Hey, hey! It’s Faye!


I’ve always felt “Happy Memorial Day” is a misguided if not inappropriate holiday greeting, which is not to say that I don’t hope you and yours are having an enjoyable, relaxing extended weekend. While you parse all the aforesaid double negatives, let me tell you I certainly am enjoying it. I simply try to remember to remember.

Part of my enjoyment was seeing two of my favorite movies back-to-back on Turner Classic Movies last evening: “Mr. Roberts” and “Operation Petticoat.” Alas, I fell asleep and did not see all of the latter. Yes, “Operation Petticoat” is a bit silly, but I’m a sucker for Cary Grant and submarine movies. “Mr. Roberts,” I believe, is one of the best war movies out there, and one of the funniest. The movie was based on a play which was based on a 1946 novel, written by Thomas Heggen. Mr. Heggen’s story was a brief and tragic one ultimately, despite the runaway success of his literary creation.