Icky Mouse

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Today’s classic A&J is from January, 2007. I don’t believe I’ve taken the time to thank all of you who purchased an A&J tee shirt over the holidays and since. Thank you! It was a very interesting experiment, and I hope everyone was satisfied. Wear them in good health! The shirts *ahem* still are available through this site exclusively, and there will be more designs this year. That’s the plan, anyway. I’ll never catch up to my younger peers, but as merchandising and public appearances become more mainstream in the profession of cartooning, I will try not to be left in the dust. Thanks for your support in this effort!

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  1. About today’s real time. Boy is that true! And I usually end up talking to those men because as Ghost says, few people you’d like to see nude take their clothes off. However, I would contend that extends to men as well.

    Clothing optional resorts have few choice specimens. I have met no one I would actually Date at one. Now my physicians, that’s another story, they are all fit and attractive men.

  2. I do love my Loodie shirt! In fact, I am wearing it today. More designs? Cool!!

    The one non-A&J shirt I want is from the new Bloom County strip that Berke Breathed is doing-the Zenguin. That one will take the place of my poor old Billy and the Boingers shirt that is pretty thin and threadbare by now.

  3. I was holding out for Florida weather. Thanks Jimmy for the shirts. The only other one I’d wear would be the new Opus ones but haven’t bought one yet. Breathd is good company to be in. And I bought yours first!

    Hal can’t spell that either.

  4. Well, so much for t-shirts with images like this.


    It can be inferred that this ferocious feline is about to violently pounce on a mouse and have it for dinner, and we can have our children wearing “symbols oriented toward violence” of any kind, even against rodents.

    However, what really amazes me is that I managed to survive secondary school without the benefit of a 103-page nanny-state document that dictated my every thought and action while attending it.

  5. A post on Book of Faces offered the reminder that it was on this date in 1965 that Churchill died, which in turn reminded me of a couple of things. One was my Latin teacher who wanted us to watch his funeral; she said it might be our last chance to see a full traditional one with all the trappings, some of which date back to the Romans. The other was the comment made by a colleague of my brother while they watched it (at the TV station where they worked): “Poor Winston Churchill – born in the Victorian Era, died in the Pepsi Generation.”

  6. Great note Ruth Anne. I admired Churchill. And someone is going to say we shouldn’t but I did.

    Kids today are helicopter mommed to death by parents like my children. Did I sow those seeds of fear? Shame on me.

  7. Symply sad to see Abe gone, loved his dry wit and the very odd occasion when he’d crack up trying to play it straight. Another one too Fargone to see.

    The ex always made me the one to throw out the dead things, that the garbage, my books and a few others but I digress there. Always seemed odd to me that someone who could clean up after kids and strangers could not deal with a dead rodent, but I have my oddities as well.

  8. GR6 and Debbe it has been a while since my last post I do stop by every now and then to see how things are going….Our last concert was at a bigger venue with more risk but greater opportunity and we finally made some money back, it was a great show with the lead singers(at one time) from Blue Oyster Cult(Joe Bouchard), Lynyrd Skynyrd(Randall Hall), Kansas(John Elefante) and Journey(Kevin Chalfant) all played…

  9. we are trying to get another “Greatest Hits On Earth” show going(that(GHOE) is the agents web site with their list of singers….my partner did move back to Iowa so I am at a Crossroads(notice the Blues reference?), should I continue this hobby or trash it….Still reading JJ religiously and still lurking. Why, is that (Jackie), anonymous?

  10. Hmmm, Symply would not take the Fargone post all in one piece….all I did was break it up in to thirds to post(also thought I’d find which part of the post was objectionable…none found. More posts in 10 minutes than the last year!

  11. Fargone, it’s a joke because I am the least anonymous poster and blogger, using my real name everywhere. Always have so it is social commentary of sorts.

    I also did switch computers, tablets, phones a lot so it began accidentally.

    That doesn’t mean that I am paranoid, symply easily amused! Miss you too, you’re funny and clever. Where are your concerts basing from?

  12. Symply: It’s always good to hear from you. That Valentine’s buffet menu sounds wonderful!

    (Everybody else: Click on his name and check out his website if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

  13. Did you see the note about the 15yo that was suspended because
    he carried a classmate having an asthma attack to the nurse?
    He left the classroom without permission. May have saved her life.
    The nurse was not responding to E-mail.

  14. Good morning Villagers….

    This beats all…..


    I’ll lay you odds that if it does go up, it won’t stay up. Dubois County is mostly of German heritage and also the largest beer consumers per capita in IN…you don’t want to mess with Dubois.

    Does Peta not realize this is a livelihood to many families, and that is how they make their living. Indiana is 3rd largest producer of eggs in the country…show me a Peta member who has not eaten an egg, and I’ll show you a badger….sneaky little critters, they are.

    GR 😉 clicked on the link of A&J you posted….scrolled down to look at comments….and guess who was the second poster…..Trucker Ron!!!! Been around for awhile haven’t you TR, what a great testimony to JJ.

    Getting more eggs every day from my girls….I’ll probably pack 4 skids today, and my biceps are coming back. Checked mouse traps yesterday. We’re supposed to drown the little rodents in a water buck, give me a break. If I find a live one in the trap (it has a window on the lid) I shake it up to disorient the mouse, grab the tell and make contact with its head on the floor and throw it in the pit. Cruel? NO, I could just throw it in the pit and let it drown. there.

    Going to check SF’s venue….like Mark, find another interested partner…good luck SF.

    Happy Hump Day….it is Wednesday, is it not?

  15. Jean…good to see you’re still alive….come back more often.

    Ruth Anne…liked your post on Churchill…especially the quote. He was the man for that time in history.

  16. Debbe: How do they get a cat to make a mouth like that? Looks like it’s working on a plug of ‘backy.

    I found a site last night / stupid suspension, but could not post [3x] even though “OB: Do you have a URL for that? emb” was posted minutes earlier. Was it Sand who had trouble posting earlier.

    Peace, emb

  17. Good morning Debbe. Glad your stitches are out. You asked about my mom. She had an ultrasound yesterday on her leg and found some blockages. Now she must see a vascular specialist next week. Keep praying for her, as kicking her smoking habit will be the hardest part of any treatment.

    emb, did you see the link I had posted under the prior retro strip? They went into great detail about ways genetics determine cat’s coloring of both coat and eyes. Also had info on multiple cat-related subjects.

  18. Mark since you don’t smoke how can you stand your mom’s smoking? All my help smoke and their smoke filled clothes make me ill. I thought smoking had decreased but it doesn’t seem that way. Oklahoma seems the mist addicted of all.

    From everyone I have talked to surgically lately it seems cigarette smoking keeps anything from healing.

    My heating unit has gone out again running frozen air nonstop and got hold of my air heat company who told me to find breaker. Some genius in past put it behind refrigerator which I can’t move.

  19. Have one free standing air filter in living room, one in hall, one in my bedroom and use the smoke filtering filter in the HVAC system. And spend as little time as possible in same room as her. Since moving back into her house I have developed a recurring cough that I did not have before. It’s awful, but I truly think she will smoke till she dies because her addiction is that strong. And she does not care what it does to anyone else around her.

  20. “…it seems cigarette smoking keeps anything from healing.”

    Especially, dental procedures, according to my dentist. Which I suppose makes sense, as most nicotine delivery systems are oral.

  21. Why is the school worried about the kid wearing a Stormtrooper t-shirt? Everybody knows Stormtroopers can’t hit the broad side of a barn door even with a bull’s eye painted on it!

    Mark, my Mom smoked for years-at least two packs of Benson Hedges menthols a day. When I was pregnant with my first child I told her she could no longer smoke in my house, mostly because it was hard enough for me to breathe anyway, and the smoke made it worse. Did I mention I have bronchitis? She was furious, but she quit smoking in the house and in my car.

    SF, I’m with the others-if this is something you enjoy, find a new partner!

    Debbe and Ghost, 🙂

  22. Debbie,

    sandcastler™ typing. New phone not fully set up. We are still feet down,heads up. Exact coordinates can’t ydisclosed. Can confirm we are on planet Earth.

  23. Holy crow! What happened to poor Dave Schwartz on TWC?! Since they replaced the robo-voice with Cantore and so rarely report the actual weather, I haven’t watched it i forever. I love Dave. He and Dr. Forbes are the only two I enjoy.

    In local news, a bus jumped the curb and killed an Indy school principal yesterday. She shoved students out of the way and died a hero. Cold comfort to everyone.

  24. 1600 and still above freezing out, 35 F, but windy and over cast. 20s Th. but above 32 F-Sun. That will make three Jan. thaws, counting the coming 3-day as one, and a day I posted some time back. Still sev. ” on the ground, but streets are clear or slushy.

    Peace, emb

  25. Lady Mindy, Dave Schwartz went on camera with TWC in 1991, was fired as part of a 2004 shakeup, and returned in 2014. I want to say I heard he was seriously ill during his time away from TWC, but I don’t remember enough about it to actually comment. Like you, I seldom watch TWC now, but also like you (and apparently a lot of other folks) I think highly of him and am glad to know he is back.

  26. I seem to recall cancer with Dave Swartz but may be wrong. I will never forget Dr. Forbes first on air broadcast which was so awful I thought that poor little geek is not going to be back tomorrow but he became the only one I liked beyond tolersnce.

    Now I no longer watch at all.

    Mark you are a good son. Had my mother been a smoker I could not have done that. My late husband made me quit before we’d married. I am grateful.

    I know now I was smoking out of weakness but I continued to be around same addicted smokers and have never touched another, so I am not as weak as that. I am about to take position I did when I owned my flower shop. If you smoke you do it off the clock and outside. It didn’t stop them but I never allowed in shop and off the clock dramatically cut their income. They didn’t see why I hated the loss of productivity but the loss in paychecks hit bome.

  27. Another TWC on-air forecaster I liked from the past was Jennifer Lopez…attractive without trying to be sexy; competent without trying to be flashy; and seemingly a very nice person. I noticed recently she was back, although if as relief or a regular, I don’t watch enough to know.

    See, Jackie, I actually value competency in a woman much greater than sexiness. Although I have to add that I often find competency to be sexy. 😉

  28. Debbe 😉 You should pay PETA as much attention as I do, which is none. There have always been (and probably always will be) self-appointed elites who think their feces are not malodorous and that they are entitled to tell the rest of us how we should behave and live our lives. Many of them seem to be members of the idle rich class. Like extreme environmentalists, many of them seem to feel that the world would be a paradise if there just weren’t any people in it…other than themselves and their ilk, of course.

    Don’t get me wrong…I love animals (well, most of them; I find Komodo dragons and a few like ones a bit iffy), and I would happily reply in kind should I come across someone abusing a helpless pet or animal. But as an organization, PETA runs it into the ground and breaks it off.

  29. Ghost, a quote that goes along with your comments on PETA.

    There are hidden contradictions within the minds of people who “love nature” while deploring the “artificialities” with which “Man has spoiled ‘Nature.” The obvious contradiction lies in their choice of words, which imply that Man and his artifacts are not part of “Nature”–but beavers and their damns are. But the contradictions go deeper than this prima-facie absurdity. In declaring his love for a beaver damn (erected by beavers for beaver’s purposes) and his hatred for dams erected by men (for the purpose of men) the “Naturist” reveals his hatred for his own race–i.e., his own self-hatred. In the case of “Naturists” such self—hatred is understandable; they are such a sorry lot. But hatred is too strong an emotion to feel toward them; pity and contempt are the most they rate. As for me, willy-nilly I am a man, not a beaver, and H. Sapiens is the only race I have or can have. Fortunately for me, I like being part of a race made up of men and women– it strikes me as a fine arrangement and perfectly “natural.” Believe it or not, there were “Naturists” who opposed the first flight to old Earth’s Moon as being “unnatural” and a “despoiling of nature.”
    Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

  30. Some 9 years ago, had reason to seek much info online re Komodo dragons. Not the sort of critter I’d like to meet in the wild, but interesting and they don’t take up much room. Restricted to a few small islands in Indonesia and part of a moderate-sized island, if I remember. Believe Indonesia protects them as a tourist attraction. Though very much a zoologist and [practical] environmentalist, I don’t believe I’ve ever given a cent to PETA.

    Peace, emb

  31. Naturist most often means nudist. Naturalist is or was a perfectly legit term for a person interested broadly in the wild, with some training and experience therein, and often w/ expertise in a particular aspect of nature: butterflies, rocks, fossils, birds of prey, etc. Many such people still exist. Professionally, many also specialize in the scientific study of a narrow chunk of nature, sometimes even in parts of it much affected by people [e.g., railroads as dispersal routes for invasive weeds, evolution in and of species that primarily depend on environments modified by humans, including our many parasites and other symbionts]. Stupid speelczech.

    Anyway, we’d like it if more people would realize that many of us, even though passionate about nature, are often much better informed about the real world than we are given credit for, and that we are often reasonably rational in our study of nature. Possibly more rational than legislators who have proposed vetting our studies before we are allowed to make them public [as has been proposed of late, and of course is regularly done to scientists in private employ and even some state and fed agencies. Of course, there is also a long history of such vetting by religious authorities.

    Peace, emb

  32. From Google.com, I saw that the comedian known as “Gallagher” is supposed to have said “Don’t you wish there were a knob on the tv to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘brightness’ but it doesn’t work.”

    Thought of that with regard to some persons referred to in some of the earlier comments.

    Update: cockatiel laid egg #3 correctly on the floor of the cage next to the first pair we placed there. #4 & #5 were laid while she hid under the newspapers flooring the egg cage! All we saw was a lump there, but an inquiring gentle push [to smooth the papers] was rejected with an attempted nip.

    Update on HS friend mentioned last weekend with regard to the pending snowstorm in her area S of Baltimore: she completely hand shoveled her drive when the show hit 4″ and then found that a nice neighbor with a new blower was willing to help. That guy – bless him – did her whole drive no fewer than 5 more times during the storm!! She stayed inside and baked goodies for him. Area also had a water main break, but the water flowed down the gentle slope of the road thereby dissolving the snow in the street to a width of 10 to 12 feet; neighbors were so pleased they got out and shoveled/blew all the snow they could into that “river” so it’d be washed away! The rest was tamped down by another nearby resident with something like a snowcat…or whatever the proper name is. Result was that they all could easily drive the half mile to the nearest expected-to-be-plowed road.
    I hoped her baking was really, really, good; the winter is not yet over….

  33. Don’t know where to start but emb is totally correct that a naturist is politically correct term for a nudist as I have membership in a state group, a national group and an international group, thereby giving me membership in almost any group or resorts or clubs I encounter. I decided I’d be open about this but my children can hardly be more embarrassed by me so who cares?

    They could care about beavers however, so it made sense.

    Yes, Jennifer Lopez was good and I always felt sorry for her sharing the same name as JLo. In the begrinning it was more confusing but it soon wasn’t because J. Lopez of Weather was much more professional and lady, not flamboyant like JLo.

  34. The Village is my favorite place and tonight I thought about why.
    I have been decrying weak, dependent women so afraid of being alone that they’d tie themselves to abusive drunks, crack and meth heads, allow men to beat them, abuse them, take their money, cars, belongings. And do this man after man after man, like a three legged race.

    I made comment that I like women, as much as I like men, we are roughly the same number, half each. Said I needed some better examples of strong women and gentle men, intelligent, caring to inspire me. Then it hit me the Village is full of both men and women like that. That’s why I live here.

    Except you don’t have to ever see me practicing naturism but perhaps naturalism is acceptable? I am both.

  35. cxp, respectfully: “Don’t you wish there were a knob on the tv to turn up the intelligence? There’s one marked ‘brightness’ but it doesn’t work.”
    Thought of that with regard to some persons referred to in some of the earlier comments.

    I believe Gallagher is the man’s actual name and so doesn’t require quotations. I think he took higher education, and likely holds a degree. He seems intelligent in his comedy, having a quick wit. But I suppose that may be hard to know from a pre-written one-man show with no ad-lib dialog involved. I thoroughly enjoyed his act, the second time I made sure to sit in the splash-zone. He and George Carlin are the only comedians I paid to see more than once; though I would gladly have seen Newhart again. But you must admit the character he played, and the accent he affected, do not imply Rhodes Scholar.

    Your veiled statement is twice hazardous. Without specific attribution of person or comment, you run one risk of too many people thinking they may have offended by their ignorance. But worse, your intended target is allowed to remain blissfully ignorant, self-assured that you meant someone else.

  36. @anonymous, 😉

    I’ve always been happy Symply naked. For a month I was living by the Red Sea in what is now part of Egypt(Newayba) with a group of folks and no clothes, made laundry day a breeze. Of course the climate was quite good for that there…it was much like I imagine Torremelinos Spain in Mitchener’s The Drifters was like…..

    Does this make me weird, at 17 I thought it was pretty Fargone kewl

  37. sf: Love just about everything Tull. I don’t have the chops to talk guitar work, but the list of guitarists that routinely trade licks with a frantic flutist must be pretty short.

  38. Climate here isn’t conducive but surprising Texas and Florida have lots of active resorts. England, Australia, New Zealand do too.

    Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama make it serious criminal offense. When I lived in Hawaii only nude beach was on Maui and hard to get to by any method.

    I find some of organized nudist resorts to be summer camp like, so a commute would be more natural. We are going to confuse the heck out of everyone else. Loved the guitarist for Jethro Tull.

  39. Good morning Villagers…

    Sandcastler, good to hear you both are ‘ground controlled’ 🙂

    TR…how cold? Well, I would think it would be colder than a witch’s pokie, with a brass bra on, on a shady side of an iceberg….how’s that for being cold? Yes, I almost posted that, but the one I did post spoke of me 🙂

    Emb…photo ‘chop’ comes to mind with the cat’s mouth.

    SF…go for it. Loved Tull, saw them in concert about three decades ago….four decades ago, “Thick as a Brick”…loved Ian Anderson’s flute.

    Mark, it is one of the hardest habits to quit.

    Those hazmat suits are hot….may have to get down to my ‘bare essentials’ this weekend when it gets into the fifties…..and they’re black (think I just heard GR’s blood pressure go up)

    Yal’ll have a blessed day….is it Thursday?

  40. And yes, they were back then Jackie…

    …and yes, I do read the news sometimes, 30 years ago today, the space shuttle Challenger disaster….I remember where I was, and watched it happen.

  41. Debbe 😉 If one is going to do the Dance of the Seven Zippers™, I would expect that one’s “bare essentials” would indeed be black. It only seems right. 🙂

    And let’s just say that if I took a BP pill, I would have had to take it early today. 😉

  42. Debbe, so did I and I guess eventually some things do fade. The only person on the shuttle who was not my friend and customer was the school teacher. We were getting started preparing Valentine’s work when Robbie and Carol’s husband’s called from.Mission Control. One was a controller, the other headed the Air Forces astronaut program.

    We knew immediately it was the end of our little towns and everyone’s life. It was. We buried our friends because there were services, then we watched as the community died. It was all over so fast.

  43. emb: Something is amiss on the eagles’ nest. Eagle was landing just when I went to the site. I assumed it was a changing of the guard, but it did not hunker down right away as expected. After looking around, mostly upward (intruder perhaps?), it flew off and had not returned at last check leaving egg exposed.

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  46. When I originally commented I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now
    on every time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there a way you are able to remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

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