Hardly Harvey, fini

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OK, so it’s not Saturday, as promised. It’s Sunday, but here’s the end of Harvey, as promised.

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  1. As I recall, Jimmy, I suggested the T-shirt the day the Cobra first appeared. I almost copied it and did a transfer to make my own but there would have been a copyright problem and I stay legal. Mostly.

  2. This is the first time I’ve been this early posting. Sideburns, the closest thing we had to something fermented at my daughter’s reception was the vinegar in the barbecue sauce on the grilled chicken. It was a complete southern style lunch following a morning wedding. 😉 Debbe, Lilyblack was running at a pretty good clip to get that time on a marathon. A marathon is 26.2 miles which means she was running close to 7.5 minutes per mile. My husband is also a marathoner and has run over 20 marathons and/or ultras. He has slowed down a bit through the years but still finishes in around 4 hours. I, too hope all is well with GR and his mom.

  3. Hello, the Village!

    My Mom had her final radiation treatment Friday. She goes back next Friday for another progress check and to get the results of her final CT scan. But all appears to be going well for her, so I decided to decompress and do some “conscious uncoupling”* for a couple of days.

    Debbe 😉 Ah, the Darksiders. And I had just mentioned a few days ago that they seemed to be making nice with each other. Shoulda known better. Take care of your finger. And Jackie, take care of all of you.

    One of the best things about the InterWebNet is that it exposes you to people with different points of view. But unfortunately, one of the worst things about the InterWebNet is that it exposes you to people with some REALLY different points of view. Sometimes, when I run across some particularly wacko conspiracy theory-based site online, I read a bit of it for the entertainment value. But I quickly begin to think about the “minds” behind those theories, and those of the theorists’ true believers, and I often start to find it chilling. (And not “chilling” in the way TV news anchors seem to find half or more of life’s everyday events either chilling, scary, frightening or terrifying.) I’m not saying all conspiracy theories are wacko, but many of them….Wow!

    * Quoting Gwyneth (“I am who I am; I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year”) Paltrow. Who also came up with, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” when introducing President Obama at a political fundraising event she hosted at her posh Brentwood home. Good grief, lady. Get a grip. Or perhaps at least take another enema. Of course, she has also stated, “When I pass a flowering zucchini plant in a garden, my heart skips a beat.” So at least she seems to be moved as much by the presence of our Commander-in-Chief as she is a zucchini plant, so…

    “Pretentiousness, thy name is Gwyneth Paltrow.”

  4. P.S. Second panel is probably the last we’ll see of Janis’s bottom for a while. That may be a great relief to some people. Peace, emb.

  5. The karate instructor hasn’t commented on Area 51. Yet. When she started 5 years ago, he was a fairly normal guy who had a great rapport with kids and was great at teaching karate. Over the past 3 years he’s gone vegan, started spouting off to the kids about “cleansing”, chakras, etc. Fortunately his mom has a school as well (his parents started the franchise) so I’ll be visiting that one soon to watch her teach a class or two. Maybe this nut fell far from the tree?

  6. Stayed at my Mother-in-law’s condo and she gave up her bed for my wife and I. She did not read the notice that the condo mgmt had scheduled a power outage for 2:00 am. She has a security system and when the power went out it proclaimed THE POWER IS OUT, THE POWER IS OUT THE TELEPHONE IS DISABLED!!. Needless to say, our hearts were racing. Without my CPAP, it took a while to fall back asleep. Finally sleep came back and at 3:30 we heard ” THE POWER IS BACK ON. THE POWER IS BACK ON, THE PHONE IS ENABLED!” Nice to know that you are safe in those situations….if you don’t have a Heart Attack!

  7. Thanks, Bob. She’s an amazing lady, not just for her age, but for any age.

    Area 51, TR? I believe the CIA (and possibly the NSA) would prefer you call it Homey Airport. Or just Groom Lake. 🙂

    Jean dear, thanks for the link to the Dragon*Con photos the other day. I now understand that is where many young ladies go when they want to get 80-95% naked in public. (As usual, I did the math. This time, lots and lots of math.) I still wonder what, if anything, all those Princesses wear under their harem skirts. But the most impressive (not to mention the most apparently pneumatic) female had to be the one cosplaying Jessica Rabbit.

    Mindy, I remember you saying that about the Cobra logo. And you are still welcome to come out and play with us whenever you’d like.

  8. I went back and tried to find where Jimmy talked about the origin of the car logo but could not find it as a part of any of his blog entries. Sadly, I suspect that was contained in the Comments section of an early blog entry and (as I may have mentioned once or twice) seems to have been eaten by either WordPress or the InterWebNet.

  9. Jackie is in office, we all just went and ate Mexican food down the road a mile, giving another small restaurant a nice piece of money they weren’t expecting! And a waiter some good tips. I realized the reason I was probably shaking and trying to faint was I had been interrupted and not taken my medications all day!

    Most boats have left and we will get serious about clean up tomorrow. Poor gardening lady will have to fill pot holes and track marks all over back yard, but I expected that. Her work in yard and the fall garden was greatly admired.

    We have so many green beans to eat! We need to pick again tomorrow. They are so beautiful, long and straight, purples and greens and yellows, almost white, rattlesnake patterns. We let a few morning glories grow on the trellis’ which just looks beautiful.

    We did not begin to raise as much as we wanted to for the American Cancer Society but that is OK, we have another event this week down in Port Aransas, TX to go to for the plyWooden Boat Show and will sell items and ask for donations for the ACS there and hopefully raise more. We are probably at over $3000 for a donation to ACS right now.

    We sold raffle tickets for donated items which people enjoyed winning and trying to win. I won two items I really wanted and entered a lot of tickets on, the Dianne’s Rose shanty boat plans and a beautiful painting of a white egret chasing minnows. If you want to see a work of art in a shanty boat, google Dianne’s Rose.
    It came from Canada and is fabulous boat.

    Glad Ghost is accounted for, Debbe is under treatment for hand, the village is limping along! Lily, there is the opportunity to travel to interesting places in marathon running but you’d have to find a companion and some time off.

    Love, Jackie

  10. Forgot to explain why my grandmother would not move clock hands. She believed that God and Jesus had established time and days and hours in the Bible and that it was not created by man. She believed Daylight Savings time was a creation of the devil. So our clocks stayed set same way year round, which made you add or subtract to find true time.

    She also made you quit working at exactly midnight on Saturday, even if you were canning a 100 quarts of beans. No work on Sunday except to feed people and wash dishes.

    Love, Jackie

  11. Jackie, I have to say that twice a year, for about a week each time, I have to hold with your grandmother that Daylight Saving Time is indeed the work of the Devil. 🙂

  12. Big family reunion/birthday party today for my mother who will actually turn 89 in 3 days. My mother spent the day enjoying what she seems to love the most these days unfortunately-complaining. When she had friends and relatives that called her every day she complained about that and now that they are dead she complains that nobody calls her. She says that she doesn’t want to take a taxi anywhere and when she has someone that will take her to doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping that they want to hurry and get back to their own families. She could have a chauffer drive her around in a limo every day, but did I mention my father taught her that money is not to be spent on foolishness?

  13. Good morning Villagers…

    “Conscious uncoupling”??? Leave it to what’s her face 🙂 Glad all is going well with your Mother, GR 😉

    Thanks Granny Carol for the stats….that’s some serious energy. I do a lot of walking in my job..up and down 600 feet of aisles every day…six of them. It’s not a steady walk, as every now and then I have to stop and pull out a distressed hen or a dead one. Sometimes I pull a wagon to carry them.

    Ah, back to work today. We have shrink wrap which I think I’ll use to cover my finger. The “Barney purple gloves are snug and I don’t think the one index finger will cover my bandage. I;ll place the finger guard over it though.

    Jackie…the radar shows a lot of rain in OK….bless your heart…and take you meds to day girl!!!

    Ya’ll have a blessed day….

  14. Good morning! Crisis besides the weather which woke me up with lightening, wind, rain, floods and no tv or net to see if a tornado was on way, listening for the sirens over the thunder and pounding rain, lightening.

    No cat and dog food or litter. Dollar General here we come! One mile down road, God bless them, they get every $$$ I can give them in gratitude!

    Have to tell you story about Rick Bragg’s (great writer) family plot which is right below the Dollar General sign in Alabama!

    Love, Jackie

  15. Re:4th comment from top, when I heard Paltrow’s teenybopper gushing, my first thought was, that this is someone very uncomfortable around black people or is actually racist and it’s a bumbling attempt at overcompensation……… …my wife has met Harvey, OMG the lawnmower tracked mud across the driveway !

  16. Happy “Columbus Day” holiday to everyone.*

    * Void where prohibited by law. Or by political correctness.

    What’s next, Seattle and Minneapolis city councils? Changing “Independence Day” to “British Colonists Day”?

  17. GR6, thanks for the clarification on the holiday. I thought it was “Columbo Day” and had been searching the tv guide for the all day PETER FALK marathon. Now I can just go to a tapas bar for a celebratory feast.

  18. Good morning, all. Another great rainstorm last night, Neesh and I ran through puddles this morning and I had to hose her off and put her in her cage in the sunroom before I got in my own shower. The mirror is talking again, it is saying, “Look at that girl,she needs a haircut. So I will make an appointment. I got a letter Friday urging me to wear a tee on my marathon promoting a charity I don’t particularly approve of an, of course, I would have to buy the thing. At $19.95. And no XS. No thanks, Save the Whalers.

  19. Lily? You don’t support efforts to save the cute, cuddly whales? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!

    Disclaimer: I have never harpooned a whale, nor do I have any plans to ever do so. Although, if ever attacked by one, I reserve the right to stand my ground and to defend myself with lethal force, if necessary. (And assuming I happen to have handy a rifle chambered for the .600 Overkill cartridge.)

    Oh, wait…did you mean the “Save the Whales” movement or the “Save the Whalers” movement?

  20. Rick Bragg, the Alabama author and Pulitzer winner wrote the funniest column about Dollar General building a store right next to the cemetery his family has their plots in. Then they put up a big yellow sign that is visible from outer space and shines all night directly on top of their plots. His wife said she didn’t think she could stand to spend eternity in the light of that sign. He told her he doubted that would be an issue of it shining in her eyes.

    God bless Alabama and Dollar General (although technically I think we owe Mississippi for Dollar Gen)

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. Off current topic – last night I washed up all my laundry, and drug it all to the laundromat around the corner to dry it. As I started to fold dry clothes, I watched traffic through the window. I barely even registered the flashing lights from down the street, reflected in the slightly open window. People are forever speeding through the traffic light down there, and if I even thought about it, that’s what I assumed had happened. A few minutes later, an ambulance drove by, lights on, but riding quiet, and slowing down. A friend of mine lives just a couple houses down from the laundromat. I stepped out to the curb and counted houses. Sure enough, even in the dark, I knew the EMTs were at the house. After all emergency vehicles left, I called to see what happened. My friend started to tell me about her husband, then stopped short and asked how I knew something happened. And I almost didn’t go last night…

    P.S. Her husband is okay. Nasty, nasty cold.

  22. Lily, my problem is with the extremists whose message seems to come down to “The Earth would be a beautiful, wonderful place if we could just figure out how to get rid of all the danged humans who live here.”

    Jackie, our family burial plot is at the top of a high embankment, overlooking a formally wooded lot which is now occupied by a WalMart. As I tell people, if they ever enlarge the store, I may one day be interred in Sporting Goods.

  23. Ghost, you have my permission to shoot any whalers you might encounter if they are still actively whaling. I have actually only known one whale personally and it was at Sea Life Park in Hawaii, a false killer whale who did tricks for the tourists and Mike managed the restaurant, so I spent a lot of time with the marine mammals watching them.

    I did buy a fabulous whale statue as a souvenir from last months’ trip to Delaware, but bought it in antique shop far from any ocean. Great patina, mama and baby, beautiful lost wax casting.

  24. I’m very, very happy, Mindy, to see you back again. I do hope you’ve been healthy, or at least, more so than I’ve been. Please stay, and let us know at least a little bit of what you’ve been doing.

  25. CDC head last week, on Ebola in America: “We will stop it in its tracks.”

    Thank goodness! It’s not going to be able to spread!

    Oh, wait…

    Prayers for Nina Pham, the 26-year-old nurse in Dallas who contracted Ebola from Patient Zero.

    They just can’t seem to get that “communicate accurate and useful information” vs. “let’s don’t cause a panic” thing right, can they?

  26. GR6, history has shown governments don’t deal well with things not in predefined boxes. I know several who have cancelled trips. And there has been surprise that Bush International is not on the screening list given amount of oil travelers passing through its gates.

  27. Hi Mindy!

    Happy Leif Erickson Was Robbed Day to everyone in the Village!

    Ghost, glad your Mom is doing well, and hope she continues to do so.

    I’ve never asked what the Leia cosplayers wear (or not) under those skirts. Not much, I would imagine.

  28. Couldn’t be much, Jean dear. 😉

    sand, from now on, instead of saying, “I screwed up badly”, I’ll just say, “There was a protocol failure”.

    Getting dark here. I think some bad ju-ju weather is headed this way.

  29. We used to have a saying in my flower shop, “We could REALLY get some work done if these blamed customers would just leave us alone”.

    Our mission statement was “We deliver happiness and love.” Even funerals, we knew we were delivering comfort and love.

    Our employee directive was “Never deliver anything you would not give to your own mother” and “If you cannot give full value paid, put the money in the gift envelope, along with the card.”

    A lot of businesses forget this I think. It is the basic tenet by which I have tried to live my life, giving full value and a little extra in whatever I choose or am given to do.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  30. Regarding environmental extremists:

    Prince Philip, in his Foreward to If I Were an Animal; United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986.

    I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist…. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.

  31. This is what has been hitting us and hit again early this morning.

    If they are talking tornadoes for your area, be prepared with a plan. We are back under a flood watch and possible rain of up to 4 ” here again tonight, with severe storms.

  32. Are any of us Villagers (I know Ghost is) participating in the commentary over on TDS?

    We seem to just discuss life, not speculate on A and J. I just wait for the denouement and figure Jimmy knows the ending and the middle too.

    Love, Jackie

  33. Jackie, I glanced at The Dark Side just after today’s cartoon was posted early this morning, saw one comment, and moved on without participating. And, seeing how things would probably go, haven’t been back. On “the bright side”, if Jimmy ever gets stuck in a plot line, I know where he can find some people who’d happily bail him out.

    With C. Columbus being such an evil dude and all, one can’t help wondering why the Party of Enlightenment didn’t revoke the Columbus Day federal holiday the last time they controlled the White House and both houses of Congress.

    Uh, what’s that someone said? Government employee unions? Never mind.

  34. Jackie, you knew I’d have to look, didn’t you? Oh my. Imaginations over on TDS are not just overactive today, they are hyperactive. By the way, does anyone care how many times I’ve moved in my life? No? I didn’t think so.

    That something in the mail is the crux of the plot at this point is a fair assumption, seeing as how three panels of today’s cartoon are devoted to it. But it could be almost anything (and not likely anything mentioned over there), so why not just enjoy the ride and wait a day or two?

  35. His Royal Highness is guilty of anthropomorphism, a style of thought limited to us anthros.

    One good thing about TDS, nobody has brought up sex, I guess since Janis isn’t “onscreen.” I have no idea why that seems to set those turkies’ hormones a-bubble. She sure doesn’t look like one to me.

  36. NO! Ghost, are you absolutely sure I did not ever date you despite the very obvious age difference? Walmart Mausoleum and Crowleys! Are you related to Matthew Crowley and heir to the Downton Abbey baronet title too?

    This is too incredibly good. That beats Rick Bragg’s family plot in the shade/sunlight of the Dollar General sign by a country mile.

    I am still smiling with delight and laughing. Not for your family heritage but this beats your “Black Swan” ballerina’s debut, living in Walmart sporting goods and giving birth to the Walmart baby, Americus, by a long, long way.

    And that somehow pulls this back to the Columbus Day plot too.

    Love, Jackie

  37. Just looked at radar and it is scary from New Orleans to the Great Lakes. I believe the entire Village is in danger tonight and tomorrow. Please have a plan.

    I have driven through Ashdown, AR hundreds of times. They got hit by storms from us that had “moved safely into Arkansas” to quote one of our infamous weather commentators. A Marine who survived two tours in Iraq lost his life there today.

    Monroe, LA got hit, just down the road from my mama’s old house. One can hope. It has to be torn down eventually.

  38. We have a plan for disaster. It involves going out into the old cellar (which was the “root cellar” the previous house on this land). The Man In My Life has had it roofed over and the walls reinforced but it is turfed over so it is not immediately recognizable from the air. We have at least six weeks worth of water in the cistern (which is nasty but potable), dried and canned food for longer than that, plus many many weapons and lots of ammo. There are also some features I am sworn to secrecy on. It wouldn’t be fun and I doubt we would last long, but we would take a few with us when we go.

  39. Lily, that will be OK maybe in the Zombie Apocalypse but I was thinking more of tornadoes during the night! Or day either. I am claustrophobic, so I have a tiny closet sized above ground storm shelter as part of the boat house/shop which mama’s dog Blue uses in meantime. With the dog cages stacked it will hold dogs, us and the cats, but you have to be quick to get them all loaded in before tornado touches down and by then the lightening is usually so bad you hate to get out in it with the hail pounding you.

    Bicycle helmets and mattress in bathtub or inside closets helps.

    Love, Jackie

  40. Heh, if there was a tornado, I expect the dogs would be falling all over themselves to follow us. We have a twice a year drill where we evacuate and bring with us the the thing we love most and the dogs are right there with us. Can’t speak about cats since there are none in residence nor likely to be in the foreseeable future. We have a generator and gasoline (stored in my stored Toyota!) in the detached garage. We have bunk beds, and a few comfortable chairs scavenged from The Boss Of My Life’s previous redecorations. There is a small library, board games and cards. I don’t expect to shoot any zombies but I suspect some looters might get a surprise or two.

  41. Most of my light-duty “prepping” revolves around preparing for the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado, although the same preparation is applicable to a number of other situations as well. If I can’t shelter in place at home for a few days, I have a safe refuge (as long as I can reach it), and I’m prepared to hike a considerable distance to get to it if I have to, while carrying what I need to stay fed, watered, sheltered and safe. (With any warning at all, my Mom will already be there.)

    I don’t worry too much about a zombie outbreak, as I figure the deer hunters and other assorted gun-totin’ good ol’ boys and girls around here will come out in force to take care of the wandering undead, toot sweet. I even saw one of them (a GOB, not a zombie) wearing a tee shirt emblazoned with “The Hardest Part About the Zombie Apocalypse is Going to Be Pretending I’m Not Excited About It”.

  42. My daughter/SIL have a full basement below the historic house, used to be for storage and servants, work force for the home. Anyway, they use it in tornadoes . They have a heck of a time dragging the two Boston Terrors and Chien Chien down there, they are highly suspicious of intent!

    By the way, my oldest daughter had years and years of French, was a language exchange student all summer in France one year.
    She asked her sister about Chien Chien I (we are on II now) why she named her dog “Cabbage Cabbage”?

    When I was a teen we used to have a couple areas we said we’d go to shelter, deep in swamps. Fifty years later one has become a highly developed and expensive home subdivision of estates and the other drained, logged and part an expensive hunting club!

    When the tsunami hit Japan and the nuclear power plant imploded, my friend flew in on last plane, walked in to find his wife and family, then walked and searched for her missing family 60 miles away. He was safe here but that is not what courageous people do.

    Family was gone, never found, but he tried.

    Love, Jackie

  43. Forgot to say those Spyderco knives were probably the hottest sought prizes in our cancer fund raffles. They went to highly deserving owners, one a female boat builder and sailor now living in Key West. The other went to a good friend who just retired from the profession of attorney management after a long career. He is now going to expand his enjoyment of life and important things.

    Both had flown in, so we were laughing about getting them home to South Carolina and Florida as neither had checked any luggage!
    Those were really nice knives, the Salt line, one straight blade, one saw rescue.

    Love, Jackie

  44. on the cemetery thing. when i lived in tennessee it seemed like there were little graveyards everywhere. there was one next to the mcdonalds (appropriate), one in our subdivision and one next to nearly every back road we ever drove.

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