Historical mayhem, of course


It appears the auctions are going quite well. Thank you! Every time original A&J artwork becomes available like this, the prices go beyond what a lot of people are able to spend. I have mixed emotions about this. Of course, I’m gratified my work is well regarded, but I feel for those who can’t participate. I understand! I wouldn’t pay some of these prices myself. But remember, I already own the largest collection of A&J artwork in the world.

When the sales are for a good cause, some people feel doubly left out. They want to help. Already this week, a few have volunteered to send donations to the Camp Hill food bank. Thank you, too. However, I’m not soliciting cash for this effort. I do strongly recommend that anyone motivated to contribute cash make a donation to a local food bank. Every town has one, and from what I’ve read they’re all doing a brisk business these days. It won’t hurt to spread this thing around.