Honesty is the better policy!


This cartoon from ten years ago is a favorite of mine. You have until about noon EST today to ‘Work with Arlo & Janis!’ That’s all I’m going to say on the subject today. Tomorrow, we’ll start talking about reaping those rewards. I’ll be honest: it could be a tad chaotic, but we are committed to your satisfaction when all is said and done.
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42 responses to “Honesty is the better policy!”

  1. “Big-name writers now questioning GOP nominee’s sanity” – Yahoo News (Now there’s an oxymoron for you…Yahoo News, I mean.)

    Well, it wouldn’t be the first time I personally have questioned the sanity of a candidate for President. Or of a President, for that matter.

  2. Posted under yesterday’s comments:

    Charlotte in NH on 03 Aug 2016 at 10:39 am #

    Dear friends, I am so touched by your loving concern. Many thanks. Rehab is progressing even faster than hoped and I am feeling good. The tablet, Apple product, is so different from Microsoft have always used. Only can type one letter at a time … Slow. Love you all.

  3. Thanks for making the effort to post, Miz Charlotte!! I had just seen a note from you on Facebook before I came here to the Village, but we’re all glad to see you here. (Yeah, I like to read the iPad but am really slow at typing on it. I usually use two fingers but not more. Better than the teeny tiny keys on the cellphone, at least.)

  4. Blinky, no you have to be crazy to be willing to put up with the character assassinations the media and your opponents perform on you while trying to get to the position. I think that is why the better candidates either don’t try, or withdraw early.

  5. For some reason I keep thinking of an old boyfriend with political ambitions. He sincerely told me he loved me, thought I was smartest, most beautiful woman he’d ever known, knew he’d be happy with me but I would kill his political career. He was right of course, those were the 60s and I would have.

    Funny, you can’t argue with truth but times have indeed broadened.

  6. One of the candidates has admitted bribing public officials and has committed grand theft by fraud. That was the candidate I was talking about.

  7. Thanks – on the previous page – for the nice picture of Agnetha & Anni-Frid of ABBA! I could listen to that group all day, and watching those two wouldn’t be a hardship, either.

  8. Blinky, I agree. In fact, I’ve always felt an expressed desire to be President should disqualify one for the office on the face of it.

    And is being a pathological liar considered “crazy”? If so, that would eliminate a lot more of them.

  9. Actually I think not. I often see old acquaintances on billboards when I go home to Louisiana and it occurs to me I have never seen his.

    A friend in college had the motto and political buttons made, Sweep the State in 88. Last I heard he was still in prison and another college friend is still in Thailand to escape imprisonment.

    Not all politicians escape retribution.

  10. Wait, that’s OK, I didn’t date them! Forget about that! The state of Louisiana has been full of politicians I went to school with but did not date. And lawyers.

  11. As far as I know, no one I dated has ever had her face on either a billboard or a mug shot, which suits me fine.

    I would say none of them has an FBI file, but heck, who doesn’t? I’m sure I do.

  12. Me too except the ones who killed someone like their wives or in laws and didn’t commit suicide as well.

    Or the ones I dated whose wives killed them. They were all from good families and that’s my defense. Nothing like love, lust and money to fuel passions. You know how the south is.

    I think you just dodged a bullet in relationships, Ghost. Mine were all juvenile indiscretions before you got going good, I stopped cold turkey!

  13. Well, I’m sure I’ve caught the attention of the FBI, at least for a few seconds. Today I began my orientation as a new employee at a state technical college… it included being electronically fingerprinted and having the prints and a photo submitted for an FBI background check.

  14. Nope, he did not. The upper classes were one thing but there were others and they were worse in my opinion both in what they did to each other or was done to them. I think I will go read Rick Bragg for a little humor on subject.

  15. Reading Rick Bragg on Jerry Lee is like reading about a foreign land located about 30 miles from where I grew up.
    Talk about a class of people so different, none of us ever met or came in contact, yet so close.

    Educational and well written but not amusing.

  16. A slightly cleaned up tale from someone on Quora:

    What is the most satisfying passive-aggressive thing you have ever done to a really mean or rude person?

    I’m British. I know how to queue.

    So I was in a supermarket once, in the middle of a queue which went all the way around a corner. A woman came up and pushed in in front of me as I got to the ninety-degree bend.

    She didn’t mistake it for the start of the queue, it wasn’t that kind of corner. The wall was actually a waist-high parade of baskets full of impulse-buys, like chocolates and so on, as shops are wont to display near the checkouts.

    I could hear mutters and tuts from behind me but of course I couldn’t say anything directly (cf. British) so I started picking things off the shelves every time she wasn’t looking and put them in her trolley.

    I started off small, like with a bag of crisps. People quickly cottoned on to what I was doing and I heard a few of the mutters change to noises of approval.

    I ended up managing to put an entire umbrella in there. That got widespread laughter from the shop behind me but the woman was oblivious.

    I rushed through the self-service tills as she went to a conventional human-powered checkout. She was clearly not paying attention because I was nearly out of the shop when I heard her say, “where the &^$@ did that come from?”

  17. That is the song that introduced him to the world at large and I loved the album (cd). Why is it that people who have a fantastic album rarely follow it up-Aaron Neville, Ricky Van Shelton, Simply Red?

  18. The young ladies attempting to speak in his defense, or is it de wall, should remember, come November they have to look for another job. Why? Because they’re FIRED.

  19. The Olympics are off to a great start in Rio. No one could find the keys to the stadium so it took bolt cutters to get in. Not to worry. Everything is under control. I just need to lay down for a minute at the starting line. The water in the swimming pool is always that color. why do you ask?

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