Hey Diddle Diddle

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I took a little unscheduled time off over the weekend and beyond, but I’m back. I liked this cat cartoon when I drew it in 2008. It’s fun to play with Ludwig occasionally, but we all know he works best when he represents everycat. Indeed, he mostly serves as the passive focus of the humans’ perspective on their feline pets. I suppose that’s exactly why I like to go nuts with him now and then. Those meticulous readers among you, and heaven knows there are some, probably noticed that in a few recent comic strips I’ve played with more realistic ears on Ludwig. I’ve always defended his “stick” ears as being very expressive. Hey, they’re good enough for Krazy Kat! At the same time I’ve toyed with proper cat ears for Loodie; I’ve not yet been satisfied. I probably will keep experimenting, though. Incidentally, those of you who enjoy cat humor should do as I’ve done in my research: Google images of “cat cartoons.” You’ll see some funny stuff.