“I thought the wing was on the bird”

“I thought the wing was on the bird”

March 7, 2010

Well, March came in like a lion and is going out like a rabid coked-up weasel. Still, going out it is, and somewhere along the way spring came in. Around these parts, spring weather arrived early, and it has been a beautiful spring. If you look at the dogwood blossoms and listen to the birds and smell the privet bloom, you might imagine that nothing is wrong. Yet something is wrong. You will notice that coronavirus humor is making its appearance in the current A&J strips. Yes, apparently there is such a thing as coronavirus humor; at least, I’m betting on it.

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  1. I wonder if there’s anyway to covert unused bras to face masks. Perhaps Elon Musk needs to get to work on that.
    And yes, let’s try not to lose our senses of humor.

  2. I was about to volunteer to ‘covertly’ secure the future face masks. It’s a dirty, thankless job…

    “March came in like a lion and is going out like a rabid coked-up weasel.”
    Amazing. I said the same thing just yesterday, but without the coked-up weasel part. Mine was boring.

    That is a line that should be cast in bronze and repeated through the ages. So Very Well Done, Jimmy!

  3. Ghost I did see a woman use her husband’s boxers to make a face mask without any sewing. I think my wife would rather have the virus than do that! I did post earlier today:
    I have heard many women who loved Janis’ reaction in today’s strip. Personally I now only shave once a week. While many of the heroes on the Hallmark Channel and the Romance Novels like my wife writes have that “stubble”. My wife does not think that it is sexy at all. I think my record was 3-4 weeks and that was because I was on blood thinners after my operation. My attempts at growing a beard is pathetic anyway.

    I also posted about “Success has many fathers, but Failure is an orphan” Let’s try to work together and pray for everyone, especially the healthcare workers, grocery store works, First Responders and our government leaders. They must succeed.

  4. Again, you have followed behind us in secret. As a former 5th grade teacher smidgens of poetry still swirl in my brain and often exit my mouth as the situation requires! Which does not delight my husband!!

    Case in point….”March is Mr. Windy month, it comes to bring us Spring, it makes you chase your Sunday hat and tie red kites on string. “

  5. Today’s strip is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. Well done! It is why I follow your strip online now for over 20 years.
    “Rabid coked-up weasel” was a great addition. You made my day, twice. Thank you for your humor at this time.

  6. I’ve already been way ahead of Janis bra-wise. What I am surprised at is that Arlo went the whole day without noticing?! I saw a video of a woman who turned a Pamper diaper into a face mask in 10 seconds flat. The adhesive tabs made it quick work.

  7. Tomorrow [Wed] night’s lo of 33F is, I think, the first night this year predicted not to freeze. Also 80% rain. Might get rid of most of the snow / ground. Won’t miss it.

  8. JJ –
    Just watched a program called “You Live In What?”
    Odd places people make a home, Churches, Fire Houses, Light Houses, Barns
    and Schools. You may have been by or heard of in Bay St. Louis,
    Webb School built 1913 was 1 to 4 grade Elementary, it is 2 blocks from beach,
    was used as school till the 60s then a Civic Building, It is designated Mississippi Landmark.
    It has a Veranda with 8 doors on front.
    It was used as a neighborhood shelter after Katrina. The present owner had renovated it shortly before.
    You knowing is not as odd as meeting the neighbor of my MIL best friend 1300 miles from home.
    Or meeting my next door neighbor’s minister at Sturbridge Village again 1300 miles from home.
    We are all connected by 6º of separation – or less.

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