Hardly Harvey, cont.

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Here are the first two strips in the second week of the “Harvey” series that ran in 1997; I’m going to try to finish it all up on Friday. Did you see the eclipse this morning? Me, either. I’m running behind today, so I’ll leave you with it, but I do hope to have concrete news about the t-shirt project by the end of the week.

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  1. Well, I had to google it and then went there. But webcomics that assume that normal people know and are amused by what goes on at comic conventions are beyond my ken. I’m not much of a meeting-goer anyway. I like my parties to be small, intimate, and full of people I know and like (and have an open bar). Loons that dress up like Batman and others are simply beyond me. I have a congenital (I guess) dislike for spandex-clad superheroes.

  2. Hey, hey there Lilly, we Loons are not all spandex-clad superheros. Some are brightly feathered, others of us like sundresses, and on occassion just going natural. 😉 Now watch Mister Ghost go faint. hehehe

  3. Some ghosts are fainter than others. I’m more the vivid variety.

    Ebola Patient Zero in Dallas has died. Condolences to the family and the sincere hope they will not be injured in the stampede of ambulance chasers trying to get to them.

  4. I remember the bottom cartoon from way back. I didn’t really get it at the time, but now I know who Rex Morgan is. What a difference stumbling through 17 years of life makes.

  5. Passing by a TV this morning, I noticed it was tuned to The Weather Channel, which was displaying a graphic proclaiming that today is National Fluffernutter* Day. That is probably the most useful information I’ve gotten from TWC’s morning happy-talk show since its debut.

    * I won’t say what my first thought was when I saw that word.

  6. I go to two conventions every year, LillyBlack. Hall costumes are such an important part of one that we have somebody giving out badges to those of us wearing them to encourage them. One year, a friend of mine took so many costumes with her that she ended up with six of them.

  7. At least someone wearing a costume in public knows the image they are presenting to the world. Too many leave home without a twirl in front of a mirror. Just an old man’s observation of the morning coffeeshop crowd.

  8. They say bad luck comes in 3’s (Mark’s wrist, GR’s finger and now mine)…..cleaning/scrubbing packing room floor my son and I were. Had doors opened in room to the outside and henhouse, which created a vacuum. Went to close the door to the hen house to squidgy out water…had hand on door handle and the force was so great I had no time to move my hand from door frame….you guessed it…my index, right hand, is laid open so bad. Ian and I rinsed, and rinsed the wound clean to see that I have a nice over lap of skin…put skin back in place…wrapped and wrapped in gauze, have a finger guard on it now….no more packing for me for a few days….

    Sorry Jean…but there is always the Stones’ song….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1O69lY_tw4

    Beautiful eclipse this am….saw it fading into the sunrise on my way to work too….for some reason today, I felt a disturbance in my ‘force’ today….damn the bad luck. Probablly need stitches…but hay, it’s hard to keep a good woman down….

    Gonna hit the recliner with a pain pill and a clanazapam…with luck, I’ll wake up in 10 hours.

    Oh…and a happy flutternut day to all 🙂

  9. Debbe 😉 Dang, hon, that’s the devil’s own luck about your finger. Take my word; you don’t want it to get infected. And when did you last have a tetanus shot?

    Along those lines, I am happy to report that I now have ten flesh-colored fingers, rather than one parti-colored and nine flesh-colored. My left index digit is still a bit tender where the new skin grew; it’s a bit numb on its tip; and I can only bend it about ninety degrees at the proximal inter-phalangeal joint without significant pain. But the entire finger is still there, something I had cause to wonder about a couple of weeks ago. Stupid staphylococcus aureus.

    I had forgotten how, when the skin on a finger tip dies, the new skin that replaces it arrives with the same fingerprint on it as the original. Neat.

  10. Mark in TTown – The headline and the first sentence about the crash illustrate a current peeve of mine regarding sloppy language usage. Too often I’m hearing someone was killed “after” an accident. Either they were killed when it happened or died after it; killed after would suggest they survived the accident and then something else killed them. And don’t tell me “the car lost control” either 🙂

  11. Ghost: Told you so 😛

    Sideburns: No comic conventions (or gamer conventions) for me. I love to dress up in costume, like my costume this year is a two-color blue Harlequin costume I got at a thrift shop. In fact, The Boss Of My Life painted a really nice picture of me in it and I had it made into the invitations to my annual Birthday/Halloween bash. But, I have never worn a superhero or scary costume. I don’t like comic books and I don’t like scary books or movies. The Boss Of My Life goes to medical meetings, and sometimes I go with her, but those are dull, uncostumed affairs. I like to make up outrageous names for my stick-on nametag. Like I say, I like parties where I already know most of the people there, though I will bend the rules if there is an open bar. There is a mirror by every outer door in our casa and I look at myself *very* carefully before I go out that door. Like my grandmother always used to say. “Look at your butt. Everybody else will.”

  12. I have always loved costumes and actually believe I have a three hour course credit from college for theater arts, costume and makeup. If you have seen the musical “Chicago” you know how important acting is to a lawyer. I was in prelaw at that time, so????

    I could enjoy a Comic Con convention, especially the costumes. And Mardi Gras— that is one big costume party and floats. One year I saw every parade and every ball. For the pageantry and costumes.

    Jimmy loves costumes, he does them all the time on A and J.

    Love, Jackie

  13. I learn a lot here, some of it worth knowing. E.g., /Wiki, ‘ A Fluffernutter is a yummy sandwich made with bread, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff.’ Yummy? I find that marshmallow spoils almost anything it’s added to. Now I know to avoid fluffnutters. Some other Natl. Days to avoid, if they exist: parsnips, creamed corn, succotash, frankfurter/ wiener/hot dog/baloney, Harvard beets, ‘frosted’ cold cereals. But, De gustibus, etc. Peace, emb

  14. Thank you, Dr. Lily. Now can you tell me when I might expect to regain normal use of my finger? 🙂

    Several years ago, I attended a business conference that opened with an open-bar mixer. (What are the odds of that?) A female attendee of my acquaintance registering ahead of me wrote on her stick-on “HELLO, MY NAME IS” name tag “Mrs. Tom Selleck”.

    Yes, Ruth Ann, somehow reportage has become an inexact art. And no, inanimate object do not have agency and the ability to act autonomously.

  15. Our Villagers have firm, decided opinions on most things; no wimps here. Except for me, I mostly go with the flow. Jackie, I love the way you embrace life and throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever is going on! No wonder your friends love you dearly.

    Dear Debbe, so sad for the awful accident. Please take great care to not get an infection, listen to Ghost’s words of wisdom.

    Ruth Anne, I agree with you SO much. Careless and misleading usage is just plain wrong.

  16. It used to be I thought I embraced life because I wasn’t sure how long mine would last. I was thinking about that today on drive to Tulsa to pick up lawyer friend who is also doing a program for us on canoe trip through France in canoes they built there in a few days. We signed for trip but they changed it to conflict with this, so we didn’t go, or I’d have been along!

    Anyway, I decided I have ALWAYS been this way from birth. I was Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland and when the gang wanted to put on a rodeo/play/dance/festival/egg hunt I started making the costumes and painting the sets and dying the eggs to hide.

    It has been a whirl wind ride sometimes for husband but he knew what I was! He says it was the aliens going down the Mississippi River and dropping off the pods that night. Three of us that were friends in Houston were born on same night, same day, same year about 100 miles apart on the Delta.

    All of us weirder than weird and totally theatrically drama queens.

    Love, Jackie

  17. Woosh, I am home later than usual, we had an emergency. Now I have to feed my dog, take her out, wheedle The Man In My Life for a snack, change clothes and get to choir practice by 7:30.

    I love my life 😀

  18. Lillyblack, at LosCon, I dress up as a vampiric techno-mage. For a number of years, there was a fan who came as the Centauri Ambassador and kept in character, including accent, all weekend. Most of the costumes aren’t scary, but there’s a lot of steampunk. At Gallifrey One, many of the costumes are Dr. Who related, for obvious reasons.

  19. That’s funny, Lily; when we ask Plant Ops when a project they are working on, no matter how complicated, will be complete, the answer is always “in two weeks”. Of course, when you ask them two weeks later, it’s still “in two weeks”.

    Have you noticed how carry-out food orders are almost always promised in “twenty minutes”.

  20. I’ve never been to a ComicCon and like it that way. LosCon is a general SF/Fantasy convention and a fund raiser for LASFS. Gallifrey One is much more media oriented; neither one tends to attract people who dress up as super heroes.

  21. We are so behind or I am! Tomorrow I have no one to help with any food service OR prep because lady I thought would help for pay can’t/isn’t and no time to find anyone else. If I can get enough food out to pass for a cold breakfast I will be happy.

    Fortunately I bought $50 worth of Krispy Kremes in Tulsa while I was there.

    We ended up going to downtown here and enriched a small local restaurant where I totally ordered the wrong thing! Yuck! But the hard working waitress made some good tips which she earned and we probably made her day income wise. I called to see when they closed tonight and she was working alone with one bus man and one cook, but she recognized my voice and said to come.

    Good night, I have a huge bag of green beans to put in fridge! A guest and my mama picked them this afternoon.

    Love, Jackie

  22. About Krispy Kremes, the only shop in Tulsa is not far off the expressway to airport, so I detoured thru, hadn’t had any lunch so I ate KK’s while waiting for my friend’s plane to land. You are only supposed to sit for 3 minutes (probably to prevent me blowing up Tulsa airport?) but I sat and ate doughnuts and a diet Coke. When policeman came I intended to offer him doughnuts but he was talking to his wife just by me and I must not have looked suspicious.

    So, I offered my friend KK’s and it turned out he’d just lost 20# since retiring at age 50. But real reason he turned them down was the Navy had a contract with KK and when ships were in port the doughnuts were delivered to each ship by the cases! He swore he’d never eat another!

    Worse than cops.

  23. Oh, dear, Jackie, now I am feeling guilty for not taking off work and coming up to help you. I asked The Boss Of My Life if she would have let me go. She just pinned me with those ice-blue eyes of hers and asked me, “Do I pay you salary or hourly?” “Salary”. “Doesn’t your contract say you won’t take vacations except when I do?” “Well…yeah.” “So the answer is…?” “No?” “You are correct, short person. Go have another drink.” And she went back to The Critique of Pure Reason.

  24. Ghost, that picture shows a remarkable exception to a general rule about costumes like that: in general, the women who wear that kind of costume never have the figure to pull it off.

    Lilyblack, you never know, you might enjoy attending a fan-run convention. LosCon has, among other things, an art show, a dealer’s room, an Ice Cream Social, a formal Masquerade and so many parties in the evenings that there’s a specific floor set aside for them so that they won’t bother people who just want to sleep. There’s also a member of the Con’s Committee who goes around on the first two days video-taping members in costume and putting it together as a Virtual Masquerade that’s shown while the judges are doing their work at the regular Masquerade. Not only that, there’s a regular Program, with panels, speeches discussion groups and so-on. Unlike professionally-run conventions (e.g., CreationCon or ComicCon) it’s not a matter of buying a ticket to get in, then pay extra for each event. You buy a membership, with all of the above goodies included.

    Yes, I understand that you probably don’t want to spend Thanksgiving Weekend in Los Angeles, but there are similar conventions, some larger, some smaller, all over the country and there’s probably at least one going on not too far from where you live on any given weekend.

  25. Oh dear, I hope Jackie solves most of her problems. She is so resourceful, she will find a way! Lily, I bet you would have gone, and helped a lot. Never mind — you will help someone else when you can.

    When I went in the bedroom tonight to turn on the electric blanket (!) there was a huge dust bunny that I swear wasn’t there earlier. Something from A & J? When I was a child, my family called them dust kittens, which I think is cuter; but I had to switch eventually to join the rest of the English-speaking world.

  26. “cars killing people, trucks killing people….”

    Duel. (The movie)

    I never understood why that semi with trailer was chasing McCloud? And why it never ran out of fuel. Was it a ghost of a truck? And was it truly destroyed after it went over the cliff or is it still prowling those lonesome roads?

    Trucker Ron, I bet you travelled some of those roads- ever see a ghost rig following you intently?

  27. Jackie is up at 6:55 and threw on holey OU tee and sweat pants and got a cold breakfast selection out. These guys are boaters and this is like a big marina/camp ground already. They are resourceful and helpful and sweet.

    My ice/trash/water volunteer is having heart surgery and I am praying for him, thinking of his constantly. He is a love and I pray he recovers. Every year he loads all the trash bags on a big flat bottom boat and the garbage scow goes to the refuse dump!

    I got my insulin shots but no food yet, so need to go. I know I’d enjoy sideburns convention.

    Love, Jackie

  28. This may have been brought up before, but I haven’t taken time to read the comments like a used to (not since I retired), but it seems that JJ’s artwork has really improved over the past few years. Giving us more detail, and different views, such as the third panel in today’s cartoon, looking from the outside through the window. Also wondering how many of the younger readers know who Rex Morgan is.

  29. Good morning, Villagers, gorgeous morning, here. Got a nine mile run in because no surgery today. Sideburns, you guys have fun. Charlotte, I try to help around here, with my church and hospital and the nursing home. As Thoreau said, “I have traveled much around Concord.” 😀

  30. OK, I’ve seen it in the Strib, just never paid attn. Don’t do most soaps; LuAnn is as close as I get. Time to go edit the church’s Sunday bulletin. May be back in time to catch OF blowing. Peace, emb

  31. I can’t say that I ever saw a “ghost rig” but one night I did see a bob-tailing cab ahead of me break into a dozen pieces and fly up into the sky. I took the next exit and got some much-needed sleep before I continued!

    As for Rex Morgan M.D.—I’ve been reading that strip since I was a teenager… many, many moons ago.

  32. TruckerRon
    Bob Jordan has been a fixture on WGN news in the Chicago area for years. His daughter Karen does the news on the Chicago ABC outlet. Runs in the family.

  33. GAAH ! the 24/7 all news FM station in Houston just became all day Beyoncé. . .. Fifteen comments up about fan run conventions ice cream socials, makes me think of every state Republican convention; Atty General and next governor Greg Abbot always has the ice cream social somewhere in the main hotel. He’s in a wheelchair, so a big space is opened up and people stand in a long line to get a picture, shake hands, whatever, it’s like it’s a sort of a Santa Claus thing

  34. Lily, “Outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it is very dark.” Mark Twain

    For the best costuming (which is called “cosplay” in Con-Speak) try Dragon*Con, which happens every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Not quite as many people as the San Diego Comic Con-50,000 to 70,000 as opposed to 200,000 or more-and better costumes. Plus, SDCC is a media driven con while D*C is a fan driven one.


  35. Not a bad blow, but frustrating. Wind is blowing from the NNW to the ESE*, so steam partly obscures the jets. Several people ran W on the boardwalk to get a better view. Light lunch, then nap, before heading to a country church for the first lutefisk supper of the season.

    *Assume webcam, when viewing OF, is pointing roughly N. That UFO is probably a 1-2mm speck on the front lens or protective glass or whatever. Peace, emb

  36. John, one year the LosCon Chairman made an executive decision at a committee meeting: No Green Tea Ice Cream this year. This decision was rapidly reversed when the entire committee threatened to resign right then if he didn’t change his mind.

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