Identity Crisis

Today’s oldie is from five years ago, May of 2014. I have a lot of worldly duties  today, so I can’t linger. I should warn you, that will be true pretty much the rest of this week, but I’ll get an earlier start the other days, something I wasn’t able to do today, and maybe we can keep things going without noticeable interruption.

4 thoughts on “Identity Crisis”

  1. Re 4-30-19 retro: As I have commented previously (and possibly when this one was originally published), anyone who steals my identity will be sorely disappointed. Financially, anyway.

  2. As of last Th or so, have mislaid my hospital volunteer ID-photo badge. Have a loaner badge, & mine is likely here somewhere, tho have looked hi and lo. Many of you have probably been there. Don’t know what value it might have outside of the hospital, but ‘twould be easy for any baldish guy to pass off as long as it didn’t require swiping past, say, a staff-only door. Annoying.


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