High Tide and Green Grass

High Tide and Green Grass

May 13, 2015

I thought you might appreciate a springtime classic. So, where do I get my ideas, you ask. I once lived in a house with a big backyard, complete with such a low spot. After a heavy downpour, water would pool there, up to a foot deep. This wasn’t far from the patio, where I’d sit and gaze upon my temporary water feature and fantasize thus. It also fascinated my little buddy, Boot the Cat. He’d wade out in it, water well over his belly, and look about, as if to say, “We really should do something with this low spot.”

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  1. Charlie:
    “emb” is probably the most TV- and pop culture-illiterate Villager. He does not understand the “source if the title” [and some fellow Villagers do not understand his motives for copy-editing]. Please tell him the source.

  2. I had a large yard compared to my neighbors in Royal Oak and sometimes had a stream run through it during big storms. We had massive flooding in August 2014 and was less than a mile from my house when I was stopped by flooding under the RR. I drove through some high water to downtown near the station and crossed the tracks on the street. When I got home, I had my river but my basement was completely dry. Others nearby were not as fortunate.

    A month later, on the night before we were to leave for Italy, I found water near the furnace and got nervous. A friend who worked for a HVAC company suggested that I clean the humidifier and she was absolutely correct. Not only did it save me peace of mind, but several hundred dollars on a service call!

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