Harpe Diem

So, do Arlo and Janis still work? Yes, they do. They’ve been luckier than many over the years; they’ve had stable employment, maybe not with the same companies the entire time but in similar fields and environments. There is no doubt they’re in that winding-down phase of employment, when the management would love to get rid of them and replace them with someone younger and cheaper or, more likely today, outsource their work entirely, but they just know too damn much about how things work. Perhaps one of them will be offered the “consultant” track soon, where they’re paid half the money to clean up after a workforce making even less. Speaking of money, they like the money, of course, but they would leave for a new challenge and less remuneration in a heart beat, say helping run a fun little local-food enterprise, but the benefits are the trap, especially the insurance. See? You don’t really want to hear all this. They have modern jobs, sure, but they still are modern cartoon jobs. It’s nice work if you can get it.
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  1. Yep, knew it…otherwise they wouldn’t have had to hurry back from their recent trip to the coast.

    Ref today’s new cartoon…

    True Story: I was the General Manager of Company A when it was bought out by Company B upon the retirement of our owners. It was agreed I would transfer to Company B for a year at a lesser position to smooth the transition. There I discovered that, even though we had been doing 85% as much business as Company B, it had five managers to accomplish what I alone had been doing at Company A.

    I suppose it was a good thing for the owners of Company A I never got knocked off my motorcycle. Well, I actually did (and totaled the bike) but I didn’t miss any work.

  2. Good morning Ghost. That is what makes you a treasure.

    And not replaceable. Stay off motorcycles.

    Good morning Village. I will go catch up. Both phones are dead.

  3. Crashed a motorcycle into a cow on a dark country road many many moons ago. Laid on the side of the road for quite awhile before someone found me. Never been on one since.

  4. Ach-ahem. Son, dem’s aint for ridin’. Go get yourself cleaned up, and get back to work.

    Seriously though, it’s really good to have the employment question answered by the man that knows where he wants to go with the story. Thanks, Jimmy. Your vision, and the responses, show again how in touch the art is with your reader’s experiences.

    From morning smiles that just don’t go away to career path twists, you cover them all. Nicely shrunk into four panels for easy digestion with the morning coffee.

    Looking forward to where you take us next.

  5. I was so excited to see the Mediterranean Sea that I hustled to the edge and nearly fell in head first as I took my shoe and then my sock off. I snapped a few pictures with my bare foot in the water and posted “Steve going topless” (Like the 12 year old boy that lurks in us guys)

    I decided that trying to put the shoe and sock back on might draw a bit of attention, so I carried to a nearby walkway. THAT is when I discovered that my American Midwest Naivete was showing. My “joke” didn’t beat the real thing. I did not post any pictures of what I saw. Frankly I think some of those girls were still minors.

  6. Steve, hope you have a chance for rest soon. Sounds like you may have a touch of tunnel vision.

    But yeah, always an adjustment when our ‘normal’ is shown as not so much.

    After rest and business, hope you shoehorn in some decompression, too. Enjoy, my friend.

  7. Debbe, if you have Spotify there is some new Pink Floyd on there. It seems they released a box set of recordings done between 1967-1972. Cost of the set is high, but I just found they have the individual parts on Spotify. Just search Pink Floyd and look for the Cre/Ation, etc. titled albums.

  8. Thanks for that Mark. I had Buffett’s ‘Changes in La(t)titudes…’ like an earworm since reading Steve’s Mediterranean report. Not a bad thing, but Floyd cleared the condition right up.

  9. You’re welcome, Morphy. Some of my favorite Pink Floyd is what they did before Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. Especially the album Meddle. This new collection even has the soundtrack from Live at Pompeii, which has never been on CD before.

  10. Mark, it is some new sounds to me. But then I always thought of Pink Floyd as approaching each album as a unique project, each with its own sound.

    Comparatively, I had a friend who would complain that every single Boston track sounded the same. While I agreed, I would add that it was a good sound, like one long track. Or reprises on a theme heard later in the opera.

    Refreshing this time, I was surprised at Arlo’s outstretched hand being right in my face. Don’t know how I missed it earlier. Nice piece of 3D work from 2001.

  11. Went back up to look again. Realized J.J. often has fingers out of sight. Maybe the forced perspective made it easier to draw all five digits? Suddenly cannot recall the normal number in the Day’s world, will have to look further.

  12. Short perusal, the Day’s count to ten on their fingers. No octal base number systems here. But I’m guessing they are not the artist’s favorite thing to draw, more useful to include them while showcasing an object, or emphasizing emotion. Other wise hide those awkward sausages in a pocket. Kind of like stagecraft, what to do with the hands?

    Science fiction style brain game, we have ten fingers and base almost all of our numbering systems on that fact. But we tell time in groups of twelve containing sixty. Did the concept of time come from some-where, -one, -thing else? Did they have twelve hands of five grasping digits each? :play Twilight Zone theme:

    I do like the style Jimmy uses though. Usually connected fingers indicated by small lines, rather than each separately. Minimized for efficiency.

  13. I hit a kid on a bicycle while riding a motorcycle years ago. My reactions saved the kid except for a few scratches. Me? I overnighted in the stepdown unit of ICU, and received a reprieve from work for six weeks. It was not my fault, so said multiple witnesses. Worst comment at the time? A witness ran up and said, “Geez you ok? I thought you were dead.”
    Was back on the bike seven weeks later. Scared my wife silly, they left a note on the door saying I had been in a wreck and was at the hospital. Not was I alive, dead or half way in between, just that I was at the hospital.

  14. This is Nurse Ratched. Actually, I’m Dixie McCall RN BSN but Ms. Monies said you would understand. She asked me to keep you up to date, which I am happy to do. She has been taken to the OR and is being sedated. More later.

  15. emb: there *are* common binary-based systems, at least in the English-derived world. Both liquid and dry measure units are separated by one or more factors of 2 – e.g. a bushel is 4 pecks, 8 gallons, 32 quarts, 64 pints. And look at how non-metric folks commonly divide inches: by halves, quarters, . . ., 64ths,. . . . (I suspect this is rooted in the ease of dividing a continuous quantity into equal halves, relative to dividing it into equal thirds, fifths, etc.)

  16. Good morning Villagers….

    Jackie, prayers for you and your Doctor….and don’t go home any sooner than you have to.

    Thanks Mark for the link…will listen later.

    Need to go, have to get and cat food here.


  17. 1 1/2-2 hr. is pretty usual for jt. replacements. Hour or so for recovery, unhappy workout tomorrow morning in dedicated workout room near the orthopod patient rooms. Hope all goes well. Local observations only; protocols may vary elsewhere. Gratitude / Dixie and RNs in general. Nurse Ratcheds are relatively rare.


  18. Ms. Monies is still doing fine. The procedure went as expected, and she is being moved to recovery, where she will remain for a couple of hours before being moved to a room.

  19. Jackie, prayers that all is going well. Thank you, Nurse McCall, for the updates.

    sand, hugs.

    Steve, I’m not much of a traveller, but I really enjoy yours!

    Jimmy, can’t wait to see where this storyline goes!

  20. Jackie/Dixie/Ratched (very much not:) Came to these notes late but thrilled to see, frabjous day, indeed. Thank you Dixie, for the above and beyond service to your patient.

  21. emb and Mark J., that is how I learned the history of math too. But the fun is in the imagining. The thought of polka dotted, trumpet nosed, fuzz-covered things smarter than we mere mortals is a fun diversion. Maybe not proper, but it stretches the grey matter some on the creative side.

    Approaching the interrelated system of measures in a different direction, dryly: small increments of time were often marked by the metronome we carry. A healthy adult at rest has a heart rate around 60 bpm. But is subject to WIDE variations, especially in exciting times. Needing a more reliable standard, and learning the physics of pendulums (pendula for strict adherents), lead to clockworks of significant accuracy.

    Bring this back around, most population centers are at sea-level, and with minor adjustments for accuracy, the required pendulum is one-meter in length. Meter, like a poetic measure of rhythm, the root of metronome.

  22. Strictly speaking, er, strictly scribing, accuracy should be precision. Precision is how well it works internally, accuracy is only attained by comparing to an agreed independent standard.

  23. This really is Jackie now and my new nurse just came on whom I had not met. What a surprise!

    Trina and Mark Yoder from Bjermidgi, Minnesota, just moved down here. Tall lovely RN and she went to university there, worked at hospital until last month I believe. What a coincidence!

    I will bet she knew Elaine and emb too, if I only knew who emb was?

    By the way, I am doing great and no.side effects from anaesthesia. Not much pain yet but they have a pain meds pump on me that automatically dispenses. I have to do breathing exercises for lungs and have an oxygen tube for nose.

    And most important of all, the food is good. Loved lunch, fresh fruit cup, a lemon bar, iced tea, plate of delicious raw vegetables with scoop of chicken salad in middle.

    I am ready to get second knee done ASAP.

  24. Jackie, sounds like a very good experience. I am so happy for you. Thank you, for the answer unasked. That you will have 2nd, separate surgery. Will it have to wait for some PT progress first? Or is PT better on two fresh rebuilds?

    Sending metaphorical flowers, and well wishes.

  25. Moved to sitting up in chair and got to pee. Not in same chair.

    It hurt and very shaking and weak.

    Dixie is at motel napping with Dickens. I wonder where she finds uniforms that large? Especially the white hose and size 13 shoes?

  26. For Iron Horse and national transportation interest. On Wikipedia today, section ‘Did you know…’, item on the Red Rock Bridge, a short piece that ties in Iron Horse evolution, infrastructure succession, and that wonderful television show/long format advertisement for Rick’s favorite car, the Corvette. The parade of model year changes presented in ‘Route 66’ made for great eyecandy product placement. Look at the freedom you have in this year’s Corvette, available now and by order from your local Chevy dealer! That’s just good marketing, right there.

    A steel truss bridge, the name referred to the natural features in place, and additional quarried rock from nearby, used in the piers that could withstand the spring thaw floods. Several prior wooden truss bridges had been lost at significant cost.

    Apparently there was a time, before additional bridges, when rail traffic was infrequent enough to allow workers to install planks across the rails for limited automobile traffic. Good timekeeping and regular schedules helped. Reaping a toll for their efforts, as an option to, then temporary replacement of, the nearby ferry service. Does not indicate how the fares compared. Good piece of capitalism fueling improvements. All eventually made redundant by the Interstate system.

    If you’ve seen the BBC presentation of Douglas Adams’s (possessive case of a name properly ending with ‘s’) _Dirk_Gently…_, you’ll recognize Elijah Wood proclaiming, “It’s all connected!”

    Oops, this was there earlier today. Wikipedia changes the front page after 7pm CDT. But the article remains: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Rock_Bridge

  27. Have any of you ever read the horror story “The Haunted and the Haunters: or The House and the Brain”? It’s by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who is best known to modern readers as the author who originated the phrase Snoopy tried to turn into a completed story: “It was a dark and stormy night.”


    He also is credited with originating such phrases as “the great unwashed”, “pursuit of the almighty dollar”, and “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

    It had been a while since I’d read anything by a mid-19th century author. By today’s standards it was unnecessarily wordy, but I found it to be a gripping tale that I’d have expected from Poe.

  28. I worried that Jackie’s knee replacement was never going to happen! (I am an awful procrastinator myself.) Very relieved that it is done and according to the Ghostly nurse, went very well! Not familiar with these movie or TV people mentioned but that’s nothing new for me.

    It’s great that she was able to sit and eat a nice lunch so soon after anesthesia and surgery. Astonishing and augers well for a smooth recovery.

    Hoping to hear more about Steve’s trip to Spain — that “topless” story is funny.

    Not hearing from Jerry in FL — are you okay?

  29. Thanks Mark. Yes, I admire well built structures made for purpose. It’s not just bigger is better, even though scale is impressive. I’m also a form follows function kind of guy, with bonus points for inspirational beauty. But if the frills cause utility to suffer that’s bad. Wish I had a good example in bridges, but cannot think of one.

    Last time I ran across the concept, I was given an address in one of these upscale office parks. You probably know the type, access roads curve among buildings at strange angles, because squares are ugly. Parking is far from entrances to avoid spoiling the vision of space. I tried three times to find the address while driving, being ejected out onto a different arterial boulevard each time. I parked and walked to my meeting, easier to find on foot. Having been there once, I now had the solution to the puzzle and never gave it another thought.

    Until I heard a colleague discuss being late in a similar situation, and realized the truth. It is an architectural failure. And worse, I allowed myself to feel incompetent instead of recognizing the failure of design.

    Casinos are well known to have design elements installed with the intent of making it difficult to find your way out, to keep you spending money. In vault areas of banks similar tricks have been used for at least sixty years, based on one old building I worked in twenty years ago. To this day, my credit union has a dual-door entry but always keeps the right hand door facing out locked, specifically to slow any unthinking baddy whose adrenaline has caused him to forget. A faulty rationale to my mind. If the baddy is on his way out, then let him go, before more bad things happen to innocent people. I digress, again.

    These beautiful park settings for buildings have turned the concept on its head causing aggravation among clients that businesses do not even recognize. Loss of productivity at least, possibly loss of commerce as well. Long post, hope it makes it.

  30. And yeah, I’d notice Jerry in FL has been MIA for over a week. Maybe he is busy driving his convertible now that warmer weather has arrived.

  31. Morphy, I really appreciate the older buildings where the brickmasons went to the trouble to make ornamental designs using the bricks themselves. The buildings were functional and designed for people rather than to win architectural design contests. I hate new buildings where you can’t even open a window. The Ferguson Center (student union at the University of Alabama) was one of the first such I dealt with. You create a modern building, seal all the windows, (in Alabama), and if the power goes out it turns into a giant Easy-Bake oven in the summer. No one can stand to stay in it at that point, and it has to close.

  32. Trucker Ron, I have read a lot of books and stories by nineteenth century writers, but I don’t remember that one by Bulwer-Lytton. Must look into it. Although I’m not reading scary stories any more, on purpose, because they are too disturbing; same goes for movies — I want to preserve my mental health.

  33. I know lots of nurses at least that good looking, but what really dates her is the cap. Now it’s more likely to be a shower cap. Lots of Yoders in Mennonite country nr. here. Know one RN who, I think, retired recently, but she is not tall. A Yoder, along w/ 2 other Mennonite men [a Bontrager and a Hochstetter (sp.)], built our lake cabin 20+ mi E of town [since sold to folks who made a yr. round home of it]. At least 2 of the 3 builders now gone.

    The only important thing to know about emb is that Elaine was his wife. He is the only retired mammalogy prof in town, and may be the only one in the country who can say his successor is also principal flute in the local symphony orch. She was at the same concert as he this evening, as part of the audience for a splendid concert by the MN Orch.: Brahms Acad. Festival Overt., Mozart’s Sym. 39 [equivalent of Haydn’s ‘Joke’ Quartet], and Tchaikovsky’s 4th Sym. emb’s kind of classics. Dinner w/ elder son [pastor of the UMC in Deerwood, E of Brainerd] and wife at Mi Rancho, top drawer Mex. eatery nearby. Run by a real Mex. family. Their chicken fajita was spicy enough. Copy edit the BUMC bulletin tomorrow. Gotta earn my keep somehow. It costs only 1/2 as much to see the MNO here as at Orch. Hall in Mpls., and there’s no $10 pkg. fee. Peace,

  34. Mark, I like air conditioning as much as the next lazy person, I suppose. But I do think they have given architects the freedom to make ugly buildings. Modern urban centers could not survive without it. But most cities could still use buildings twenty stories or less designed with airflow in mind. Adds to beauty, reduces operation cost, may reduce obesity (questionable, it’s complicated), gives us back fun desktop objects like paperweights and spindles. Actually, both of those may be archaic in a ‘paperless’ office? (/sarcasm) There is also a darker reason for windows that don’t open, I’ll pass on that. Suffice to say I think overprotecting people is not a good solution.

    Sideburns, yes, we have in the past. I don’t have a Garner’s MEU to reference. I have gained a lot of respect for his views, and may consider him decisive. Although I think he would express that misses the point. I do believe Chicago Manual of Style has reversed themselves on the point. Dropping the ‘s’ was useful in physical typesetting. From the physical sort itself, conservation of ink, and control of whitespace on the page, there are many reasons to support that view. They all go out the window in the digital age of low cost images on an ethereal page. Now it is more a topic of logical consistency in the rules of grammar. Something we used to consider laughable. But I’m not a professional, your mileage may vary.

  35. Well today marks the end of a very short trip to Europe and fortunately it is ending MUCH better physically than my last trip to Europe where I couldn’t eat regular food for about a month due to food poisoning. I’m about to go down for breakfast.

    Went back down to the beach to get my 3 Mike walk in and this time a more nature woman came up out of the sea sans top. My wife asked he how mature and I told her that I didn’t know as I did not make eye contact. She said”You couldn’t tell if she was our age? I told that I had nothing to compare it to as I’ve only seen ONE woman topless that was in her 40s or 50s.!

  36. Steve, she knew you meant her, right?

    I remember making a comment once, that I thought was a cute complement only for the woman in my life. Either I was too vague, or she was too insecure. Who’s to say all these years later. But I spent daaays, on the outs. Trying desperately to convince her my intended meaning. Years later, I decided while there may have been an initial misunderstanding, she enjoyed manipulation too much. Things are different now.

  37. Here is hoping Gene is OK. I read where Ford is offering buyouts to 1400 salary workers. Having lived through the cyclical nature of the business, I have my Dad signal up. Although his job performance has been graded outstanding and he has been promoted, I have seen good people caught up in the sometimes arbitrary nature of layoffs. My guess is that they are looking at people my age or A & J’s age.

  38. Really Steve you should be able to look at any body parts eithout shame. They are just body parts like arms, legs, shoulders.

    Unless you were thinking otherwise.

    We will now wait for Ghost to offer his opinion.

  39. Jackie, glad you’re doing well. Once you get home remember to do the physical therapy! It will help your recovery immensely.

    Miss Charlotte, I procrastinated for several years before I had my knee surgery, and now I wish I hadn’t. What it finally took was having a doctor who explained the procedure to me and talked to me about it.

    And yes, I picked up the Dixie McCall reference right away! Julie London was not only an actress, you know.


  40. Between those who know, and those who suspect, this is likely the worst kept secret outside of Washington DC…Jackie and I have been “seeing each other” for some time. Almost three months, actually. The relationship is proceeding apace; in fact, it is proceeding remarkably well for one that originated in a comic strip blog. (The most difficult part of it so far is how to answer the inevitable question, “Where did you two meet?”)

    Oh, and Jimmy, if a nice fruit basket should arrive at your front door one day…

  41. Smigz, you peeked at the next chapter! I wanted to see the pages in between.

    But it is really nice to hear and have confirmed that things have gone on so well. Happy for you both. I don’t know if the phrase is still in fashion, but I do think this is certainly a ‘cute-meet’ story. Extra points if you tell it interrupting each other with one steady narrative.

    Thanks for sharing with us, and enjoy.

  42. Jackie and Ghost so glad the “secret” is Fargone out…..Symply awesome to hear this, even better that it started here……

  43. GR 😉 as I’ve said before…you’re such a slut puppy 🙂

    and as I’ve said in our conversations…I’m so happy for you both that you’ve found one another…and it’s about time you guys come out of the closet….

    Jackie doing OK? How is therapy going?

  44. Debbe 😉 Physical therapy? Probably better not to ask her about it when she just returned to her room from it, which she just did. Actually, she did rather well, especially in the sit-on-and-get-off-the-potty class. (Yeah, she’s gonna kill me when she reads this.)

    Thanks to all for the good wishes.

  45. Prediction: (based very loosely on developments, Jimmy’s habit of window peaking, and current story arc that may or may not turn ‘canon’, waking from a dream is always possible, similarity to anyone living or passed is purely coincidental)

    After relocating, and the busy season has passed, come holiday time and the gathering of friends; Robin and Gus find that they have many interests in common, and enjoy sharing company very, very much.

    Obviously, I have no rights over a fun storyline idea that could have occurred to any creative mind, without any influence by me.

  46. I was relieved when I saw the ‘napping’ and size 13 shoe comment… Having nurses in the family I knew that it would be a serious HIPPA violation for an RN to post publicly about a patient– a career-ending type. Even more of a relief to see Ghost “outed” as being Dixie!

  47. David, what I had keyed to, and then found out I was probably wrong, was the alphabet soup. I thought the RN license superseded the BSN, and so Ms. McCall would not likely list both. That with the strange itch over the name I could not place, had me thinking the B-S may have a different meaning. Kind of the same thing as giving too much information in an attempt to deceive.

    I enjoy puzzles, but sometimes ‘see’ more than is there.

  48. Despite HIPPA training [SHB volunteers have a compulsory hour every yr] and size 13 shoes], I was completely taken in. I knew / Nurse Ratched but had never heard of Dixie McCall, being movie-illiterate. What a delightful surprise to wake up to from a 3-hr afternoon nap.

    Time to thaw a freezer soup, and accompany w/ a good domestic PA.

    Skoal, peace, and best wishes. emb

  49. See? I made y’all think, didn’t I? 🙂

    And David is entirely correct about the likely repercussions of a real nurse posting such information on line.

    Morphy, “RN BSN” seems to be the most preferred order on name tags, but I do not know if there is an actual convention involved. Also, I am looking at the business card of the Nursing Manager of Jackie’s floor, with whom I interacted, and her professional suffix reads “MS, RN, NE-BC”.

  50. GR6, as a wild-a__-guess: sounds like, locally at least, employment has been at cut-throat level for some time. Having all credentials immediately available to all eyes is what suggests that to me. It is not a world I interact with enough to have noticed. Any time I’ve needed a nurse, I’m usually thinking about something else. Maybe it has become the norm.

  51. I do note the precedence: the masters of science is listed ahead of the registered nurse license, while the bachelors degree has less cachet. Would have to look up NE-BC, assume it is a specialised certification.

  52. Just recognized, I’m commenting to a man who, in a former profession, walked around with his entire resume on his left breast. Codified to a strict order of precedence.

    tips hat, again

  53. Well, cxp, it was a very polite greeting, if you had no suspicion.

    And, if you had an inkling, it worked as well. The illusory Ghost has been a rare sight of late.

    Either way, it is hard to go wrong being welcoming.

  54. I had a long message explaining the use of degrees and specialties with nursing credentials. Seems something was not liked by the blog software. The short answer is that the letters and the order all mean something if you know the club password and secret handshake.

  55. Dear emb, thank you for the spelling correction. I really do know what augury is, or was in ancient Rome, and while typing that comment had a mental picture of soothsayers in togas, poking through the insides of sacrificial birds and animals. Isn’t it amazing what some people will believe! (Nudge nudge.)

    Have realized for some time that Ghost and Jackie have met at last. It’s like a fairy tale, very romantic. So happy for them.

  56. ‘Have realized for some time that Ghost and Jackie have met at last.’ Some people are quicker than others at realizing such things are afoot. I’m one of the others, basically clueless.

    ‘Isn’t it amazing what some people will believe?’ Yep. At BUMC, adult Bible study sometimes becomes Book study. We’re almost done now with ‘The Righteous Mind’, by somebody Haidt, pron. height. Similar group did it at First Lutheran, a block east. I’ll have to ask Linnea [their assoc. pastor] how it went. Good friend, was very close to Elaine.


    Not a light read, but an excellent one. Explores many aspects of how people come to conclusions about right and wrong. One of our psychological quirks is the fallacy of agency: if something happens that we cannot account for [e.g., the wind blows or not, it rains or not, a volcano erupts, none of which our ancestors could make sense of], we easily conclude that some supernatural agent caused it, so we have Thor, the god of thunder and such. We now know lots of natural causes, but the fallacy is deep-seated. When people ‘think things happen for a reason’, they don’t mean a low pressure system caused the rain, they mean the gods or one God willed it. It’s past bedtime, but maybe I’ll post a copyrighted column I did yrs. ago. I don’t think I’ve done that one here. Probably in 3 posts, since it’s several hundred words.


  57. Color me “clueless”, too…very, very little Hollywood/entertainment data lies in my skull. That I am not in VisageVolume probably abetted my ignorance.

    Augury: Back in HS some 60 years ago, I was elected “pontifex maximus” [= “highest priest”] of the Latin club. My main job was to perform auguries at the club meetings, so I put together a few basic chemistry tricks as a show there. In one case, I kept 2 test tubes corked in my pocket all day – we did not have lockers or anything similar; carried all our stuff everywhere – waiting for the Latin club meeting after 3 p.m. I knew the 2 liquids would turn a brilliant red when mixed, and I also knew I just didn’t feel like attending a meeting that afternoon. Thus, when called upon, I grandiosely announced that the mixture ought to show up green upon mixing. Well, when it showed up really red, I was shocked; SHOCKED, I tell you! Promptly, I suggested cancelling the meeting at once since the augury was bad. My favorite Latin teacher – only one I ever had in those 4 years – wasn’t buying it and commanded the meeting proceed anyway. So much for my temporal powers in that exalted position….

  58. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had no idea. I’ m so glad you
    for the two of you. It’ s wonderful that your knee surgery went so well. Jackie, you go girl.

  59. Actually it has been like a fairy tale or more like a Jimmy Johnson cartoon in many ways. Ghost does resemble Arlo in many ways, as do I Janis.

    Right now I am being discharged and we are going over to the LA Quinta a block away to join Dickens the Adventure Dog for a day or so. I hope that gives me a chance to build stamina for walking.

    Dickens adores Ghost and has been with us everywhere. He prefers to sleep on or with Ghost. You wake up to a red version of Snoopy as the “vulture” peering down at you atop Ghost’s shoulder above.

    We have worked out the size differences. Ghost is tall indeed. I am short.

  60. Jackie:

    Fine, but I wasn’t worried. Reminds me of a non-PC joke, which anyone can figure out from the punch line, ‘How?’ Which in turn reminded me of a mental query from a wk or so back:

    How many racist verses, phrases [e.g., “Indian giver”, “Shortnin’ Bread”], were standard fare in the ’30s that no longer are? So I searched one, which I first heard sung by “Uncle Don” on WOR in ’35 or so, and found it, verbatim:


    Bet it’s used less widely than heretofore.


  61. good morning, all. Very stormy night in Oklahoma last night. Here in Tulsa we got lots of rain and lightning with strong winds. Forecast calls for as much as 1 3/4 inches of rain today too. Some parts of state had tornadoes.

    As the sergeant on Hill Street Blues used to say, “Let’s be careful out there.”

    Congratulations on both fronts, Jackie. May your relationship be long and happy for both of you!

  62. Reporting for “Nurse Dixie”, to keep her out of trouble: Jackie has finished her final session of PT with Torquemada, the hospital therapist, and is back in her room awaiting discharge. We will be staying over in Broken Arrow tonight and likely tomorrow night to give her a little more recovery time before hitting the not-too-smooth road home. Updates to follow.

  63. When I was in high school my Mom, who was a nurse, and I had a discussion about body parts. While it is correct that each part is the same, my mother realized that to many of her patients, they most definitely were not. She would never say that the patient is shameful. It only made them even more uncomfortable.
    She told me that some patient would lie around completely uncovered making HER uncomfortable. Others would barely let the nursing staff do their job as they did not want anyone to see private areas. My Mom was closer to the later, but said, “if you are in enough pain, you begin not to care anymore”
    Basically, she told me to respect a person’s right to privacy because we are all different. I am still more like my mother. I like my privacy in the bathroom, locker room, the beach would prefer that people would dress more modestly. I really try not to judge, but I often shake my head privately and look away. However others are entitled to their opinion and I try to respect it as I hope that they respect mine.

  64. I’ve been”away” for a while. To Ghost and Jackie: Enjoy your life. Congratulations!

    God bless us every one. God bless the USA.

  65. As Ghost always says, the ones you don’t want to see are usually the ones you do. I just had an example of that in physical therapy room. Man in my class had on hospital gown and no discernable underwear.

    Not a pretty sight.

    I had on one of those fitted heavy weight body con tanks that look like an exercise bra that goes below your butt. With underwear and shorts as well.

  66. Ghost of Nurse McCall, the Torquemada name made me laugh inappropriately. Thinking of Mel Brooks and his musical turn in History of the World: Part I. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

    Link, Mark?

    And Jackie, yours had me thinking of a Seinfeld episode. Jerry had a parade of starlets and models as his one-episode only girlfriends, often with titillating results. That is to say it made small birds laugh. In one such storyline, an otherwise beautiful woman played the part of a nudist. Jerry decided the relationship must end when he saw her bend over to reach something on the ground. The punchline came in describing it to George along the lines of ‘some things don’t look good on any body.’ [not an actual quote from twenty-some years ago]

    Hunh, I must have had a lot more time on my hands, a long time ago.

    Oy, the agony! Oy, the pain! To make my privates public for a game?! — Mel

  67. Confirmed, I crossed my Iberian Catholic comedy references.

    For the other, see Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

    Both were favorite viewings on videos with my group.

  68. We successfully made the trek (about .5 mile) from hospital to hotel, thence across the hotel lobby, which Jackie likened to scaling The North Face, and she didn’t mean the popular garment manufacturer. When she got off the elevator on our floor, I created a field-expedient wheelchair by grabbing the desk chair from the room; seating her in it; and pushing her down the hall, past a couple of bemused housekeeping ladies.

    She is ambulating remarkably well (with a walker), with an equally remarkable lack of expected swelling and bruising at the surgery site. I got her into bed pretty easily (get your minds out of the gutter), and she is napping now. I will wait until she awakens to make a food and Rx run to Wally World. I have left strict instructions with the front desk that if there is a fire alarm or other emergency, Fire/Rescue *will* come to this room first.

    Yes, Smigz, Home Health will come to her house Monday to begin 3-times-per-week formal PT. In between times, yours truly will put on his Torquemada cap and make sure she does her daily exercises.

  69. Lovely, really lovely. I meet families in the ‘while in surgery’ phase every wk., many of them with the same later phases in prospect. Gratifying work. Peace,

  70. She is lucky. I gained 10-15 lbs after my hip replacement and my legs were terribly bruised. Of course they are literally hammering the new socket in place. I would suggest drinking a lot of water, even though it might mean more trips to the bathroom. Besides the medicinal benefit of hydrating, it forces you to move more often. I quickly went from walker to came and “the heavy drugs” to Motrin in about two weeks. I was very lucky.

    Of course listen to your Doctor/PT and not some stranger on the internet!

  71. Good afternoon Villagers….

    Yes. Yes. Yes!!! I knew Jackie had the fortitude, along with a great mascot (GR 😉 ) and cheerleader team (the Village). Relieved to hear she has a home health care coming in next week.

    Dad and I made an agreement….every other day we will go ‘riding’. Wednesday, we went to Williams’ Dam…a very nice ride with lots of Southern Indiana hills and curves. The ride starts in the Hoosier National Forrest. I try to make it at least a two or more hour excursion out for him.

    Today, we went to Mitchell, to Apple Acres. I bought a couple of tomato plants, apple butter, and cinnamon bread…also a few apples. Every thing is made on site. Look out midnight munchies 🙂

    Tomorrow is my one niece’s graduation party from high school. Five families went together and are putting it on. The place where they are having it holds 500 people…..arrggghhh…. Dad was funny…said we’d better go or we’d be on someone’s s&^t list. Personally, I feel the graduates will get lost in all this ‘festivity’. For Ian’s, it was a backyard come as you are thing…very casual and close in family and friends.

    In the meantime, I am scouting out where to plant my “Big Beef” tomato plants…they need full sun. In the ground tomorrow.\

    ya’ll have a peaceful, easy feeling tonight.

  72. FB post from Jackie

    Here’s my newly replaced left knee. I am being discharged today after physical therapy. Pushed down hall in a recliner with a walker in my lap.
    I am so short they had to get a child’s walker to fit me! My feet don’t touch floor either.
    Knee looks good and little swelling or discoloration.
    Knee two in September.


  73. I see over on GoComics, there is still much discussion about the not so obvious careers of our staring characters. There is a small globe icon that would bring them here, if they were curious enough to seek the artist.

    Since I’ve never posted there, it was easy to resist the urge to invite them; or discourage their willing participation in a settled discussion. There was the initial urge to help, but it was quickly second-guessed. Let them have their dispute, I suppose.

  74. Good grief, Jackie…that band-aid is about an eighth of your height 🙂

    Hint: there is a reason I termed the phrase “the Dark Side”! re: comment section!

  75. Yeah, I forgot to mention that Jackie was wearing a Jolly Green Giant Band-Aid on her left knee. With a row of skin staples almost as long. (I’m not squeamish, so I watched them take the post-op bandage off and put the JGG one on. The incision looked good, as incisions go.). It will stay on until the 25th.

    Slon’s owner/trainer/servant has a nice set of gams.

  76. Better climbing the wall than her bare legs.

    When you look at Jackie’s postop picture, notice how much straighter the repaired one is. By the time she gets both done, she ought to be able to do stairs and level ground equally well. Good for you!

  77. Yes, both Jackie’s knees had deteriorated to the point they were bowed and her feet pointed outward. When her surgeon came out to talk me, she told me everything had gone as expected and that Jackie now had one straight leg and one crooked one. “For now,” I told her. “She’ll be back to get the other one done.” The doctor agreed. And now Jackie is saying the same thing.

    PT should help it straighten even more.

  78. I did not know this was a particular breed though. the link is to a breeder, but I did go the instagram…too funny.

    So is ‘gam’ the Russian word for “pokies”, GR 😉 Inquiring minds want to know/

  79. Aw, Debbe, you don’t watch enough old movies if you don’t know: (get out your Edward G. Robinson voice, gravelly and sharp)

    See, gam’s is what dolls walk around on, ya see? Pegs, stilts, you know, legs! Ya See?

  80. We are having really severe weather here in Tulsa. It is amazing to have my personal weatherman. Doesn’t change the weather but it is reassuring to understand it better.

  81. Jackie
    Blessings on you and GR

    Now you will be taller 🙂

    You have a reason for a Tattoo = a zipper over the incision.
    Big decision does the tab go up or down to open.

  82. I disagree slightly with Dr Jung. I’d say most people prefer to have feelings about topics rather than think about them. That’s why so many folk ask “how do you feel about” a topic, a politician, or even a business proposal. Thinking is much harder than feeling. And there’s no judgment involved; that takes discernment and understanding.

  83. Getting lots of walking in to bathroom. This room is far easier than my house is.

    Going back to sleep. Ghost has gone off in search of breakfast downstairs.

    He is beyond patient, saintly.

  84. Charlotte: Did I guess at the wrong Charlotte email?

    Trucker: Feelings, yes, but also judging. Haidt, [pron. height] in ‘The Righteous Mind’, [see longer post about halfway up above], pretty well documents that. We humans like to judge, and many actually enjoy watching sentences carried out. Wonder if there were scalpers outside the Coliseum? There are photos documenting that lynches were often well-attended. Crucifixions? The paintings are from centuries later, but the soldiers are said to have drawn lots for his robe.


  85. Jackie has been feed and is enjoying a post-breakfast nap. She looks so innocent…of the fact Torquemada will be waking her shortly for her morning knee excises.

  86. a friend of mine pulled up her pant leg to show me her scar a few months after surgery and her leg looked exactly like that. I told her that the scar for my hip replacement was much smaller, but there is no way I was showing her mine!
    My son is running a 5k and told he he was shooting for a sub-17:00 5K. He will be 34 in a week and if successful, he will have bettered his best time in HS! He lined up next to a kid that would later run in 3 Olympics. Just read where that kid turned in his coach for cheating. Told my son I was was more proud of him than the guy who cheated to 3 Olympics.

    Update, Dan ran a 37:30 10k. Finished 2nd to a guy who drafted him the whole race. He’s disappointed, but I told him racing takes a little practice. He has a couple races to better his mark before running a fall marathon. He hopes to run a 2:48.

  87. Jackie has Torquemada, I had Ivan the Therapist. He looked nice, but was a tyrant about making me do the exercises. And I’m glad you’re getting the in-home therapy. That will help you quite a bit.

    Ghost Sweetie, remember-positive reinforcement! As my Daddy used to say, you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar!

  88. Exercises finished. Without Jackie resorting to any military-grade cussing. Although I suspect she really wanted to. This is one (military-grade cuss word) tough lady.

    Great plan, Jean dear. But I’m way ahead of you. I would tell you what reward she got for successfully completing the entire set, but, as you know, this a family-friendly venue. 🙂

  89. Since my bypass last year I have several scars. Got one down the inside of each thigh, one down the center of my chest and 3 circular ones in my chest where they had the drains in. If I go in a pool this year I will probably get some funny looks.

  90. Good link, Llee. Apparently Jackie’s left knee was covered, and hopefully her right one will be, also.

    Yesterday, while sitting in the pharmacy at Wally World waiting for Jackie’s discharge meds, a tall and tanned young lady walked by, wearing workout togs. Although I of course normally don’t pay much attention to things like that, I noticed she was wearing a T-shirt with “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body” printed on its back. I told Jackie about that and suggested she remember it while doing her post-op exercises.

    I can’t remember if I also told her the T&T young lady was also wearing the shortest short-shorts I’ve seen off of a ladies’ volleyball court.

  91. Ghost you were very close to a college at that Walmart so she may have been on a volleyball team.

    No one warned me about projectile vomiting, nausea and gaseous discharges. Luckily Ghost missed most of that. Kidneys are working extremely well and I am getting lots of exercise with walker in room.

    Lest you think I am nuts, this is brand new La Quinta and ice and laundry room just outside room. Clean sheets and towels, cleaning services. The aisles are easily navigated and perfect height and width for the Walker.

    No room service but Ghost is going for Vietnamese sandwiches and iced tea. The nurse staff here is loving and sweet and facility better and cleaner. And MUCH cheaper than a rehab facility after surgery.

  92. Mark, wanted you to know I had a laugh many hours after the fact, and need to credit you for it. While it has long been true that no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. It is also true to say, Absolutely Nobody expects …


    When your second link resolved to the same address, my inattentive mind assumed glitch in the blog service, or simple re-paste from the same clipboard item, possibly bad name resolution by my browser/service. I shrugged, and went on with my day, glad you shared a bit of humor by including the comfy chair reference. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more, Bob’s yer uncle, and all that.

    A long while later, at an inauspicious moment of poor timing (because apparently that’s the only time my brain dusts itself off to pay attention), I failed to stifle a laugh when it occurred to me: Mark might have done it on purpose! Just for the laugh! [it may have involved a porpoise as well, but I fixed that]

    Whether you intended or not, you gave good humor. Thanks for that.

    No actual embarrassment suffered. Those near me are kind of used to it.

  93. Just took a turn through GoComics, and because the top of this page talks about careers, I gotta say, Thanks, Jimmy for doing your part.

    Other artists may have interests that take them somewhere else, suffer from block, choose not to make vacation arrangements, or treat it as a part-time job. J.J. may have taken time off somewhere along the way, it just doesn’t spring to mind when. It’s really nice to see a new strip, every day. A blank space would be like an empty coffee can with the scoop rattling around. It wouldn’t shatter my world, but the disappointment would be noticed.

    The way my mind skips, I went and looked up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cal_Ripken_Jr.
    about one-third down the article. Remember the way you felt watching the game on 6Sep1995? I know that’s a really high bar. But it is the outstanding ones that show us what is possible.

    Arlo and Janis probably is not your whole life. But your commitment to getting one out for every day, is a service to the Days and to us, your readers.


  94. Good evening Villagers….

    Still haven’t put my ‘mater plants in the ground, been raining here most of day.

    Getting ready for graduation party…hate crowds.

    ….projectile vomiting, thanks for the image Jackie!

    but, allow me to leave this image with ya’ll: titled ‘jerk of the week’ 🙂


  95. Debbe 😉 That happened after I’d gone back to the hotel for the night. Also, unfortunately, after Jackie had gone to sleep. I think it’s pretty safe to say that’s not the way anyone would wish to be awakened. Not to be too graphic, but I understand it was one of those “decorate the walls” moments.

    Gaseous discharges? Well, let’s just say this experience has included “sound effects”.

    Yeah, I know she’s gonna kill me when she reads this…the disadvantage of commenting from the same room. At least I know I can outrun her for the time being. 🙂

  96. Nobody else is up early?


    Anyway, even though 4B is more accurate, the next [natural] problem is only 1B years away: Sol’s increasing heat will boil off our oceans in less than that.

    But, to the pt., I’ve run into students and others who worry when they learn such items, but still throw aluminum cans in the trash, see no problem in having a half dozen kids, and drive gas-guzzlers. Sometimes, same folks may insist the univ. is only 10,000 yr. old, or at least be consistent and say it matters not, since the ‘end times’ are just around the corner. That was Interior Secy. Watt’s line, I believe. God wanted us to use it all up first.


  97. I have been debating about posting this and finally decided to do so.

    I turned 64 last Sunday (no Beatles references, please), and Jimmy’s comments struck home and struck hard.

    Although the board and president say that they want me to work until I’m eighty, I’m usually in a slight state of paranoia, wondering if someone will find some way to ease me out.

    I am concerned because the company has fired a couple of people as a cost-cutting measure, and I think that some of my responsibilities could be given to others, even though they are overburdened as it is. Also, my other tasks can be outsourced.

    I think what’s saving me right now is that I am immediately available and have some knowledge and abilities that cannot be fully replicated. Some things come only by experience.

    Additionally, I’m in better health and overall physical condition than all but one of my younger coworkers. For example, I have not had a sick day in three years.

    So, Jimmy, well done! In one dependent clause, you summarized a major portion of my life, as well as that of many other persons my age, I’m sure.

  98. Rick, as a salesman it was always my observation that one of surest ways to get yourself fired was to be the top selling salesman. It seemed to gall them to see how much commission they were paying you and it seemed so efficient a way to cut costs.


  99. Rick and Jackie: and every experienced person that walks out the door, or is shown to it, takes invaluable knowledge that can only be replaced by working at the job just as long as the person who left. lncreases frustration for customers and employees, and causes large decrease of efficiency in the running of the business.

  100. Just did leg exercise for Nurse Ghost who is replacing ice machine on my leg. I get a pain pill in ten minutes. He is tough.

    He says he is going to apologize for being mean the first time we go dancing. Which will be Christmas or New Years after second knee. I intend to take dance lessons.

  101. **I was composing the below while Jackie was posting the above. So it must be true. 🙂 **

    I just finished “helping” Jackie though a set of knee and leg exercises. She says she hates me. I said, Good, that means I’m doing my job.

    I also said I would apologize for being such a mean SOB the first time we go dancing together. She said that was a deal.

  102. Every year the wrens would choose to make nests in some of my hanging baskets out on porch. I’d have to sacrifice the ferns or flowers as water chilled the eggs and then babies.

    One year a wren made her nest in a lush spring wreath on front glass door. She frightened easily so we draped a sheet over inside of living room and put yellow police tape across front porch to keep her calm. She hatched the eggs.

  103. For those looking ahead to this year’s solar eclipse in the USA, here’s a very useful interactive map. Zoom to wherever you think you might be able to watch it and click on the spot you have in mind. It will display the times and duration of the eclipse at that point.


    The spot I’m driving to offers a totality duration of about 2 minutes and 16 seconds. In my backyard some 250 miles away, the best we would see is just 89.344% obscuration, which means if you don’t know it’s happening and go out at the right time with the special sunglasses and look for it, you probably won’t know it’s happening… it might as well be a cloud passing overhead. 🙁

  104. Has anyone else noticed that the History Channel has become the Pawn Shop Channel and programs of little note?

    Last night, I found another network that actually has history. Right now, I am watching a well-done series about the Great War and our eventual involvement.

    If you long for the History Channel of old, check out the American Heroes Channel.

  105. Rick, best wishes for your prospects. I’ll admit my very first thoughts were in line with Mark’s, that is the loss of knowledge that goes with every retiring/dumped on their keister employee of experience.

    In my head was: Wow, I sure hope he takes on an ‘apprentice’ in the time he has left.
    Followed immediately by: That’s exactly what would give management the last item they need to liquidate the position.

    I hope I find my balance point before it is put to me. Nope, reword that, Hope it is not put to me, before I find my solution.

    Also, HIST channel has been a running joke in my circle so long I’ve forgotten when it stopped showing actual history. I had noticed the channel you mention, seems like more than a few months ago, maybe before last holiday season. I think I caught a show on Grand Central Terminal, associated with an anniversary that may have not been current. Very interesting. The production quality seemed low, but I didn’t see *any* excitable alien believers with hair 6″ tall and a fake tan that makes our president seem pale. I also note the low quality may actually be the transmission quality that DirectTV affords that corporation.

  106. Jackie and Mark: Fully agree – hear, hear!

    Morphy: Thanks. I hope that everything will be okay, even after I start training my replacement in a few years. It’s something that cannot and should not be avoided due to federal regulations requiring succession planning for officers. As the old line goes, time will tell.

  107. There hasn’t been any history in so long, as there has been no gardening or cooking. Or discovery. It all changed to entertainment or what some think is entertainment, not I.

    The real things move too slow with too little drama so they substitute reality. But whose? Not mine.

    Just had fresh pineapple, cottage cheese, key lime Greek yogurt. Nurse Ghost is off getting fresh tea, fresh orange juice and glass bowls to eat our beef pho from.

    Best convalescence in my life. Only first aid, nothing less. Maybe I can get a massage on other leg?

  108. Llee: P.S. Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act [acts?], it’s illegal to disturb the nest of most spp. of wild birds, including all wrens. There is no requirement, however, that you not drive off ‘not knowing’ one is in your grill. Don’t know how often various spp. of wrens or other dickey birds nest in grills, but if none ever produced young, natural selection MIGHT result in decreases in grill-nesting in SOME spp. Good evolutionary biologists know how to qualify such statements.

    Also, His eye may be on the sparrow, but She watches wrens and others commonly die before reaching reproductive age. Being a wild critter is tough. Studying them is rewarding, and one can still get all misty-eyed, and also be reverent.


  109. Mark, in the Department of Long Funny Walks for a Joke, Synchronicity Division: Last night’s BBCAmerica presentation of Doctor Who, “Extremis”, featured a pack of cardinals with ill intent. Who could expect… A FOURTH INQUISITION?!? I’m telling ya, man, every door. They’re everywhere.

    If the series is still airing on BBC One before release across the pond, and you already know the next episode, please no spoilers.

  110. Good night Village. Nurse Ghost is over hooking up the ice machine for my knee. Waiting for pain meds. Decided to walk into other end of room for a loo visit before I get strapped in for night.

    Pouring down liquids. I like this LQ as a rehab center. Far easier than my house.

  111. Morphy, I bought myself something called a Roku Streaming Stick. If you have WiFi, you have access to many channels of programming. Old movies and old TV free, mostly. Pay channels for more current things. Since I had to have internet service, I didn’t see any reason not to invest in one of these as it’s less than $50 and then no further charges unless you want channels that charge. I can read news on the internet so I’m good.

    Also found two more used book stores around here. One called The Frugal Bookworm and one called Gardner’s. Gardner’s is a blast, with both paperbacks and hardbacks, CD’s, DVD’s. They even have a clearance annex where most things are under $2. Who needs network tv?

  112. Mark, yeah, up until now I’ve been frugal on voice and data, to allow luxury on video. When I had started that balance, streaming two movies would kill an entire month’s permitted data so satellite it is. There is no coaxial copper or glass fiber out here. Rules and contracts are changing, though. Unlimited is being offered again, if you can trust their definition of ‘Un-‘. And who knows 5G might happen this year? Next year? Five Years?

    Where did I park my AirCar?

    Had outstanding data transmission for a couple of years. A network guru hobbyist set up a terrestrial microwave service point direct to an internet node. Screaming fast, cost so low I never worried about content. Lack of customer density meant it was never a viable business. When his hobby interest moved on, I was back to counting megabytes like coins.

    Or just read a book. Ouch! [damn paper cut… mumble]

  113. Left out of those considerations, because I don’t think about it while still using satellite, is the over-the-air variety currently available absolutely gratis. Local news, weather, and broadcast entertainment with a better signal than satellite has been available for years now.

    It is funny on the rare occasion satellite signal is out, tune to a digital signal over the air, the picture is so much better, with less artifacts. But you can’t fast forward through the commercials, and they all have commercials. What we tolerate for such small conveniences.

  114. Well, yeah, but…

    Actually advertising has never bothered me, at least in programming that has a rhythm written that uses the commercial breaks to break up the storyline.

    The other person in the room however… [ducks]

    God forbid you miss the volume button in time to hear the first word, necessitating a reverse loop which is never performed accurately. Generally, if I had picked up the remote and selected a program, I surrender all further control fairly quickly. There is just something about having your own finger on a button that immediately gives patience to how that button is used. So I give the button bearing stick to the finger that matters.

  115. Tonight the evening clouds cleared out enough about 23:30 MDT for me to view both Saturn and Jupiter through my little telescope. Of course the picture NASA puts out are much bigger, brighter, and artificially color corrected to make them beautiful and fascinating… but there is something compelling about seeing them through your own small reflector telescope in spite of light pollution from not only the city’s lights but also your neighbors’ lights.

    It’s time to explore some of the local parks where we’ve had good views of the Milky Way during campouts. One of them is just 20 miles away (a 45 minute drive during the day, longer in the dark) and at 8,000 feet.

  116. Good morning. Gus is my favorite character.

    Sorry Mary Lou.

    Sweet Ghost just got me up and back in bed in one piece with orange juice, pain meds and ice. I am so glad our relationship began with a three month honeymoon leading to the surgery.

  117. Back in bed. We have been working on a wheelbarrow technique. Ghost is cutting back on my liquid intake for night time for obvious reasons.

    We walk by the floor to ceiling closet mirror and he says, “Don’t look folks, nothing to see here.” Train wreck.

    There’s nothing he says he’d rather do ar 5 a.m. than watch a woman brush her hair unless it was potty.

  118. Good morning Villagers….

    Relieved that you, Jackie, are being taken care of. I was worried that with your daughter living in Illinois, there’d be no one to assist you in every day physical therapy….Amen

    I’d never seen so much chocolate as there was on the dessert table at the graduation party. I knew I should have brought more chocolate covered strawberries home. But still, it was crowded, food was good….pulled pork, beans cole slaw, salad and taters.

    Got things to do today, need to run into Jasper and do a few things…make an eye doctor’s appointment for Dad is one of them. Get scrpt filled yayayayayae!! Run by CPA’s office too.

    Well, the other female black cat brought her brood to the back porch…can’t catch the lil fur balls either…there’s three of them.


  119. High drammer on my ‘soap.’ Mistaken delivery to Tiffany, shallow glamour girl who never has a real date. Jack & Luann were on a double date last night, and Luann is in the hospital / bowling ball Jack dropped on her foot. Stay tuned [or not; de gustibus …].



  120. Realize they are less revealing than plunging necklines and such, but to me dresses like Edda’s, above, are really sexy. Maybe I’m a deltoid fetishist.


  121. Thorax somewhat [but only somewhat] resembles the nutcase in David Copperfield, who lived up in an attic, and flew kites w/ messages for some departed hero. Peace,

  122. On the current strip, I had an additional giggle. I think it has been said that Jimmy does not color the dailies, only Sundaes [the treats with extra art]. But it appears Gene inherited a ‘type’ in furniture choices as well.

    The Salmon Sofa, Redux.

  123. Ghostly one says this is first time he ever had to put panties and shorts on a woman. He has more experience in undressing than dressing women. Then he modified that statement to first time dressing a sober woman.

    All those bartenders he dated apparently also drank. This is probably first time anyone has dressed me as I was never drunk enough or sick outside hospital care.

  124. Made my jaw drop.

    Why didn’t I think of that? Had done similar years back, in RV’g days of yore. Was shown the idea by TruckerRon style friends.

    Now realizing the crossover realms of Teamster/maritime/RV’er. Living spaces under motion.

    It’s all connected.

  125. And if it becomes disconnected, there is a loud r-i-i-i-ping sound to let you know, right before the bang! of gravity’s resolution.

  126. Why isn’t anyone impressed that Cher can dance and sing at her age and wear a sheer costume? Who the heck cares if her nipple was showing? No one will be offended or repulsed by what I saw just now.

    I was impressed. I have liver spots worse than that.

  127. All workable solutions.

    But I like being able to have my laptop, you know, on my lap. Actually I prefer table or desktop, for good ventilation and heat dispersal, but going with an image. Original comment was a small satire on the ease of clipping, in the old sense of actual fingers in real-life scissors. Versus the locked-down approach to copyright defense currently in place at GoComics.

    It used to be a sign of a friendly home, when a few yellowing bon mots were stuck to a metal refrigerator door with those alphabet magnets you never through out, even though your kids are in college.

    BTW Jimmy, I have stumbled across the once-a-day grace afforded to traffic with a cookie from this site. If it is intentional, thank you. If you make it known you do not like your dailies being snipped, I would stop.

  128. Oops.

    Hadn’t seen the recent hubbub, bud. I’d put it down to either jealousy, or the relentless drive for more clicks. I remember being *very* impressed with Tina Turner’s pins kicking it out, years beyond expected best by date.

  129. Jackie, think I saw the pic you are talking about. No costume at all, at 71. And she still looked much as she did when performing with Sonny in the 1970’s when wearing those sheer Bob Mackie dresses.

  130. Debbe:

    Yep, we do.

    I can slightly twist a line that I wrote in here about a year. Here’s the revised version:

    We now know who be this they everybody be talking about.

  131. Jackie:

    Why, when you write “panties,” do I expect Beavis and Butthead to pop up and say, “Panties. Heh, heh. Heh, heh.”?

  132. I think Cher and Tina look fabulous. Better than 90% of their fans, gay or heterosexual, male or female. They are beautiful feisty women who have given life all they had all these years since their teens.

    These are some of same people who post on comments like our Dark Side. These are justill looking to criticize.

  133. Rick because in our relentless frantic grasping at never aging we sometimes set the phone booth at too high acceleration and we go back to silly juvenile innuendo and risqué humor.

    But I am going to claim the dangerous narcotic pain medication they are giving me to help me tolerate the knee pain.

    Then too I doubt Ghost has dressed any drunk bartenders since his college days?

  134. In line with Beavis, I’ve forgotten which one’s which, when scrolling past my comment above, in this font more clicks looks like more richards, heh heh, heh.

  135. Something crossed my mind while I was eating a baked frozen pizza [not Stouffer’s, and also w/ extra veggies added] for supper. When I was a teen in NYC in the ’40s, Stouffer’s was a restaurant chain. I knew nothing of its history, but knew of 3 in Manhattan, one on E. 42nd nr. Grand Central [which I’d never eaten at], one on 5th around 44th or so, which I’d eaten at several times, and one on 57th [Carnegie Hall is 2-3 long blocks W], which I’d eaten at often. Across the street at 57th and 5th is, or was, Tiffany’s, which I think I’ve never been in, and would not bother if I had the chance.

    All the ‘eaten ats’ were courtesy of Mom, and often we were with ‘Cele’, a fellow office worker w/ no future at Universal Pictures. Women did not have executive jobs there, even when 2x smarter than the men who did. So went online. Knew they’d gone out of the genteel if not elegant restaurant business, now doing frozen foods, but didn’t know they were part of the Nestle’ empire. Started in ’22 in Cleveland. Wonder what ever happened to Schraff’ts [sp?] and Child’s?



  136. In the interest of accuracy…Ghost has not had to dress any intoxicated female bartenders since his Air Force days…to the best of his recollection.

    Oh, and I have given Jackie photographic proof that I did serve in the USAF, protecting Merica from the godless commies. And Jackie just commented that she really like the tailored fatigue uniform I was wearing, especially the trousers. Have I mentioned that Jackie is still on drugs?

  137. eMb or anyone with information: At the great horned owl nest in Montana, what happened to the owlets? They aren’t present now – two adults are – and they certainly did not seem to be old enough to leave as of the last day or two.

    Perchance, is the current picture not truly current, but a rerun of older recording?

  138. emb

    Used to eat at Horn & Hardart’s at 181st & Bwy. late 40’s early 50’s.

    Just saw you can get an original H&H vending machine for a mere $10,000.00

  139. Jackie, an earlier post flew past my head, I just didn’t get it, and wrote it off to good pain meds and HAL’s intervention. “Good Nyborg, man.” — Heavy Metal (film), alien pilot — Harold Ramis?

    Later, I realized, was the phone booth acceleration a George Carlin, Bill & Ted reference?


    missed it the first time.

  140. Heavy Metal is from 1981, Bill and Ted’s first from 1989 according to Google. So perhaps the Bill and Ted writers were paying homage to the Heavy Metal film. The Heavy Metal magazine was better anyway.

  141. It was The Doctor. Tardis. Going back in the Time Machine trying to recapture lost youth. Sometimes you set too fast and you intend one period of your life and you end up a comic you don’t even know.

    I for one never saw Butthead and Beavis but my kids did. I know they were immature geeky losers.i do know what other references Morphy made were too but have never seen them either.

    I am complimented anyone thinks I am that smart.

  142. About today’s strip. Very funny.

    I hope Gus, Meg, Jean and Mary Lou remain or Arlo and Janis remain. Whatever it takes.

    The art work is better and so are jokes.

    That old farming saying about ploughing a field too many times to result in good yields. The corn keeps getting stunted after awhile.

  143. Steve I have already cut back from two to one pain pill plus ice almost from beginning. Nor am I taking at minimum hours. As soon as these run out I am to go back on the Ultracet I have taken for joint pain and inflammation. Along with Celebrex it has controlled the autoimmune disease and joint destruction for twenty years.

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