Hardly Harvey, cont.

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I’m running really late today, but I’m going to press ahead with this Harvey thing. One reason I’m late is, I met with the tee-shirt man at Standard Deluxe this morning, and we’re finalizing the initial products. We’re operating under some constraint, because I cannot afford an inventory of shirts of multiple designs in multiple colors and sizes, but we’re going to have a good product before we’re done. Remember, this is not Zazzle or Café Press or Amazon or any other online, on-demand printing operation. This is me, designing a tee-shirt, working with a local artist to produce it and ultimately shipping it out to you, and it will be available here only.

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  1. I feel you, Jimmy. I’m eating lunch as I type this.

    No worries, as long as the tee shirt project produces quality items. And with you running the show, we know it will.

  2. Well, I see they are back to normal over on The Dark Side, today busily overthinking things. Some of them have all but given Gus cancer.

    Surely Jimmy wouldn’t farley Gus.

  3. Ghost – Are you sure that our host is okay with you feeling him???

    A village exclusive t-shirt is sounding very good, even if I hardly wear them any more. I’m more of a Luau shirts kind of guy but a classy Tee (and one designed by JJ, featuring A&J would, by default, be classy) is worth wearing on occasion.

  4. > this is not Zazzle or Café Press or Amazon or any other online, on-demand printing operation.
    > This is me, designing a tee-shirt, working with a local artist to produce it and ultimately
    > shipping it out to you, and it will be available here only.

    And THAT, boys and girls, is just one reason why I will be first in line to buy one, regardless of design.

    I’m even prepared to face the wrath of Mrs. McD when I try to add another t-shirt to my drawer.

  5. One shirt – xl right now.

    If I don’t lay off the deep-fried country steak with mashed potatoes and gravy over it all, I’ll soon need xxl.

    I might as well order xxl.

  6. I’ll probably be in for any design, but the A&J Classic Car T-shirt would be tops! I’d need an XL (and I suspect many of the Villagers of the male persuasion also tend to require an XL T-shirt).

  7. If anyone remembers my language fiasco speaking Spanish that resulted in Mount Mulch in my yard for three years, they will not be surprised at my latest one.

    My sweet Chinese friends work so hard in their restaurant and take such good care of us, I try to help them. They speak almost no English and I speak not one word of Chinese. They are really good cooks and fresh ingredients, so I want them to earn a living.
    So, I booked the first night dinner of my boating friends there for a buffet dinner.

    Except the language and a Chinese calendar. You do know that Chinese calendars do not look like ours, right? So they were expecting us last night and I showed up tonight with over 75-100 boaters starving to death! They thought we’d stiffed them and were totally shocked but they pulled it together and fed us, cooking like mad.

    I hope some of the group will go back on their own perhaps for a little more $$$ for them. It is the only place in town I can count on finding fresh vegetables and fresh meals not chicken fried.

    We went to the local chicken fried steak place last night and we were late. They’d run out of the chicken fried! It is real steak, my neighbor down the street has a small custom meat shop about 1/2 mile from my house and he cuts all the steaks and hamburger grind for most of restaurants in town.

    Small towns, God bless them.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  8. For the t-shirt, I’ll take a Large, no matter what design we start with. Later, when the first wave proves a success, we can talk about other designs (Arlo and Janis sitting in their lawn chairs) and go from there. 🙂

    On other fronts, very little is more surreal than sitting at the Charlie Daniels concert at the Forsyth County Fair and listening to Charlie singing Bob Dylan’s Tangled Up In Blue as a country-ish song. First time I’ve actually liked that song.

  9. A request-please don’t go with the current trend of making a large more like a medium, short, tight and with sleeves that are barely there.

    This will be appropriately sized, heavy-weight shirts for codgers like you. And me. — JJ

  10. Good Morning Villagers…

    Jackie….you have a good time.

    Typing hard with bumb finger…how is your hand progressing, Mark?

    I’m debating on stitches….and I don’t remember the last tetnus I got, so I may have to make a trip to my doctor or ER….arrgghhhhhh……

    Ya’l have a blessed day

    GR 😉

  11. Good morning, Villagers! Great run this morning, I am feeling really good about my marathon coming up next month.

    Debbe, sweetie, when you passed eight hours without stitches you passed the Red Line. No reputable surgeon would suture a cut on the hand this late. Faces up to 24 hours but not hands!

    “…short, tight and with sleeves that are barely there?” sounds ideal to me, but I wear tank tops a lot.

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