Hey, hey! Still more Faye!


Charles, who I think may be a first-time poster, wrote that he is enjoying the “Faye” series and asked me to talk about it. I’m glad you appreciate the series, Charles. It has run here on the Web before, and it can be viewed in the archives at comics.com. In fact, I considered wrapping up the series today by including a link to the archived strips, but I decided that would be unfair to those of you purposely returning to watch events unfold. Those of you with less patience who’ve already looked back to the future, you’ll just have to keep returning for the comments.

I’m not sure what to say about it; most of my thoughts on a given subject go into the comic strips. I did draw a similar series involving Janis at one time. Both series were well-received. I think everyone who works with others has experienced or at least witnessed work-place attractions. They range from benign to disastrous, and sometimes, as has been pointed out by others here, they even can have happy endings.