Hey, hey! No more Faye!


Summer just might be like this. I get busy. However, I’ll try not to let three days slip past without an update. As I’ve threatened to do already, I’m including a link to the rest of the “Faye” series, so you can read the remainder, and we can go on to something new next week. To see it, just click on the cartoon above. As many of you will remember, that’s the way we did it in the old days, before *.php.

I get as tired as the next person hearing television news personalities begin every interview about the oil spill by asking, with excitement in their voice, “What is the worst-case scenrio?” I have to remind myself that they’re not really journalists but entertainers, and they didn’t cause this disaster. However, it looks as if they’re not going to have to ask that question much longer. They’ve only to look at their own monitors. I didn’t mean to return today with gloom and doom, but what I’ve seen on television the past day or so has me very depressed.