Help Wanted

Help Wanted

The Arlo & Janis series unfolding this week in newspapers and at GoComics practically is an unvarnished memory of mine. I made minor allowances where needed, to make it suitably comic strippy. Speaking of GoComics, there was some discussion there yesterday about young Arlo’s shirt. I intended to dress him in a football jersey of the day, but I was too lazy to draw a number on him every time he was depicted. It came out looking like a “Star Trek” tunic, as was pointed out by some. At any rate, it is an ugly gold and black shirt.

Today's "Arlo & Janis!"

27 responses to “Help Wanted”

  1. As best i can tell (due to its small size), it appears Jimmy *did* draw his own avatar. And his caricature (if that’s what it is) looks a lot like Arlo. Who saw that coming?

  2. Dear Jimmy, and Villagers, Greeting! That shirt looks very handsome to me, not ugly at all. And Ghost dearest, we have seen that picture before, on several sites here on the blog. May be a sort of composite of Arlo and his creator. It sure is small.

  3. As Arlo recites the different Adjectives they decline in importance
    for the job at hand. The next is stupidvisor.

    At leas Janis is not a Lumper’s Helper

    Charlotte may know what that designation.

  4. I have always been a Boilermaker, so I loved wearing the Old Gold & Black of Purdue. When Drew Brees arrived in New Orleans, my son and I were disappointed. I told him that if Drew led the Saints to the Super Bowl, then he would be a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I am not usually that great of a prognosticator.

    In 1969, I started predicting Bowl games in a notebook. I have done this every year and am now at my 50th annual edition. of course I am smart enough not to bet on games. The house always wins.

  5. About the aluminum tree, it gradually got a lot worse: we finally degraded to going to WalMart, buying a 3′ high boxed tree (with the lights already installed), pulling it out of the box, pulling down the limbs (no idea what they are made of), and sticking the tree on the coffee table.

  6. I assume you’re going to have an episode that includes the rotating red/blue/yellow light, that shined on the tree! That was our first artificial tree also. Memories! 🙂

  7. I’d like to talk about today’s strip (12/19).

    The aluminum that is dispensed to fool radar is actually very much like the tinsel that some people deploy on their Christmas trees (but which I haven’t actually seen in stores for quite a while now, and it was silvery plastic rather than metal when they did have it.)

    Chaff comes from the ammo dump in rectangular packages about 1″x3″ x 8″, and the piece of aluminum are about 12 inches long and maybe 1/8″ wide.
    Modern missile seeker heads are not fooled by chaff.

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