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In real life, Arlo wouldn’t even have to turn the light on, but then I’m allowed to draw him flipping a light switch.

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  1. I like it, but there is one thing missing. Ludwig weaving underfoot because he missed having them home. He would be in the way for at least the first 24 hours or so. But yes, home is where you have the route among the furniture memorized.

  2. @David Austin, yesterday, I find myself often control F searching here, cuz I’m at work where youtube is turned off, so I have to go home and look up when someone had a link I’m curious in

  3. John, I don’t recall seeing “Secret Agent Man”! I think when I saw “The Prisoner”, it was being rerun on PBS. I look forward to researching it!

    David, I’ve been so focussed on your transplant, I forgot about your foot! How is it healing?

    I never thought of it that way, Jimmy, but one definition of home could very well be the place you can navigate confidently in the dark. (Except my home, which has light sensitive nightlights in every room due to my hubby’s preference…but I held firm on none in the bedroom.)

  4. Denise,

    The foot is healing, some. I am now allowed to put some weight on it, wearing “the boot.” I visit the doctor again in three weeks for another x-ray and assessment. Progress, slow but steady.

    For the “real time” A&J and the species surviving: I had an economics professor that said boys/men think about sex more than 50 percent of the time and then showed the math for what would happen if we didn’t. It demonstrated a downward spiral in birthrates until no one was left! I strongly suspect that also requires interest from women of child-bearing age as an assumption for the calculation. [do with this factoid as you may choose] 😉

  5. For the retro… it’s nice to have the light so you can be sure you are hitting the target. Here comes TMI– stop reading now. After 7 years on dialysis and no urine output, hitting the target is a skill that has to be reacquired! 😀

  6. David, good job of pointing out what women don’t understand. My wife complained until I explained it. Whoops. That was only relating to your last comment, not the one before that.

  7. sandcastler ™, I can see two major problems with the swimming hole idea. 1. 76 foot deep middle section is asking for drowning incidents, bad idea in a lawsuit-mad society. 2. Drawing the water from the river invites all sorts of possible nasties, not all of whom would be stopped by the filters. That is one reason Disney World’s original water park closed. The water was drawn from Bay Lake, which turned out to have a parasite in it. Young girl caught the disease, died, and park was eventually closed because no one could figure out a way to filter out all the possible problems.

  8. I had a history professor who said he had read that college-age people think about sex every 7 or 8 minutes, so in order to help us remain focused on history, he would try to include something sex-related at similar intervals in his lectures so that we would all be thinking about it at the same time. (Sorry if that sentence rambles a bit; I have a touch of allergy-brain today.)

  9. Douglas Kinley, Janis sometimes wanders around topless, but Jimmy only shows us those scenes from the back! 😉

    WiTexan, so THAT’S why it looked familiar!

  10. Ruth Anne, Our Humble Author addressed this very topic.

    From 5/11/1994 (not in GoComics archive, alas):

    Janis: That’s silly!

    Arlo: No, it’s true! Men think about sex differently than women.

    J: Ok, how do men think about sex?

    A: Constantly

    J: “Constantly”?

    A: See? You don’t have any idea what you’re up against.

    So from your anecdote, I infer that college-age females think about sex every 14 to 16 minutes, and the professor was averaging the males in with that to arrive at his figure. 😉

  11. Thank you, Mark. I had gone to GoComics and navigated backward on their calendar, and May 1994 was entirely grayed out. When I hit your link, voila, and when I clicked on the calendar there, May had plenty of entries. Technology beats me yet again… c’est la guerre.

  12. Denise, the only reason they never used Number 6’s name in the TV series is because it was a different production company and couldn’t get permission. I do know, however, that either the second or the third novel about the show started with the line, “Drake woke up.”

  13. Evan, found it through Google with search for Arlo and Janis archive May 1994. It looks like that is as far back as GoComics goes, though.

  14. Old Bear, I am sorry to hear that Mary has left us. Thinking of her and her husband, and sending healing thoughts.

    Many thanks to Galliglo, and to Denise in Michican, and to Debbe, for their encouragement about my cast removal and new brace. I loved your quip, Denise, about how some of us have to be Northerners! Debbe, your stories make entertaining reading, and the best kind of reading — real life in the raw and not prettied up! I pray that you don’t get hurt in these adventures you keep having!

    I never saw or heard of the TV show The Prisoner … glad you guys filled me in about it. It does sound exciting.

    Did something happen that was too subtle for me to grasp: slowly an idea is coming to me that, Jackie posted a link to her boating site so we Villagers can read her columns, and mentioned a boating school. Then Jerry in FL said Has our policy changed here? Which I couldn’t figure out at all. Then Jackie seemed to say goodby to the Village, that we wouldn’t see her any more. Which would be awful for all of us! So, what is going on here? Any ideas?

  15. Charlotte, The Prisoner was designed to last exactly one season and it ended in such a way as to make it impossible to continue. There are only 17 episodes, and you should be able to find it on DVD and possibly Blu-ray.

  16. Old Bear: Thanks for letting us know about Mary, and will continue prayers for Ernie and other family and friends.

    And I want to thank you for the term, “Step on the rainbow.” That is such a lovely image. I have saved that double rainbow you linked… I now have it as my ID image on my computer. Just to remind me…

  17. Charlotte, It’s happened before and it will happen again. When nothing adds up or makes any sense, when someone spends a lot of time (hours every day) talking about the people in their life but don’t respond to questions about details of places that you yourself are familiar with, and when they are always able to comment no matter where they are supposed to be or what they are doing, then I begin to wonder. The comment that you mentioned, however, was because I didn’t think that the blog allowed us to promote our commercial business, especially by posting a link to our own commercial website. Perhaps I am wrong, but if I am I think that it would be a good idea. I expected an angry reaction from several people, but apparently my comment only angered one person. I am fully aware that I am not minding my own business, but I felt that we were being taken advantage of and I think that we have had something too good here to lose it. This is my opinion and remember, everybody has one and most of them stink.

  18. Jerry in FL, Jackie posted that link because she is going to be there for an extended period and I think she wanted us to have some idea where she was. And no, I don’t think she was saying goodbye for good, but reading her posts I got the impression she was going to be busy learning how to handle her new floating homes safely. Surely she will be in touch when she can.

    As for promoting commercial sites, Jerry, I don’t think Jimmy would want us trying to enrich ourselves at the other Villager’s expense. But if you find something useful, interesting, or a good bargain, provided it isn’t something you are selling yourself, isn’t it common courtesy to share it so others can get it too? I have posted links to things others are looking for, or have commented on. This makes me no money, but gives me pleasure in being able to help out.

  19. Mark in TTown, Your answer makes a lot of sense, and I am more inclined to agree with your take on the situation.

    Jerry, I see just what you mean, but I’d rather think that Jackie is a real person. We can all wait and see. In the meantime, let’s make an effort to come right out and say in plain English, if we need to criticise some questionable behavior. We are all grownups and can deal with plain-spoken comments. If someone did something wrong and needs to apologise for it, best to just say so. Subtle and mysterious hints aren’t the way to go. I myself can be impulsive and may have hurt someone’s feelings here; if so, I apologise. Not necessarily today, but a while ago.

  20. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the names of posters with dots under them are actually links to websites. That is an option that has always been available to posters on this blog. All you have to do is to enter the URL for your site under your name and email address at the top of the post. Clicking on the poster name will carry you to the website.

    Many of those websites (which I have clicked on) are commercial in nature, such as those of authors, book sellers and others. There has never been any objection to that raised of which I am aware. An assumption that linking to a commercial website is somehow prohibited would seem unfounded, given those facts.

    If one feels such links are inappropriate, one should simply not click on them.

  21. There is times when some of y’all sound like you missed your daily dose of meds. Then I come here for the fine art not the intellectual babbling.

  22. Those are intelligent comments and I have no argument with them. I will certainly give them some thought. I’m not trying to start a big controversy, but I would like to remind you of the previous situation that was really very much like this one. I’m a big boy so tell me if you think that I’m totally out of line.

  23. In the same manner, if you decide that anyone here is a troll or a poser, you are not required to read or respond to the comments of that person. The “down arrow” is the most democratic key on the keyboard. It works the same way for everyone.

    On the other hand, no one else has the right to make that decision for you, with the exception of Jimmy, who can ban them if he pleases.

  24. Well, Ghost, I understand what you mean, but I myself really hate seeing any “spam” on a favorite and well loved Web site. I’d want to get rid of it somehow.

  25. I understand your concern, Charlotte, but a link you have to chose to click on to see is not really “spam”. If it were, Mark, Debbe, sandcastler™ and I would be four of the biggest “spammers” here.

  26. Galliglo
    I really can’t take credit for “Stepping on The Rainbow”
    It was introduce on “The Couch” the old Pibgorn forum many moons ago.
    But it is so appropriate.

  27. Don’t anyone stop sharing knowledge & songs.
    Sometimes an add has to be used just for the picture. No one here is selling
    anything but good will and good feelings.

  28. OK – time to soothe the waters…

    I think most of the problem recently is not a question of the Village harboring a troll, but just a clash of personalities.

    If Jackie is not who she says she is, then there is a lot of collusion among different groups of people. I have read online various articles and tributes referencing Mike, Jackie, and their activities in the sailing world.
    And have seen pictures!

    Now, about her various activities and experiences? I don’t know and have no way of knowing. Considering the personality that Jackie has shared with us, I would venture to say that most of it is pretty much true. But… We have to realize that some of it might be somewhat “embroidered”. This happens sometimes with extremely creative people. It isn’t intentional – it just makes such a good story!

    So… I think any differences some of we Villagers have are probably due to a personality conflict. But wouldn’t it be boring if we were all alike?

    As far as I am concerned, I shall go with the flow… Scroll down when I am not feeling particularly generous… And continue to be thankful for all the members of our delightfully eccentric Village!

  29. It’s time to confess regarding the links I’ve been posting of tools, dancers, violinists, etc.:

    I’m a compulsive sharer! Yes, it’s true. When something piques my interest, I share it with my friends online.

    Maybe there’s a twelve-step group for this?

  30. Good humor heals! And there is no shortage of it here. Galliglo, I’ve been curious. I haven’t tried to look it up, but is that the name of a place?

  31. Good morning Villagers….

    Whoaa…..hi, my name is Debbe, and I am a U tube addict 🙂 GR 😉

    Jerry….I feel Jackie is real, and what Gal says has a lot of validity to it. (Like that $50 word?) And yes, she does have a lot of stories…..what makes me feel sad is, I don’t have a detailed memory as she does. Jackie has been through a lot in the past few months and years as a caregiver to two, not one, but two family members….so, she’s “Busted out of Jail” as the saying goes. And Jerry, I do respect you and your little snippets…..they are entertaining.

    Ah, Miss Charlotte,….glad you enjoy my recounts of my day at work…..had a tough old Miss Prissy that didn’t want to give it up…..that wench ran down 600 feet of aisle with me behind her with my bright flashlight…finally nailed her and for one brief moment I wanted to hammer her head…..but then I picked her up and petted her….gosh, what a sucker I am 🙂

    Old Bear, I am sorry to hear about the loss of a good friend…and I too, like Gal, like the phrase “stepped on the rainbow”….love the link.

    On a more serious note.. we had Kyler yesterday…his mother, Rachael (Andrew’s live in girlfriend) has suffered a tubal pregnancy. What irritates me is she and Andrew spent the whole afternoon Saturday at an ER room at a local hospital. She went to two local hospitals. One hospital told her she had an ovarian pregnancy. She and I looked that up. I told her it could be a tubal pregnancy. Well, it burst yesterday, and she went into emergency surgery…..I told her yesterday afternoon to forget about the local hospitals and go to Evansville and they have the Women’s Pavilion and are exceptional doctors and nurses….my sister goes there. She was in surgery within 2 hours after getting there. No word yet, but I know she will be fine…and she will need a lot of support when she gets home. We will be there for her.

    Mark…saw that too…..I love brussel sprouts….they make the whole house smell while cooking 🙂

    gotta go……

    Ya’ll have a blessed day

  32. Oh, and Rachael’s mother is with her, as Andrew couldn’t get there. He and Ian are prepping for the arrival of the other half of hens tomorrow morning.

  33. The current series about Janis in ninth grade is interesting.

    I taught ninth-grade children for twenty years.

    In many ways, they were the easiest group to teach.

    In many ways, they were one of the most heartbreaking.

    Yeah, I know. I’m a guy. Not supposed to have emotions. Bull.

    When it comes to children, I have a very big soft spot.

  34. Debbe, You keep all of us entertained. I know that the work you do is hard, but it gives us a smile to know that you haven’t forgotton that a chicken is a living, breathing, feeling animal.

  35. Thank you for the info, sideburns! And there are novels—wonderful!

    Old Bear, I’m so sorry for the loss of Mary. Ernie and all who loved Mary are in my prayers. On another topic, the animals homes program on PBS was interesting last week, and I look forward to another episode tonight.

    Every well-functioning group needs a Devil’s advocate or two to keep it from becoming too complacent in its own internal culture.

    Galliglo @11:11 pm and Debbe @4:32 am: so well said. Bless you both, and all here who care enough to address difficult issues. (Formal business in Village Hall meeting now concluded; coffee, cookies, handshakes, hugs, and laughter are being served in the back of the Hall.)

    Rachel, Andrew, Kyler, and all who are helping them will be in my thoughts and prayers, Debbe. The medical staff failed Rachel in not admitting her for treatment immediately in such a serious situation.

    Rick, some of the strongest, gentlest, and most admirable men I’ve known have been teachers. If your heart can’t be broken, you’re not doing it right.

  36. “At 14, I was awkward.” Isn’t that redundant?

    I’ve been working with teenagers my entire adult life and have to agree with Rick. Anyone who thinks that is a carefree period has serious memory problems.

  37. I would not go back and go through those teen years again for all the tea in China! I have to admit – I have always wondered about those who say their teen years were the happiest they have ever been. What Universe was that?

  38. Denise: “Formal business in Village Hall meeting now concluded…” I LIKE that! And about teachers: So many of our young people need the example of a strong, caring man. I am thankful for those fulfil that role.

    Debbe: Prayers for Rachael… And you.. and family…

  39. Jerry: I have addressed the origin of “Galliglo” but it has been quite a while.

    My late Significant Other (also Jerry, but from Ohio!) gave me that screen name several years ago. He wrote a semi-political blog where readers contributed opinions, jokes, tall stories, etc. Everyone had a screen name and he was the only one who had access to actual names and email addresses.

    Galliglo is a combination of my place of residence (Gallipolis, Ohio) and my name (Gloria): Galli + glo. I rather like my “alias.” A lot of people have called me “Glo” throughout the years and “Gal” isn’t that much of a stretch, so it is all good.

    Of course, those who are on Facebook, like Charlotte and Nancy, know the REAL name!

  40. Debbe:
    Prayers for Rachael…

    Do you use it as a flashlight? Or is it an app?
    Be very careful of flashlight apps – some are Trojan Horses some
    just take up too much memory.

    I will rely on Mark to find the U Tube clip about that.

  41. I don’t k now if I’m one of the ones Jerry is talking about that have gone quiet, but I’m still here. I just haven’t had much to say lately. Several friends and family members have had babies and I have been busy making blankets and baby samplers so I don’t get back to the Village as often as I’d like.

    I will chime in on the Prisoner discussion, though. Love the show! McGoohan never actually said that Number 6 was really John Drake, but neither did he say he wasn’t, and the opening to The Prisoner had several outtakes from Secret Agent. Secret Agent also ran in two parts: Danger Man from 1960 to 1961 in a half-hour format, then Secret Agent from ’64 to ’66 as a one hour show.

  42. “Llee” is my middle name. We had a lot of Lora’s (various spellings/pronunciations) at work- several of us moved to middle names to avoid confusion. It comes in handy. 🙂 I enjoy this place: Jimmy for the artwork and humor, y’all for friendship. 🙂

  43. Without getting down into the mud to debate the multiple definitions of trolls, concern trolls, etc., I will simply say that my policy is to accept every Villager as what they portray themselves to be until it becomes undeniably obvious that they are not. At that point, I will simply utilize the aforementioned down arrow key (or, more likely, the scroll wheel of my mouse) to bypass comments from that person and cease interacting with them. The same policy applies to the (thankfully) rare person here I find boring or unfailingly irritating. Life is too short, and I would prefer to spend my time reading and/or responding to the comments of those many people I actually enjoy hearing from here in the Village.

    Now, back to what I should be doing.

  44. Galliglo: “But… We have to realize that some of it might be somewhat ’embroidered’. This happens sometimes with extremely creative people. It isn’t intentional – it just makes such a good story!”

    Reminds me of Pooh-Bah’s excuse for his self-serving [everything he does is self-serving] but impossible tale in Act II of G&s’s “The Mikado”: “Merely corroborative detail, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.”

    I may have done some of that here, but none of it worth apologizing for. Most figments have been meant to protect the guilty or disguise a person or place, like Koko’s statement that Nanki-Poo has emigrated to Knightsbridge [in London]. This is one of the few legitimate items to change in a local production. D’Oyly Carte did in their first Mikado that I saw in NYC just after WWII: “Hoboken,” if I remember. Any well-known nearby place that would amuse the local audience. “Ypsilanti” would work in Ann Arbor.

    Peace, emb

  45. “Where am I?”

    “In The Village.”

    Certainly gives one pause when considering that those were the opening words to every episode of “The Prisoner.” 😉

    And I will concur with Ruth Anne about memory of teenage years. Apparently most every adult had their memory wiped as they graduated from high school. Why else would your parents be so disdainful and dismissive of the zit that invites insult, but more importantly, the loss of The Greatest Love Of Your Life? Granted, a fairly short life until then, but being told that there are more fish in the ocean, or my personal favorite, “It’s just puppy love. Grow up!” by callous adults that fail to remember that THEY were up on the bridge, preparing to JUMP, at a similar time in their own lives, borders on the criminal.

    Janis was pretty insecure in the early years of the strip in any event, so discovering that she was EXTREMELY insecure as a skinny, gawky 14-year-old is not a big stretch. Or as Arlo opined, “The Dog of Love starts the journey across the eight-lane highway of Life…”

  46. I am real…at least the last time my loving wife pinched me. I use the scroll wheel on my mouse extensively. I sometimes wonder why some people post what they do, but I don’t stand in judgment and usually it is pretty harmless.

    I have pointed out here a phrase that my wife, (the author featured if you click on my name) used in a book. She coined “a cd-skip moment” in which a person suddenly hijacks the conversation or changes the subject without much cause. Again, usually harmless. I did ask Jimmy if I could mention her career here and he said go ahead. I know that I have actually read a certain author from Bahston, so as long as we not selling sunglasses or get rich schemes, I don’t think that it’s an issue.

    Are we all real? I hope so…Although some may be Fargone.

  47. It’s wonderful to read all the generous and perceptive comments this morning! You folks have such wisdom to share and it really opens my heart to let the hugs and the comfort in.

    Last night I was feeling rather blue over the way things felt in the Village, and I was tired. Thinking as I got ready for bed, “I should keep quiet … I think I put my foot in my mouth … I’d better quit complaining…” Discontent.

    Now that I’ve seen all those good comments and good advice, I feel lots better! Thank you, Denise, Debbe, Ghost, Jerry, and Galliglo, and on and on.

  48. Crab, a Nook Glowlight makes a good flashlight, too. No app, Old Bear, just a built-in booklight.

    At a family gathering while I was in my mid-twenties, a distant relative proclaimed shrilly that she would give just ANYTHING to be a teenaged girl again. I thought, “Ah, so some of us do forget what that time was like.”

    One of the most appealing things, emb, about G & S is all their bits of business. Could I time travel, I would go back to see perhaps the 20th performance of each operetta under Gilbert’s stage management (20th, to have allowed whimsy and Gilbert the time and performances to suggest and inspire those bits).

  49. The current (controversy?) reminds me of something I just commneted on to a cruise newsletter that I receive. It seems that the writer had received a less than nice e-mail from someone who gave several reasons why they hated cruising. The writer asked what “we” would tell that person. My comment, which was praised by the writer, was: “It’s very simple. Don’t cruise!” Same goes here as GR6 said, “The down arrow …etc.” I haven’t commented much lately because I haven’t had much to say.
    Prayers and blessings on everyone. Pax vobiscum.

  50. Ghost, I hope your project is going well and that you are enjoying your involvement!

    Charlotte, while the lightening flashes, we may feel unsettled. But the air is always its most fresh and fragrant after a thunderstorm.

  51. I think the teenage years were painful, and are painful for more than a few. The best thing that happened to me was I turned 18 and joined the Army.

  52. Thanks, Denise. Some projects are both necessary and enjoyable, and some are merely necessary. This is one of the latter. On the bright side, it’s going better (and more speedily) than expected.

    emb: I couldn’t help but wonder…individually lopsided or lopsided in relation to each other? 🙂

  53. It seems to me that even the quiet ones have plenty worthwhile to say. Not every comment has to be totally planned out when you start. Stephen King says that when he starts a book he can’t wait to see what happens.

  54. GR6: “individually lopsided or lopsided in relation to each other?” Hadn’t thought about that; probably the two don’t match “perfectly.” It’s sad that it’s a concern, another example of teen angst. Wife was not totally symmetrical. So? Worked fine in both their functions.

    The adult culture nurtures teenage angst, and probably always has. In almost every opera, both grand and comic, the most eligible ingénue or whatever is supposedly a striking beauty, and that goes back centuries. Count Almaviva courts what’s-her-face after seeing her from a distance. Ezio Pinza says you will see her “across a crowded room.” All a look will tell you is that she is pretty. It’s pretty that is skin deep, not beauty. If the men are all crowded around her, now’s your chance to meet some neat wallflowers.

    Peace, emb

  55. Good thinking, emb! I like your thoughts on the opera (how I adored Ezio Pinza!) and on beauty. I think lots of people WOULD like to go back and live their teenage years again IF we could know what we know now! Not gonna happen, but it would be nice.

  56. Charlotte, I think of that old proverb: “Bad choices can be avoided with experience. Experience is gained by making bad choices.” I would not have what little wisdom I have without those days but I would not revisit them. Human nature would indicate that I would find different misadventures to gain experience from, as opposed to some triumphal re-writing of history.

    The sum total of my greener days made me recognize and properly revere The Real Deal when it arrived in the form of my now-wife. Yes, there were tragedies that seemed huge Back In The Day, but I decided that my motto would be “Their Loss.” And so it has proven to be.

  57. News flash:


    So, first thing we hear this morning is that we’re in “the orange”….Homeland security color code; I guess. But it’s ‘red’ alert … let’s think here…The avian virus s originated in China…then before that, wasn’t iit something about ‘sheet rock’, oh, and let’s not forget the ‘lead’ in children’s toys.

    Do I see a pattern??

    David, if you do get ‘layers’, as it said in the article…buy from a very reputable supplier.

    …hungry, husband has chicken strips in the oven….a salad…..a cucumber for me alone….

    …hitting the ‘fridge and recliner, in that order.

    And Jerry, Gal Miss Charlotte, and Denise….I’m humbled..and grateful for the prayers.. Rachael is home…got home late, still dark, morning….her mother has been staying with her. No ‘plumbing’ had to be removed..Amen.

  58. Debbe 😉 Because women like “Charlie” and planes like the F-14 both give me a…thrill.


    (And my Ray-ban aviator glasses like Maverick’s are on order.)

    “The remaining chickens in the affected flock will be depopulated…” Yeah, that sounds so much nicer than “killed”, doesn’t it?

    Those asking for prayers for others…I haven’t had time to reply individually, but rest assured they were tendered.

    (In case anyone cares, I’m on my lunch break. And if you don’t care, I’m on my lunch break.)

  59. Ursen, tell us more, if you feel like it, about your teenage years, and about joining the Army. Where did you go for Basic Training, and where were you stationed afterward?

    Debbe, I’m very glad that Rachel is home and, I hope, feeling better.

  60. Debbe: Prayers DO help!

    Ghost: The only thing that I didn’t care for in Top Gun was… the star! Am afraid that those smooth looks of Tom Cruise just creep me out. PLEASE don’t tell me you look like Tom Cruise!

  61. Pleasant out, 71F [site won’t accept degree sign], too much W breeze, but still supped on patio. Female Cooper’s hawk flew by. Saw her* a week or two ago; maybe a nest nearby. Won’t try to find that. Harrier nests are potentially easier.

    *Likely female / size. Only think it was same I saw days back because, unlike juncos and robins, big raptors are widely spaced.

  62. Everyone:

    Please bear with me while I clarify my post of this morning. I was not speaking only of the kids who can’t have or lose the Special Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Yes, the kids feel that pain very keenly because it is new to them, but the vast majority leave it behind in a week or so.

    I was remembering the kids who lived in abject poverty, the kids who wanted to succeed in school but just didn’t have the innate ability, the kids who wanted to have at least one friend but never did all the way through high school, the kids who lived with alcoholic and abusive parent/s, and the kids who endured depression, autism, schizophrenia, physical handicaps and deformities, the death of a parent or a sibling, incest, and more.

    When I retired from teaching after thirty years, I had nothing left to give.

    Please pardon this bit of self-praise: I lost track of the kids who told me that, if I hadn’t been there in the classroom, they would have committed suicide. It was either seven or eight. Except for one boy, I didn’t know that they were in danger at the time. I knew about the one boy only because his parents told me that I was only thing keeping their son alive.

    It’s still hard to talk about.

    But it’s nothing compared to the pain that the kids were experiencing.

  63. Rick, I can’t imagine dealing with kids with such heart-breaking problems. Thank you for your willingness to do so. You are a true hero.

  64. Rick: I am thankful for teachers like you. I don’t see how you do it, day after day. So… It is ok to blow your horn a little bit!
    My sister and brother-in-law were both teachers. She did not teach full time after she had a family, but he taught 5th grade for 25 years. He loved the kids, but the frustrations did take a lot out of him. Those kids can break your heart.
    Thank you for YOUR service in the trenches of the educational system.

  65. I don’t post a lot, and don’t always find time to read every comment, but I like keeping up with this little community because I sense that we do have concern for each other and a certain connection through A&J. As I have always been a bit of a wallflower (by choice and quite happily) I am reticent about sharing a lot of personal information, though what I do say is always true. I appreciate all the different perspectives and personalities here!

  66. Rick:

    Amen, and God bless you for the kids you saved. As a college prof I had it easier, but many were out there. Seemed to be a strong correlation btw home situation and class performance. Many seemed to read at about grade 6 level, had no real writing ability, and little reasoning ability. Many also got nothing out of JHS/HS science experience, or were deliberately misled there. Collected many data on that, but never analyzed it or published anything on it. Could have.

    Good reason to expect some [term escapes me] degree of alcohol-related developmental syndrome, illiterate home environment or support, and abuse [often sexual] at home. Of course, mammoth frosh lecture sections didn’t help. I’ve mentioned that our Biol. 101 class had more students than the populations of some students’ home towns. I don’t know that I prevented any suicides, but am sure I helped some graduate who would not have without personal support [several have told me so], and maybe some tutoring. College has a tutoring program; don’t know how effective.

    JJ has added some automatic spelling correction, and there’s always a wavy red line under emb. Peace, emb

  67. emb
    Use asterisk (*) for degree
    Nature was excellent again tonight
    Nova was confusing. But then Math always has confused me.

    14 turkey farms in 5 counties have been infected in MN by Flu.
    900,000 birds. They think it is migratory birds doing the infecting.

    In “Big” Tom Hanks asks his girlfriend to come back with him –
    her reply was basically she was not going though her teens again

    This was on the Yahoo home page – Cats communicating with us


    The experts said cats don’t purr when humans are not around – I had Tiger that proved the
    exception to that rule – she would purr when she did not know I was around.

  68. I’m a real person. I couldn’t make me up.

    emb, when you type “emb” and the red line appears under it, right click on it and you should get a drop-down window which includes the option Add to Dictionary. Left click that and it should accept emb as a correct spelling in the future.

  69. Rick and emb, thank you for your service to our country. Our military protects us from our enemies. Teaches protect us from ignorance, if we let them. My favorite teachers in the higher grades were teaching biology, human anatomy, etc. So what do I end up with for a career? Coding medical charts where I deal with medical terminology, anatomy, etc, everyday. Thank you Mr. Washington, wherever you are.

  70. Mark: I guess I deserve thanks because I served +/- willingly. I don’t think my service did the USA much good, but that was mostly USAF’s fault. speelczech: Yay! I will teach my A&J dictionary lots of stuff. Sciurus carolinensis Upupa epops. More as they come.

    Bedtime, Nighty bunch, emb

  71. Ghost, if you are not a real person then you couldn’t have made yourself up. Also if you are a real person then you didn’t make yourself up. Of course we may have made you up, but then we would not have you denying that you are made up. Based on a lack of evidence to the contrary, I think that we are forced to conclude for now that you are real, in spite of the name. I know that we hope so as your intellect would be missed.

  72. Good morning Villagers….

    Guys, you are the greatest….thank you all for your concerns and prayers for Rachael. She is on the mend. Little Kyler is with his Uncle as she is restricted to lifting no more than 5 pounds, and that little feller loves to be picked up and loved. And yes, Gal, prayers do work…in His way.

    My husband started feeding the birds back when we were snow covered….and still is….on the front porch railing. I came home the day before and my innie-outtie cat (Hampton) had killed a cardinal and brought it up on the porch….he was enraged and physically slam dunked her….I was p-off. I told him it was her instinct. Then later in the evening, he goes back out and puts out more bird feed….I told him that “you are only creating a buffet out there!!”

    So, yesterday morning, I told him he had to start feeding them elsewhere because of the “red alert” and I am not walking to my car from the porch possibly stepping in bird poop. He has stopped. Told him to clean the porch off. He is very much aware of how diseases can be transmitted in the agri business. He also use to work in loading hogs, and worked in hog buildings. He would have to shower and put on clean clothes in-betwee hog buildings.

    This is a very serious situation, this Avian flu, and has the poultry business on high alert. Look for poultry and egg prices to go up….

    Indy Mindy….that was a groan, wasn’t it. 🙂

    GR 😉 , I always did like that song

    Hey…ya’ll have a blessed day……


  73. Everyone:

    I hope it didn’t seem as if I were fishing for compliments; I assure you that I was not.

    My intention – albeit clumsily attempted – was to illustrate the true and deep pain in which many children live every second of the day.

    Thank you for the kind words, but I don’t deserve them.

    The teachers who do deserve them are the ones whose dedication to the kids keeps them in the classroom past thirty years.

    I wasn’t strong enough.

    Now, I have an office job in a business.

  74. Rick….I use to substitute teach in-between jobs…..it is an under appreciated job from the parent’s perspective. They send their children to school expecting the teachers to ‘babysit’ and I could always tell, by the kids’ actions, what type of parents they had…..

    I am positive you gave it your best…thank you.

  75. Good morning Debbe and be careful out there. Although obviously it was not made public, we had a friend who died of mad cow disease several years ago. She was not a farm worker. She worked in a lab and was somehow exposed there.

  76. I always smile, Granny Carol, when I see your name above an entry because I know you will have posted something that will make me reflect, be thankful, or laugh…sometimes all three.

    Rick, emb, c ex-p, and the other teachers out there: every person you will ever meet can tell you a story of at least one teacher who changed their life in a positive way. We probably never told you then; we probably didn’t know how. We were just kids, teens, young adults…awkward and unsure, conflicted and battered, normal and not normal and downright crazy, we were. You meant a lot to us, you meant the world and life to us, and you still do. We think about you all the time, all our lives long, lives that you changed in a positive way. Thank you.

  77. From today’s AWordADay [which I’m guessing many of you get]:

    Never lend books; nobody ever returns them. The only books I have in my library are those which people have lent me. Anatole France, novelist, essayist, Nobel laureate (16 Apr 1844-1924). [Punct. tweaked.]

    Anu Garg, for 2015, has apparently decided that AWAD’s daily quote will be from someone born on that date. Questions: 1. Will he run into a date with no worthwhile quotes? [Probably not.] 2. AWAD comes only M-F. What will he do / the 104 dates he misses? He could catch them all in ’16-’17, + 29 Feb. in ’16, unless it’s a Sat. or Sun.


  78. “Ghost and Mrs. Muir” alert! TCM Is running the movie this evening at 6 pm (that’s here in Michigan—your time may vary). Since this was recently discussed, I thought I’d point it out. Jackie, I do hope you see this post!

  79. emb: “I may have done some of that here, but none of it worth apologizing for…” You are a scientist, and those of the scientific nature usually do not “embroider”. Neither do mathematicians. It is usually we who lean toward the various “liberal arts” that have to be more careful!

  80. I managed to find time to read (thanks, Wayne) BM’s “paean to grandiosity” (good one, Gal, although I might be more inclined to call it a “paean to pomposity”). As is so often the case with his proclamations, he seems to have swallowed a thesaurus before he sat down to belch, ah, write out this obiter dictum, but from what I can gather, he took offense at someone proposing that a single word be banned from usage. This seems at odds with what I had been led to believe was his previously stated reason for (ironically) banning *all* words from the comments section of his “bog”, namely that it had been inundated with trolls.

    Actually, I share his opposition to word banning, but I would have to question his “baby with the bathwater” response to such a proposition. But then he, in his wisdom, already felt that comments did “no good”, so I’m sure that was an easy, if not knee-jerk, decision for him to make, especially about something that so grievously offended his sensibilities, and since he obviously felt that the comments section of his “bog” was populated only with the unwashed plebs of his tidy world. We may all be thankful that Jimmy does not display that brand of “wisdom” here.

    (Now, again, enough of what BM calls “grandstanding” and back to what I should be doing. Damn, this place is habit-forming, isn’t it?)

  81. It’s like the Reader’s Digest. You never know what funny joke, inspiring message or interesting tale you’re going to find. John-good Charlie Brown imitation.

  82. As some of you are aware, I know a number of authors, some of whom are much better known in their fields than the artist mentioned above. None of them have ever, to my knowledge, published anything as pompous, self-important or self-congratulatory as what was linked to above. Clearly, that man is a legend in his own mind.

  83. Noted here before that a fave SF author, Ursula [Kroeber] LeGuin, has said, approx., “Don’t be too sure you want to really meet the author.” I’ve watched her online, and still think I’d like to meet her. A male craftsman/artist, discussed above, may be as skilled graphically as UKL is linguistically, but I think we’ve found her case in point. Peace, emb

  84. Galliglo:

    “You are a scientist, and those of the scientific nature usually do not “embroider”. Neither do mathematicians. It is usually we who lean toward the various “liberal arts” that have to be more careful!” As scientists go, I am adequate: deeply committed to scientific integrity, but not responsible for any major advances/insights. I also consider the sciences, properly taught, as essential to a liberal arts education, and am deeply committed to the lib arts in general, and to several subjects in particular [e.g., G&S].

    I can embroider with the best of them, but not like some pathologic scientists I have known, and others I know of [e.g., some who have testified on the effects of tobacco use in the past]. We had two, over the years. The first a borderline personality that eventually sought success elsewhere, and the second a charlatan who resigned to enter the private sector in the snake oil business.

    Peace, emb

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