s, well just surmise the name….hint, hint hint

    Dead count still going down………………………………………

  11. Good luck with everything, Jackie. As far as rain is concerned, I don’t think a bunch of old salts will mind a little water, even if it’s falling on their heads.

  12. Debbe 😉 Sorry, can’t help you. I didn’t watch it when it was Current TV, before Al “Big Carbon Footprint” Gore sold it and it became Al Jeeraza America, and I don’t watch it now. Not even sure if it’s part of my cable package and haven’t looked for it. I somehow didn’t think that, even if they do have female anchors, their berkas would show any leg or cleavage. 🙂

  13. Debbe, sorry I have not even HEARD of it! I am not ignorant but television does not appeal to me except a little PBS occasionally.
    And I hear the ratings are down for Downton Abbey over in England where they already have the new season.

    I don’t even know what we get on television but before she died my mother in law could recite every channel on cable by heart, day, hour, show. Now that is knowledge I would never need nor want. I’d learn the periodic tables before that!

    Love, Jackie

  14. ^°^°^°^°^ much perfer Vladimir’s “Russia Today” channel for my entertaining news. If I need serious news, BBC or The Guardian.

  15. Somehow, Jimmy, I find it difficult to imagine you as having any other life except that of drawing and writing 24 hours a day.

    It’s kind of like when I was in elementary, and I was astounded to see my teacher in Kroger.

  16. I’m trying to remember the name of the guy in charge of Isl, Isis, Izzy, whatever. I think that it’s Aba Dabba Do. Don’t get his channel anyway. Stephen Collins, who would have thunk it?

  17. I once went to my sixth grade teacher’s home with a classmate on a Saturday, to deliver something to her from the classmate’s family, and found her half drunk and smelling like an ashtray. Now THAT was a bit of a shock.

    By the time a couple of years had passed, I had learned there wasn’t much unusual about that.

  18. Good evening, Villagers. We are making spaghetti tonight and *I* made the sauce. It is simmering now 😀 I love it when The Man In My Life turns something like that over to me and then just plops into his huge rattan chair and opens a cookbook and starts making notes. It makes me feel I am making progress!

  19. Taking a nutrition break and eating a carrot, walnut and raisin muffin, delicious, along with a diet Coke. I bought the muffins from my local Braum’s dairy shop, along with blueberry and banana ones. Oh, how the gourmet has fallen but they are darned tasty! And if you do have this dairy in your area, their ice cream is untouchable.

    Blue Bell, eat your heart out!

    Ghost, Mike would go do deliveries to local homes for us at Mother’s Day and Valentines, as well as the downtown Houston high rises which NO one else would touch. He said my customers would answer the door in ragged flannel pj’s, dirty bunny slippers and face cream all over their faces and why didn’t I have any sexy, good looking mothers to deliver flowers to at 7 a.m.!

    He said not once did a single one look like Janis in shorty pj’s or nightgowns or even less and had they been wearing it he might not have wanted to look.

    Love, Jackie

  20. Heh, if anybody (as far as I know, they never have) tried to deliver flowers at this casa at 7 AM, I would be out on my run and they would have to put up with The Boss Of My Life in scrubs and a bad attitude. I suspect that is why delivery of flowers is done once a week, on Thursday, for the vases in the front hall, the sunroom, and the living room. I always go out to the trashcan and pick out the ones that still look good and put them in a vase in my bedroom and another vase to take to the office Friday. Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day/Anniversary (they are the same day for The Boss Of My Life and The Man In My Life) are delivered to the office.

  21. Yeah, Jackie, Mike’s problem was like the old saw, “People you would want to see naked never go to a nude beach, and the ones that do, you wouldn’t want to see.”

    Of course, the deficit of attractive naked people to look at was solved when Al “Big Carbon Footprint” Gore invented the InterWebNet. 🙂

  22. Lily, a smart florist finds out when and how to deliver flowers to a good customer. We had a great one who never got up before lunch or later, so we had to deliver to her no earlier than 2 p.m. and ideally about that time.

    When her husband’s secretary decided to hire hit men to murder her, she used information like that and her habits to set up the hit. Unfortunately, the police figured out that one of the earlier attempts on her life had used a “florist” to get into the secured residence/area.

    We all panicked and thought the police would figure out we had been her regular delivery florist but it didn’t take them long to arrest the guilty, so we were saved the embarrassment!

    We used to wear uniforms at our shop that looked a lot like hospital uniforms but not intentionally, they just came from a uniform shop that did lab coats, that sort. We’d go do deliveries to hospitals in our baby blue “lab” coats and unless we had flowers in our hands someone inevitably asked “Nurse” or “Aide” or even “Doctor” to do something.

    We always said if we had wanted to kill someone or do something horrible, no one would even notice or identify us. That is scary.

    Add a stethoscope and we’d be invisible.

    Good night, I’m wiped out.

    Love, Jackie

  23. Good night, Jackie. I’ll never be any florist’s fave customer, nobody will ever send me flowers. I have resigned myself to picking the leftovers from the rich people’s flowers. And, you know what? It’s okay. It’s fine. Other people’s reject flowers are better than no flowers at all, right? 😀

  24. Good morning Villagers….

    My husband channel surfs the news networks….drives me nuts, just as I’m starting to either listen or read the scrolling news on the bottom….click, another news network. That’s how I found out about Al Jazeera. I thought…WHAT?? Wiki’d them and found out they have hired former employees from ABC NBC, PMSNBC, and MOUSE. 🙂 No berkas though. Then that’s about the time I take a snooze in my recliner and wake up to Mr. O”Reilly…he gets a little loud sometimes.

    Rain heading our way too, Jackie. Hope it misses you and your festival of boats. You must keep us informed on the days’ events…..

    According to Ian, my son, the dead count is going down. I told him yesterday, he was going to pack and I’m going to look. I’m better at it. 🙂 You have to use a flashlight, dummy.

    Gotta go, got work clothes in the dryer…fluff and fold.

    I like the aba daba do….sometimes I’ll say, aba debbe do…..or abra kadebra, ya, I know it’s silly, but the little ones like it.

    ya’l have a blessed day

    GR 😉

  25. Ghost – You poor thing. 😉

    TruckerRon – Despite the logic being ever-so-slightly flawed, it is still perfectly adorable. 🙂

    Going back in after two days off. Got several phone calls yesterday, chaos apparently ruled the day. Today I get to wade through the backwash and fix it all, PLUS do the order. My solace will be knowing I’m STILL not working as many crazy hours as Debbe and Jackie.

    Oh! Lunar eclipse starting at 6:25am. Hope to catch some of it.

  26. Love “You Don’t Send Me Flowers”. Back when there were small radio stations, we sponsored a lot of “prizes” on our local area station down in Clear Lake, TX and they’d use songs with promos.
    We did one with this song and also “Don’t Send Me A Room Full of Roses” but unfortunately I think they got in trouble with that!

    This was before computers, forget cell phones, etc. so we had a service to remember your wife’s birthday, anniversary, important dates and we’d send out your flowers and bill you. So, we did some too for “surprise” flowers, especially when we’d be running a special, like roses. One of our bank presidents (and it was funny, we had accounts of almost all the local banks!) “sent” his wife roses. She was at pool, dirty and working in flowers.

    Driver said she immediately got all excited, wound up the gardening, was running in to get cleaned up and wash hair, etc. We called banker to tell him what he’d done! Arlo should do that for Janis?

    I’m back to work, need to find out how much those Spyderco knives are we are giving out. My brain is fried, I just spelled “are” as “our” and spellcheck didn’t do it!

    Love, Jackie

  27. Debbe, this is a fowl story for you: We did a flower “turkey” at Thanksgiving, VERY popular called “Turkey Lurky” and people actually hand carried them on planes, in cars, etc. to family TG.

    So, we did a promotion of them with the radio station and you could nominate a “Turkey of the Day” and we’d deliver one to office in front of everyone. It was funny and cute.

    This ended up being copied in some national promos, including by Krogers who my daughter was working for and holding all their floral meetings, training for about 250 stores. She is on stage doing “Turkey Lurky” for floral managers when I called on phone and she had not turned it off. She had just mentioned that her mom had originated the idea and she looked at phone and said, “And there she is to tell me we are not making it correctly!”

    The only two times I ever did a chicken was once I had to make an arrangement in giant chicken rubber feet, a pair, and another time I had to incorporate a rubber chicken. I do not know what either was all about.

    Love, Jackie

  28. I am donating two “Beaucoup Arlo and Janis” books, my original one and a second one I am going to ask Jimmy to autograph and I will mail it out to winner or get Jimmy to do so.

    Greater love hath no woman.

    Love, Jackie

  29. Lady Mindy: I know!

    Debbe 😉 Thanks for the song, hon. I enjoyed everything about it other than the berka Barbra was wearing. (Officer Achmed of the Religious Police: “Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.”)

    If you snooze, you lose, Jean dear. 🙂

  30. Good morning, Villagers. Debbe, I will enjoy your song almost as much as if I clicked the link. 😛 YouTube is blocked here at work. Did seven miles this morning, not too cool. Surgery was fun, got to watch a colonoscopy and the big bad polyp snipped off by the forces of righteousness 😀

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