Hossing Around

I like this one, even if it is from just last year. Plus, it somehow seems to fit our ongoing discussion about content and advertising on the Web and about changes coming to the GoComics Web site. Probably you think I know a lot more about these changes than I’m telling, but I don’t. I don’t know more than you, although I am a lot more curious, believe me. I will admit to a brief conversation with Aaron Weber, the young man in charge of developing the new site, and he stressed that the changes will be far beyond cosmetic. Whether they are fooling themselves remains to be seen, but I do believe the folks at Universal Uclick are serious about exploring the future of “printed” comics. I am excitedly trepidatious, or trepidatiously excited. Mostly, as I stated yesterday, I will wait and see.

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  1. ‘Separate bedrooms can be good.’ In the real castle [Hohenschwangau?], down the hill from Prince Ludwig’s in Bavaria, the boss’s bedroom had a hidden stairway to his wife’s chambers, accessible only from his own. We saw it, in ’85, I think. Peace,

  2. Reminds me of a hat an older gentleman was wearing yesterday. It looked like something you would get if you crossed a stovepipe hat and a high quality cowboy hat. As old as I am I had never seen anything like it. It wasn’t stovepipe, but a felt cousin to it. Very classy, he was definitely styling it and was used to wearing it.

  3. Last night the legendary Ramblin Jack Elliott who is in his 90s and weighs about 90 pounds was wearing one like this and the hat was bigger than he was.

  4. Reminded me I’m hungry. My new panini press came; thinking of making a Panini Sandwich #4 (deli ham, provolone, and Swiss) with some pumpkin bisque I have in the freezer.

  5. I too am home for awhile. Have to get medical releases from my five most significant physicians to have my knee replaced, so I have made appointments with them to get the letters mailed to my orthopedist. In other words, if things go wrong she will have someone to share the liability with?

    Just worked on filling in my calendar with concerts, events and doctors appointments. Everything is in Tulsa or Tahlequah, Oklahoma. My surgery is set for November 30 and I am getting releases done from today through November 16, so lots of back and forth.

    There are three male cats and one female who will no longer be reproducing to turn loose today in yard. The two kittens have to grow a little but they will be Ghost Too and Ghost III. Lots of black cats.

  6. How can you be bored, Ghost? I just had grapes and a Diet Coke for breakfast. People working on stone patio and my cache of tulips, daffodils, iris, hyacinths and crocus. Maybe these will actually come up and bloom!

    Still in pajamas. Have to get dressed for Tulsa, go see my endo guy. He is one of my favorites. Actually I may pick doctors for looks, they are pretty hunky older men. The females are too, in truth, except one.

    Buy my tickets in pairs so if you show up here there are always things to see or do.

  7. Those biscuits of hers cost a lot.

    In 1950s and 1960s all television shows made married couples have twin beds. Apparently they did on Dick Van Duke as well. I have no idea who first was to sleep in one.

    Google says 1947 on Dupont Mary Kay and Johnny. Ozzie and Harriet in 1950s.

    I did not watch television until 1960s and didn’t own TV until 1972 when in laws introduced the devil into my home.

  8. I’ve agreed to be a beta tester for the new GoComics site and they say there will be something to test by the end of October. I’ll keep you posted. I wish them lots of luck figuring it out – it is the future, after all . . .

  9. I wonder how the candidates are polling among people like me who do not answer their phone if they do not recognize the number on Caller ID. They probably have an algorithm to decide our preferences for us.

    Cynical? Who, me?

  10. Jackie, as was recently mentioned here, if one has problem deciding which candidate to vote for, one can perhaps more easily decide which candidate to vote against. I’ve done so myself in the past.

    That may not always work, however. If some day, hypothetically, both major candidates prove to be, say, corrupt, statist, authoritarians, one might have a problem deciding which of them one least wants to be president, no?

  11. Speaking of TV series couples, Robert Read, the actor who played Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch, was born on this date in 1932. Had he lived, he would be alive today.

    I never watched the show enough to recall what Mike and Carol’s sleeping arrangements were. Does anyone remember?

  12. Never watched it, so inane and cloying sweet. Of course had I known Florence Henderson was having sex with her oldest son on show that might have made it at least trashy. Trash stuff learned in retrospect is just trash.

    Jackie intends to vote using that criteria. Maybe vote several times?

    Bought a new bigger and heavier mallet for chicken fried steaks. Talk softly and carry a big steak tenderizer.
    Cooking mushroom stuffed pasta with mushroom and spinach. Pasta on top of spinach and sliced mushrooms, mushroom wine sauce atop it all.

    Food porn. Going to Aldi for produce and nursery for plants.

  13. Here’s even better, make her a scantily clad concert pianist AND an even scantily dressed ballet dancer.

    Wait, that sounds familiar, like a cartoon strip I saw once.

  14. Supposedly 9CL character is based on this pianist and her outfit.

    The sex was widespread throughout Partridge Family, all them were little rabbits. Read someone’s memory lane.

  15. Supposedly 9CL character is based on this pianist and her outfit.

    The sex was widespread throughout Partridge Family, all them were little rabbits. Read someone’s memory lane. These sitcoms were apparently educational.

  16. Mark from Maine, that sounds exciting! You’re our man on the inside.

    Walt, I got a kick out of “cautiously pessimistic.”

    Galliglo, Charlotte, and Jerry, I think of you often.

  17. By the way, my diabetes score was 6.9 and I am down to 20 units of slow insulin in morning. Doctor says I am incredible, his best patient. I was not always.

    Had green papaya salad and summer rolls. Felt guilty about sodium with every delicious bite.

  18. so far the changes being introduced over at GoComics have gone over like a lead balloon. Longtime members are very upset at the new restrictions on posts ( formatting of the text, ability to insert links for graphics, etc. are now verbotten).

  19. No worries. They will learn to love it. GoComics says so.

    Actually, I noticed yesterday that the initial comments seemed to be overwhelmingly negative. And the prohibition against the use of anything other than straight alpha/numeric characters, plus a limit on how many characters posts may contain, which into effect a week or so ago, had already ruffled a lot of feathers. The stated GoComics reason for that was, “Our apologies, but to fight off abuse from the spammers, we now limit our comments to include text with bold and italics only.”

    “Spammers” and “trolls” sure do offer a convenient reason for limiting (or banning) on-line comments, don’t they?

  20. Ghost it’s a rainy night in Georgia here, poor Trigger and muddy from the trail and I am going to be wetter than my chickens by time I get in house. Give me a good reason to care about the posts, trolls and spam on the dark side?

    As long as JJ let’s the Village orphans over the moat and into the keep we will be safe.

  21. I agree, Jackie. Since I use GoComics only as a way to quickly and conveniently get to the daily A&J cartoon and two others (well, three, actually, but I would deny ever looking at the third one 🙂 ), it would be of little import to me if they commit seppuku. I imagine I could find another method to read four cartoons per day.

  22. Fortunately, Jackie, Trigger is not the kind of steed that will mind being “rode hard and put up wet”. In the same manner, Bullet will remain faithful to me as long as I keep his gas tank filled and pet his steering wheel occasionally.

    Surgery on 30 November, basically a week after Thanksgiving, then? Which knee first?

  23. Left because it is worse. The one I tore up originally playing fireman to save the ungrateful curmudgeon weekender in trailer to my left, along with wife, daughter and grandbaby. I think of him every day.

    A neighbor asked if I would do it now, knowing what he was? I said perhaps not but that is a lie. I would of course, that is just who I am.

    Halloween weekend here is High Lonesome Bluegrass Mass, Caberet, Organ Recital AT Trinity Episcopal and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Skipping the costume ball at the clothing optional resort on Route 66 this year. ????

    Saw Bullet’s sibling at Home Depot while buying violas and mums. Did you get the steps that go up and down?

  24. We have a saying around my shop…”No good deed goes unpunished.” Sounds like that would apply to you, as well, Jackie.

    No steps. My legs are long enough that I don’t have to climb steps to get to the driver’s seat. Actually, as I may have mentioned, I’ve wanted an SUV for years, but with aging parents to transport, that was not viable option, and I stuck with sedans. That said, I’ll probably blow out both my knees now. But so far, they work pretty well, including the one I banged up in the past.

  25. In the morning, not tonight of course.

    I wonder what has become of my Honda Odyssey? I dropped it off for the alternator and detailing. I guess it is being worked on. That is my go to for transportation I guess until knees work after surgery. I was being extremely optimistic to buy a new pickup but I love pickups, drove my last one 14 years. Took good care of it except for the big rock I took out the passenger side step on.

    Love SUVS as well, just really don’t love mini vans or small cars but that is me. That Honda drives well and amazes me for a small van.

  26. OB, I’ve had GasBuddy on my phone for almost 5 years, and it works very well for me. The price info is crowd-sourced, and it’s seldom out of date by more than a few hours. Before I leave on a trip, I check prices at my destination as well as at points along my route, which tells me if I need to refuel along the way, or wait until I arrive.

    I also use one called mileagekeeper, which does exactly what the name implies. I’m looking at it right now for the 2011 Crown Vic I traded, and can tell that its first fill-up was on 4/5/12 (at $3.689 per gallon!), and it’s last was on 9/25/16 (at $1.749 per gallon). In between, I put 2,894.290 gallons in it, at a total cost of $8,416.76.

  27. Jackie
    I made comment but it probably in my notes to post later.

    You might consider doing both knees at once if it is not too late to schedule.
    MBH’s uncle did 25 years ago because he had to go into assisted living while
    he did rehab. And at the time he had to pay for it himself, he also said
    he only had to take pain meds half as long.
    My brother did the same thing this past spring. His stay was covered but he said
    he was out of action 1/2 as long (And he is retired) Actually same age as you.
    (The Doc got rid of his pigeon toe at the same time)
    (Maybe yours can add a few inches 🙂 )

    You also have to go through the approval process all over again, so that is another

  28. Jackie, I was diagnosed as having Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults back in March, about fourteen years after I was first diagnosed with Type II. Basically, that means that I’m really Type I, not Type II. I now take 12 units of Lantus in the morning, 12 more in the evening and Novolog before each meal. At that time, my A1c was 8.7; it’s now down to 7.2, with a goal of 7.0. Keep up the good work!

  29. Will post comments from past the no one remembers or cares soon.

    GM Debbe

    When I was a boy I was told that anybody
    could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.
    ~Clarence Darrow~

  30. Old Bear I tried for double knee surgery after my cardiologist had his done. He was back in sugary doing heart surgery six weeks after his, got three inches taller and his legs got straight again. His hair did not grow back, however?

    My surgeon will not do both and I hate to shop around, plus cardiologist didn’t sound encouraging. My friend in Idaho said he would consider doing it but I’d have to stay out there an extended period and I doubt that could work now that I am so totally and emphatically single. We had a friend in common back then that we shared.

    Have to remember to not eat or drink until I get blood drawn tomorrow or go another day. I drive about 90 miles each way for that. If I had to do it all over I’d make sure there was a competent hospital at the least nearby.

  31. Sideburns I have often wondered about an autoimmune connection to diabetes in my case but they know about all my issues with auto mune problems so I figure they’d look.

    Keep trying. It is so hard to fight auto immune caused illness. They act like Hal my computer, they change if we blink.

  32. Good morning Villager….

    Had to do some resetting of bookmarked files this morn. Ian tried to set up a new email account had to some tech stuff to our laptop….I bet we go through our ISP to set up new email account,

    Update on Dad…he’s being released today and will be going into the nursing home Mom was in…he got to thinking about his friends being able to visit him here in hometown…good.

    gotta go, no time

    big change in weather coming in……..36 degrees tomorrow night

  33. It is in 40s outside I think and I am awake. Too early. I have a sweater and tights picked out. May run to town early. Need to pickup mail.

    And make broccoli chicken cheese soup in case work crew shows up this morning. It’s a soup day. Hey, I just remembered my yard bulb planter wants to go to culinary school. She can make the soup, it starts with a base mix.

    Got mum hanging baskets for porch. Need to count hooks.

    The presidential news keeps weirding daily. I hate to even hear it. Out here in my sanctuary of silence and still it gets to me.

  34. Grizzard, Lewis, humorist (20 Oct 1946-1994). ‘I have three ex-wives. I can’t remember any of their names, so I just call ’em Plaintiff.’

    From today’s A.Word.A.Day. In my email, but there’s probably a website.


  35. Why am I such a wicked old lady? I just posted a risqué comment on Facebook to a friend who is an ordained minister.

    Of course he also owns the Captain Ledge Band and toured for years with national rock bands. Surely he’s heard worse?

    They are playing down the road Friday night and in Tahlequah at my favorite restaurant club there. Think I will go to both venues. They are great blue grass blues rock group and coming onto national gigs at last.

  36. Debbe, that’s good your Dad is looking forward to visiting friends. I’ve known people to pull away from friends and family in similar circumstances, thinking “I don’t want people to see me here/this way.” I’ll be with you in the mid-thirties tomorrow night. Hope Mindy from Indy has her winter jammies out, too!

    Jimmy, on today’s bed strip: hubby and I had full-size mattress for years then switched to queen (the side rails on our bed could be moved out to accomodate this). It is nice. But when we stay in a hotel, we always try to get a firm-mattressed king. Usually can’t even tell the other is there unless we deliberately roll together. Best of both worlds.

  37. The Adventure Dog and I sleep in Kings on road, queen at home, which is weird. We don’t even disturb other side. I was making my bed this morning and noticed I just had to pull up comforter and spread on one side and smooth I out.

  38. I slept on a king mattress pre-Katrina, refurnished with a queen-size. Same length, and the extra width of the king-size just takes up bedroom real estate.

    Li’l Smigz, I am, for some reason, intrigued by the expression “deliberately roll together”. I may have to steal that from you. 🙂

  39. 5% isn’t bad, is it? There are still 95 bottles on the wall and maybe that decrease is in the not-so-good stuff anyway.

    If you are interested, 3 new pieces have been framed (2 delivered to gallery). Photos are on the website linked to my name and also on facebook. Just a ‘little’ showing off…

    Jimmy, thanks for the laughing! You are the best.

  40. Sideburns that is hilarious and I am technology challenged personally but it is STILL funny. I have an Army airforce friend whose favorite expression is embrace the suck. I thought that might be military jargon?

    The Lovelace unit part is clever.

  41. ‘Suck it up, Buttercup; you’ll be fine.’ A minor chastening for my minor complaint that I got from a beloved supervisor, that she admits [or claims] she got from her mother.


  42. The Smoot’s are permanently marked on a Charles River bridge where the whole affair unfolded. Mr. Smoot all 5’7″ of him was repeatedlyused to measure the bridge length. Later in Mr. Smoot’s he was head of a national association of standards, a fitting honor.

  43. I suppose I can now confirm that I have stressed out from the stress of attempting not to stress out the past couple of months. For I have lost a plate. No, not a metal plate that should be in my head; a medium-size white china plate.

    A while back, when it became obvious I need to be more involved in my mom’s daily activities, one of the things I noticed was the plate she used most often for microwaving and eating from. It was a heavy but well-used and battered plastic plate that had perhaps come with a frozen meal some years previously. Without saying anything to her, I purchased four small white dinner plates to replace the plastic one. She absolutely loved them and ate just about every meal from them prior to having to go to the nursing home, and she commented every time how much she liked them.

    Naturally, they were some of the first items I moved from her apartment, both for sentimental reasons and because I subscribe to the theory that eating smaller portions from a small plate will help one not to overeat. Now one of the four has gone missing. Angus? Beats me.

  44. Llee, a five percent decrease in wine production is five too many. And I seriously doubt the decease will be in the production of Thunderbird or Mad Dog 20/20. 🙂

    BTW, I finally got started reading your blog recently. You may have had a more diverse work history that I.

  45. Ghost, no larceny required; I make the phrase “deliberately roll together” a gift to you. Could the errant plate have wandered into the fridge and be hiding beneath foil-covered leftovers? Is it possible that only three were relocated to your place and the fourth is playing hide-and-seek at her place?

  46. Had mushroom ravioli with yellow squash, spinach and mushrooms with garlic mushroom light creme sauce. It was great and fast. I miss having someone to cook with, chopping, dicing, sautéing, slicing. I love to cook but I like company besides just eating it.

  47. Is the production decrease in Europe and on the better ones of the vineyards? I am shocked at the amount of Australian, New Zealand and South American wine I am seeing now. I honestly never drank wine from anywhere but Europe, mainly French, or better California wines.

    Now there are hundreds and hundreds of new labels I have never heard of. You are bad influence, my house sitter left some bottles of my wine open. I will see if they are drinkable still.

  48. Yes, the Winsome White, Six Miles Cellars, Lake Erie is delicious. I am sorry they only left me half a glass. A small wine glass at that.

    I have several New Zealand varietals, mainly sauvignon blancs. Quite a few reds in cabinet. I need to go visit a few wine shops for me and see what I find. There is a cabernet sauvignon I bought in Columbia Valley, Washington that intrigues me because it has exact label design as a New Zealand I had called Thorny Rose. Exact. Bit odd.

  49. Next time I am in Arkansas in winery area I will stop in. Not too far away and Oklahoma had several vine yards as well . I think most of ours failed.

    I am going to start leaving what Hal types. You will think I drank more than 5 ounces.

  50. Thanks for the gift of the phrase, Smigz. I’ll try to do you proud re its future usage. 😉

    Good thinking on the MIA plate, but one of things I did yesterday on my day off was to remove anything from the frig that showed signs of trying to become a science project, so I know the plate is not there. Also, everything was removed from her apartment back in early July after she went into the nursing home in late June. I know it was missing before I was out of town last week and part of this week, but now I can’t remember exactly how long. I’ve about run out of places to look for it.

  51. My favorite reds were always Joseph Drouhin, French of course. I just read prices and reviews and still sinfully affordable and sinfully good acording to on line bloggers. I had a Drouhin Beaujolais Villages let month in Port Townsend, inexpensive and still great drinking wine.

  52. For those of you who were able to follow my link, it’s from the faq for a Usenet group that’s sometimes referred to as the Scary Devil Monastery. (This is an anagram of the actual name.) For those of you who enjoyed the definition of the Lovelace, thanx; I created it over fifteen years ago and got it accepted into the faq.

  53. Good morning Villagers….

    Well, Dad is settled in at the nursing home. He didn’t go in as a resident, but for rehab….Amen, Unfortunately, his room is right across the hall from the room where Mom lived. My three younger sisters got him settled in as I’m trying to get as many hours as I can at work. Number one (that be me 🙂 ) daughter will go in and harass him after work.

    Ian was working on email situation when I went to bed. Woke up to his domain, and had to click on Microsoft Edge…do not like Microsoft Edge. Give me my Chrome back. Oh, and it didn’t want to show me today’s strip either….dang the bad luck.

    Smigz, did you ever say about where you lived?

    Tried to click on Llee’s name, it didn’t want to go there…wanted to see her paintings. Llee, I’ve seen your work on your site and you are a very gifted lady.

    have a blessed day one and all


  54. Debbe, good to hear a few of your pot holes are getting repaired.

    JJ, you pulled a good one today. Love that momentarily lost look on Arlo’s face before he caught the humor. Well played!

  55. Trying to think how to phrase my late husband’s comments about me and Pitt and Cruise in a way that is no worse than PG-13 for this group. Can’t because it’s not funny if it’s cleaned up.

    One involves word “down” and the other “on.”

    Husbands do sometimes know our fantasies.

  56. Dickens the Adventure Dog is back asleep on my left leg on that knee that needs replacement. Skipper the Kitler cat is purring to my right. It is 48 degrees and I don’t want to get up and out from under comforters. It is snuggly.

  57. Yep, I remember Arlo making that mistake.

    I finally got back to see P&PHS yesterday, 10 days or so beyond my regular 4-week schedule. A black bodysuit that appeared to be made out of yoga pants material with a loose ODG t-shirt over it, for you P&PHS fashion fans out there. (The shirt didn’t make her look military at all, though.)

    P&PHS took one look at me and pronounced me shaggy. (Actual words: “OMG, how does your hair even grow that fast?”) I told P&PHS I had decided to take advantage of that and start wearing a man bun. P&PHS told me to get the hell out of her salon. (We’re like that.)

    Her goodbye hugs are getting to be more fun. Not sure if that is due to my devastating charm or my generous tips. 🙂

  58. My hairdressers assert I am their most attractive and definitely best dressed client. It may be because I tip 20 to 25 percent and distribute my brand new buying errors to them. They hug too

  59. “How do you know she’s pneumatic?”

    By observation…not to mention those hugs. 🙂

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary: pneumatic

    Related Words

    Junoesque, statuesque; voluptuous, bosomy, built, busty, buxom, chesty, stacked, well-endowed; callipygian (also callipygous); well-turned

  60. GR6: In my head is a Monty Python scene where the father pantomimes ‘huge tracks of land’ to his errant son, attempting to enlighten him on the attractive prospects of his bride-to-be.

  61. Debbe, southeast Michigan in Sterling Heights, a suburb of Detroit.

    Ghost, hopefully not all the way into the squirrel fantasy. (Though that was fun.)

  62. Since I am normally a 40-42 DDD or FFF if I can find them I wonder at the lingerie that promises you “two full sizes bigger” by pushing them higher. I have enough trouble with fitting tops a it is. I would prefer smaller,

    Back on healthy eating to lose weight and exercise to get.muscles back. I’d love to return to 120
    But no one is Thinking possible or good.

  63. Warmed to a blistering 69 here. I am hot actually in long sleeve tunic. Just tried to buy tickets to Mary Chapin Carpenter concert in Tahlequah and NSU website not being helpful.

  64. Squirrel! Been around the Village for a while, eh, Smigz?

    My calibrated Mk I eyeballs tell me that P&PHS most likely wears a 36C, and she is on the slender side.

    Jackie, Millionaire Widow Lady, who was neither slender nor rotund, wore either a 38DD or a 40D. Ask me how I know. No, I’ll tell you. She would let me help pick out her bras, the only woman to ever do so. That gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    She also confirmed that she, and most women, could tell immediately when someone was checking out her chestular area. So I guess all of those years of me observing covertly were for naught.

  65. I try to glance a second or less.

    ‘Blistering 69.’ Here, it w/b a while ’til we see 69° F again. Though, in ’73 I think, we had a few days of up to 70° in January: snowbanks melting, water flowing in the streets. Believe it was too short to yield significant flooding, but hell to have to readapt to single or even negative digits.


  66. I’d welcome a male helping pick out snythimg.! Have never had that experience unfortunately.

    Bone thin I am still a 36DD. I actually would like to be bone thin again but doctor I saw yesterday agrees that is not a healthy goal for an anorexic fighting eating problems.

    By the way, he thought I was doing remarkably well.

  67. Very comfortable 75° at the moment. Expect this weather to last into next week. Will be training in New Orleans next week, even there the weather is forecast on the pleasant side. Following week in SF will be chilly, must remember to pack such that I can layer.

  68. We’re in Pineola, NC, tonight. Came up for a taste of fall color. Good thing we got here yesterday – by tomorrow all the leaves may be two states away. Wind today has been steady at 15-20, with gusts 30-50 mph.; nearby Grandfather Mountain recorded one gust of 80 mph!

    Headed for Asheville tomorrow to sample the wares of our friend the baker. If they’re half as good as they look on FB, we’ll need to do some serious hiking the day after 🙂

  69. Are we all out tonight except me? I got dressed to go hear my friends play down the road and did not make it. But I will go tomorrow night and see them, have dinner and wine in nice restaurant without bar room smokers or drunks. They play all levels of gigs. They are so excellent, I wish I represented them, for better venues.

    Have my Internet back for first time in months. My phone bills should go down I suspect.

    Got tickets to Mary Chapin Carpenter. I have always loved her music, good song writer and lyricist.

    Lowe’s had mums half price so I got enough for another bed.

  70. GM Debbe

    “Some things are better left unsaid –
    Which I generally realize right after I have said them.”
    Or pushed the send button.
    Glad to hear your Dad is doing well.

  71. Good morning Villagers….

    Got my Chrome back…now to get my bookmarks back.

    Smigz, I have relation that live in Ypsilanti. Been up there once in my life…land is flat. Here, I like to refer to the land as the rolling hills of SIN.

    Sandcastler, I like that term “potholes”

    Got my replaced debit card and punched in the wrong pin number….dang if I didn’t have to call them and get it reset….couldn’t use it until then.

    gotta go…oh, loved yesterdays real time strip, too funny

    happy Caterday

  72. Good morning! Awoke to chilly weather, 58. I am bundled up this morning and by afternoon will be back to shorts and T-shirt. What down here is called stripper weather; start out in layers and spend your day slowly taking it off.

    Debbe, the may be potholes, however, spellcheck thinks I am saying holes for pots. Machine intelligence is a confounding mess. I spend a fair amount of my days on these issues; machine learning and its algorithms in many ways are not as bright as a three year old. Still, that doesn’t stop those “intelligent” youngsters from foisting spellchec and the IoT on us. That IoT thing worked out well yesterday when someone used it for a DDoS attack. And don’t start me on letting software drive automobiles.

  73. Smigz on 22 Oct 2016 at 7:24 am #

    Debbe, it IS flat in this part of the state. Our Upper Peninsula, ie., Upper Michigan, is a lovely bunch of up and down. I’d like to move up there.

    There’s real topography in Lower MI on and near U.MI’s. E.S. George Reserve about 25 mi. NW of Ann Arbor. A ridge referred to as an esker, other glacial outwash features. Skidded off a steep hill E. of Pinckney in late Jan. ’56 [avoiding an oncoming car that was slithering up the same hill]. Was bringing Elaine and our week-old firstborn home from U.MI. hospital in our ’50 Pontiac, the only used car we ever bought. He’s now 60, M.Div., UMC pastor in MN.


  74. Eurasian Red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, in action. Smaller than our Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis [actually, about the size of the grays on the U.F. campus in Gainesville, FL, that I saw at an Amer. Soc. Mammalogists meeting there], a closer relative of our gray and Fox squirrels [Sciurus niger] than of our Red Squirrel, Tamiasciurus hudsonicus. Introduced American grays have serious lowered the populations of S. vulgaris in the UK.


    The ESGR had all 3, gray, fox, and [few] red in ’55-’58. Peace,

  75. The Inmate Booking Roster I got from the Sheriff’s Office this morning had a mug shot of a darned good-looking babe with charges of…

    Public Drunkenness
    Public Profanity
    Disorderly Conduct
    Lewd Conduct

    She probably would have made for more fun last night than I had. 😀

  76. Ghost, now why do you get booking rosters. Darlin’ I am getting more and more convinced you are indeed in law enforcement. Unless this is a way to meet errant women and not have enough to join a dating service through Facebook and Twitter as my late husband did

  77. Seriously I came online to say I got my cartoons from Jimmy and absolutely love them! They are fantastic sailing cartoons and I am going to drop them off for framing this morning. I love the inscriptions you did .

    Thankso my friend.

  78. Many years ago, I had to testify in divorce court (to corroborate the testimony of the plaintiff; what did you think?) and, looking around the witness waiting area, had the passing thought it might be a good place to meet some good-looking soon-to-be-single women. Fortunately, sanity prevailed.

    Attorney? Naw. I have enough trouble getting myself out of trouble.

    I’m neither a bail-bondsman (too risky, financially) nor a bounty hunter (have too many teeth and not enough tattoos).

  79. Oh, and from the booking photos, tank tops of one color and visible bra straps of a contrasting color are still a thing among the female inmate population. Guess that will end with arrival of the cooler weather.

    Reminds me of Jeff Foxwothty’s “If you’ve ever worn a strapless dress with a bra that’s not…you may be a redneck.”

  80. I will go you one better on my mama. My uncle the kazillionaire Shriner let my mom come as company for his sister in law to share a suite on a big Shriner cruise. I loaned mama a wide choice of designer cocktail and even evening clothes and the underwear and chemises to go under sheers.

    She wore a sheer see through top with a contrasting bra and no chemise for dinner at the captains table. My uncle banned her from all cruises unless she had a dresser.

  81. It was 49 degrees at home this morning and it’s hard to believe that it was short sleeve weather in Central Park in NYC earlier this week. I never knew from seeing it on tv what a beautiful park it is.

  82. Remember, Jackie, “too few tattoos” to be a bounty hunter could mean “none”. If so, would that be disqualifying for the sailing life?

  83. I have none and don’t intend to acquire any. I am accustomed to none. None would be my first choice. I do however love beards, not that I am accustomed to those.

    Had a great spinach salad with water cress, rare steak slices and sunflower dressing tonight. My waiter suggested. Most dramatic thing was the enormous raccoon that jumped from rocks by waterfall under window of table, fattest thing have seen. There is park by restaurant so he lives on good scraps.

  84. I have no strong pro or con feelings about tattoos; I just never got one because I was just raised by a father who felt only “common” (his word for “low-class”) people got tattoos, and I suppose I was influenced by his feelings about them when I was younger. At the same time, I don’t look down on anyone who chooses to get one, or two, or more, although I feel too many (ugly) tattoos can certainly make one look like a walking freak show.

    One of my best friends sent me some pictures made recently while she was getting a tatt, and what she chose and the location was perfect for her. Another friend suddenly showed up with one on the inside of her left wrist, which really surprised me about her, until I realized the scripted letters were the initials of her brother, who had been a homicide victim the year before. (She, her mother, and her sisters had all gotten identical tattoos.) I fact, I have given some serious thought since to getting three small sets of initials inked on me, in memory of my father, my mother, and my sister. Somehow, I don’t think Daddy would mind that.

  85. Well, mine was designed for me and drawn on my hip in appropriate srtists’ inks so I could see it. It was actally lovely but I will be unlikely to have it done. Many of my friends have tattoos, my daughter does. We used to say it would help identify her but I have never seen it.

    Mine was to be a Thorny Rose inside a compass rose.

  86. Your daddy sounds familiar, rather as your mama does. I think they would allow that as tasteful and appropriate.

    My family adhered to same belief. Mama never knew about daughters rose tattoo. That SIL has several tattoos but he may have some not visible? Doubt mama saw those either.

  87. Good morning Villgers….

    Sandcastler, you went way over my head with that second paragraph 🙂

    Laptop running slow this morn, Ian left his (is it called domain?) on, and I closed some windows and it said game still running when I hit the shut off button.

    Jerry, glad to see you back home and posting…missed you.


    GR 😉 not even going to Utube you this morning, but I do love the song Landslide.


  88. Jerry: 49° F is about what yesterday’s high was here. Short sleeve weather in Central Park in NYC is, or was, unusual for mid-Oct. CP is Olmstead’s masterpiece. Lots of details on its planning and construction online. Lotsa work for men w/ pickaxes, shovels, and wheelbarrows for several years. Did he also design Prospect Pk. in Brooklyn?

    Ghost: ‘ “common” (his word for “low-class”)’. Mom used that lots, esp. when chiding me / behavior, and definitely felt that way / tattoos. Dad chided me, but never for being “common”. Guess I feel thus / tattoos because of them, and also from seeing many old tats that are far larger than they were when first made.

    Inherited my dislike for makeup and piercings largely from Dad. Also, met a woman at BSU w/ a torn earlobe [healed] from an earring’s being torn off.


  89. “Common” obviously had a different meaning for a generation earlier than my father’s.

    “God must love the common man, he made so many of them.” – Abraham Lincoln

    It’s amazing, as I think back, how the meaning of so many words has expanded, or even completely changed, just in my lifetime.

  90. I have three tattoos, but I can’t display them. Not because they’re in an intimate location but because it would take two days of “prep” and the services of a proctologist to get a look at them. They’re all about 50 cm up.

  91. Can’t say if my granny called me common or not or if she went straight to white trash? It was a favorite expression among Southern women and may still be. My favorite aunt used it I think but I lost her at same time I lost mama and Mike.

    I’d like to think of myself as distinctive and unique and most uncommon.

    Cleaning kitchen and making broccoli cheese soup. Brunch.

  92. Discovered lots of my cookware has been shoved in cabinets as the Great Unwashed by previous people hired to clean. Yuck! Pulled it all out, discarded some, washing and scrubbing the rest before I use it. I detest bad cookware and dirty kitchens.

    Found my Madeline pan, last remnant of a past life built around French cook ware and French cooking. When I bak ed d brioche, made my own pate and steamed puddings, other foibles. Life changes and we change with it.

  93. My daughter lives in Wrigleyville and can see the lights of the stadium. Fortunately she can take mass transit as her parking spot will be at a premium. My wife and friends are suggesting that she rent her very small place for next weekend when games 3, 4,5 but frankly I just don’t see a demand. However being in walking distance might make it worthwhile.

    My brother’s father-in-law passed away 25 yrs ago and was a huge Cubs fan. Last night a lot of people in Chicago were in tears. I am sure because they were thinking of their loved ones that had passed on without seeing the Cubs make it to the World Series.

  94. I saw mention on the InterWebNet this morning of a retired gentleman who built a house in Arizona to be near the Cubs’ spring training site…and passed away last year.

  95. I meant to mention that I didn’t discover any science projects when I went through my refrigerator recently, but I did come across a sealed container of chunk pineapple that had gotten pushed back and seemed to be happily trying to become pineapple vodka.

  96. Just had the most wonderful chamber music experience of my life going to chamber music recitals. Scottish baroque chamber music with a harpsichord, cello, beautiful violinist with red hair in low cut evening gown and a second violinist, six foot plus in a kilt and lots of Masonic regalia and a beard. Great concert in beautiful stone Episcopalian church with high vaulted ceilingso, gorgeous stained glass and good acoustics.

    Thought of our other female Villagers who appreciate kilted musicians who are comely and manly and our z Ghost who appreciates voluptuous violinists.

  97. Linear thinking just runs counter to my thought processes.

    I am absolutely not telling what today’s strip made me think of besides the obvious.

  98. I attended a Madrigal Feast at the local Episcopal Church one year. They served wassail, made with hard cider. First and only time I was ever inebriated in a church. I’d like to go again sometime, voluptuous violinist in low-cut dress or not. Would need the proper date, though.

    Linear thinkers will tell you a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. I say that getting there can be half the fun.

  99. I have been enjoying my circuitous journey through life.

    Made the comment tonight that there was ALWAYS wine and cheese involved with events at Episcopalian churches. We always donated to ours, it raised far more money than a cash donation. They had some nice cheeses tonight, including camembert with fig jam and a good Stilton, fruit was lovely and good crackers but wine was disappointing. Asked the waiter, he replied red and white.

  100. Next Friday is an art exhibit by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation with music and wine. This is same as Jimmy’s and why they need a parsonage for such shows. Hint, hint. They took lessons from Lord and us and the Bible on wine. Always have with each, music and art.

    Saturday night is the Bluegrass Mass, Sunday matinee of Cabaret and Sunday evening organ recital by her Majesty’s royal organist from St. Paul’s London at the competing Episcopalian church in Tulsa. Even grander church I think.

    Mary Chapin Carpenter is on Tuesday. I have tickets to these so far. I love music, art and wine, food. Dogs, cats, flowers, chickens, birds, butterflies, clothes, trucks, boats and a few incidentals may not have listed.

  101. I CAN’T STAND IT……

    Now we have no water. We have ground water and the water pump is 250 deep. Had water last night, went to make coffee, nothing came out of the faucet…..and that means the toilets won’t flush…arrggghhhh

  102. Morning. We are in New Orleans for two days. Strolling Bourbon Street last evening, think GR6 would have enjoyed the culture. Wandered the French Quarter, shipped, and then stood in line to eat at Coops. I am off to visit museums while Loon lectures at Tulane.

    Debbe, hope the water is a simple ,cheap fix. Having grown up on well water, I know well can be temperamental and costly. So can women.

  103. Still on the road but heading toward home. Last night my tablet developed a significant crack on its screen for no apparent reason – it wasn’t there and then it was. So I guess the next decision will be whether to get it fixed (if damage policy covers it) or replace it. Bah, humbug!

  104. When I lived in Quarter I lived next door to conducter of New Orleans Symphony or something like, across from Little Red School House. Sand can find house, halfway between Bourbon and Royal. There was culture in New Orleans, it just isn’t always apparent but hidden.

    Got tired of stepping over and reporting bodies on sidewalks. Lots of drug deaths back then. Found one propped in gate doorway one day, my entrance. That wasn’t incident that moved me out. Garden district was marginally better. Loved New Orleans.

    What is Loon lecturing on? Is she Dr. Loon? Dr. Loony Tunes? Russia? Computers? Espionage? Financial investments? Women’s rightd?

  105. Debbe, here’s hoping it is just a bug caught in the pump motor’s contact points….and that the tank refills easily. Good luck! If you need a place to hide, I have an extra room 🙂

  106. 2016 is still shaping up to be worst single year. Brother texted me to call him to talk about Mom. She saw geriatric specialist last week. Lung cancer has totally involved left lung and mets to the bone. She goes into hoe hospice soon and will not be with us much longer. Thank God for friends like you here. Thank you.

  107. I’m so sorry, Mark. As I find myself saying all too often these days, been there, got the t-shirt. My mom’s adenocarcinoma of the left upper lobe was successfully treated with radiation, but she succumbed to other medical problems almost exactly two years later.

    I pray that your mom’s final days will be as comfortable for her as possible.

  108. On a lighter note, I am going to another Episcopalian church in Tulsa to see a wonderful a capella group the Yale Whippenpoofs. I have wanted to do so since I first heard Bing Crosby sing “we are poor little lambs, who have lost our way, Bah, bsh. bah.”

    They are performing at Trinity next Thursday night. Our two biggest Episcopalian churches compete with each other musically. I bet they will have eine and cheese too.


  109. Mark – this is Galliglo, posting from work…

    I am SO sorry. None of us like that kind of news. Prayers for you, your mom and the rest of the family.

    When my mom was in the last stages of cancer, I wailed to God in my prayers – why does she have to go through such pain? Afterwards, I realized – she had a lot of issues she needed to face before she left us. I believe she did so, and when the time came, she left with a smile on her face.

    We usually never know the “why” – we just have to deal with it. And I know you can…

  110. Had to drop in….we have water 🙂 a switch had to be replace….a new pump 10 years ago was 1500….and I say Amen

    Mark…there is nothing that I can say to ease you losing your mother. Know that I have a lot of respect for you, and you are a true friend here. Sending many a prayer of comfort to your family. I knew something just wasn’t quite right when you have been MIA for a few days.

    God’s love and comfort…may He hold you in His arms as you go through this difficult time, Mark.

    Love to all……………..

    Llee…you just may have me show up someday….after I am employed, the homestead sells, and I have $……

  111. Mark….hang in there, kid!
    Debbe- you are welcome anytime 🙂
    Jimmy, panel arrived today- THANK YOU!!!!!! And one day maybe you can tell/show us how the renovation is going?

  112. Prayers to all in need here today. —Just realized: That’s all of us, isn’t it? As Doumacan says, God bless the USA, God bless us all. Love, Nancy K.

  113. Thank you all for your prayers and words of comfort. Good timing on my brother’s part in moving mom in with him. She will be much better cared for and in more comfort that way. Been MIA due to moving, like most of you out there, I hate moving. But the change will be good for me. I am continuing to unravel my marriage and hope to end it for good. Time to move on to other people and other places.

  114. Good for you, Mark. That’s what you need to do. I’m just now fully realizing what havoc my personal situation over the past four years wreaked with my social life.

    Who knows? If not for that, I might still be “seeing” Bat-Guano Crazy Lady. Well, no, I won’t go so far as to say that. 🙂

  115. Along the lines of re-establishing some social ties and doing some networking outside of work, I’ve been thinking recently that now would be a good time to get into some type of volunteer work. Lo and behold, last month I got an invitation to join the local chapter of a national civic club. So, ignoring Groucho Marx’s comment about clubs, I joined. The local membership includes a circuit judge and several attorneys; the chairman of the board of the county Economic Development Agency; a bunch of bankers and insurance agents; some businessmen and venture capitalists; and a couple of retired dentists. I suppose a lowly Ghost could do worse than to rub elbows with some of the local power structure.

    Before anyone gets too impressed, I’ll point out that they are all urban good ol’ boys (and gals) like me, and that I already knew about two-thirds of them. One of their projects is partnering with a national organization that assists homeless and financially distressed veterans. As you might suppose, I plan to get involved in that as much as possible.

  116. In furthering your social life and contacts outside work you might consider volunteering for escort assistance for needy displaced Southern women. I only mention this because I have never in my life made quite so many embarrassing overtures. I feel like a really bad conductor trying to lead a symphony.

    Have given thought to just dropping out in shame and Jimmy seems to enjoy having me around.

    Buying truck load of shrubs for yard that are prickly enough on their own. Don’t shoot me down again. You enjoy this, I know.

  117. Mark, Keep believing and He will provide.
    GR, Sounds like a worthwhile organization.
    I’m still on pawpaw taxi duty but I love it. In a few years they won’t need me.
    God bless us every one.
    God bless the USA.

  118. Love the Whippenpoofs and used to be able to sing along. A capella is just amazing ability but I like barbershop and a capella Hawaiian music.

    Doesn’t someone here sing in a harmonizing group?

  119. Going to have a few glasses of cheap pink wine. I need to do something about blood sugar, sweet and fruity?

    No one in Eufaula seems to have any French wines. There was a reason Mike seldom came here when he was in wine business.

  120. The low smoking rates in Utah (we were among the first to ban smoking in public buildings) seem to be paying off according to that article. That doesn’t mean much to my wife’s best friend’s family — Renee never smoked a day in her life but still died of lung cancer.

  121. Mark’s mother is a life long chain smoker and would not stop. The house was so bad I could not be in it even after she moved out when I picked up cats. It is a miracle only she had cancer. I am emphatically opposed to smokers. I know Mike was exposed to second hand smoke but he never smoked.

    He made me stop smoking and be baptized before he’d marry me. Just in case he failed to save my life, he saved my soul. Ironic he died of lung cancer.

  122. Apologies for depression. My blood sugar was down to 41 when I got home and I was getting shocky. It’s up to 114 now after eating.

    Having that glass of cheap wine and going to bed soon. It’s sweet Italian white dessert wine, not pink. Paired well with that ripe pear I had for dessert. I’d have liked a good blue cheese of some sort and a piece of shoftbread.

  123. If the Village has not seen Bobbe Vee has stepped on the rainbow –
    He was 73 the results of Alzheimer’s
    He was at a facility where a friend was the Activities Coordinator.

  124. Good morning Villagers…..

    Old Bear…think de Gulle may have had something there 🙂

    Stinking phone started ringing at 3ish….alarm was going off at henhouse, the Boss has his phone turned off….and I finally took the phone off the hook after I found out the alarm was the temp inside the henhouse was 55 degrees.

    Went into Workforce One and got some questions answered….the unemployment office has a chat line and it’s quicker to get through than ‘hanging on hold’. Gonna try that this afternoon.

    And Ian got me a ‘viable’ email address since my ISP is discontinuing their email service.

    Llee, I love your paintings ‘First Snow’ and ‘Lean on Me’, they’re beautiful, you do good work girl.

    Jackie, please don’t apologize for your depressions….if it wasn’t for my depressions I’d have nothing to drink for 🙂

    Happy Tuesday

    Mark, still in my prayers.

  125. Jackie, please, please do not let your blood sugar level get that low. If you don’t have symptoms of low blood sugar (some people don’t), please use a meter to check regularly.

  126. I spent a beautiful, in more ways than one, weekend in Auburn,AL. Always a great place to visit for me. Fifty year veterinary college reunion coming up in the Spring. Time to renew old friendships and remember the “good old days”! WAR EAGLE !!!
    Blessings and prayers for everyone. Busy day.
    God bless us every one.
    God bless the USA.

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