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I’m back! I didn’t intend to be gone for so long, but I was traveling a bit, and working on other things a bit, and there were some technical issues, excuses, excuses, excuses. I thought a traveling cartoon from 2012 might be appropriate. I hope your Memorial Day weekend was a good one; mine was. We are having the exterior woodwork painted. That noise you hear are the painters scraping and moving ladders and jiving. They are right outside my work room (Office seems a bit of an overstatement.) today, making it hard to think of anything else. They’re nice guys, and they’re doing a great job, but I’ll be glad when they’re gone.

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  1. Boy, are we glad to see you back! We’d run out of things to say and think about anyway!

    Love, Jackie Monies P.S. This has ALWAYS been a favorite cartoon!

  2. My cats would get into the suitcase! I remember the speculation on this strip- what was it that Arlo was packing? Obviously it’s folded and tucked socks. Maybe I was over on TDS?

    Thanks to the link of my ancestress’ journal “Brokenburn the Journal of Kate Stone”. I was reading it on net until I fell asleep last night. I like reading “real” books better, meaning in print and bound with a cover! It was interesting also to read all the comments about how important this book was historically.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  3. Speak for yourself, Jackie. I had plenty to say yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s all out of date today.

    I blame Debbe for breaking the blog yesterday, since she was the last one to post early yesterday. 🙂

  4. 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I missed you Johnson. I’m glad you kept up the good work even without my presence. The mark of a true arteest.

    PB & Janis

  5. Yay!!! The Village is back. Like Ghost, I had a lot to say yesterday. Mainly about what a great Memorial Day weekend I had and how glad I am that I love my job so I didn’t spend yesterday sad about it being over.

    Today’s vintage A&J remanded me of a story, I think it was from Kipling, about how he was packing to go away for a while and his dog put his chew-toy in th suitcase. I bawled, and I am misting up just thinking about it.

  6. I thought I had broken it because when I posted last comment, it printed it about three or four times. Then I remembered it had done same thing to Ghost, so I didn’t feel so bad. But I sure missed everyone very much.

    I LOVE this Village! It is full of interesting and good, kind people. Jimmy attracts them I know with his own personal beliefs and points of view. The world would be wonderful if it were peopled by people who love A & J.

    Which brings up a point. Are WE really real? Or are we just part of the world created by Jimmy according to A & J?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  7. Happiness is having this blog back again; I sure missed it yesterday. Good to hear from you all, and Jackie, thank you for your hard work in finding The Journal of Kate Stone. I will follow the links and figure out how to read it as soon as household tasks are out of the way.

  8. I know, I was going into withdrawal. The rest of the Internet seems bleak and cold compared to the Village.

    We are about to do Botox injections all afternoon. Kind of boring, but the ladies are very nice and interesting

  9. If you read the Journal of Kate Stone (which has so much history it is almost unbelievable) you would be interested in the background against which it is set. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensas_Parish_Lousiaiana

    This is where I too grew up and all the place names she references are so familiar. The parish is the least populated in Louisiana and the fastest declining. Yet at the time Kate Stone wrote her journal it was the second in production of cotton and considered the wealthiest of the parishes for land and homes, plantations. All is gone now.

    Note the Wikipedia comment about the first black voters allowed to register to vote in 1965.
    This was a historic event I accidently took part in because no one knew it was happening.
    I tore up to the courthouse to register to vote on my 21st birthday in my red Ford convertible, only to find lines and lines waiting to register, guarded by armed Federal marshals.

    I was immediately whisked inside, registered and told to leave. Since I had the reputation of supporting equal rights (which I did) and integration of all facilities everyone believed I had done this deliberately. I did not but I am still proud that was the day I registered to vote.

    Did I mention that I have had a Klu Klux Klan cross burned in my honor?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  10. Brokenburn looks interesting. I may pick it up when I get paid Monday. I’m flat broke right now. Lucky that The Man In My Life cooks for me or I would be starving. I might have to stop clothes shopping!

  11. Actually I felt that way too, although I was pretty mad about them frightening all the elderly people trying to keep them from registering.

    It was about that time that I got hung in effigy by the Kappa Alpha fraternity who came in uniform on horseback and dragged a cannon to my dorm. Unfortunately I was not there to see it. In truth, I had not intended to insult them but they interpreted it that way. It was for something I wrote called “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give A ……….”

    I wish I were typical of my generation but I am afraid not. I was before most of the marches and demonstrations and mine was easy and pacific actions. I lived in the first integrated dorm on campus which was by volunteering, not conscription. How strange it seems 50 years later. Thought about all this past week or so with the anniversary.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  12. Y’all remind me of the time I got caught in the first “race riot” ever, may have been the only one, in my high school. I put that in quotation marks because a lot of it was students from another high school coming in to create problems, mostly African Americans. When they called for us to gather in the cafeteria I rounded the landing to the second floor and 5 students of less than encouraging mien wait for me at the bottom. I ain’t crazy, back up to the 3rd floor to wait it out. First exposure to tear gas, and unfortunately not my last. Man the early sixties where a nutty time. What really makes a difference what color someone is? Although come to think of it Blue Man Group has an interesting thing going.

  13. Lily, I am more than certain I had a lot of that too!

    I lived in perilous and dramatic times. Still do, I guess. One of my boyfriends was a diver searching for the bodies of drowned Civil Rights marchers in the swamps. His son was a world famous “trader” on Wall Street killed in the attack on the World Trade Center. His grandfather was a sharecropper on our farm in the swamp.

    At my age you think about things like this a lot.

    Love, Jackie Monies P.S. Let’s go back to cats and Ludwig and Arlo

  14. Dr. Maya Angelou died today at 86. “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God.”

    “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

    What a great woman and survivor who triumphed!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  15. Too serious here. Too quiet. My fault- sorry.

    Does anyone remember JJ’s hilarious send up of “Gone With the Wind” when Arlo meets Janis in the fraternity house?

    Love, Jackie Monies

  16. Jackie, one comment I’ll carry forward from day before yesterday…

    I’m sure Mr. Snow told you about the spirit of the little girl who resides in the Waverley mansion, just as he told that story to us all those years ago. People are fascinated by ghosts, aren’t they? 🙂

    And Lily, was that all that was written on the wall? Just your name? 😉

  17. I don’t wanna repeat it. When I found out about it, I marched into that bathroom and scrubbed it off.

    Hey, somebody just told me that the car A&J are lounging on in the header is a Ferrari 250 California Spyder. How about that?

  18. Ghost, Mr. Snow and I exchanged ghost stories. And his dog and I loved each other. I actually never toured the entire house because he fascinated me too much. He was sitting out on porch all by himself with is dog and a cane. No one seemed to be paying him any attention. I notice things like that.

    So, I went up and introduced myself, shook his hand and thanked him for opening his home to us and saving the house. We got along “like peas and carrots” as F. Gump said.

    Then another of the volunteers, dressed in Civil War uniform, came up and started telling ghost stories. He belonged to a paranormal society and had studied Waverly’s ghost.

    I grew up in a house with a resident ghost and have seen many since or at least experienced them. I am a believer.

    Not long after my kids bought their Disney-like “haunted house” I was in house alone, heard children/girl running upstairs and a woman talking to her and following. I thought it was my other daughter and my granddaughter but they were not even there. That house also has lots of unexplainable events.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  19. Jackie asked, “Are WE really real?” I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am real Monday through Friday, and then I get unreal on the weekends.

    Lily, for all I know, A&J are leaning on a “maniacal toon car.” For extra points, name the source of that phrase.

  20. Ghost, that sounds like out of the movie “Who Killed Roger Rabbit?”

    Who by the way had GREAT and sexy girlfriend with fantastic headlights and a great rear bumper.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  21. Out in raised bed gardens finally trying to clear and plant something. Keep looking for the snake. I am like Janis.

    I hate snakes!

    Love, Jackie Monies

  22. Jackie, snakes serve a pest control purpose. They will eat those pesky critters that would otherwise ruin your crop. As long as they are outdoors. Any annoying things that come indoors should be promptly removed to the yard where they belong! One of my friends defined the difference between a bug and an insect based on whether it was in the house or outdoors.

  23. I have had our garden planted since March: onions, squash (yellow and zucchini) peppers, radishes, and tomatoes. Herb garden has basil, thyme, chives, sage, mint, and rosemary, all arranged wagon-wheel fashion around a bay tree. The Man In My Life works on the flowers with a little help from me. He does love his roses

  24. If you get over hating/fearing snakes in general, and learn how to tell species apart and whether you are likely to run into poisonous snakes in a particular place, life outdoors can be more relaxing. Also, such knowledge can have practical advantages. I may have run this by years back.

    In some state and natl. forests in the Pacific Coast Ranges, where selective cutting occurs, sawmills produce lots of waste that makes good campfire wood. After they’ve cut a cylindrical trunk into as many planks, 2x4s, etc. as possible, there remain many slabs of outer wood + bark. At Lake Hebo [State Forest], about 3,000′ elev. in the OR Coast Range, the rangers piled such campfire wood in a square enclosure of wood rails in a relatively sunny spot. After a chilly night, red-headed garter snakes have to warm up before they can efficiently go about the day’s hunting for smaller critters, so scores sun themselves on this woodpile. Several campers around, but nobody ahead of me at the woodpile. I also trapped my first Mountain Beaver nearby [= common Coast Range primitive rodents not at all closely related to real beaver, nor to any other extant rodents.]

  25. emb-

    Mountain beavers aren’t related to other beavers! Next you are probably going to tell me that prairie oysters are not related to other oysters!

  26. The worst snake I didn’t pick up was a multi-colored one that looked like a crumpled cigarette pack. I reached to get it and it moved and so did I.

    We have a lot of small poisonous brown mocassins I guess? around here. One bit my hairdresser on the toe and it nearly killed him.

    I know, I know, the good ones eat mice and gophers and things like that. But I am still afraid of them. When I lived in New Orleans my neighbor behind me let her boas out to exercise in the yard and I was always afraid one of them would be in my pole beans!

    Lily, in Oklahoma we start planting as soon as the soil thaws normally but this has been an unusual year for me. I have almost $1000 of treated lumber still laying out by my back garden that was all rototilled and ready to install when Mike was diagnosed in late January with cancer. I am going to hire a carpenter to install it for me and then someone to fill it with compost and soil.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  27. Yep, and darning needles aren’t related to knitting needles, nor walking sticks to your granddad’s cane.

    I did a search. It’s a USNFS campground, and is only 1,650′ elev. One comment complains about noisy young people parties there. We were there in ’62, in late July or so, and the other campers in the 12 campsites were mostly families, not noisy.

  28. I’ve always wanted to go to Rio

    Jackie, it was too cold to plant in February. I mean for me. The ground wasn’t frozen or anything (I can’t remember the ground here in East Texas ever freezing). But the first nice weekend I got out and got busy. I am the Designated Gardner, except for the roses

  29. Debbe 😉 That CCR parody never gets old, as far as I’m concerned. Nor does Lorraine’s cleavage.

    I recently ran across a version of that song by Willie Nelson and Paula Nelson, his daughter. It still sounded like “Lorraine” to me.

    Speaking of which, this is for all the birds with broken wings I’ve healed over the years and then let fly away…


  30. GR 😉 I’ve heard the same version…via U tube…knowing Willie’s ‘select’ wordings…could have been a Lorraine in his life 🙂

    Now you made me forget the next one….any who….here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7Hy7uAb_eU&feature=kp

    But before that, what did you think of Pablo Cruise’s “Rio”…I found it to be a pick up for me and I hadn’t played it in a couple of years…..

  31. Jackie, you were correct about the “maniacal toon car” quote. You were also correct about Jessica.

    My Dad always told me there were only two types of snakes to fear…dead ones and live ones.

  32. GR 😉 I dedicate this one just for you….


    She was great in concert…worked then as a bartender at the convention center in Corpus…found the ‘boxed’ seats within in a sound room , with special speakers in the wall, and a perfect stage close up…..She was dressed in all white denim, complete with cowboy hat.

  33. Good night to all, and to all a good night…..supper’s ready…and my husband bought me some sweets to eat later….nothing like a big glass of milk with a chocolate cookie, oatmeal cream pie, and a good old chocolate covered Suzie Q….but, since I practice “responsible decadence”, I’ll snack on two of the three….with whole milk….it does a body good 🙂

  34. TR…my son and I have both seen a darkness out of the corner of our eyes inside the hen house. We would see ‘somethng’ and turn our heads to look, and it was gone. I feel there is ‘somethng’ there….as the hens would start their ‘clackling’ afterward. No one will convince me other wise……

  35. Debbe: Since you’re signing off for the night, here’s what a local DJ used as his sign off song every midnight when I was in high school – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMK3R8ALK8s

    I would listen to his show on my trusty little transistor radio in the summer when I was out of school and could stay up that late. I could be wide awake at 11:50 but sound asleep before the song ended.

  36. One other question for the group: Does anyone else dislike the Top Stories feature of Facebook popping up on its own? Sometimes I can go for days without it showing up, some days it shows up several times in a day.

  37. TRon – and anyone else: Permit me to mention something I’ve found escapes too many folks.

    The initials UFO stand for “unidentified flying object”; that says nothing about the source of said object. To a blind person who has just received sight, an ordinary bird is a UFO! So is a plane or a kite or a mosquito. Ditto, for a youngster just noticing the world about him/her. In fact, to the many adult, sharp-eyed, experienced British plane spotters during WWII, there were who knows how many UFOs at night, when clear identification was not possible.

    Conclusion: please don’t equate UFO with extraterrestrial things.
    You’d be amazed/aghast at how many college students DO equate the above separate ideas.

    End of lecture; there may be a short quiz on Friday.

  38. @Trucker Ron,

    When I was Symply 18, I spent a summer in Israel bumming around. At one point I was in the Eilat area without the kind of money one would use for a hotel so I opted to sleep on the beach of the Red Sea with many other folk my age and a host of Israeli soldiers bivouacked in the area. As the hour got late a tiny red light was noticed high in the sky and then later a green one as well though quite distant from the red. In the blink of an eye these “lights moved from one end of the horizon to the other. We asked the soldiers if they knew what it was and their answer was UFOs…they were not at all at ease with what was happening and were making radio calls to what we assumed was their Fargone command. We never did find out in the AM what we had seen, the soldiers still were in the dark(or said they were)…pretty interesting

    On another note the company has now booked a “newer” band called Enter the Haggis for Halloween…care for a sampling?


  39. Ruth Ann…just had to check in once last time….when I was a teenager, I also had a small transistor radio…I could pick up a Chicago AM station at night….as long as I had it in my window (before A/C, and in little podunk southern IN)…and pick up tunes…thanks for the link….enjoyed it, as I’ve bookmarked it. Never heard of him, but now I have…..

    Ruth, do you remember the call letters for that station? We could have been listening to a Chicago station…at the same time……I don’t recall them at this time….too tired to think. For some reason, WJPS comes to mind, but I don’t think that’s what they were. I think they were just three letters. May have to ‘research’.

    Say Goodnight Debbe……goodnight, Debbe

    OH, GR 😉 you are very much welcomed, glad I could help with your menu.

  40. Our house was in prior lives the scene of a gruesome murder. A foreman/overseer had sold the cotton and had thousands of dollars to pay the shares to the workers. He was murdered and his body pushed into the fireplace to burn.

    The gold was never found (perhaps) but his body burned into the thick board floors and left a pattern forever. It is still there beneath an over-floor but most of my life it clearly showed.

    When I was about 14 I was reading in a bedroom at dusk when I looked down through the three rooms (doors line up in old homes for ventilation) and saw a tall man dressed in a dark suit and tie. He was in my bedroom door about 40 feet away.

    Being polite, I greeted him and asked whom he was looking for? I told him my grandmother was out but would be back shortly.

    Just as suddenly he turned and vanished. I got up and went to look for him, nothing. I then noticed the dozen or so hounds lying on the porch sound asleep. No one ever came in without arousing those dogs!

    I don’t know if anyone else ever saw this ghost but people still hunt for the lost gold. And occasionally I still run into ghosts but I rarely see them.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  41. emb: I have never seen any lights in the sky or any objects during the day which I have been unable to identify to my personal satisfaction as being of terrestrial origin. Nor have I experienced anything that could be described as spectral or ghostly. In some ways I envy those who have witnessed such things. Yet in even more ways, I’m glad I haven’t!

  42. Debbe 😉 Back in the day when many AM stations signed off at midnight (like Ruth Anne’s) or had to reduce their broadcast power after dark, one of the so-called “clear channel” stations the could be easily received at night was in Chicago…WLS. Does that sound familiar?

  43. I am always unfailingly polite, both to spectral and earthly intruders. My husband still tells people about the time I told a potential burglar and rapist when he entered our bedroom that I believed he had mistakenly entered the wrong apartment.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  44. At age six I felt the chilly hand of a departing soul on my shoulder. And, like Lillyblack, have witnessed the Marfa lights. My opinion on the Marfa lights; it’s a portal to another universe and those attempting to crossover get zapped. Like man, it is a universe sized spirit zapper.

  45. Jackie, in the same situation, I would also be polite…by politely pointing out to the intruder that what I was pointing at him was a 12 gauge shotgun.

    For many years, prior to the Braves moving from Milwaukee to Atlanta, the favorite baseball team of most Southerners was the Cardinals…because KMOX, the 50,000-watt clear-channel station in St. Louis would broadcast their night games.

  46. The Marfa Lights are pretty spectacular. We used to drive and work around the Corpus Christi area and customers were always warning us about a certain remote highway where alien space ships stopped car engines, abducted people, appeared in flashes of light.

    We really didn’t take it seriously of course. But a few years ago I sent my two young daughters as a “chase/rescue” team for the Texas 200 small boat race, which follows the remote Texas coast. The oldest daughter was looking at the map and roads and commented that the remote roads had her worried about the aliens.

    I said, “Don’t be silly. Those space ship stories weren’t true.” Turns out the alien problem she was worried about were the people smuggling people and drugs across the remote areas.

    My kids are Texas tough and they did go and rescue people and haul tons of food and ice and kept people hydrated.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  47. Well, Hawaii was tough on bringing guns into the state back then, Ghost.

    This St. Patrick’s Day I bought myself an Irish shillelagh which is supposed to be a walking cane but has a big lead weight set inside the top decoration. Better and longer than a baseball bat. I also keep a loaded 44 revolver with those exploding bullets but I’d have to wake up to shoot anyone! Mike took my shotgun away a long time ago. Also my automatic. He figured I might shoot someone after I slammed a steel door on his arm and almost broke it when I wasn’t expecting him home.

    Love, Jackie Monies

  48. The Border Patrol maintains a flight facility between Marfa and Valentine for an unmanned blimp. It is just off of US 90, past an old WWII airfield. At night it is highly lighted and could called the Second Marfa lights.

  49. Debbe and GR6: I was listening to WLOF in Orlando. Don’t think I ever got a Chicago station but I know I picked up WBT (Charlotte, NC), WSB (Atlanta), and WWL (New Orleans) once or twice when the weather was right.

    My dad worked for Western Union his entire adult life and was a ham radio guy too, so I had heard about “clear channel” stations. He and my brother (10 years older than I and an engineer at a local TV station) had many discussions of communications systems, most of which went way over my head. My dad (1907-1984) would have been fascinated by the computers we use today and would have loved villages like this one!

  50. WTMJ in Milwaukee is a 50,000 watt daytime and 10,000 watt night time station. The reverse of what GR6 mentioned. Anyone know why this is that some are high wattage in day and others at night?

  51. The biggest AM transmitter around happens to be the sun. During the day AM stations are allowed to broadcast at higher power levels so their signals will not be overpowered by the sun. At night, most stations must reduce their power so their signals will not interfere with one another. Only the clear signal stations are allowed to continue broadcasting at the higher power levels because they are far enough apart that there is little interference between them.

  52. c x-p: You sort of stole my line, but I guess we cannot copyright one of the most common closings to a standard college lecture. Then there was the Cornell U. wildlife prof who said we’d have a quiz next time, and it was an hour exam. I managed.

    Lily and Trucker: You have confused c x-p [above] and emb. I don’t think I’ve ever discussed UFOs here. In the ’70s or so, wife saw some at night driving home from a do of some sort in another town: a series of fuzzy bright lights moving across the sky. Others in the car saw them, too, and this was a sober group. Nothing in the papers the next day.

  53. No, that’s the way it works. AM stations that were “clear-channel” stations didn’t have to reduce their power after dark since they were assigned “protected” frequencies that would not interfere with other stations. Non-clear-channel stations were required to reduce their power, because their frequencies were not protected.

    Ruth Anne, those WLOF station engineers must have had way too much time on their hands. 🙂

    Jackie, the obvious solution would be to keep a steel door in your bedroom for protection so you could slam it on an intruder’s arm.

  54. Lots of areas have strange lights that appear mysteriously like the Marfa lights. When I was a teenager there were similar lights in Crossett, Arkansas area and we’d drive up there to see the lights. They appeared pretty regularly and on a good weekend night you’d have almost a traffic jam walking on the railroad trestles to see them.

    Have no idea why we didn’t all get run over by freight trains? But I did get run over by some pretty hefty football players who were ahead of us when the lights started zooming through the pine trees. They did an end run back to their cars, shoving the rest of us out of their escape route. Those light would zoom straight toward people like an oncoming train light sometime but there were no trains.

    Supposed to be ghost of a dead engineer or brakeman.

    Love, Jackie Monies (who loves ghost stories0

  55. Was the station you had in mind WGN? I just did a search for high-powered am stations and that is the only 3 letter one I see for Chicago. When I worked nights I was able to get WWL out of New Orleans when the conditions were right.

    Never have seen a ghost and no UFO’S of the Close Encounters type. I have seen a meteorite come down close enough that I felt the ground shake when it hit, near Montgomery, AL.

  56. WLS-AM in Chicago still broadcasts on the clear-channel frequency of 890 kHz with 50,000 watts of power. Its current format is “talk radio”. In fact, I’m listening to it right now online on IHeartRadio. Sounds funny without static.

  57. In today’s cartoon (5-29-14), does anyone see any significance in the fact that it appears Arlo and Janis are both wearing white socks in Panel #1, and Arlo is wearing black shoes and Janis black-and-white shoes in Panel #4?

  58. Good morning Villagers…..

    GR 😉 Yes, it was WLS out of Chicago, it came to me while I was tossing and turning in bed. The dreaded 2:00 a.m. wake-up.

    Mark, loved the video, and did some Wiki on her. She does it well. I see she is on tour, with solo performances with Cheap Trick (now that would be a concert well worth seeing) and Rick Springfield. I always liked her song “We Believe”.

    And I am being serious about ‘something’ in the hen house….my son and I both have experienced that sudden, dark movement out of the corner of our eyes. There will be the rustling of the hens, like the wind going through, and then all the cackling. What a rush.

    Jackie, your stories gave me goose bumps…..I believe in spirits. I also believe in Angels. What years were you in Corpus Christi? I was there from ’75 until early ’87. Loved going to South Padre Island….back then you could drive on the beach, park your car on the beach, camp on the beach, and do just about anything on the beach. Good times were had by all then. Worked as Asst. Night Auditor Supervisor for the Marriott Hotel on Ocean Blvd. Spent many a day and evenings on that Island.

    I am going to kill my son….after the inspection of course…if he does not stop downloading movies. He and Andrew were going through his Netflex account, looking for a movie. They came across Liam Neeson’s ‘Gray” movie…said I’d like to see it. He said he could burn me a copy…no, we don’t do that any more, I said. Not after we got a letter from our ISP, which is also our phone company, telling us that Warner Brothers contacted them and someone from this house was illegally downloading the movie “Wolf of Wall Street”…..my husband will kill him first if we are contacted again. He said he takes more precautions now…..there will be a lecture on our way to work this morning…..

    Yup, GR, the colorist must have found their black crayon 🙂

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  59. Guess who came home at 4am from work to a flooded kitchen? Guess whose “emergency assistance” calls are going unanswered? Guess whose “property mananger’s” phone number doesn’t work? Guess who is happy as he’ll her lease is almost up? I will live in my CAR before I agree to stay here any longer than I have to!

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